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Save vs. Splurge | Fashion I Save & Splurge On

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Today I'm sharing the fashion items I like to splurge on and those I like to save on to ensure that my closet is well-rounded and will last me for years to come. Before we hop into though, I want to make it clear that the monetary value behind what makes a splurge or steal is different for everyone and the most important thing is to always stay within your own personal financial restraints and never exceed your budget in the name of fashion. With that in mind, a "splurge" will be anything that requires a larger part of your fashion budget and a save is anything that requires less. Also, when it comes to building a timeless closet full of pieces that you can wear for years to come, I recommend always striving for the highest quality item that you can personally afford, buying natural fibers and materials, and then taking care of those items so that they last as long as possible. Doing this will help ensure that you spend your hard earned money only once and don't need to repurchase the same pair of shoes every year. If, instead of buying impulsively, you take your time to pick the perfect piece for your wardrobe (whether it's a splurge or save), and ensure that that item is well-made and you spend a little more when necessary, you will help reduce how frequently you need to buy things. Also, if you understand the pieces that are worth spending a little more on, you can spot a great deal and score some beautifully made "splurge" items at a steal price. I'm working on an entire series all about this so be on the lookout for that but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these saves and splurges. Thank you so much for watching! xx Audrey MY FIRST EBOOK: http://www.audreyalamode.com/ebook-1/how-to-build-a-classic-capsule-27-easy-pieces-for-a-year-of-outfits SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE! http://bit.ly/2pFnkE7 ________________________________________________ WHAT I'M WEARING Shirt: Brooks Brothers Scarf: ABC Carpet & Home (old) Blazer: J.Crew (old) Watch: Jacy ________________________________________________ - FOLLOW ME - INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/audreyacoyne/ BLOG | http://www.audreyalamode.com/ PINTEREST | https://www.pinterest.com/audreyalamode/ BUSINESS INQUIRIES | [email protected] ____________________________________ MUSIC: "Expensive Dinner" via EpidemicSound.com ____________________________________ NEW HERE? Welcome to Audrey À La Mode and thank you for stopping by! I'm Audrey, a Charleston based minimalist, antique collector and stripe lover. Through this site, I share my love for simplicity and my journey of doing more with less. From tips on how to build a classic, minimal, year-round wardrobe (starting with just 10 pieces!), to beauty, travel and more, my goal is to inspire you to live life to the fullest. ____________________________ Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. All opinions are always my own and everything has purchased by me unless otherwise stated with * or c/o. Some affiliate links may be used above.
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Rivka Bat Avraham (2 days ago)
You're so sweet
Margaret Tom (8 days ago)
I’m soon to be 73 and have learned so much! I think Audrey’s style is timeless, so I’m sure there are a lot of much younger women who follow her religiously! I feel young when I follow these principles. AND more like myself!
Iris Arnež (14 days ago)
Great ideas, thank you for sharing:)
Mjcds95 C (24 days ago)
Your skin is very beautiful can you make a video about your skin care and make up? Love it. Thanks !!
kplove (1 month ago)
I just saw a 14k gold plated necklace at target the other day, as well as some gold plated earrings for around $25-30 each. Very pleasantly surprised!
Eliza Petrova (1 month ago)
I think you should update a bit your wardrobe and accessories. Some of your pieces are old, and seem old fashioned. You can try and try to combine them "wisely" in your outfits. But they remain OLD.
The Andieniable (1 month ago)
Miss, I #subscribed.
Thandi M (1 month ago)
Thank you.
A Y (1 month ago)
I'm a big faaaaaaaaaan ❤️❤️❤️
Beverly Simple (1 month ago)
I love how simple your makeup is.
Erica Riley (2 months ago)
Girl, I hit that red subscribe button. Yaass...
