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White Men Dating Black Women: Five Things You Should Know!

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Everyone sees there's a rise in interracial relationships in the passed decade. You might have always been attracted to black women, but perhaps thought they weren't attracted to you or that they were off limits. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Sign up for our mailing list and get FREE, "10 THINGS BLACK WOMEN WISH WHITE MEN KNEW BEFORE DATING THEM" http://datingblackwomen.gr8.com We're in the process of developing a series JUST FOR MEN interested in dating African American women. You'll be coached by beautiful black women who will tell you EXACTLY how to attract and date them. There's no other series like this anywhere, so make sure you sign up to get the notifications http://datingblackwomen.gr8.com.
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John Yount (9 hours ago)
I can really
James Stripling (4 days ago)
Alot of Black Women have gone White in the South, they know we got plenty of Bulls to, good luck to all you fine Sisters
Kinder Bearfoot (5 days ago)
" you don't need to let us know you like black girls xD we already know " hahahaha
If I was married to you, I would never stop telling you how beautiful you are. p.s. Gonna watch the whole video.
dumans omar (6 days ago)
I want a black woman 😣
jimbob bodein (7 days ago)
I came here because I met a beautiful woman I have no experience with BECAUSE of our cultural differences So thank you I will defiantly follow your video series Wish me luck
Ismael Bugarin (11 days ago)
Black woman are beautiful 😊
Daniel Svendsen (12 days ago)
This was kind of a mess for me. I met my ebony Goddess on a dating site. I'm a milky white Norwegian and she's a black girl from Kenya. We hit it off right away and colour didn't even enter into it. We were just two people falling in love.
Robert Coughlin (13 days ago)
The scariest thing about approaching a sweet Nubian beauty is the rejection and shaming scars white fairy princesses have already dished out. If I met up with a black woman who really interested me and she turned around and played that same ice queen bitch game, oh, hurt da baby bad!
Paul Morris (13 days ago)
I am attracted to some black females. I have been with one black woman but was an online meet. Not sure if black women find me attractive or not so have never really went for it...
80sOutrunFan (14 days ago)
Everybody loves chocolate lol!
I'm white from UK, I don't categorise ,I just like a good looking woman who is polite and respects herself and will respect me aswell,for me not my ££,not my job,my skin colour/tone... It was only yesterday I chatted up a lady who happened to be black whilst out on the town...I accepted the comment she made about having a tendency to only dating black men..it's a preference,I wasn't in anyway hurt or offended..she asked "so you like black women"? I said I like the way you look and you appeal to me but I've not got a preference tho ..her reply "oh...ok that's different". We had a good chat at the bar,I still tried to pull her as she was beautiful but it ended with a drink a laugh and her friends pulling her away from me in a really awkward way...I actually felt like her friends were against me as a white guy as they were women who were also black and they never even spoke to me and gave me dirty looks as they almost dragged her away from the bar... I still don't get why they chose to be like that...I'm a respectable good man who would have treated that lady well if she were in a relationship with me, I felt like I was not enough ,so what did I do ,I went on that dance floor and tried again ,to be pushed by one of her friends who said "shes spoken for" me: oh, ok well that's not what she said 5 mins ago". I could see the lady I took a liking to felt awkward and said sorry and ignore them ..I just had to walk off as Ive never been in that situation..I did say tho "it's nice your friends look out for you" but it's nicer when your friends are actually polite and let you speak for yourself...can you blame me for trying I said,you're beautiful and best of luck ,I turn around and my two mates are laughing by the bar cuz they think I'm drunk and just got rejected...I say what's with you two clowns ,one replied: you after the black ting. I shook my head and said it's your round get em in ,I glanced at the lady who gave a smile that said a thousand words...she was embarrassed by her mates like I was of mine over their reaction. All I was doing was trying to pull a beautiful appealing lady in my eyes,and next Saturday if I see her ill probably just smile and wave and that's all... It ashame it's like this,I wish we were all one race,even if it's not white or black..infact blue would be better..no black no white no brown .. but I suppose we would then have the problem of different shades of blue.. racism sucks!!!
Ray Ray (17 days ago)
You are a very pretty lady. Someone is extra lucky to have a smart lady like you.
Randy Chase (18 days ago)
Randy Chase, I love love love love love you.
