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How To Get The "Player" Type To Commit To A Relationship (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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Text Comments (982)
I had to listen to all this just to find out he is not explain nothing in this video !! Im over it
Kymber Leigh (7 days ago)
Matthew Hussey Please do a video on how to give genuine value to your guy and what exactly that means
Grenge g (19 days ago)
Have you been a player at some point Matt?
Rachel McCullough (19 days ago)
First comment I've made: Matthew I appreciate the fact you are constantly searching for ways to encourage people. ☺️
marsha k (21 days ago)
Bullshit a man will change for who he wants it's not about your value
Gözde Tak (28 days ago)
If you're independent and loving yourself truely, you'll probably embrace yourself and expand your consciousness. When you become a person that knows herself or willing to know, then you will already be someone that can bring value to other persons' lives (because you're already enjoying your life and experiencing/learning new things). However, bringing value is not the goal, it becomes byproduct of knowing yourself, it becomes natural and real. Loving yourself should be your priority because if you do that; you'll not be worried about players because you'll not allow someone to invalidate your standars. And we may start questioning by asking "why I chase players or guys that are unavailable?"
Lucy Steiger (29 days ago)
Don't be mean to your mom, especially when she made you a cup of tea! :D
Luv1234 (30 days ago)
His need is being met now but he will get bored and will go back to his real player self. Sorry but marriage is boring and he will stray ...
Amar kaur (30 days ago)
U have near about 10mints video almost and have the whole conversation about the player typ of man. Come to the point man! after 10mint watching it waste of time u didn't give a salutation about it what we have to do and how gonna it's work. Plz explain in short or come to the point what should we do and don't make stupid
The Alter Alter Ego (1 month ago)
Women can be this also. I've walked away from one at this time. 50 yr old woman who can't commit....wait, that's an old slut isn't it?
R Mary (1 month ago)
All good and well, Mathew, but the problem with players in the first place is not that they can't change, but that after we meet all their needs, one of wich you pointed out very well was validation, a need that holds power in this type of guy, he will then love me because I validate him.. Idk about those other girls, Mathew, but I want a guy that does not need validation in the first place, and when he looks at me, he sees me, not a posible person thst can validate him..That's not the basis of the relationship I want.. He then can love me for who I am, not for who he is. That's what I need.
Healthy Healing (1 month ago)
A player has deep seeded issues..especially if they had a shitty relationship with their mother..and a father who was silently controlling and manipulative..but appeared respectful..innocent..loving and kind..😈 The older they are..the worse they are..just more expert at hiding it and fooling everyone around them. They appear to be respectful citizens and perfect partners..until the cracks appear...usually a month or two from the start. Their daily mission is to try and drive you to insanity..and it's a very slow process..so you don't realize it in a hurry. This isn't to scare you..it's about gifting yourself with education and being aware..please..please take care. x
Sanjana Karaya (1 month ago)
Why don't you just clone your self so that every woman have someone sensible to date
Nahla Awji (1 month ago)
Player stay player
Shake-a-rita (1 month ago)
How about the player meeting the women’s needs. I dated many players and most of them don’t really care about pleasing women. They usually lose there looks within 10 years once they are in a relationship. And they still cheat on their significant other 😅😅Soo players are only good to have fun with 😅
A New Love Official (1 month ago)
How a person treat you depends on how you treat yourself. Don't let any man plays with your feelings because they will without hesitation if you allow them to. As a woman, we should set our standards high so that men will look at as with pride.
ACS (1 month ago)
PS I think it's hilarious that any man thinks he is in a position to 'advise' a woman on how to "get" a guy... The folly of youth 😊Stand in your power ladies! You know what you deserve 👸👸👸
ACS (1 month ago)
Players are selfish and end up in a hermetic mental and emotional existence alone due to their lack of emotional growth. They have no core sense of intimacy with self and become the butt of jokes and ridicule when they hit 60 and are still assuming a 25 year old wants them for their 'charm', looks or money. When you realise that a relationship will consist of babysitting them through life, then the rose coloured glasses come off. Who wants to be a babysitter, when you could go climb Everest or become a world famous drummer 🤔😉Happy babysitting guys and gals! Where did I put my hiking boots 😆🏃‍♀️
L 9999 (1 month ago)
Players just hurt people.
