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I Wore $5 Clothes From Romwe For A Week

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So after trying out inexpensive clothing from Wish, you guys requested that I try out clothing from other questionable websites like Romwe! So I bought $5 clothing for a week and tried out multiple outfits over the course of seven days to see if anything from Romwe is actually worth it. What do you think? Would you try Romwe? Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley Music Mind The Gap Funkytown Fat Tony Gypsy Sailor Tango Fusion Do What I Do Sadango Black Cat In The Sun Its On You I Want Action Oohs And Ahhs via Audio Network SFX Via Audioblocks
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Safiya Nygaard (6 months ago)
HELLO FRIENDS!!! sorry for the delay, i was filming something ~secret~ all of last week! 💩what do you think, is romwe real or a ~scam~?
POTATO Gurl (6 days ago)
Avery Riddle (19 days ago)
The Pink Diamond TPD (25 days ago)
I luv youuuuu
Joanne Walker (1 month ago)
I think it is both real and scam but I think it depends on the item of clothing and also the material that the clothing is made of
Mara Quitain (1 month ago)
Bet it was ETN ryt? This is the first video I saw from u. R.I.P u ;~;
ForEva Maeva (14 seconds ago)
I personally think these clothes would be could to sort of pose in and post on Instagram but the quality os really bad so you can't keep it for long. Thank you for this video though, really helped
Sage Clarke (9 minutes ago)
I love Romwe aah
InvisibleRen (6 hours ago)
Shein And Romwe are owned by the same company. There’s a really good blog article on all those Chinese based websites.
InvisibleRen (6 hours ago)
I like Romwe but they steal redbubble designs. If you see a cute graphic tee or sweatshirt, check redbubble and similar sites first. The original designers deserve the money from their designs. At least Romwe doesn’t steal model photos like other Chinese websites though.
Dominique Bonney (10 hours ago)
Your voice kind ov sounds like a narater I love it
Abbi Lynn (12 hours ago)
15:50 call 180 steamer Stanley steamer your certified cleaner
Anla Bonune (14 hours ago)
OMG that banana skirt! I have a t-shirt with that same design, it just says banana split on it ,it was $24 damn I feel robbed
Akisell ! (17 hours ago)
This "Friend hoodie" is from stranger things :DD
her2mione (19 hours ago)
You should try Gracie Callie- I had a poor experience with it; same kind of site though
BS Fields (21 hours ago)
Stanley steamer your certified cleaner.
very spoopy (22 hours ago)
try dog dog its like this but way better
Stephen Elliott (1 day ago)
Why do some of these outfits relate so much to saf’s life? E.g: the cat sweater and the FRIENDS sweater/t
• jungshook • (1 day ago)
i found really cute stuff there for $3
Hott two (1 day ago)
🇨🇭看美女露点私㊙️视频加微信号hot5383🇨🇭🇱🇮他过分尴尬个uu iu
Adair Carothers (1 day ago)
my family member invented nylon
Brandi Wallis (1 day ago)
Does anyone else love how she enunciates her words?
as a man i feel extremely embarassed to say this but this is interesting
Nisie -piezii (2 days ago)
I like tour wish videos
Try Gamiss! I love it!
Angie Briseno (2 days ago)
5:03 ben wants it.
Lina Saeed (2 days ago)
I absolutely love how saf styles things together
Cwispy1 (2 days ago)
huh not as bad as I expected the clothes would be, like they looked okay tbh
Hi K (2 days ago)
The ironic thing Is that a wish ad came on before this vid
Angy D (2 days ago)
You should try she in next!!
Angy D (2 days ago)
Lmao the demon pants hahahah
JessJ Channel (2 days ago)
BirdoTheWeirdo (3 days ago)
What about Redbubble?
Sariah Johnson (3 days ago)
You should wear a week worth of clothing from goodwill only!