Brian Tyree (18 days ago)
I think black women are beautiful regardless. Period
joe smith (18 days ago)
My first crush/girlfriend was African/Jamaican American..5th grade..her name was Neva
Jacob Kalish (18 days ago)
I'm a white man and I'm in love with black women they are amazing
Joe Helecki (19 days ago)
I'm. in. a. relationship..with. a. Beautifull..Black .christian.. Women.. The. . lord . put. Brought. This. Relationship ..In. the. Near .Future. We. Will . Be. Married.
gregory hall (20 days ago)
First and foremost, I know love cross all boundaries, age, gender, religion, and race to name a few. However, I don't care for or like the presentation of this cry or what I'll call House Negro video. if it's God's Will, two people will fall in love, case close. As such, there is no need to try an lay a foundation for a number of rules or ways in which to go about having a relationship with a (Black) woman regardless to a lack of knowledge about her culture.... When God bring two people together nothing can stop their love for each other! In this light, it's my position that this video is totally trash and an insult to Black People! Thank you, Gregory Hall
Henry Bass (21 days ago)
A beautiful experience! She is small and black, I am large and white! Her big brown eyes send tingles throughout my body. One of my sons prefers black girls too!
Jay Harris (22 days ago)
I think black women and white guys should date each other but I see more white girls with black men
Lynn W. (22 days ago)
white boy are best😎
sun cloud (3 days ago)
there is nothing as real or beautiful as a bw, nothing, nothing even comes close
silverleaves (23 days ago)
I always wanted to meet and have a person of coulor as a friend. Hopefully one day before I get to old.
Andrew Sansom (23 days ago)
You are so beautiful :) ops i said this before i watched, what am i supposed to say if i find you beautiful lol
Diamond Logistics (24 days ago)
When I was around 28 yrs old I met a black girl who was, in all honesty, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. I couldnt believe she even spoke to me. We talked and got along pretty good so we started dating. We were together for 9 yrs. I loved her and she loved me. Thats it. The only issue we ever really had was from black men. They would never approach or say anything at all to me but many times they would wait until I was not present and confront her. (I think theres alot of pressure in the black community as far as black women dating outside their race.) I should have expected that a little bit but truthfully it never occured to me because all I cared about was being with her and didnt give a damn what anyone thought about it. Its odd to me that white men think theres some science to dating a black woman. They're the same as any woman. Have some self confidence and approach them you'll be surprised how far that'll get you with most woman. They'll either be attracted to you or they wont whats the big deal? You're men for Christ sakes, are you really gonna just give up on black women if ONE turns you down? Most white guys would probably be surprised to know that black woman, at least for me, are pretty approachable. Ive never had a negative reaction even when they were saying not interested. I wish I could say the same for white women. Work on your confidence guys, that could be the only thing thats really holding you back.
Brooke Lee (27 days ago)
Why are we treated like a novelty? The fact that there’s videos like this on YouTube...
Dan Benson (27 days ago)
Very informative video, by the way, your not a pretty black woman but a very pretty woman period.
WARD5KUSTOMZ (27 days ago)
I would only say you look good. And leave it at that. I would love more advice.
chiefleadfinger 188 (28 days ago)
This is very good interesting information I like. Its very helpfull. For me and everybody thank you nice lady. YA!!!😄
Newgrist (28 days ago)
articulate woman, irrespective of her race.
lahaut trois (28 days ago)
My advice is to date a black woman like a white woman. Both are human.
David Hayes (28 days ago)
I am attracted too black women the same as all races, but have never dated one
Bad Wolf (30 days ago)
I'm a middle eastern guy and I love black women.