Muhammad Faisal (1 month ago)
In west ,Marriage is one the most foolish thing Man can do to himself , first Religions use to fool us then nation states then other isms , Men are wakingup around the world , will you jump out of plane when you know 50% chances are of parachute failure ? Man looses everything in divorce so why should man get married plus when sex is easily available to us , I am 24 and Software engineer,Working in US , I make enough money and I also completely disconnected Myself from My parents, who were forcing me to get married , I have not seen them from past 3 years and I am completely free without religion, nationalistic prejudice , complete free , If i need sex just take safety measures and have one night stands or go for prostitute , i am enjoying liberation , I invite all men to have this life .Its amazing.Stop these bullshit techniques to manipulate Men . But there will be still fool men who will fall in marriage trap so for them I would suggest to look at divorce stats , Wise men learns from mistakes of others .
Dumb As (1 month ago)
You're so attractive and intelligent I love it
amanda simon (2 months ago)
You must have said "Ma" like ten times! So funny!!!
Maria Constantino (2 months ago)
It takes a lot of patience and heartaches to make a player change his perspective in life. I caught him cheating twice. He had sex with other woman. I forgave him and asked for break up but he begged for his last chance. I gave it to him. We're close to 2 years now. I am his longest time girlfriend. Right now, he changed a lot. He's the one who raises the topic of marriage and having children. He saves money for future wedding. On the other side of the story, he also changed me. I'm now hesitant to commit to him after what happened.
Elizabeth Daly (2 months ago)
Let's not call them players, but users- bc playing implies "fun"-for them- but the women being played end up feeling used and low. I love all your videos, but this didn't get to a point other than "be everything and intrinsically know his needs"...So what was the mistake all the women made? How do you add genuine value to someone's life and meet all their needs if they are a player- which most players never go beyond a surface level relationship; therefore, it's almost impossible to read their needs without their communication and cooperation.. players usually dip from different pots and dip out when they are called out or have used what is available to satisfaction. It's an act of carnage to the women being gutted.
maddy_XOXO styles (2 months ago)
Today is 4 th of June 2018 , exactly 6 years . And weirdly 7th of June he's talking about is a Thursday!
Success Cole (2 months ago)
Thanks alot Matthew your advice has helped me alot
Neven Maher (2 months ago)
What if he ugly and player lol how to deal with that
Shelby Abraham (2 months ago)
How about men prove themselves to us. End of the day, when the person is right, chemistry and love will be the answer. I have seen this in my friends who are married and happy. They didn't play games. They were just themselves. Good, bad and ugly. All of them. God bless
Shelby Abraham (2 months ago)
It concerns me that players see women as objects not people. Variety with different women? We're not inanimate objects like beers. We're alive beings. I really pray that women start getting treated with love and respect.
Upøma (2 months ago)
There is nothing called feelings??
katerina todorva (2 months ago)
What about a internet relationship ? He talk to me everything is fine....and after he changed to text me lika hi hru and nothing else... But when i tell him ok it is enought leave me alone he did not ... He come back and talk very sweet to me... I am so confused any advices?
MissHannah2036 (3 months ago)
you can't get a player to commit. It is totally up to the guy whether he wants to commit or not. If he's gone in with a closed mind and is only after one thing, that is all you will get from him. They're greedy, insecure, opportunists who are commitment phobes and emotionally detached. But they can be fun, if that's what you're looking for ;) The only reason that Paul guy changed was because he got older and grew tired of the chase. I bet he'd met some amazing women along the way but was never willing to throw all those other opportunity's of pu**y away for one woman ;)
MissHannah2036 (2 months ago)
I see! what I don't like is these dating guru's giving women false hope that they can change these men. So they like the video's, subscribe and donate to something that is never going to be in there control. Communication goes a long way, but has to be the hardest thing to get right it seems :)
PaiN ExoTiC (2 months ago)
True that. I was a "player" when I was younger and nothing would make me commit, no matter how affectionate or demanding/straightforward a woman would be. It's up to the guy. And like you said, once you get older, you get tired of it. I disagree with your "greedy, insecure, and opportunistic" assessment though. I "played" women because I only saw women as one thing: sex objects lol. Didnt care for none of that validation bullcrap.