Lily Ryan Fox (3 days ago)
the reason it arrived late is cos i think Romwe is a British website
Gwendolyn (3 days ago)
lol I had this playing in the background while I was on the Fashion Nova website, and heard her say demon pants, then clicked the tab this video was playing in and realized I had just put those pants in my cart. Now Im not so sure.
Kiki Benjamin (3 days ago)
14:38 just want to point out that Tyler is wearing a Been drink slave tee shirt
Megan O'Connor (3 days ago)
We Call it rom-wee
Megan O'Connor (3 days ago)
Megan O'Connor (3 days ago)
We Have Romwe in stores in Australia
Megan O'Connor (3 days ago)
(It's Very expensive here)
Yazzie Mah (3 days ago)
“Friends print drop shoulder raw hem hoodie hooded sweatshirt friends Chandler Monica Phoebe Phoebe Monica *ROSS* “
Darian's Life (3 days ago)
Omg that’s my name
aniz_ baekyeonlover (3 days ago)
It's good to see Saf with some colors
xxAwesomessxx (3 days ago)
I love Romwe!!!!
Jolly Rancher (3 days ago)
Who else got a romwe ad while watching this ? no one oh ok
Elsa Brosi (3 days ago)
Omg Tyler is wearing the drink slave beyyyn shirt!!! Simplynailogical!!
Viajero del Tiempo (3 days ago)
I love sofia's intro song :v
basically (3 days ago)
Came here to see if Romwe is Safiya approved
lilbitch (3 days ago)
basically same lmao they have cute shirts
Superswaggy Sausage (4 days ago)
I’ve tried Romwe before and I loved the results. A couple of the items were to big but I was really happy with everything. Love you Saf! 💓
DonnaRupinski (4 days ago)
I always wash new clothes before wearing them
Potato Cat (4 days ago)
It’s been at least 4 months, and I still haven’t gotten my clothes yet
lilbitch (3 days ago)
Potato Cat my sister ordered a bikini from romwe like 9 months ago and still havent gotten it and she has emailed them multiple times with no anwser 😕
Fatuyamu Drammeh (4 days ago)
Safiya steamer you wish/SHEIN/Romwe steamer 😂
THOT PATROL (4 days ago)
Only safiya can pull off a turtle neck and a banana skirt in the same outfit.
Trelly Lauren (4 days ago)
6 mil omg
six Jordan (5 days ago)
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Glacey Kiy (5 days ago)
I don't know why but I am oddly attracted to the way you speak.
My name Is Jeff (5 days ago)
Literally wearing a RomWe shirt while watching this 😂
IAmJalex (5 days ago)
the sheer black top anf black skirt--that shot of your face--girrrrrrrrrl you looking FINNNNEE omg i always thought you were adorable but you looked SO good!
Anna-Rose Schubert (5 days ago)
http://shein.com/ is better than romwe...
lilbitch (3 days ago)
Anna-Rose Schubert arent zaful, romwe, shein etc literally the same store with different names cause i've noticed that there is alot of the same clothes in the stores
Taylor Phillips (5 days ago)
does she really talk like that? 😂😂 i already hate her voice
Chris Jackson (5 days ago)
Kate Noswatudidthere (5 days ago)
Tyler is wearing a drink slave beyyyyyyn shirt
Onder Yalcinkaya (6 days ago)
Seems to me like you're being biased I can't take your word for what you say
Alexis Childress (6 days ago)
Banana oh nana Half of her outfit is banana oh nana😂😂🍌🍌
a. evelyn (6 days ago)
About me describes Baby Boomers - actually those born post-WWII, so the parents of Millennials - as “ignorant in China”...
Quiet Tears (6 days ago)
6:29 The jacket all the way to the left. I want it. Haha
Edie Fernandez (6 days ago)
2:00 roSs
Amy Lau (6 days ago)
You should try shopping on yesstyle!!!!
Lily 101 Wainwright (6 days ago)
She had the skirt on backwards
Evi Stylianidou (6 days ago)
I ordered something from eBay and it came in wish packaging!! And this happened twice!!!!!
