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Franklin - Franklin's Birthday Party / Franklin's Nickname - Ep. 21

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Franklin gets carried away with his birthday plans and offers to take all of his friends to a spectacular party at Tamarack Point. Mom and Dad insist on something less extravagant. Not wanting to disappoint his friends, Franklin endeavors to create something equally as fun in his own neighbourhood. Subscribe to Treehouse Direct for new clips, episodes, and more! http://goo.gl/IsTLa7
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Text Comments (74)
Nuttie hare lill Brown (5 months ago)
Kool 4 cool haha get it.
Ashley Finch (6 months ago)
I really don’t blame bear for not wanting to be called snacks. I wouldn’t like it either. I don’t like being cold make babe at home because I sleep that way at night. And I don’t like sneaky either or Musset. That one sounds stupid. Moose it sounds to bad stupid. But will need to be called Beethoven probably sounds stupid her but I like it I want to be called Beethoven hee hee
Wolfmyth100 (8 months ago)
So...Beaver is going to take away her gift because they're not going to a theme park..
christian langdale (10 months ago)
17:22 Bear's Stomach Rumbling
F power (1 year ago)
why do everyone call bear snaker
Lim Thy (1 year ago)
This is the best show I never see
mommymeow32 (1 year ago)
Wow! Bear is eating pink Tubby Toast at 18:53!
Walls (1 year ago)
snacks harrison is the best defensive tackle in the league dont get so tight bear
Spanky Bruh (1 year ago)
Is tamarack point real? I wanna go
Jesse Gaulien (1 year ago)
SportaRobbieNumberone (1 year ago)
it was not ten kids it was more like 7 kids franklin lied. Franklin makes me annoyed sometimes, he should've asked his parents first. That water balloon idea seemed like fun.
SportaRobbieNumberone (1 year ago)
But Racoon and Skunk and Badger weren't even at Franklins party.
Martin Kreps (1 year ago)
Actually, it wasn't 7 either. Bear, plus Beaver, Fox, Rabbit, Snail, Goose, Raccoon, Skunk, and Badger were 9 kids.
Faisal Yoush (1 year ago)
I like😚 It
Originella (1 year ago)
Wow... If Franklin had just asked if Bear could go, then they could've gone to Tamarack Point... And I resent the fact that Snail thinks he's Franklin's best friend. Clearly, it's Bear. And I'd tell Beaver to get her butt home if I saw her take Franklin's gift like that...
Nana10158 (1 year ago)
Originella. omg for real i was thinking the same thing , if one of my friends did that i would of said that he or she is uninvited to my bday party , friends should act like your friends instead of being fake just saying
lol all of them are just gold diggers. They're just fanboying franklin all because he's taking them to Tamarack Point XD
Wild Harpy (1 year ago)
Forgot how much i loved this show lol
ahceda09 (2 years ago)
SHake ya tailfeather beaver and that was a big ass bite bear
amanda simons (2 years ago)
Maybe if Franklins father worked they could go XD dude is always home
S. Lee (4 months ago)
Same with the mom. Why doesn't she go to work?
pink glitter (9 months ago)
amanda simons He actually does work in a paper factory. We just don't see him going to work while on the show.
Andy McLachlan (2 years ago)
I love it
NYC Dancer J (2 years ago)
what type of school goes swimming lmfao!!!!!!
lara macmillan (1 month ago)
+Walls not mine unless u were on the swim team but that wasn't optional till high school
Nicholas Dominick (1 year ago)
A cartoon with talking animals
Walls (1 year ago)
we had to swim in middle school, its very common
Raymona Martin (2 years ago)
14:43 no dunker is for a person who shoots hoops and eats cookies bear should be called dunker
Endless Daydream (2 years ago)
Neat this, neat that. Do they say any other word besides neat??
Carmen Perez (1 year ago)
Pansy Flower (2 years ago)
Why not call him shell boy
Pansy Flower (2 years ago)
How far is Tamarack point?
Rasoul Nikukar (2 years ago)
Ames Rose The-Hedgehog (2 years ago)
Brown bear
Macoroni And Cheeze (2 years ago)
A good nickname for Bear is Berry Blue
Nuttie hare lill Brown (5 months ago)
WELl i dont like blue berries but de name i said blue berry 🐻was just an example
Nuttie hare lill Brown (5 months ago)
OR blue berry bear or maby hungry bear
Samantha Wilson (1 year ago)
Muscles is even better.
the unexplained (2 years ago)
19:28 - 19:31 it's Cynthia from the rugrats on the bottom left
Roy Backal (1 year ago)
the unexplained 99ح
Ellen Branch (2 years ago)
When Beaver calls Rabbit long ears does Tigger call Rabbit longs ear too?
Michaeline Yu (2 years ago)
Ellen Branch r
Martin Kreps (2 years ago)
Yes, he does.
girlstorm09 (2 years ago)
if Tamarack Point is the Cedar Point of the Franklin universe then yea a birthday party there would be awesome! :P but yea im sure it would be waaaay expensive not to mention the long linesO.O
BirdOfPrey12 (1 year ago)
I found it weird that they said it was indoors though. What kind of amusement park is indoors?
Inna Doheny (2 years ago)
Danielle Stark (3 years ago)
When I was in high school! These kids were calling a student by a nickname that he found offensive! He told them to stop and they didn't listen! The kids who were calling by the nickname that offended him got written up for bullying! That's an example of bullying! Be careful with nicknames that they found offensive! How would those people like it if it was the other way around!
BigBobBeepers 2.0 (2 years ago)
My nickname was so offensive and overused in high school. It's even the name they gave me in the yearbook.
Danielle Stark (2 years ago)
I agree
Candies Williams (2 years ago)
I remember ppl who teased me and I was always mad and I'm not perfect I called a few but the bottom line was its never fun and it's a life lesson
P gAR (3 years ago)
My friends call me snacks, cause every time we hit a bowl I'm the first to break out the snacks :p
Martin Kreps (1 year ago)
@BigBobBeepers 2.0: LOL!
BigBobBeepers 2.0 (2 years ago)
"Ay yo Snacks! Bring me dem doritos, mayn."
Aubrey Posey (3 years ago)
I love this show
Emma Quiring (3 months ago)
Aubrey Posey me too
MsSexyreds (1 year ago)
Aubrey Poseyp
BigBobBeepers 2.0 (2 years ago)
I love eating snacks
pink glitter (3 years ago)
Beaver is so obnoxious and rude ...really? taking the present back because you won't go to the fun park ?
pink glitter (9 months ago)
Jnr disruptiv Thank you for your kind words. You sound like a nice person. I subbed to your channel.
Jnr disruptiv (1 year ago)
Martin Kreps ghgghggg
Jnr disruptiv (1 year ago)
pink glitter ✨ I love you and your beautiful little pigs and the kids are so much fun to play and you get hurt 😔 was a very fun day in my life I just want to make it so cool and you know how much I appreciate you all the day I know
Jnr disruptiv (1 year ago)
pink glitter ✨ I love you 😍
rabe socke (1 year ago)
pink glitter beaver is ugly and stupid

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