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Newport Beach brawl 4th of July, guys and girls fighting

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Drunken kids brawling in the "mean boardwalks" of Newport Beach. Happy Birthday 'Merica!
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Sparkle Filmz (13 days ago)
Them wannabe wonen best go find a seat
Rams Fan (1 month ago)
Little fag boys cant fight,little bitch ass wannabe racist pen1 punks over there in costa mesa ,newport,and Huntington.cant fight either .come down to whittier LA county South east suburb.
Rebecca Ewing (8 months ago)
Not sure any of those wannabe thugs was ever in a fight before?
undisclosedaddresss (2 years ago)
Bunch of 909"ER
Aleric Visigoth (1 year ago)
MrKouang (3 years ago)
No wonder some women need a beating cause they think it's ok to hit Men
Carlos Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Shit sucked ass mexis
Vino80 A (3 years ago)
I love Newport. It gets crazy every 4th of July, I love it there...! Ooh and it's not ghetto.
undisclosedaddresss (2 years ago)
No the ghettos are the 909'ers - and this very video shows that
Freshruffian (3 years ago)
stop actin like newport beach isn't california... its california
Mike Nelson (4 years ago)
What's up with that guy with a baseball bat at .35?
mostlythachoice (5 years ago)
only bros walk away like that from a fight

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