Evi Stylianidou (6 days ago)
Banana uh na na!!!
Saturn (6 days ago)
Maybe that smell on the denim skirt is bleach. Bleach and chlorine smell identical to me. Hate getting smelly new clothes :/
Putri Nur Haliza (6 days ago)
thrifting video please! it would be awesome!
Ramona Woohoo (7 days ago)
Couple of months and it was express shipping??!! Wow
Hanah K (7 days ago)
the alien face
Macey Weleschuk (7 days ago)
Lol on the sixth day Tyler was wearing Christine’s drink slave merch
mslimes andmore (7 days ago)
i have seen a girl in fifth grade wear the same shirt
Rhonda M (7 days ago)
Excellent content! Exactly what I wanted to see! :)
WillowKayyy (8 days ago)
It’s said sheen
vandana pathak (8 days ago)
everything out there is bad.
Bella R (9 days ago)
yeah, the tops are frayed because they were made by a child
Kelseyann (9 days ago)
you should try amazon clothes
Lonely gamer (9 days ago)
I can’t stop watching you ..... that sounds creepy 😂 but I just love your videos and love you too “It’s H💿L💿 BItCH” from an app picks out my clothes for a week 😂
Ben would wear the banana skirt if he was a girl
Julia.4260 (9 days ago)
the denim jacket i bought from romwe smelt like chlorine also, after a few washes it’s ok :)
MrTheDratex (9 days ago)
Gosh, I know that chlorine smell all too well. The bik boks around here the pants sections stinks
master shake (10 days ago)
Try DHgate... it is AMAZING
тea anyone? (10 days ago)
*Yes Safiya, Romwe and Shein are own by the same company*
Meme Girl (10 days ago)
Give Christian the banana skirt for Ben
Clara Kemperman (10 days ago)
Check out my Chanel where I also wear ROMWE for a week !!
_k-pop _is_life (10 days ago)
Am i the only one that saw tyler wearing the drink slave sweater😂
I am a person (10 days ago)
OMG you should give the banana skirt to BEEEEEYYYN (from Simply Nailogical!!!!!!!!)
I am a person (10 days ago)
I had a book report due yesterday, and I rated the book on the banana scale 9.5/10 bananas.
Allison Cook (11 days ago)
Did that banana skirt remind anyone of that vine with the BANANANA NEXT TO A BANANANA😂🍌
Meagan the Marionette (11 days ago)
"but it is a little bit more see-through​ than what I expected" What did you expect though? It's a see-through top.
Angles Roses (11 days ago)
Wait so how much is the shipping per item?
biebs problem (8 days ago)
about 18 dollars per order i believe but if you order more than 65 dollars shipping is free
Merna Primadonna (11 days ago)
You should try this with Alixpress,they have cool clothes there
Kimberley Massey (11 days ago)
Okay but, like, actually, the banana skirt outfit is so cute.
Valeria S (11 days ago)
Shein and romwe is the same company with artificial competition to increase sales so such logo bags are normal
nova (12 days ago)
bought from romwe once and definitely buying again!!! everything fits perfectly except for one which is way too short even for a crop top😂
Silent DemonKiller (12 days ago)
Is the website romwe is legit or a scam because I have the app of the store and before I buy anything I want to know is the online store is good.
Jade Dulm (12 days ago)
it also normally takes a month or so for things to arrive
Jade Dulm (12 days ago)
Silent DemonKiller From what i know it’s legit, and if anything doesn’t come they refund you. although, the clothing may not be the best quality because it’s all made in china, buy at your own risk
JOJO__ KWEEN (12 days ago)
*drink slave beyyyyyyyyyn*
loulouloopy28 (12 days ago)
Day 5 outfit gave me Sabrina the Teenage Witch vibes. xxx
BeeGeeZee (13 days ago)
I love romwe- just not shirts and dresses that are $4 lol
kawaii mermaid (13 days ago)
I have obe of those shirts.....and i didnt buy it from romwe

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