Orvana Dawn (3 months ago)
I added genuine value to his life yet he kept playing and playing ,later he made a stupid explanation about his emotional baggage about his first girlfriend when he was 19 who left him without any explanation so she will always have a piece of his heart he is 37 now !!! Since that he became a Casanova !!! I still dealt with all his complicated behaviour with a smile till I realised I was falling apart ....eventually he said don't waste your time on a guy like me find someone who deserves you and still would send me msgs saying he misses me I was seeing someone soon after still he would say he misses me when I showed some interest he would just shoe his standoff ish behaviour !!!
iluvubb247 (3 months ago)
Let me tell you a sad story. I just got dumped by a polygamous guy because he can’t wait till I cum. And on top of that I just got told by someone else that he is not interested in dating me because he likes being single. Boom! Both of them were not a player yet both wanna be players. Because someone like me is giving it up so easily and with veriaty because I’m in my sexual prime and I was too easy to get in bed with. Call me crazy. I’m not sure what normal is....
iluvubb247 (3 months ago)
Katy Kat (3 months ago)
hi Methew how can I contact with you. I kinda have some questions and need help. Thank you for all the great advices
Rudolph Manor (3 months ago)
New Worldorder (3 months ago)
Why would you?????? Crazy vampire 50 shades fantasy . They are usually narcissistic somatic men.
Yan Kiu LEE (3 months ago)
This is actually a toxic video that if it makes you feel you can provide something to keep a player around you. Coz it means you are investing your time and through into the player that causes you even more difficult to leave him by the time the player gets bored and decide to dump you. *Players are materialistic and calculating* I m sure it’s not the true love and outcomes that you want.!
Yan Kiu LEE (3 months ago)
The value that adds to the player is very vague. It could be your money or position to get him a better life and social class / time that he wants a family and not being attractive to other women anymore. They are just much more materialistic when it comes to the time that they want to settle down. Just don’t waste the time! You can never know what’s the plan in their mind! Coz they just tell the things you want to hear that moment and play with your emotions and time. This is actually a toxic video that if it makes you feel you can provide something to keep a player around you. Coz it means you are investing your time and through into the player that cause you more difficult to leave him by the time the player gets bored and decide to dump you.
DJ Angel (3 months ago)
I like adventures, I don't know why I chose a player type always. And always broken after they go. But now I know from starting itself he don't want a marriage. But I fallen for him from my soul level. Now he is in relationship with me. But saying won't leave me. But he telling he won't tell anything he won't do. So won't tell I am committed to u. I ask shall I go away. But my heart unable to
sugarfaith (3 months ago)
well im always been a player man..soooo hard to handle..but somehow if its your soulmate he is at end..
Nea Rose Rodriguez (4 months ago)
How do you add value to a guy's life??
I must say i folow your videos i reaaly dont know why when i meet a guy that i want i loose my stundarts how can i work about it and change it
Vivian Vennicia (4 months ago)
Why the hell would you want to coerce a freewheeling bachelor to be tied down? Recipe for disaster! That same chick tryna lock down a player is the one who, should she succeed, will cry about being miserable and then get cheated on. Dating is a farce. Do people meet and decide to be together permanently or temporarily? Yes. Should chasing relationships and dating be a priority? Probably not.
Jennifer A. Bruce (4 months ago)
Bullshit!!!! This is bullshit, be yourself, no matter how lovely or ugly you are some times just be yourself because there is someone out there who's going to love you for you, if you have to figure out what it takes to be with someone then your wasting your time and theirs. When you truly love someone you want them to be happy and you find yourself going above and beyond to insure that right so if that person truly loves you then their going to do the same for you, it comes naturally. When and if you come across a "player" just be yourself and if he sees the value in you he s going to be with you and only you
fibi Phalange (4 months ago)
Say the Hot guy with an accent.
Lupita Smith (5 months ago)
what if his an a relationship and still playss 🙄
Allison Pancake (5 months ago)
So what's all the fuzz about Nelly Bentlonar's commitment paper? Can you really get a man to commit to you by unlocking his secret password and make him think he is making the decision by himself? It sounds like a lot of matrix-type stuff lol, but worth an entertaining read.
Imma Hana (5 months ago)
As a woman, I am I supposed to be a sole provider or should aan stand up n Do it!!... These just gives a clue of how egotistical men have turned to be these days! We better become lesbians then.
CiCi Chambers (5 months ago)
What was the mistake and he said all women made? And what was his turning point what did she do to get him?
Ilham Ben (5 months ago)
He was a player and he fell in love but the girl changed he felt that the love in her eyes is long gone, he got back to be a player , then came me , we were playing together nothing serious only flirting but now I want something serious and he's afraid so he keeps playing around but still wants me in a long term forever but just flirting and stuff nothing serious (no sex) he's not sure about himself so how can I get him to trust me and love me ? Plzzz help me I need you plzz what should I do?
