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The "Shy Girl" Vacation Outfits! | NO Short Clothes! | Komal Pandey

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Hi guys! FINALLY this video is going up! You guys have no idea how much pain I went through to upload and edit this one- with my laptop acting up! BUT FINALLY. This video has 6 looks that is perfect for every girl who is not comfortable wearing short clothes! Let me know what you guys think! Lots of love! A BIG shoutout to Novotel Spa & Resort in Goa for lending me the most gorgeous location! All clothes are from Vajor and have been styled & put together by me! You can shop everything from www.vajor.com! Makeup & Hair courtesy- The Hairspray & Artist, Goa! You can find them on Instagram @hairsprayandartist. Videography credits- Thank you Jules for doing this! You were such a SPORT! You can find him on Instagram @julesbegoes. Also, the montage was shot by Rahul! :) Edited by me on Adobe Premier Pro. :)
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Text Comments (2141)
Manshi singh (3 days ago)
aaa sister's (3 days ago)
Do you know shurti arjun Anand just see her chanell
Maru khan (3 days ago)
hi komel what if a girl height is 4.9 what kinda dress she should wear to lool littel bit taller ?
Pallavi K (5 days ago)
I loved all Style s awesome
Jinatunnasa Sumi (6 days ago)
Thanks for making this video
vishala reddy (7 days ago)
All yur outfits are oversized
Ila Jung (8 days ago)
Like you really do love bralettes 😂
SANIKA BRAHMA (9 days ago)
Love ur style komal😍
Siroli Queensbees (13 days ago)
How could anyone look soooo good in everythgg thy wearr...... I love u alott and ur videos tooo... And u look beautiful in everythg u wear ... And i love ur tassel earrings and tassel neck pieses
Kashish Pansari (20 days ago)
Your ideas r always just relatable and I love your channel u have so much talent of fashion
Rashmi Bhardwaj (21 days ago)
lovii Kumari (25 days ago)
dolma tamang (28 days ago)
You look perfect in every attire....love all of them😍
Komal I must tell that you are like very innovative and creative......... I must also say that being not only creative and innovative but also understanding............ I really like you videos very much and also your channel😘😘
Aliza Siddiqui (1 month ago)
vashika Jain eyeliner😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Javed Qureshi (1 month ago)
Very well thought
Gowthami Kiran (1 month ago)
Can you please make more such videos with the Links to buy ..I am going on a holiday and need your help
LoL LoL (1 month ago)
Is this really a 'no short clothes' video? 😂
Kazi Nusrat Samaya (1 month ago)
Idk if there's anything you cant make look good! ❤️
Aditi Jamwal (1 month ago)
u r jst amazing u think about everyone... i love u r all videos 😊
Yussra Waseem (1 month ago)
Mazey ki lagg rahi hain❤😀👍
Jamuna Chowdary (1 month ago)
Day 5 outfit, hair, make up was just too good on you😍😍😍🤩...damnnn you're so pretty❤
͏m͏i͏m. (1 month ago)
Neha Khadatkar (1 month ago)
Where did u get that day 2 pants from? Loved them.. ur videos r really relatable.. love u komal..
Ishata Gupta (2 months ago)
Hi Komal..!! 😊 I'm your newest subscriber from Chandigarh! I'm a person who doesn't follow any fashion blogs/vlogs but your videos have got me glued to the YouTube since yesterday!! I love how effortless your style and fashion sense is! ❤️ I'm 27, recently married and your videos really inspired me to reinvent my wardrobe!! I've been wearing suits and Kurtis from past 6 months and have been trying to find a way back to the western trendy outfits looking sophisticated and stylish at the same time!! I'm going shopping today!! Will let you know how it goes!! 😀
Sarita Pal (2 months ago)
Pls make video on ideas for outfits for teachers day for school girls or class 12 girls with makeup
Anitta johnson (2 months ago)
I love komal
Divya Bhatia (2 months ago)
You are so cute 😇😘
Niyyah Guialaludin (2 months ago)
Wow your too fashionable.
utkarsha singh (2 months ago)
Thankyou so much awesome video ❤
kyntiewburom dkhar (2 months ago)
komal ur so amazing n creative. love your sense of fashion n keep it up. love all ur video, sometimes I'm out of words to describe them. Outspoken!
