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Ugly Challenge: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Make Funny Faces

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Our interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt gets ugly! Two Swedish fans, 6 and 8 years old, asked to see the stars ugliest "funny face". www.moviezine.se
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Maso Oma (14 days ago)
MTX157 (4 months ago)
Jennifer is ugly. No wonder this contest seems suitable.
KNO (6 months ago)
The thing she is talking about. Been Shapiro is actually that child who did that to disparage her. Dude is a college educated 12 year old.
Irene Tanya (1 year ago)
Jennifer doesn't seem too happy in these German interviews
I love this movie
A.T.H (1 year ago)
Oh nooo... jen is not being her usual goofy self around Chris Pratt. Cmon Jen!
Hedda (1 year ago)
Kommer det komma mer?
NAY MYO Pai (1 year ago)
What ugly? Still adorable you!
Parssel (1 year ago)
I don't know whether this film is going to be any good but boy have I enjoyed them promoting it.
Presshandstandgirl (1 year ago)
I USED GOOGLE TRANSLATE. NO SPOILERS She played Aurora, a smart, humble, sweet woman. Where no malice in it. It really is a movie where young love blossoms. But there is something wrong with the ship and therefore should moral choices. It is a movie where things happen that you did not expect. But I did not so special, but maybe it's because there is only interaction between Aurora and Jim and occasionally the bartender. I do not expect the film will score high. But if you have more want to see acting like Jennifer, plenty of playtime where she goes forward.
Zvonimir Družianić (1 year ago)
+Presshandstandgirl How was Jennifer's acting? (please no spoilers :D)
Presshandstandgirl (1 year ago)
I saw the movie, it wasn't really spectaculair... :(
Zvonimir Družianić (1 year ago)
+HeatherHanderson Thanks for the info, I can't wait to see it. It opens in cinemas in my country on December 29 :)
A.T.H (1 year ago)
Zvonimir Družianić hahha your response cracked me up. I saw it last night it was really good.
Joel Karlsson (1 year ago)
Var detta det enda ni frågade om eller kommer det mer?

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