iAm Blessed (1 month ago)
To be real with all the beautiful dark women. First off I don't like saying black women. Y'all's skin isn't black it's more like an eloquent chocolate color. It's beautiful. The reason at least from my experience of why it was hard to approach a chocolate girl is because we as white dudes are dogged a lot. And treated like garbage by white women. We are made to feel like their the reason we hold any value, if not for them were just some pig who only thinks of vagina. And it's hard not to feel that every woman thinks that. But when I dated a lady with skin soft like silk and skin with such a lovely brown hue. It was daunting. 1. I had never dated a woman outside of my race at this point. 2. My last gfs(all white) treated me like some servant/garbage. 3. I was worried about how this beautiful cocoa colored lady would react to me. Let me tell you something gentlemen if you want a lady whose going to love you for/as the man you are this beautiful silky skinned ladies are the way to go. I never felt so appreciated in my life. She took care of me and I her. I never wanted for anything we both always took care of each others needs sexually as well and I was never made out to feel like a pig because of it. I'll tell you this much if circumstances and our lives would have allowed I'd be that woman's husband. I know she could take care of herself but the love I still have for her is intense as a fresh flame. (Pelretty sure she's in her dream career now) . If I ever got to be with her again there wouldn't be a day that she wouldn't feel loved and adored. So let me tell you this guys. Black women(don't like saying black but oh well will have to take a pass this time) will treat you right they will value you because you value them. They will take care of your every need but boys you better take care of her in return fair is fair. Moral of the story go get your mix on these ladies will love you like you deserve and thank God for them <3
Tom tommyL (1 month ago)
Just gonna throw this out there... (yes, i'm going to make some generalizations)white guys are generally going to be less of the type to get riled up about things that might go wrong.  For instance, one of your vids (I think it was you.) was talking about sending a plate back after ordering food at a restaurant without lettuce (cause he hates lettuce).   and not sending the plate back because the lettuce was there.    the black chick (again I'm not sure it was you or not) wanted him to assert  himself by sending the plate back but he just pushed the lettuce off to the side instead. Here is (probably) what went though the white guy's mind: "It's not going to affect the flavor of the food by being there, I'll just push it aside,  it's not worth the trouble of causing a scene"  No harm, no foul lets just get on with our dinner." Whereas the black chick just insisted that "they needed to know that they made a mistake".     In the white guys mind, it doesn't matter that they knew they made a mistake or not.   It's irrelevant to the dinner. I date an Asian chick.  We've been together for years now.  At a restaurant I sent a dinner plate back for entirely different reasons (it was my first time I ever sent a plate back).   the pasta was uncooked and the clam sauce has clam in it that were as tough as a good year tire..   Sending this (clam sauce pasta),  back was a different issue because it was inedible.   the lettuce issue that  you observed was not an issue. If something is not a real issue to the matter at hand then most white guys will ignore it. What's more important?  Dinner with you or making the staff know they made a mistake?  <smiles>
Steveo Gregg (1 month ago)
Your beautiful skin is making melt. FANTASTIC!!
d olive (1 month ago)
I’d totally date u ;)
Fabian H. (1 month ago)
Its complicated In my experience its not so hard to get a black girl. Maybe in germany its easier and it depends who attractive they are.
bojack horseman (1 month ago)
As a white man, I cringe harder than fuck at the comment: "you're pretty for a black girl".
Mike Jones (1 month ago)
I always got along with black girls since I was young, in school etc.
dave parkinson (1 month ago)
I have had 2 black girlfriends the 1 i am with now i have been with for 5 yrs, the problem with being black women is, black men for the most part don't like it. well fuck you is my response to that 1, if 2 people want to be together what that the fuck does colour matter???
Pete A (1 month ago)
Guys, women don't know what they want.
Jim Dillard (1 month ago)
I been with a black woman before and she was great. I think black women make better lovers and they are better in sex. I love watching my white cock go into her black pussy. She gave me the best blow job too.
Aeonian Sybaritic (1 month ago)
Hey. So, like the video and all that but need some help here. From a women at least. I'm white, my roommate is a black girl. We don't talk much, let alone see each other, but when we do it's always so awkward, like I don't know what to say to her and she doesn't know or have anything to say to me, but it seems like if only we could find the proper words at the right time we can talk up a storm because I feel like she has lots to say, just chooses not to I guess or maybe she's afraid of me? I find that both true and hard to believe because if she were afraid then why would she purposely open her door every time I get home and sometimes walk across the hallway in a bikini? I'm like ok, what am I suppose to do, knock on her door and say, "Hi, just checking up on you" She can take care of herself obviously and doesn't need me to "Check" up on her, that'll make me seem like a pest right? I guess I want to talk to her, at least know that shes not afraid of me, but again, when I do talk to her, I feel like we're not actually talking but quickly exchanging "hi's and how's it going" before we hide in our rooms. July 4th, I had nothing to do, she had nothing to do. I got home, she walked from her room to the bathroom in underwear like it's totally ok (Is it?) And she looked at me and said with a teasing smile, "Hope you have a good 4th" I wished her the same, closed my door slowly.......then Jerked off. Next morning I was pissed off the entire day. Like flaming pissed off. I don't know what to make of it. I'm here room mate. We live like in the same space, how to I tell her I find her hot as fuck but don't want to come off as a desperate weak pig because I'm not at all one. Perfectly fine with or without her. The minute I feel like it's time to take the hi's and hellos to the next level (Like there's supposed to be?) I might say something completely inappropriate to her and for sure make her afraid of me. Like it's scary enough for her, not to have friends or family, just to have the unwanted attention of a guy room mate. I mean this apartment is all so has and I can't ruin that. The part that fucking eats away at me, is that I feel like She knows I like her in a way but she does nothing. Like she's waiting. I'm to do what? haha frustrating.