Skeleton Clique (6 months ago)
I'm just laughing at idiot girls here thinking players have a shirt that has "player" on it. You can't know if they are players, they can simply fake it 😂😂😂
jenny patton (6 months ago)
I love you Mathew , I want to stop dabbling I am with a man I've been with for 5 years and it seems we are not moving in the direction we both want . I could use your help but I don't know how much your online program cost . Thank you Jenny Patton [email protected]
Zoe Life (6 months ago)
Um, what is the core fundamentals???
thesimplelife (6 months ago)
So how do you add value?
Barbara Riley (6 months ago)
Whoa its the woman's job to meet all of his needs. No one can meet all of anyone's need. This guy is laughing at women all the way to the bank.
Hermie Lambino (6 months ago)
I need ur help..
Nicole do Nascimento (6 months ago)
" As a woman your biggest priority should be meeting all of his needs " WTF??????
Brad (7 months ago)
Everything wrong with western women in a nutshell. They are keen on trying to get assholes who want a different women every night and want to change him into something their not while also pushing away actual genuine guys from relationships because they just aren't good enough. Matthew is completely clueless about reality. All men out there, do the exact opposite from what Matthew says. Women will try to tie you in and ruin your life with alimony, children and your entire savings and earnings to go to her. Your freedom and self esteem will go down the toilet and your career and potential earnings will vanish. Go MGTOW today. Listen to Tom Leykis instead.
JASMIN NIMSAJ (7 months ago)
Players are only good for sex and free dinners, i wouldn't invest my time or emotions with a player, they'll always be thirsty for more pussy.
Hazel sunderstood (7 months ago)
I had a really rough childhood cuz of players, cheating and all kinds of drama from 'adults'. I used to think 'once a cheater, always a cheater' . I believe that people who say 'everyone cheats' are sad because they can't possibly know that, and they probably cheat. I have been around lots of players (Women & Men [Girls & Boys]) that where either my family, friends ( no benefit ), co-workers, or crushes. I have been confided in during there manipulations, cheating, and playing. So, I believe I know a lot about the subject and like it or not (probably not) He Has A Point. If you are being played ( and I've been there and it hurts {I do let the players I know -know that when it comes up} like hell ) than it is not just the players fault. Same with people who cheat. It's not about "Men's needs" he speaks for/to Men and Women - just more for men because he IS a men who interviewed a straight men. Most women who are players would not usually be crazy about being open about it unless they're rappers or something. Society shames women who play and not men. He got the guy's perspective and he is trying to share. Yes, have self esteem and value yourself. Just know that in a relationship both sides have needs. He is only trying to show you how to make it easier on yourself with these videos, by perspective or technique. I am a dabbler (because I am happy, I don't need this, and am interested in/open to other people's perspectives) under 30 years old, and I see that.
November Diary (7 months ago)
Typical male bull crap. They won't admit they or any other men have insecurities, fear, or are just plain scum. But whatever the case players are to be avoided. It should not be any woman's goal to change a player. They are not worth the time or the energy.
Gscarlett Scarlett (7 months ago)
Omg please don’t get in a relationship with a player! It happened to me. This guy put on a total facade and pretended to be descent . He courted me and was a smooth talker until he got what he wanted. I should of read into the clues when he made a comment that he liked the newness of the relationship and that he would leave his exes or break up with them when he got bored. That should of been my big red flag. 😵 He then got distant and emotionally unavailable and I had no choice but to end the relationship. Deep down I knew he didn’t want a future with me and didn’t see me as a long term partner. Ladies please listen to your instincts!!!! Once a playa always a playa.
Yan Kiu LEE (3 months ago)
Gscarlett Scarlett thanks for sharing, I totally agree with you . Players got their timeline in the their life to decide when to settle down. The value that adds to the player is very vague. It could be your money or position to get him a better life and social class / time that he wants a family and not being attractive to other women anymore. They are just much more materialistic when it comes to the time that they want to settle down. Just don’t waste the time! You can never know what’s the plan in their mind! Coz they just tell the things you want to hear that moment and play with your emotions and time. This is actually a toxic video that if it makes you feel you can provide something to keep a player around you. Coz it means you are investing your time and through into the player that cause you more difficult to leave him by the time the player gets bored and decide to dump you.
