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Save Your Money | PlentyOfFish - Simple, Free & It Works!

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Are you a member of an online dating site that charges monthly fees or even charges you to message someone? Why pay to meet someone? On POF.com you sign up for free, message for free and date for free. PlentyOfFish creates over one million success stories every year. Sign up at www.pof.com to meet your special someone today! Music Credit: "Wrong Side of The Bed" Performed by: The Katherines Composed by: Kate Kurdyak, Kevin Maher
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ComeliaO7 (2 years ago)
I love that more commercials are being played. I hate all the negativity pof gets. Stuck up snobby people will be on every site. I know I saw plenty on at least 3 other sites before I joined pof. It's just all about patience. My bf and I have been together 2 years. Looking to moving in together and getting a puppy, we met here. And I was not looking to start a relationship but it happened. I will proudly promote this site and recommend it to anyone who asks.

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