SSXS Rubicon (17 days ago)
...be open and speak up
Jeffrey Thomas (1 month ago)
Oh yea, I love the black ladies!
Rick Tata (1 month ago)
Black women treat me like I just want to fuck them.... never give this white boy a chance
Colonei DeStouet (1 month ago)
I love this video, because it teaches us Black women to never limit your options to one group, & teaches White men not to put all of us into one barrel...
dunkin doobing (1 month ago)
Ok I asked a blackgirl out she aske me if I had dated anyone black before I said no what is the difference are you gonna make me watch bad Tyler Perry movie instead of hallmark movies she told me that was racist I did not think there was a difference and I did not think what i said was racist am I wrong was it Racist
SSXS Rubicon (17 days ago)
Question, why did you assume she was a "Tyler Perry" type of a gal? What made you say Tyler Perry as opposed to a "Steven Spielberg" movie?
Paul Otero (1 month ago)
It's simple, y'all. Don't fetishize. Communicate honestly. Fuck often.
Hugh Potter (1 month ago)
I like all women. Dated white women, married to an Asian woman for a number of years, currently in a relationship with a black woman, and she is wonderful.
Kareen Mondesir (1 month ago)
Your skin is glowing sis😍
Black Girl #2 (22 days ago)
Mark Ant Yes, you all do. That's why we call you "boys" he he
Mark Ant (1 month ago)
Do some black women really believe most white men have small penises and flat butts?!
Joel Henderson (1 month ago)
I'm Native American and don't look at you as a black woman or a white woman just a woman or a man we are just men and women that's what my mom taught me by the way you are a pretty girl!
El Kabong (1 month ago)
Thx for sharing your experience. Very positive I like the way it makes me more human. Peace & love from the 305 miami fl. Where its flat and always wet.
chris Favorite (1 month ago)
dating lists? I will just go to latin america and call it a happy day
Sean Farrell (1 month ago)
I'm Irish not American Irish ,a guy from Ireland. Thirty years ago I travelled to London england for work and I dated occasionally black girls. But it was OK then because they taught black women were a sub species ( at the time , not anymore ) and we Irish were subhuman lower than a feral dog. And yes so called white people were refused admission to places, told where to sit on a bus or just simply get off. Thankfully its different now.
montmn (1 month ago)
You, for example, are a lovely woman. If people, men and women, just forget the race & culture crap... they can find happiness. That kind of garbage means nothing. It only serves to separate us. People are human. They are attracted to whom they are attracted to. Race & culture are just meaningless barriers.
Borpheous Maximus (1 month ago)
Just found your channel, good stuff...Im WM...you know anybody who's looking?? 😜😎🙏
O CR (1 month ago)
What gorgeous shoulders she has!
David Llewellyn (1 month ago)
I want to go out with Aisha Tyler, what do I need to know. Thanks 😍
ThatDutchguy (1 month ago)
I like woman, don't care what melanin count or lack thereof you've got, i like woman from all ethnicities period. Of course I've got "a type" and she's a cool woman that likes to be herself no matter what and definitely independent with an opinion on social issues, empathy for "the other", curious and can teach me a thing or two about the world at the same time being open to me teaching her a few things, but i really don't care about her ethnicity as a factor on "if this white Dutchman wil date her or not". I wasn't aware that there was a stereotype of "the strong black woman" always thought the strong woman came from Russia or Romania, yeah, they got that stereotype etiquette attached to them in Europe, not so much the black woman here. They are seen here as more shy and timid because most black woman in Europe are from African countries directly or have a strong link present to that continent still in the family and the feminine role there in many different African countries amongst it's many cultures and ethnicities is still subservient in nature, in most cases assertiveness is for a girl/woman frowned upon and not encouraged.⬅[as a general rule,....i'm aware of the many highly educated opinionated independent entrepreneurial woman of Africa] That is the tricky part, i don't mind a shy girl but there needs to be a fire burning there somewhere, a real opinion just waiting to get out. Great vid, thanks for the insight and 👍-up.
