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"Girls"-Beastie Boys Music Video

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This is a project we made in school in video class. We had to use school cameras so the quality is terrible.
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TheMontanaDave (2 years ago)
3 gay guys singing about girls... Seems legit...
1ANRS (6 years ago)
Glad to hear it - very good video
George Shewman (6 years ago)
blondy looks like my best friend!!!!!!!!
Charmanderaznable (6 years ago)
At 0:51 is that a POV of a gangrape?
Phoenix Music (7 years ago)
Nice video ! Thanks ! I wish to share with you and your fans my funny trailer... on my next message ! Emmanuel from France
ryan davis (7 years ago)
I love his glasses!
Max Finkel (7 years ago)
this made me smile :]
gabe2234 (7 years ago)
i should do something like this!
Thomas Markey (7 years ago)
@LaughinDude28 u abviously didnt watch the whole video
abbe5225 (7 years ago)
lol at 1:02 - 1:15 and 1:32 - 2:05 XD btw funny video
dessie123shorty (8 years ago)
wow only one girl
Eric Mariscal (8 years ago)
that was cool i cant believe they got that much girls too do the vid
Airy's Upload (9 years ago)
lol i like it u guys and i had do the the same thing at my school but urs is way better
Sherika Small (9 years ago)
i like this! very nice!
Thomas Markey (9 years ago)
i dont think theres any up on youtube
Thomas Markey (9 years ago)
ya we got an A
WestieAgility (9 years ago)
That is so funny! I love that did you get an A
Thomas Markey (9 years ago)
truly amazing video

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