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Official Flashmob Gangnam Style Paris - Octobre 2012

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Have you heard this mesmerizing song from the Korean artist PSY? Of course you have! KPOP fans from major cities of France have come together to create a National Flashmob! This trend has gone worldwide and even our Belgium neighbors participated! Note: The original song of this Flashmob belongs to YG ENTERTAINEMENT INC. Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OppaGangnamStyleFlashmobNational Gangnam Bruxelles Style! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ib4l1yL6qlA Gangnam Lille Style (1)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6KcsVRAfMMw Gangnam Lille Style (2)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=68gbVdXlDTc#! Gangnam Toulouse Style! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d4ng0tYabc
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Text Comments (93)
arebrec (1 month ago)
Somewhere in the background Pastor Maldonado is having a crash.
The Best Of Everything (1 month ago)
Flash mobs never fail to spread happiness and a smile on my face!!!
Yuki Sabaku (2 months ago)
amit saini (11 months ago)
Hate pakistan
Yolo TV (1 year ago)
Andy_ mb (1 year ago)
nice greenscreen
Rin Eko (1 year ago)
Ehh.. if only this stuff still happened as often these days *tear down my cheek*
Siri Spaak (8 months ago)
It has literally gone 5 years smh
Stephanie Lippe (1 year ago)
hmmmmmmm... ill think oui
조기선 (2 years ago)
사람들 어마어마 ~~~~
YannaChen (2 years ago)
Maniac Lover (2 years ago)
Wayne Vaughan (3 years ago)
i love it a lot
chaosdemonwolf1 (4 years ago)
Gotta hand it to us furries......We started it.....LMAO
andresa Laureano (4 years ago)
Jose Ruiz (4 years ago)
Dats the best vidio I had eber See
Elise Brionne (4 years ago)
klausosho (4 years ago)
Very nice!
Flavie Loan (4 years ago)
waouh!!! c trop magnifique ^__^
Maura Caramalac (4 years ago)
Magnifique *_*
moe san (5 years ago)
Lol... Blue bunny catch my attention.:D
Kyopourforever (5 years ago)
We don't care who is the best ;)
siobhan o'meara (5 years ago)
anybody else notuce that theres a giant blue bunny
catherine grosset (5 years ago)
superbe bravo à tous et toutes
SLinnemann Art (5 years ago)
danm XD
Amandine tlm (5 years ago)
omg !! :o Ils sont trop fort !! :)
Anechka M (5 years ago)
охуенно молодцы
Irene Stoffer (5 years ago)
Gustav Eiffel would love it too!
stark indu (5 years ago)
morocco flash mob is way better than this !!! check the morocco mall gangnam style flash mob !!!
Mathis Allaire (5 years ago)
LIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Frankeol (5 years ago)
The French are among the best. Dancing is like a sport. 40 years ago, 50 of ya 'all came to my country and would dance for 6 hours straight and not even break a sweat. Had lotsa' fun dancing with the French!!!!
SLinnemann Art (5 years ago)
Thought it was a girl,
jazzy licolia (5 years ago)
ouii moi ^^
witch hunter (5 years ago)
Nephillium Lee (5 years ago)
nice job
Alma Brea (5 years ago)
lol le debut c dur !!
Alma Brea (5 years ago)
Mdr x)
Ayase luna (5 years ago)
Demande à nktsss si ce n'est pas déjà fait x)
maxchelur (5 years ago)
nice..more energy!!>??
Spark's (5 years ago)
bonsoir je recherche une personne qui a participé a ce flash mob, es-qu'une personne aurait un contacte avec toute les personne présente ce jour ci ( j'etais présent lors de cette manifestation et c’était super)
KittyPlayz (5 years ago)
I am actually working on making a flash mob like this at my collage Cafateria for some fun
Eva Qrn (5 years ago)
Wow c choque !
Schialuv (5 years ago)
Paris is beautifuuuul
Yelalexander (5 years ago)
Yeah it was shot in South Africa in front of a huge blue screen...well would you believe this awesome lie I just wrote? xD. No it really was in Paris xD
Ferster (5 years ago)
ГАНГНАМ СТАЙЛ! <----- Russia style! LIKE
Victoria Amy (5 years ago)
i aint french...but this was AWESOME!