Ryan Farrell (1 month ago)
Who the fuck would ever say “your pretty for a whatever” people are stupid
Jamie Ryall (1 month ago)
I have dated & loved black women since high school. I'm 68 years-old now & never went back.
bo couch (1 month ago)
Wow, you have such a nice, reasonable, and kind way of talking about dating. Things that should would work for all people of any race.
Katusiime Sawuya (1 month ago)
Hello swt am in need of awhite guy
David Crockett (1 month ago)
Katusiime Sawuya 😚
Lewis Taylor (1 month ago)
Katusiime Sawuya wow you're a beautiful girl. I love black girls so much
Evil Lucien (1 month ago)
I really enjoy your content. Sorry it took me so long to find it. Great video.
duney424 (1 month ago)
I'm open to dating white men but I think the problem is my skin. I feel like they like darker skinned black women and us light skins get no love. :(
Midnight Sun (1 month ago)
White men who would like to date black women don't care too much about skin color, I think. They have their individual preferences of course, but in my experience these men find many different shades attractive. By the way, personality and mannerisms are the most important factors, at least according to my male friends. So if you feel ready, I'm sure there are white men out there who will cherish you and appreciate your beauty. :)
Lewis Taylor (1 month ago)
duney424 dark skin is a turn on but it's other features as well like curly hair and full lips, dark eyes etc. You're most likely completely fine in our eyes.
LITERALLY LOL (1 month ago)
I like it
Hugh Jecoque (1 month ago)
"Do I have a chance?"
A Stand (1 month ago)
Look I don't know how y'all even date in America. Half These Dusty's won't even let our dogs play together so um that says a lot their. And Honestly, most have dated a loser white woman, so they expect anyone to say yes. If you gonna date get a college educated foreigner who just got into America, rest these Niggas ain't even adults.
Scott Seufert (1 month ago)
I have a better idea. I'll just be myself and not pretend I'm something else and you do the same. There is a very wide spectrum of personalities in every race and creating a list, no matter how popular, still doesn't always apply to everyone. Signed, A white man with mixed children.
Ben Dover (1 month ago)
I'm white. My last 2 gfs were black. I'm just attracted black women. Because they are beautiful
Rochester Swift (1 month ago)
The elephants in the room for me dating a black woman, are my atheism and rather stark individualism. Which hurts, because I'm tired of the hypocrisy and conformity among white women.
JOSEPH HUNT (1 month ago)
You are awesome.
Joe Black (1 month ago)
Great video and list and I'm sure it will help many. Now, the most difficult thing in my opinion for white men to date black women is the family, this is also the same for the black women. While many of the younger generations are accepting or at least willing to compromise on interracial relationships, you will find much hostility from the older generation. I've experienced subtle and outright hostile reactions from older black family members, mainly men. Don't get me wrong like I said earlier I've witnessed the same with whites. Another thing that may be hard and I think you should talk about is, the constant comments and jokes about someone's whiteness. I've experienced many whites say hurtful or ignorant things to black people, normally out of innocent ignorance. On the other hand I've experienced countless jokes and comments about my whiteness by blacks. I'm a man, I'm very use to ball busting and it was very funny at first but it's like a honeymoon stage. After awhile you get sick of the constant white jokes even though they're innocent and just ment for a laugh, also the assumption that I don't know what something is or how to do it right, for example, cooking. While that example is obviously a joke, it is also said with truthful intent at times. Attempting to constantly try to counter the sterotyes can be exhausting for any race and it puts a lot of stress on a relationship.
king mondavu (1 month ago)
i love black women i wish i had the confident to talk to black females especialy africans
Clint Ocallaghan (1 month ago)
I'm curious why some black women rather date white guys than black guys? the only answer I know or assume is that 70 percent of all black women in America who has kids are single mothers. black guys don't take care of business and they get locked up. not a racist thing just stating a fact that is a statistic
Clint Ocallaghan (1 month ago)
once you go white you got it right
2004JustBe (2 months ago)
DATE 6/15/2018 Sounds good to this guy...I'm all ears! Tell me more!