2 7 (7 months ago)
True or he just his "have it all" girl :)
Xx xX (7 months ago)
If it's so fucking hard to get a man to commit than women should make it more fucking harder to have sex with them.
Eve Kansas (7 months ago)
Hallo Matthew am very proud the tips that you give. Have been following them and they really work.l have a question,there l guy l met through the Internet,he told me that he is looking for a serious relationship,l told him,the same applies to me.He told me he is this quiet type,but am a talkative type. Always l was the one starting a conversation,and l felt like. ....so weird. He made an effort to come to the city l live. The first impression was like,everything looked fine,less talk in first date.The date after he invited me to the hotel that he was in.And l told him,l don't think it was good idea,coz l haven't known him that much.He was kind of disappointment,then he later on sayed we can meet somewhere for a cup of coffee then l say,that sounds brilliant idea.After we met he told me if we could go a few meters to a friend he knew in that place. When we went in,l think he had planned with his friend that he wanted to have intercourse. He satt then he started kissing me,l told him,listen here Sir have just met you,so think you have to wait. He guy was so mad.My question is should l continue in contact with this creature or what? ??
Ari Ar (8 months ago)
I've fallen in lover with a player... He has had so much sex and loves alcohol and parties. I'm here scared of alcohol, scared of sex and scared of parties. We're totally different, I'm weird and shy and he's funny and loud. We connect through the musical we where both performing in, but today was our last performance. Everyone says I should give up and that he's slimy and just a man whore. But I can't help but see his heart and see his soul, he just looks so welcoming and he speaks so soft, we're friends we joke around a bit. But it's nothing we hug a lot and are really matey with each other, but I talk to him so much offline but online we'll talk till 2 am just about stuff. He makes me happy When he sends x's to me it makes my heart flutter. I'm crying now because I'm scared I won't see him much, I want to change him, I want him to commit and I want him to love me, I want people to see what I see in him. People think I'm naive and stupid for not hating anyone and only seeing the good in people, but what do you see, we're all people aren't we all after something called happiness. I love him, what shall I do?
Jana Kulka (5 months ago)
Masked Angel you know what sweetie if you really think he's worth it and you're willing to risk your self a little bit... be very honest with your standards what you expect from him and you have to back yourself up don't let him push you because he will he'll test you because he's used to getting whatever he wants... I think it's best to be honest with him about how you're feeling. If you don't set firm boundaries with him and consistently set those firm boundaries and consistently do that he'll think he can act any type of way around you... and I don't think that you can change him you have to make him want to change for himself especially if he has feelings for you he has to fix himself BEFORE he can have you, he has to meet those standards BEFORE anything serious can happen.
Hunter dude (8 months ago)
Am I a player if I want a girl but once I get her I loose interest, because if that's the case I can't help it I don't know why I loose my feelings towards them. Does that make me a player, how do I stop it
NTL Ng (8 months ago)
I'm too tired, been watching more than 10 videos of yours trying to learn something. Honestly, I'm getting tired. Playing "the game" and stuff, nawh, I'm better off on my own
ammieex007 ashh (8 months ago)
Give me food...
LichfeldianSuttonian (8 months ago)
When all is said and done and all these arguments have been exhausted, anyone — male or female — who wants to commit, will do.  It’s down to teamwork.  Are you just “him and her” or are you “us”?  If you love each other enough, you will BOTH find that special place together no matter the difficulty, because life slaps you both in the faces enough as it is.  Love is bi-directional and it takes the both of you do it.  No “you first and then me second”, etc.  Anyone who has that drive, will do something about it and show the sincerity that it needs.  We all have needs, but I think that it takes patience, diligence, and endurance to get it right.  We all make changes throughout our lives and I for one see changes in a relationship and the change in me as a positive, a challenge, and an opportunity.  It’s a thin blue line I know, but I find that the one who fails is the one who leaves.
D'Angela Marx (8 months ago)
If he's a player... then one of his needs is VARIETY. you alone cannot fulfil that need. Unless you allow him to have other women. All that will do is allow him to walk all over u and give him time to date and fall in love with someone else. OR u can cut your losses and find someone whos ready for you now.
Berna lifeson (8 months ago)
What if it's reversed? The guy was in a long term relationship that was serious, then becomes a player? This recently happened to my ex
MS POES (28 days ago)
Berna lifeson most older man become players and dont commit after a long relationship. Middle aged man are the second larg group on tinder for their supply.
