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Im a jockey - A female jockey

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Many years ago when I was galloping my pony around the 10 acre paddock next to our house I decided that we would be fast enough for the Melbourne cup. Mum promptly told me otherwise to which I became very upset and found myself singing "I'm a jockey". So I wrote it down and entered it in the Bacchus Marsh show (not exactly sure what category) I was wrapped to get an encouragement award... Say no more! I never became a jockey instead I opted for the safer path of dressage riding, that was until 2010 when I fractured my sacrum falling from a horse I had recently imported in hope to reach Olympic selection. The fall has ended my career as a professional dressage rider and so all I am left with is my singing career! Just kidding! re the singing career.... I hope anyone that listens to this understands that I am well aware that I can in no way sing! It was recorded for a bit of fun, and often gets played after a few drinks with friends! After Michelle Payne won the Melbourne Cup my phone went crazy from friends saying I'm a Jockey, I'm a female Jockey so here it is! Michelle may be offended if I call it a tribute but believe me it is a song that carries a lot of emotion and a honest story of a young girls love, desire and determination to achieve greatness with her palomino pony Smokey! I would also like to mention Stefan Waltersson who not only wrote the music but also went through the process of recording it in record time and after a couple of beverages. I am sure Stefan would have preferred to actually work with the recording and polish off the music so I apologise for publishing such a raw product :) I could see the frustration building at my sheer lack of ability to even sing one note, as he said "even auto tune wont help as it wont be able to recognise what notes you are singing"! Despite this he remained supportive that I was giving it a go! So thank you Stefan, if you go to his profile you can see the music he is normally creating :)
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rubicon nz (1 year ago)
Lovely !!! Passionate horse racing fan here and know and appreciate the Jockeys skill, determination and passion - there have been around a dozen jockeys from our family. Thanks for sharing Your talents and passion for horses.

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