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Nightcore Flora's Secret

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Hello! I have always loved Nightcore music and I haven't tried to make any for many years. This video is just my attempt at having some fun making Nightcore music out of song's people haven't done yet (that I know of) and really just for personal satisfaction to learn how to use music and video editing software again. If you like this consider Subscribing as I'll be trying more in the future! Disclaimer: The photo and Original song are all properties of there original owners and in no way owned by me or this channel. Edit: If you have any suggestions for newer video editing software or music software leave a comment below I'd be interested to know what's in common use now a days!
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Marte J.R. (17 days ago)
Taylor Swift, Enya, Mark Knopfler are 3 different but GREAT musicians! Enya feels like heaven, Knopfler feels like magic and Taylor Swift is the best of all modern music. Most modern music today is bad. Although both Enya and Mark Knopfler still makes music to this day - heaven and magic ;)
Shi Chen (2 months ago)
Very, very impressive! A very well done piece of art!
Jasonx7900 (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Shayla Bellard (9 months ago)
I love this! The picture is nice! Can I have a link for it please?
Jasonx7900 (9 months ago)
Hello! Here you are:http://konachan.com/post/show/153262/aqua_eyes-aqua_hair-building-dress-flowers-hat-hat
La Pidgey Express (1 year ago)
This music is fantastic ^___^
Linda Ahiataku (2 months ago)
It's Flora's secret by enya
La Pidgey Express (1 year ago)
Thanks very much :)
Jasonx7900 (1 year ago)
Lovers in the long grass Look above them Only they can see Where the clouds are going Only to discover Dust and sunlight Ever make the sky so blue Afternoon is hazy River flowing All around the sounds Moving closer to them Telling them the story Told by Flora Dreams they never knew Silver willows Tears from Persia Those who come From a far-off island Winter Chanterelle lies Under cover Glory-of-the-sun in blue Some they know as passion Some as freedom Some they know as love And the way it leaves them Summer snowflake For a season When the sky above is blue When the sky above is blue Lying in the long grass Close beside her Giving her the name Of the one the moon loves This will be the day she Will remember When she knew his heart was Loving in the long grass Close beside her Whispering of love And the way it leaves them Lying in the long grass In the sunlight They believe it's true love And from all around them Flora's secret Telling them of love And the way it breathes, and Looking up from eyes of Amaranthine ... They can see the sky is blue Knowing that their love is true Dreams they never knew And the sky above is blue
La Pidgey Express (1 year ago)
Can you send me the text of this song please?
Jasonx7900 (1 year ago)
Norberto Suico (2 years ago)
Hello link of wallpaper please

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