Joema Joe (2 months ago)
I love your videos, you are amazing as teaching and your style is flawless . Elegant , chic and simple. Very put together and of great taste. 😘😘😘
Roxanne Tan Capaldi (2 months ago)
Audrey, love your videos! They are helpful and to the point! Would you have one episode to talk about color palate of the wardrobe to match skin tones? Sometimes I’ve found that there are only a few colors I like to wear but I tend to over-buy when it comes to colors. 😂😂 The things I like to splurge on are well fit shirts and good quality scarfs or wraps.
carol faulkner (2 months ago)
How much of a salary would you suggest saving towards clothing or accessories on a moderate income.....
Stephanie Tanner, RN (2 months ago)
I would love to hear your price points on trousers, slacks, and pants. I do not have many pairs of nice trousers just because I'm waiting to invest in something that fits well, but if purchasing something to have it tailored is a more economical option, I'm all for it!
Jeanette Anderson (3 months ago)
I'm also an older gal. Love all your videos. Your class and style is impeccable. You are gorgeous I think you could make a sack look great 😍
Connie Fowler (3 months ago)
I always buy clothing of good quality, though not much of my wardrobe is what I'd call designer clothing. I have a few good leather bags and some very nice costume jewelry that I wear a lot. I splurged (my husband did, anyway!) on some very nice diamond studs for my birthday, and I have to wear earrings with at least 14 karat gold posts, so I tend to have just a few of those type of earrings. I never buy cheap shoes--years ago I owned three pairs of Ferragamos, and I used to resole them over and over. I was a flight attendant, and they were great for walking through the airport. Also Coach shoes and Cole Hahn make shoes that you can just put on the first day and wear all day. The biggest thing for me is buying from stores where I know the clothes will fit my petite frame, and usually buying on sale, if possible. Love those Chanel shoes! Great videos, Audrey. New subscriber!
Teresa Campbell (3 months ago)
Love your classy style Audrey, I'm 62, and love looking put together always myself. You are so well spoken, bravo, I love to check your style to keep up to date.. Especially, the travel tips are always great for me, I'm getting better at it every time. Thank You!
F Pietra (4 months ago)
What a wonderful video! Thank you for all the information. Could you please make a video about classy dresses and skirts worthing an investment? Thank you in adcance!
Sadie DeSimone (4 months ago)
I enjoy your videos very much. Btw, do you realize how often you use the word “definitely”?
Kari Phifer (4 months ago)
that's a beautiful video thank you xoxo
Jay Kay (4 months ago)
Thank you Audrey for all the info here. Gosh but I would love to see your Grandmother's cashmere sweater!!!! ??
Ilse (4 months ago)
For me, splurging on shoes and underwear are definitely worth it. Even when I was a broke college student I still saved up to buy one great pair of shoes, instead of my classmates who bought a new pair of cheap shoes everytime they got a paycheck. I just get blisters so fast, and I want to be able to walk all day in my shoes without my feet hurting. And as a woman with a G cup, I definitely know the value of a good bra. What is absolutely not worth it for me is handbags. I have had great value and longevity from cheap handbags, while I have had expensive leather bags break in the first year. My current favorite handbag is one I got for 20 bucks, and I have been carrying it around daily for 5 years and it still looks great.
Mila Speedy (4 months ago)
Are you like the cutest youtuber in the world!?
April Behnke (5 months ago)
Hi Audrey! Thank you for your wonderful videos. Do you have any recommendations for brands that produce good quality sweaters in natural fibers at mid-range prices (for example, up to $150)?
Beth Adams (5 months ago)
After watching this video a second time, I find myself gravitating to taupe. And corduroy jackets, which works for me at this stage of my career, as it is business casual, and I can put it on over a paint-spattered T-shirt, and it looks artsy, yet professional. I like jackets a lot!
nonuora (5 months ago)
Where can I get that awesome elephant belt?
Love your quality vs quantity perspective! A few quality jewelry pieces is on my list :)
Leslie H. (5 months ago)
Would love a video on good brands for splurges. Loving your videos.