MrWorldcitizen1 (2 months ago)
If I find a woman attractive, I find her attractive. Skin color usually has no part in my taste. The caveat to that is I have noticed that I find typical characteristics of black women attractive. Gorgeous eyes that I can stare into for hours, very cute noses, and those wonderful oh-so-kissable lips. And I will say that I have seen very few black women that I did not enjoy watching them walk. $
Erics Adventures (2 months ago)
please don't use the race word in less your talking about some one from another planet..I'm white..your black.. my wife's Asian.. we are all the same race..people need to under stand.. just because we think definitely or our skin is different.. we are still from the same race...I marred my wife because she's a woman.. she's now white.. I think white lady's have forgotten how to be a woman..I'm not trying to be mean.. but there's no different race of humans on this earth..
Richard Anderson (2 months ago)
I've always treated a lady like a lady. Race had nothing to do with that. Like one girl had like 50 different dangly things in her keychain. Must have weighed over 5 pounds! LOL! I said "That is sooooo female!" and laughed. She laughed too. Had nothing to do with race at all. Girls are just girls. They go to the bathroom together, they would put their life at risk for their phone, etc. They are cute! The outside stuff is just chemistry.
Andrew Gipson (2 months ago)
Older I get, the more I realize that it not racist people that complain about this it just the opposite sex jealous and use racism to hide the jealousy of wanting a attractive opposite sex
shea whitey (2 months ago)
Beauty is Beauty regardless of nationality,color, place of origin, gender... I see a lot of beautiful people on the outside.... very ugly on the inside.... And not great looking people on the outside... The most beautiful people inside... There are some people that are blessed with both.... And some that aren't...I was working with a Lady, and she asked me if I ever dated a black girl before ( a she was)...I told her honestly... That I never had honor...once time it happened in my early 20s' almost...but she said her family... would not approve...same a Jewish girl... Sad... I like them slot...and I think they liked me as well. My sister married a black man....been 35 years a couple weeks ago. My brother married a black woman... they been married for 27 years and counting. My love will never be in the cards for me...only time will tell
Vernon Wells (2 months ago)
How can I get on the mailing list
Norbert Pecheq (2 months ago)
Us,white,heterosexual men (new minority!) are a bit afraid in dating or even talking with black women....If you say something not even wrong,they realise it wrong and start to scream :"You´re an racist,bro!!", call the police and you will be arrested among twenty gigantic ,black criminals asking you at first..:"So you´re racist,boy?" It´s a really black future for you then...
David Crockett (2 months ago)
You are gawjus. but why is it a 'fetish' if a Whiteman is attracted to a Black woman? it's just like saying I like blondes,brunettes etc.And when are you going to get swirling in England 😚
BH H (2 months ago)
Black women are beautiful!
Tadiwa Mhangami (1 month ago)
BH H you're handsome too🔥🔥
J Rocks (1 month ago)
Btw i love black women !!4:34 in Im i wrong saying how else would they know
hong jinsung (2 months ago)
I love black girls. I am a Korean man.
Worldwide Ghosts (2 months ago)
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I will only date black women, no other choice for me. It's a no brainer :O)
thomas abel (2 months ago)
It's real simple one is either found to be attractive by the other or not. Race or ethnicity has nothing to do with it, at least to me. I either find a woman attractive or I don't. I have never understood why someone would say " you're beautiful for an anything" That has never made sense to me.
Anthony Bisantino (2 months ago)
Your beautiful
Tereasa Mcfadden (2 months ago)
White men don't say "you pretty for a black woman"...Black guys do it! I notice white men just see the inner/outer beauty of a person. My Black men are the only ones who look deep into skin tones....I'm a very proud Black woman and never thought I would consider another race BUT ..????????!!!!!! #blackmenneedtodobetter
White men the goat
Kajob connie (2 months ago)
Moonshine Autos (2 months ago)
I am extremely attracted (sexually) to certain black mixed race women. It‘s like I want to just have them. Their soooo juicy.
Joe Bloe (2 months ago)
lol! thank you for doing this it really helps thank you. I am a white guy that likes ALL different colors women can be. This is sooo cool of you lady's taking the time to reach out to us dumb dudes like this. If I only new this info like years ago. lol! God bless you!😁
Charles Wendt (2 months ago)
I like women.
Richard Riley (2 months ago)
Luv U
Michael Kelly (2 months ago)
Very slund advive for starters. Thanks so much.
Michael Kelly (2 months ago)
Sorry. Sound advice 😉
Natina Mentor (2 months ago)
Something is missing

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