Sana Singh (2 months ago)
Hey komal! Can you make a video in professional or formal look outfits..??
anni Doriyal (2 months ago)
I'm shy
TIARA GROVER (2 months ago)
Komal u r outstanding We really appreciate ur work
Humna Imtiaz (2 months ago)
It taught me that fashion is something that you create by your own not the trending stuff🙂🙂
shumaisa Asim (2 months ago)
At the day 2 the top was really short
eesh wari (2 months ago)
I loved the last one!! That was soo.. pretty..😀😀
Nalini Samaroo (2 months ago)
i love komal because unlike many fashion youtubers she understands that some girls are very shy and conservative, and she creates fabulous outfits for them too!
ruchi singh (2 months ago)
Anything u wear u look gorgeous only
Vaibhav Kishore (2 months ago)
Love you Komal outfit 2 was my favourite
Madhu Tyagi (2 months ago)
Where the top is from in the intro
sq Lakhani (2 months ago)
OMG you are too good
saubiya Sareshwala (3 months ago)
Dude! This was the best one. This was very much relatable as I don't prefer uncomfortable dresses, but this worked well. This worked well on my trip to China.
saubiya Sareshwala (3 months ago)
So so creative! <3 Loved all the looks!!
Kalpana Patel (3 months ago)
I live in goa.It is a very beautiful place❤❤❤
MOUMITA BARMAN (3 months ago)
Please make some videos on "what to wear for skinny people"
Jebasta J (3 months ago)
Hii I'm new your chanal.i like ur smile.........please do curly hairstyle for one video I want to see u.....😁
sayali Bhanushali (3 months ago)
Thanx Komal it means a lot
rachaputi charan (3 months ago)
U r very beautiful at DAY 5
Upashi kashyap (3 months ago)
Hi Komal.. Love from Guwahati, Assam.. M planning a vacation to Pondicherry.. Please share your brilliant ideas to match the perfect French as well ase Indian background up their in Pondicherry.. Keep making lots of videos..
shivanirani yedla (3 months ago)
All the looks were amazing but the look from day five would be better if you pair up the Kurta with a white palazzo though I loved your look too I love ❤️your style
Rahmana Jannat (3 months ago)
Thanks a lottttt for #no_short_clothes thing! It was really helpful❤
sam I (3 months ago)
This is a very good idea
Amena Ashfakk (3 months ago)
U look beautiful in every thing what you were I just love you...
NITU Sheakher (3 months ago)
please come back in pop xo
Swaleha Khan (3 months ago)
Wow apne off shoulder nhi pehna.... Kitne pyare lag rhe Ho.... Wahi off shoulder Acha nhi lagta h
Aishwarya Balaji (3 months ago)
I love u sooo much komal... i am not a skinny person dho... but ur ideas r sooooo amazing.... tht its cuffs my body soooo much tht it shows my curves... and ur ideas r amazing... i love u... ppl ask me how do u style like this... and i say u need brains .. but its all because of u... and ... i use ur ideas every where... i am from singapore... i hope u visit sg
You need to share your lipstick collection. Completely smitten 😍😍😍
Mim Nira (3 months ago)
Wish there was link for the clothes. Couldn't find thm
ishna sachar (3 months ago)
Loved this Komal!
Prem Lata Tiwary (3 months ago)
Well these looks are so comfortable and stylo...
Ravneetkaur Sara (3 months ago)
they r so helpful though ua ideas are always awsii!!
Anjana Bantiya (3 months ago)
Day 5
Sayani Sengupta (3 months ago)
Your earpieces are your key seriously. You have great taste and style.
Niraj Swali (3 months ago)
Please give us link so that we could also buy these dresses... Plz komal
ekkshita ranganathan (3 months ago)
Hey Komal... your videos are great :) Where do u buy ur jewellery from ?? They are really super cool Where did u buy ur tasseled neck piece and earring ??