Catherine Levison (6 months ago)
I think you just saved me. I’m frugal, take care of my clothes, they don’t wear out so I’m feeling like a hoarder. That was background for what is happening right now. I’m curating my closet and I just invested in some well made clothes and shoes. Well done, right? Except I’m agonizing about returning half of them because I ordered 2 sandals yet 4 arrived and that happened right after I had just bought 2 new pairs. Am I splurging to keep all of them? Do I listen to my frugal self and run back to the store before my bill is even due to return them or half of them? I barely have any shoes compared to the average female. I also didn’t own a LBD, now I have two. I also bought 3 pairs of great fitting pants in high-end fabrics and price tags. I have the basics now and plenty of lounge wear because I work from home. I’m agonizing about these higher prices than I’m used to. One pair of pants is 100% silk. My new blazer is great. I didn’t have one right now. I think your video is saying, “peace, and keep these well made things” but what if I never wear them? How many sandals can I wear at the same time? Help?
Kelly Jackson (6 months ago)
This is a wonderful video, Audrey!  These are concepts my mother taught me WAAAY back in the sixties and seventies and I have taught them to my own daughters, as well (now adults).  It is a good thing to see the younger generations embracing quality over quantity, and the overall process of building a proper wardrobe rather than mindlessly spending and discarding.  I really do enjoy your videos.  Thanks!
Leelee (6 months ago)
I love your videos. Wish you I'd had this advice in my early 20s! The only thing I disagree with in this video is the costume jewellery thing. Anything made of a low quality metal (especially gold toned pieces) should be avoided. They let off a really horrible smell. Not a lot of people notice it, but I do and it turns my stomach! I think its embarrassing knowing that other people may be able to smell how cheap your jewellery is!
Gail Spear (6 months ago)
My handbags are like new after years
Diane Yuhas (6 months ago)
Do you have a video or advice on what to do with shoes that get scuffed?
The Blue Keystone (6 months ago)
I agree with most of what you said. Handbags are the exception. I think someone would be getting a much better quality handbag from a handmade Etsy dealer (there are lots) than a designer bag. The mark up on handbags are 13x cost, because it makes people perceive their value higher. You can get better custom quality from some awesome sellers online. Don't buy designer handbags they are a rip off, not a splurge. Love the rest of the ideas!!!
crin28 (6 months ago)
Stumbled upon this channel and couldn’t be more happy. Simple, straightforward and full of fantastic content. Your work here is very appreciated. Thank you!
Rebecca Mubireek (7 months ago)
Hello Audrey, these days the fashion industry trends to less expensive, poorer quality, man made fabrics and construction in clothes production. Where can we shop to get the higher quality clothes made with natural fibers? Thanks
MzShonuff123 (7 months ago)
I splurged on an Unstainable white tee (it was $35) that doesn't hold sweat or smells and is coffee, wine, and deodorant stain proof. I'm going to end up having to get two more of them just to keep them in rotation, but since it solves all the problems I traditionally have with t-shirts (and is machine washable), I considered it worth the money.
Kathy Ferguson (6 months ago)
MzShonuff123 what is the brand? I too would like to have a couple.
ana akell (7 months ago)
Hello Audrey, congratulations for your channel is definitley a pleasure to watch your videos. Can I ask you for an advise? We are opening a Hamburgers restaurant by the street and i wonder what would be The best uniform we can use for having a nice look that provide our clients a sense of good quality food restaurant since it is. Thank you for your time and very useful advices. Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico.
Your channel is very underrated. I'm glad to have come across your delightful content.
FattyFrog (7 months ago)
Can you make the video about how to look expensive on evening dress ?
Nminder Gh (7 months ago)
I'm glad you talk about longevity and natural fibers ! Fast fashion creates tons of cloth waste and the man made fibers don't pollute the water when you wash them
louise (7 months ago)
Shoes are important. Foundation. Supports the entire body
louise (7 months ago)
You have such a lovely speaking voice. Great tips as always
Tania Phillips (7 months ago)
Put a handfull of asprin tablets in your wash when washing your white t shirts they will come out looking bright and white.
Ay Nine (14 days ago)
+Sadie DeSimone did it work???
Sadie DeSimone (4 months ago)
Tania Phillips , I will try this! Thank you.
