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اس ایپ سے کسی کو بھی بنا کپڑوں کے دیکھیں! کیا ایسا ممکن ہے؟

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Text Comments (59)
Hamza Ameen (4 days ago)
Good job
My Technical Solution (4 days ago)
Hussain Tanha (5 days ago)
Ali Raza (2 months ago)
Nice Osama bhai
Arslan Baloch (3 months ago)
Wifi password nikalne ka
Arslan Baloch (3 months ago)
Bhai Main Apka sabse bada Fane hoo lekin apne abi tak Meri video nai Banai
Arslan Baloch (3 months ago)
Thank you usama bhai
My Technical Solution (3 months ago)
Bhi.mery thanks lakin me kisi ko khy kr iss per pehlay video bnwata hn phr khud bnata hn ok
Kashan Malik (3 months ago)
Bilkul sai esa nahi hota hai
Hamza Hamiaa (4 months ago)
very good
Hamza Hamiaa (4 months ago)
very good
My Technical Solution (4 months ago)
sameer danger (4 months ago)
Nice information bro
Kashif M Kashif M (4 months ago)
V good yar
sabreena shafi (5 months ago)
app ka naam bolo
Afaqraja Raja (5 months ago)
Nice bro
faiza Khan (5 months ago)
Konsa app he?
Safeer Khan 1 (5 months ago)
Bhi Jaan koi isy aap bta do Jis sy ham wifi sy deta bhar kar gar sy Bahar use kar sakian,, thank you so much
Ahsan Ali (5 months ago)
Ahsan Ali (5 months ago)
Very nice video usama bhai
Xtylish Ali (5 months ago)
Very nice veer g
Technical Sial Brothers (5 months ago)
Nice bhai jan
Arslan king (5 months ago)
Ali Aqdas (5 months ago)
Love you brother good job ( thanks)
Amaan Jaan (5 months ago)
Good.Usama.Bahi Nice.video 👍
Asim.bajwa Asim.bajwa (5 months ago)
V good bhai
Malik Asif (5 months ago)
Bahi asi App Hai????😂😂😂😂👈
Malik Asif (5 months ago)
HaN veeRa wo hi to M bol raha ho ka asa ap Ni hota
My Technical Solution (5 months ago)
Bhi video to end tak deakho
Shaan Khan (5 months ago)
Very good
Nice Info Bro....Gr8 Video 🔥
Muhammed Yousaf (5 months ago)
nice video
Ali Qureshi (5 months ago)
Hakim Ali Jakhro (5 months ago)
Tanzeel Ulrehman (5 months ago)
Very good bhai Nice
Tanzeel Ulrehman (5 months ago)
Wel come
My Technical Solution (5 months ago)
Al-jabez Online shopping (5 months ago)
Boss . Imo ki call record ho skti hai Kia agr Ha to kasy
Rehmatullah Talib (5 months ago)
Thank-you so much
sex xxx (5 months ago)
Nice sir
Urdu Tutorials (5 months ago)
Bilkul Apne Theek Kaha Thanks
Saif Ullah (5 months ago)
Play store par app upload karne wali video banau
Wazir Ali (5 months ago)
شکریہ بھائی جان
TECHNICAL MASTER (5 months ago)
Sharjeel Riaz (5 months ago)
Achi video hai yar zaberdast
Imran Javed (5 months ago)
Very nice video
ZAEEM ZAEEM. S (5 months ago)
very nice
Shabir T Shaik (4 months ago)
App kon said ha
SRR Tech (5 months ago)
Zahid Hussain (5 months ago)
SRR Tech very good
Saddam Muhammad (5 months ago)
Good usama bhi very good g
Hanzala Imran (5 months ago)
Bhoot ajhe videos he
Azan Rafay (5 months ago)
Very nice video
Pero Khan (5 months ago)
Very good
Hassan Khel TV (5 months ago)
Very good sir nice information
Amir King AS (5 months ago)
Bahi Fb Stylish name pe video banao
Baswar Ali (5 months ago)
TECHNIQUE IN URDU (5 months ago)
Love you bro very good job keep it up

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