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Siros L at 2300 m above sea level

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Swiss portrait and editorial photographer Sandro Baebler took the Siros L into the swiss mountains and did a shooting with Malamutes under extreme conditions. Blog Story: Siros L: bit.ly/2hPtqlq Music: Prime Moment by Cymatix Snow Falling [ https://archive.org/details/SnowFalling_201402 ] by Jeffrey Beach (Beachfront Productions) / CC BY 3.0 [ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ]
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Michael Mystro Pierce (2 years ago)
Love it
pscully1969 (2 years ago)
Great location to shoot at, and very nice results; those battery powered lights must be a blessing to work with outdoors. Extra like for the 5Ds!! :) :)

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