Ibidun Omisade (7 months ago)
I save on a to day garments but splurge on hats, shoes, bags.
murgul morgul (7 months ago)
I love all yoor tips and videos. What do you suggest to do if I tend to lose or gain weight every year. I mean I can be size m in february and gain weight and become L in november and Vice versa. how should I build a long lasting wardrobe with not high end but really good quality items. I don’t care about brands I want good quality.thank you
Elena Christian (4 months ago)
murgul morgul I have the same issue, and this is where shopping second hand comes in-i can afford two carefully curated wardrobes in 2 sizes which will last me years.
Susan Schafer (8 months ago)
Great tips Audrey. Your videos are always so informative and inspirational and I always look forward to the next one. xo, Sue
Linda Grace (8 months ago)
Oops. Forgot to mention, Artisan Plating is online
Linda Grace (8 months ago)
Dear Audrey, I’m a huge fan! I have a tip for you, though. 1) buy a fabulous costume piece (all metal) 2) send it to Artisan Plating, get it plated in gold or other fine metal. Looks great, lasts for decades! I’m allergic to 14K gold, and have to use 18K gold (which I can’t afford). So I get jewelry I love and can wear daily without spending a fortune. 😀
kirthi anand (8 months ago)
Thank you !! Loved this video ! I do watch a lot of fashion vloggers but there s something about your voice that keeps me hooked on till the end !! 👍🏻 I love splurging on jewellery and great trousers and jeans.. I will save up for some good shoes now !!
Barb B. (8 months ago)
Always enjoy your helpful videos, Audrey!
I am new here. Really like your videos. Especially you use pre-loved bags, not having too much makeup and tell people not to go into debt . Many down-to-earth methods for people like me for real life. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Wilson (9 months ago)
Thx for the tip about white t-shirts.  I tend to shy away from buying them because they look less crisp sooner than other colors.  But you are right -- I should just buy them more often!
Jackie Daugherty (9 months ago)
I’m a new subscriber and I LOVE your channel. I love your elegance and kindheartedness. You are an inspiration and I’m so happy I came across your channel. 💜💜
Kathryn Arnold (9 months ago)
Audrey, I am also from SC and totally agree with you on saving when buying white T Shirts! In fact. each season I buy two nor three inexpensive, colorful cotton T Shirts for casual wear. They usually last 2 seasons before needing to be retired. This way I don't spend too much and always have comfortable T Shirts in the trending colors.
Evgeniia Shannon (9 months ago)
You are my favorite blogger, love your videos and your style! :D
louise (6 months ago)
Evgeniia Shannon She is fantastic isn't she?!
Bettylou (9 months ago)
I am so allergic that costume jewelry is very difficult for me to wear. I can wear it if it won't be touching my skin. Summer is an especially hard season.
Mary Johnston (9 months ago)
Great advice, Audrey! This is how I was raised to think about clothes, shoes & purses by my Mother. I'm 65 & things were made much better back then, made to last.
Aimer Cab (9 months ago)
Good morning from Northern California, I have a question? How tall are you? I love the scarf look, but have always thought that short people should not cover up their neck, as it makes them look shorter. Is that true? But you look fantastic in scarfs, so I wondered about your height. I am 5'2"
AYA LEE (9 months ago)
Audrey, I absolutely love your content! I agree with everything you said here. I do have a question for you as a past bra-fitting specialist... Is there a particular brand or brands that you recommend as higher quality? I know the choice is a personal one, but as with all things, certain brands can be better average choices than others. I was wondering your thoughts? I have no idea where to begin my search for some upgrades in this department...
Bo Ye (9 months ago)
Thank you! Love your herringbone jacket! Where did you get it?
sKe39 ish (9 months ago)
Audrey, your style is so classic and preppy. I absolutely love ❤️ this video! I like to splurge on watches that look nice with my wedding ring. I tend to save on t-shirts as well...especially white tees because they tend to yellow under the arm due to deodorant. I live in Florida, and the heat and humidity can tend ruin tees very quickly.