Mahir Foysal (8 months ago)
The player type only commit when he is old enough and can’t get as many women as he used to, so he gets into relationship with a young woman and settles down.
Marie-ÈveAccess Côté (8 months ago)
I firmly believe in what you are saying in your video. Men do love a good challenge. Out of a personal story of mine. This guy I like finally realized somethings that are important to me and that I value. Pray for me that in 2018 we get married. Thank you for all the inspiring videos. You helped me a lot. Coming from an introvert. I always thought that women needed to chase guys. When one day I finally realized that doing that only gets you the wrong guys. The player type because they see you as an easy catch. A relationship is like going fishing. It take time, patience and a good bait.
Shafali Patel (8 months ago)
Love this vid Matthew! My problem is how do you get a man to stop talking sexually in order to talk about everyday things. That be handy cheers
Jazzy T (9 months ago)
I think the only reason to date a player is for the reason so change him into a loyal person, you should never feel your boyfriend is scoping out his next gf.
Regina Rassi (9 months ago)
Unf0rtunate1y I didnt see this unti1 very 1ate thursday, i h0pe u sh0w it again!
katusiime justine (9 months ago)
Mathew,u have changed my love life. thanks alot
Sabrina Rios (6 months ago)
I really think "players" truly make the best partners once you crack their shell & hit their core. Emotionally unavailable, combat vets with PTSD, guys “scared” of committing”etc. Bullsh*t. Underneath they are the best, sexiest, masculine, most sensitive guys ever -that’s why we love them. People will say that they’re jerks & that we need to raise our self-esteem & go for “nice” guys yet deep down we all know these guys could be amazing....-but we can’t seem to trigger their heart. My dad always told me that for a man to truly fall in love a woman has to get inside his soul. Once a woman is part of him in that way hurting her would be hurting him more. We as women have never been taught how to trigger their emotions the way they do ours. But if a woman can see & talk to the “real” him behind the mask & be confident yet vulnerable enough to tell him that you see how amazing he really is & the exact reasons why & be ready to walk away without any hard feelings if he isn’t living up to what you know he’s “capable” of (or the level of commitment you want) you’ll start to spark genuine interest. Men & women love in different ways. Women need to feel cherished & men need to feel respected. & of course they love a challenge...but I honestly believe the real challenge they are looking for is with themselves once they find a woman that makes them feel something “real” & makes them face their fear of vulnerability in order to be with her. Men definitely know what to say to trigger these feelings in us so we need to learn the same to really stay in control & to genuinely know the guy is legit in love. I truly believe that we as women can NEVER believe what a man tells us up front... we were never supposed to. Obviously guys are primarily looking for sex with as many different women as possible. But we women get courted by multiple men... & it's really our job to kind of interview & select the guy we determine can make us happy for a relationship. Then we tell the guy how amazing he is & that we want him to be our man because of a,b, & c. If the guy tells us he's not looking for a relationship play cute & act surprised...but explain that you are looking for a guy that can give you something more solid & that you would never put yourself in a situation to get hurt... them walk away with no problem, no attitude, & a whole lotta swag. Magic happens at this point. It's the walking away that never fails to bring them back. Next thing you know you're in control & now he's "open" to that relationship....Bottom line I see now that it was always supposed to be our choice as women who we want to start a relationship with-not the guy's. Sure he has to agree but it's our say in determining what & who we want it with. Men don't really know what they want. It's OUR job to inspire them to make us happy but only after WE pick the guy who we feel can actually do it & let him know we think he has the potential to get the job permanently lol. Be direct, flirt, tell him how happy he makes you & how amazing & hot you think he is but that you can only have him 100% or nothing at all. If he can't commit to 100% walk away calmly. He will absolutely come back as long as he's attracted. It's the biggest challenge which is also the biggest turn on. Plus you're gassing up his ego which naturally adds value. Perfect combo. Players live for this stuff. Women need to stop giving men the power that was always meant to be ours. Players can't exist unless we give them the control that was always supposed to be ours to begin with.
The'Sev. (10 months ago)
From childhood i dreamed of a certain guy from a certain family. And now that I'm a 23 years old female i found one from that family. i didn't believe that dreams come true!! i was like oh no this is too good to be true! he was like everything i wanted and dreamed of.. until i found out he's a player.. now I'm feeling depressed because i argued with him about that and i think he found another alternative while I'm here crying and writing about him on youtube "The End"
Catherol Lai (10 months ago)
wait, 2012?