Nishuu Ramchandani (3 months ago)
you darling😘😘
pooja gaikwad (3 months ago)
Loved the way you paired your outfits!!! Good to go girl!!!
Archisha Sen (3 months ago)
You're so creative, glad to be subscribed! Keep up the good work 😊
jyoti kiran (3 months ago)
80s r back
Nitu Rajput (3 months ago)
Hey Komal You looked soo good in kurta & jumpsuit teamed with White shirt
Afsha Parveen (3 months ago)
hey u r always awesome but that too much long flicks doesn't suits u ,well loved your video
Ratnabhsl (3 months ago)
amazing outfits!!! love love love! <3
crazy b (3 months ago)
The second one shows so much skin!! Can't even wear at home
mamang darang (3 months ago)
You looks sexy n cool in any output oh God I'm just jealous of you Hihihihi 😂😂
jagdish Singh (3 months ago)
I am saying truth ur fliks n brown top was so bad 🐽
Vhuta R. (3 months ago)
You have to be thin for that too!😅 urghhhhhhhh! Why am i fat?🙄 Anyways , loved ur creativity nd effort!❤
Sonali Kolish (3 months ago)
U r gorgeous
Vidya Sharma (3 months ago)
Ya I'll them it was just amazing it makes my vacation gud
Sabiha Kifayat (3 months ago)
Komal I love ur all looks I m also a kind of person who loves doing experiments with my clothes and looks love the way u style each and every dress 😍❤️ all the best and keep it up 👍👍👍
Disha Sharma (3 months ago)
Very unjustified title and the introduction for the video. A person who doesn't wear short clothes never means she is shy may be she doesn't need the feel to show off the skin and as u said in the intro "u can still look style" gives an impression that only short clothes can make one stylish. Please use right words so that u can not be misunderstood
love lifestyle (3 months ago)
Man...you are one fashionably creative soul...so much to learn
ubhiu bhiiu (3 months ago)
Komal d ur clothing style is fab Luv u 😊😊
jyoti maan (3 months ago)
mv (3 months ago)
Nice ideas.. thanks for sharing..rarely do we get options for shy ppl That look both comfortable and stylish..grt work..
garima sukhnani (3 months ago)
Really nice and helpful 😍
Shivali Patel (3 months ago)
Hey u r beautiful 😍😍😘
Richa Pandey (3 months ago)
U r so beautiful😘love the way you suggest everything...thank u for this lovely video..👍 👍 👍
Comedy Station (3 months ago)
Komal u r too cute.. I love ur style and ur fabulous.. I love u ❤❤❤ I also want to Goa and enjoyed a lot...
kiran shrivastava (3 months ago)
You r very cool😇😇😇
Z rai (4 months ago)
Hey komal great work 👍🏻 and when you do style video please add cloth link on your description might be that help your fan 🙏🏻
Moody Girl (4 months ago)
Kamakshi Singh (4 months ago)
Day 3,4 and 5 r my favorite
Kamakshi Singh (4 months ago)
Love ur fashion sense ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💕💕💕👍👍👍👍👢👡👠👖👗👕👞👟🎒👒
Tanya Shah (4 months ago)
Mam your hair is honestly goals! Please do a hair care routine/you’re haircut type and how you curl you’re hair♥️♥️😘
Wafa Hassan (4 months ago)
I love u komel pandey I am ur new subscribers
Sonia Med (4 months ago)
Love you komal
KimTae world (4 months ago)
Yah me.. my mom wears shorts and those deep neck shit.. but I'm so fucking shy.. even with my friends I always wear jeans n top or frocks and skirt but long.. and other long pants but Never EVER short clothes.. I'm just uncomfortable and I don't see the reason I must wear it.. so let's fuck the world and I'll still wear what I want
Shivdas Bhandarkar (4 months ago)
komal you're the best
Sounita Choudhuri (4 months ago)
Really amazing video. I love your style and knowledge of fashion.... Pls do a fashion video to go on a Date....😍
Andhesha Chatterjee (4 months ago)
please make a video on how to style a pallazo in different ways or how to style a shirt dress in different ways or best bohemian outfits😁

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