одни шмары
Angel prado (5 years ago)
jajajajajajajaa esta buenisimoo!! aki en venezuela creo que tendremos ke hacer uno
Jorge Benítez (5 years ago)
What a great flashmob!! I thought the spainsh one was the best until i saw this. Love the background views, they are just amazing, good job! Best flashmob ever! >3 Greetings from spain.
trashworker110 (5 years ago)
Coréenne est méprisable
giorgi wiklauri (5 years ago)
au rogor shig aq xalxs?:X
Lei official (5 years ago)
Thx xD
fazla tabassum (5 years ago)
a lovely backround view
diakakis91 (5 years ago)
diakakis91 (5 years ago)
it's breathe from MISS /watch?v=J2xUCNDsFn8
diakakis91 (5 years ago)
baka !! xD
Yelalexander (5 years ago)
Yeah actually it's a fake. We rent a studio in California. The background is a picture of the Eiffel tower. Do not believe what I wrote! No it's really Paris xD
TatyankaWeb (5 years ago)
А что за песня была в конце? Последние три секунды))
Ismail Tatarin (5 years ago)
Первая женщина в розовых брюках - пляшет попросту на отъебись! Нахер вообщем тогда участвовать?..
F4k13 (5 years ago)
The guy wearing a hat and a mask rocks :D (he's on between center and right)
Gaelle Le Brun (5 years ago)
Haha, why would people do that x) look at the begining and the end of video, you'll see he clouds move ;)
Egoistblyad (5 years ago)
Бедная Франция
алиби алим (5 years ago)
Ждем от него еще чего нибудь схожее
Tema Show (5 years ago)
Опа Опа Опа Опа
Míša Šíša (5 years ago)
this is not in france...this is dummy :-/ eiffel tower and sky dont move.... tudududuuuuuuum :D
yuksporr (5 years ago)
мир ебанулся :)
opencondomstar (5 years ago)
Liked and posted at GangnamStyle.info
opencondomstar (5 years ago)
Great! Thanks for sharing this video!
Beginningless (5 years ago)
The power of 'one' (human race)!!! *Thumbs-up*
Mighty Wanitprapha (5 years ago)
Vinicius Bezerra (5 years ago)
Super hein! :) Oppa gangnam style!
44cpm (5 years ago)
Excelente. Buen trabajo!
diakakis91 (5 years ago)
Limite jai l'impression le ciel et la tour Eiffel c'est un tableau xD
Binta Kane (5 years ago)
waouuh superbe la choré :O
WTF ~~~ Freaking Awesome :D thanks for uploading^^
저산넘어 (5 years ago)
mazinga749 (5 years ago)
The best flash mob. Thank you, guys.
diakakis91 (5 years ago)
thank you for your beautiful compliment ! ^^
Bongmyoung Park (5 years ago)
Under such a beautiful sky, you guys are smiling and dancing. Your beautiful performance brings smile on my face.
wakeupbutthead (5 years ago)
The best well-organized flashmob on Utube history~~~ France, way to go guys!!!!!!
남형철 (5 years ago)
잘보고 갑니다. ^^ Goooooooooood~
Nyan (5 years ago)
Je suis tellement fière de nous tous ! Les psycrewpathes love ya~ N'empêche on les a tous fait les "HAN~" (Lei tu avais pourtant promis de faire le con xD)
Yelalexander (5 years ago)
Et la tour Eiffel observe le spectacle xD
diakakis91 (5 years ago)
ohh yeaaah =P
diakakis91 (5 years ago)
thank you ! =D
ctg0809 (5 years ago)
Oh! Paris, Wonderful, Your dance is amazing !
Pauline Laurent (5 years ago)
OMG c'est trop bien organiser et le monde qui y avait, j'aurais trop aimé y etre... :') Franchement bravo !!
jazzy licolia (5 years ago)
C TROP BIENNNNNNNNN ITS AMASING but if people want the HD they can put the button 720HD in the second touls ;)
Maelluuu (5 years ago)
C'était trop génial :D
tennylamb (5 years ago)
Epic !!!!!!!!!!!!
WangSeong Lee (5 years ago)
Very gooooooood~~!!! Very gooooooood~~!!! Very gooooooood~~!!!
leepuddi (5 years ago)
op op oppa gangnam style !!!! le remix déchire !

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