Gabriela Alvarado (9 months ago)
Thank you very much for your advise, I just subscribed and I’m loving your style. Greetings from Colombia 🇨🇴❤️
Celia Haddon (9 months ago)
Thanks Audrey. I've made notes on this and some of your other videos because they're so helpful. I would add good quality leather belts to the splurge category. Mine have lasted years but they were definitely investment purchases!
Sally Thorne (9 months ago)
Can't wait for the capsule jewellery video Audrey! I am holding off sorting my jewellery until I see it! Another thing I like to splurge on is a good quality pair of sunglasses. If I know I spent a little more on them, I take really good care of them. But if they were $10 I find myself being careless and just tossing them into my bag. By spending a lot on a pair of Ray Bans I've had them for over six years. As other people have said, you are such a pleasure to watch, you're so articulate and the tone of your voice is incredibly soothing. You should narrate audiobooks :)
Desiree the one and only (9 months ago)
Do you save or splurge on jeans and pants?
Joan Mandeville (9 months ago)
Show how you tie scarves on bags and what size and where you buy them. Great as usual, .thanks
Anna Banana (9 months ago)
Wonderful tips Audrey! Love your videos, looking forward to the ones coming up!
Pur9leRain (9 months ago)
Splurges: Blazers/jackets/coats (it's cold in London!) Pashmina scarves (as hijab) Silk scarves (for formal functions) Shoes/boots Wool jumpers Bags (but mostly on sale or eBay) Save: Maxi skirts Shirts (but have to be well made) Cotton jumpers Light weight scarves for hotter weather I don't wear jewellery anymore (except for a few gold items family gift me over the years as is traditional for Pakistani girls!). I used to have a huge collection of costume jewellery that in hindsight were a poor investment. Along with these, I sold all my trend driven clothes, shoes, and bags at boot sale markets and made £300. I put this towards a bike! I wish I had learnt your life lessons before i wasted so much money on clothes that are just for the season. My life is so much better now that I have fewer things that are well made. Audrey, I'm very much looking forward to the videos you've mentioned!
ayie aya (9 months ago)
Thank you for the tips.
Rachel Stone (9 months ago)
Wonderfully helpful, Audrey! Great tips to go by. I find that a good splurge for me is a high quality, well-fitting pair of jeans, and like you, a good save is on t-shirts. Looking forward to your upcoming videos!
Fiona Bell (9 months ago)
Hi Audrey, yes agree with your spends and saves. Great video.
Mary Harper (9 months ago)
Love the tips I say better foot wear and bags are my splurges and saves t shirts and shorts etc
Enid Wasfi (9 months ago)
Hi you can protect your costume jewellery by varnishing them or using clear nail polish on top. Their colour lasts longer.
Jacquie In Colour (9 months ago)
Grrrreat vidéo Audrey. 👏. Please do a video on how to select sweaters, as per the points you mentioned. 😊👍
Eveline Pastor (9 months ago)
Not really a fashion item, but I splurge on perfume
Jennifer Falvey (9 months ago)
Great video. Loved seeing your outfit examples out-and-about in beautiful Charleston!
Jenna G (9 months ago)
Great advice Audrey😀
Kathleen H. (9 months ago)
A fantastic video with useful information. I love how you don't frivolously spend and cherish classic pieces. I do think it is important to ensure that your diamonds that are conflict free and not "blood diamonds." My little studs are Canadian.
Debbie Gibson (9 months ago)
At 70, am I the oldest woman to follow you religiously? I get so many ideas about how to put outfits together and add accessories. I love your style, Audrey.
Tracy Lynn (9 days ago)
I'm 56 :D
Allyson Pitman (18 days ago)
I’m 68 and glad to know you’re there! I’m glad to have found Audrey.
Sadie DeSimone (4 months ago)
Debbie Gibson , I am 79 and still learning. ❤️
2eyeluvmac2 (9 months ago)
Great video. I'm looking forward to your upcoming videos.
Theja Theja (9 months ago)
M wit u on white tees.....