Catherol Lai (10 months ago)
so great to realize that I don't need subtitle now, yeah
Loveace (10 months ago)
Oh man !! Im really testing the waters with his books. Im trying it on the most stubborn player EVER. Im not sure it works on every guy. Well have to see . It fun though bcs it permits you to test positive reinforcement. Its almost studying psychology and conducting tests on your personal time :p at the end it doesnt let them get to you since your staying very neutral but kind you know. Some guys are just bad ..id say to be careful what you wish for.
muna aljonaidy (10 months ago)
What kind of Man r u ? R u in a relationship ?
LoveMe,com (10 months ago)
It's very challenging to make a player to commit into a relationship but if you are really motivated to get the guy in your life you gotta treat him that you are different from other women he met. Make him feel that he is worthy of your love and try to do new things that could make him fall in love with you.
Sav Azee (10 months ago)
I want to meet a good person like you.
Kidest Tesfaye (10 months ago)
@matthewhussey examples of adding value
Mahir Foysal (10 months ago)
Some guys just didn't want relationship because they were not fit for one, thus fulfilling sexual needs by fucking different people.
TheBeofox (10 months ago)
Players by definition know most women are $#it and that's why they won't commit. Ask youraelf this. Why would a player commit to a woman who wants him because of his MOVES? I wouldn't, I wouldn't even fall for a girl who liked me because of my player traits. I need a woman more HUMAN and less ANIMALISTIC with her urges. If you like him just like every other girl before you. You are boring. I would hate for a woman to love me because I was a player, what does that say about you? If you knew I slept with a lot of girls and you want me to commit to you? What does that say? It says you are fake and you are just like the rest. A player will respect the woman who sleeps with him and forgets him rather than the one who wants him to commit to a relationship because the sex is good and she wants him to be a man, to show her girlfriends that she can get the guy they are all fighting for. No player in his real mind will ever RESPECT a woman like that. The only reason players date good girls is they are looking for the girl who is different. But what makes them even more players is they find both the good girl and the bad girl are sometimes all the same. I'm not a player, but I do understand how they think.
Full of Grace (10 months ago)
This is total bullshit. Players wouldn't commit even if their needs are being met. That's why they're called players
Gemma Rose Guttierrez (11 months ago)
no a players dont need all this..find someone better
Amalys Rodriguez (11 months ago)
*Really Matthew? Teaching women to waste their time with unstable and non available men? You should teach to other women to have dignity and walk way if a man don't feel the same way. Like people say, there's plenty of fish in the sea, come on.*
Heather Estes (11 months ago)
Meet all his needs so he'll stay. That's terrible advice. Talk about looking pathetic.
MissHannah2036 (11 months ago)
This Janko guy had been selling his story for years, it is now 2017. You can't change a player, it is something that happens within him, in his time, when he's ready. Don't pay for a video that will tell you otherwise when you can get that advice for free.
Marwa Gemy (11 months ago)
I want to join
Not Necessarahly (11 months ago)
Oh okay I have to be perfect otherwise he won't commit. Fuck that. I'm high value. I do not need this bitch that doesn't respect women as a human beings and is only interested in taking, not giving. Fuck this advice.
Joyce Chidebe (1 year ago)
Seeing this video 5 years after Thursday! 😩😁😁😁
Maria Alwan (1 year ago)
I've seen a lot of your videos now, I don't really know why, because i'm not seeing anybody or haven't meet anyone that I'm interested in at the moment.. but the thing is though.. how to remember all of these "game tactics".. I mean it would feel super unormal for me to remember all these tactics, and I wouldn't feel like myself at all, it's good to understand I mean, but I think I would feel exstreamly fake to be giving a player guy his needs what about my needs ?? why waist time on somebody who dosen't value other people for starters, and who probably has so low confidence that he needs to get validation from people to make him happy.. I think it sounds completely sad and unappealing not to mention as if somebody toyed with him and this is his way of getting revenge or feeling better about him self. just because he got hurt.. it sounds like a bad circle and toxic, I mostly would pitty him for going that way instead of embracing love. what I'm saying is that it sounds super immature, sad, pathetic and exstreamly unattractive.. why would you want a guy like that ?
lilac G (1 year ago)
Anyone know where or how I can view the interview?

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