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Audiosurf - MLP Fighting is Magic - Rarity Theme

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Playing Ninja Mono Link to the song: http://youtu.be/Ob5g2irAUdo
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Wag33z (6 years ago)
I can't help but be so jealous as of how good you are, I have alot of practicing to do, and a new processor to buy :/ 1.3 ghz is not the right one for this game.
BND -Skye- (6 years ago)
Sorry to inform you, but you can't play any songs in Audiosurf that last longer than an hour. :L
Mr.Fancybag (6 years ago)
i just finished adding ALL the Insane version of mlp songs in one. imma try it later. it lasts 3 hours!
OrcishSlacker (6 years ago)
Play Audiosurf with Rarity's theme; collect Twilight Sparkle cutie marks.
5mirkeh (6 years ago)
i dont know how to remix this song! but really want to dubstepify it! (without ruining it)

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