Maybeth Lichaa (9 months ago)
I’m 63 and your advice is classic and pertinent for all ages. Thank u!!
ivanete roark (9 months ago)
Audrey where is the beautiful elephant belt? I am in love
Sandra Reiber (9 months ago)
Audrey, this was a great tutorial! Reminding & teaching what to look for and what’s important to save & splurge for. My splurges are on shoes...well made with good arch support, and unfortunately not pointy toed or high heeled any more (I’m pushing 75). I’m still on the look out for some good quality purses, I currently have one my husband got me two Christmases ago. I hate to spend big bucks on a purse that’s expensive & has someone else’s name or initials all over it....I would like to find one with subtle class. I also love blazers & have a nice collection of them. Now looking for a well fitting white, long sleeved blouse, the ones I’ve seen at upper end stores are very expensive, but I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet to get one. Find even pricey clothes in the department stores not well made, thrown together, horrid materials & prints. So it’s taking a little longer than I thought it would to put together a classic wardrobe for a retired lady who still wants to look good every day. Thanks for all your input....it helps to know there are other women who still enjoy looking good. All the best!
Hilda Cugeber (9 months ago)
Audrey, do you ever wear a high heels? Can you make a video how you dress for some special occasion? Greetings from Europe
SU40 (9 months ago)
Hi Audrey, I found your channel a few days ago and am really enjoying the content. You are so easy to listen to and your advise is spot-on. Great videos. I like what you've done to your hair, are you still doing your natural hair routine? I think my hair texture is similar to yours x
Mary Cottee (9 months ago)
Excellent,so agree with you regarding shoes.such sound advice
Carmen A. G. (9 months ago)
Very helpful advice. Great tips!
g reencitrus (9 months ago)
I like your videos really very much. . You are such a wonderful speaker . I am really vety interested about the way,u collect your wardrobe....
Khairiah M (9 months ago)
These are great tips Audrey, and your videos similar to this helped me go minimalist months ago. One thing I definitely don't splurge on are shoes. I used to wear Geox and Ecco but had to replace the shoes at least twice a year because a) they fall apart as i put them through a lot of wear and tear b) even with inserts and cleaning, I still manage to stink them up. It's much more cost effective for me to purchase cheaper pumps and flats elsewhere knowing they'll be replaced in 6 months. I do miss the quality though - I once wore Geox suede loafers to an impromptu hike and it performed really well, I was surprised by the tread on the soles that helped me keep in my feet instead of down the mountain!
Olivia Herold (9 months ago)
New subscriber here! So happy to find someone that values the classics! This channel is exactly what I've been looking for!
Maureen Webster (9 months ago)
I never understand spending $$$ on a,white tee or Any tee for that matter....white tees if you get a years where out of them youve won....they need to be fresh
Veronica Watson (4 months ago)
I've had a white tee shirt for two years now, I've fought for this guy, lol. It's my favorite. I hand wash it and use woolite. I wouldn't do it for most pieces but this ones special because it has beautiful lacing up the sides and the softest cotton.
Mauri Romero (9 months ago)
Great video Audrey!!! Love your style!! You are always so well spoken and to the point!! That's what I like about your videos!!
MegaTinni (9 months ago)
Hi Audrey. I have a similar aesthetic as you. I started to sew and plan to tailor my own blazers from now on. I am taking online courses in classic tailoring. I enjoy being creative this way and bonus: I should end up with some fine clothes, made just for me. I like the blazer you are wearing in this video. The colours are both delicate and fun/youthful. Regards.
Braxton Javier (9 months ago)
Hello Audrey, would you mind doing a video on your blazer collection? I'd be very interested as I love blazers but I don't know where to find nice quality ones. Thanks :)
Season .Appreciation (9 months ago)
Love this and really looking forward to the up coming videos - can't wait, so excited! I believe you said you only use Chapstick, do you use a tinted one? 👏👏 🇬🇧
Adriana De Marco (9 months ago)
Great video! Looking forward to the promised ones!
JDB (9 months ago)
It's hard not to buy sweaters of synthetic fibers if you want to buy cruelty free..
Jane Minaudo (9 months ago)
JDB you are right about angora! -Yuk! However not sure that wool is crueller to life on the planet than petro-chemical fibres in general. .

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