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Macy's Passport Kids with the Harajuku Girls 2009

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Lil BIGZ Items can be purchased from anywhere in the world at http://www.weruletheempire.com Click here http://www.youtube.com/user/tcapitule?feature=mhum Macy's Passport Kids 2009 first stop in San Francisco at Fort Mason. Choreo by Kevin Maher Creative Director of Choreography Brian Friedman
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Text Comments (56)
CraVe TwisT (6 years ago)
Them kids can dance especially angel gibbs ;-)
cice0143 (6 years ago)
I always wondered who that lil girl was in rockin' it in the front. Now i know that its Angel Gibbs.
chilln2009 (7 years ago)
oh my god these kids are sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lizette Gomez (7 years ago)
lilBIGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Tiffani Smith (7 years ago)
is the lil girl in the front angel gibbs??? she killed it
MiniJazzee247 (7 years ago)
kendall <3
DB1992 Pun (8 years ago)
super amazing...... way to go harajuku fashion hehehe
deandre yarbrough (8 years ago)
LOVE IT.!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Marjorie Rose (8 years ago)
WOOT!!! My Cozin Caitlin
Lian Rescober (8 years ago)
song list please.. tnx..
juan martinez (8 years ago)
Whats The Name Of The Guy With Red Hair ! He Kows How To Dance :D
Debbie Retek (8 years ago)
You guys were amazing!!
Annie Miller (8 years ago)
erni g (8 years ago)
PLEASE!!! SONG LIST!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE THAT!!!
porterhouse1974 (8 years ago)
This is a huge fashion show put on by Macy's ...the kids are professional dancers who open the show...
theLMVs (8 years ago)
What's the song on 0.40 des somebody know? Great show gurrls!!! xD
Cinta (8 years ago)
these kids are freakin amazin!!!!!GOSSH!!
Oscar Gz (8 years ago)
@CirqueTess I know that the first one is je veux te voi - yelle
dean gal (8 years ago)
this was so fun! i loved it
kailindorian (9 years ago)
Darn. Rino rules again!!
Ann McClain Bridges (9 years ago)
are you in this?
tweet01uk (9 years ago)
if you mean the opening song its by Yelle - Je veux te voir
Briana Brown (9 years ago)
Is Kendall glover the girl in the black jacket? Anywhoo Lil Bigz is really lucky to work with someone like Brian Friedman! Shes is getting more diverse everytime I see her!
DebbieN (9 years ago)
shes talented..
Sage B (9 years ago)
HEY! I was there on the 25th of September! It was a great show :)
Jasmine Datumulok (9 years ago)
this is so energetic type of song.... and they made it good...and great...
notjessanyone (9 years ago)
not at 2:33 but 1 :33!!!
kurikitakatin69 (9 years ago)
and the song from 2:50 ....can you please tell me the name of the song...pleasee...
notjessanyone (9 years ago)
whoa the girl in the front was really good also..!!
jahlove111 (9 years ago)
omg they're so young and have soo much energy! good job
Iremar Knight (9 years ago)
omg that was soo cool!! looked like soooo much fuuuuun!!!!
That was so tight Bigz! Great job! Hollywood
sladariusc (9 years ago)
Wow is all I can say.
Ashlee Sharp (9 years ago)
OMG. Everyone looks great! Love it!
monique__91 (9 years ago)
the little black girl is workin it :D
yung prince (9 years ago)
Wow this was awesome!! I have like nothing else to say cuz it like blew me away!
DebbieN (9 years ago)
pink skirt jean vest.
Gilla (9 years ago)
you guys are awesome! this is so cool...just amazing! love the energy! (: keep up the good work
diver4life267 (9 years ago)
shes the second one in from the right. In the pink skirt at the beginning
Eshe Gibbs (9 years ago)
love it...these kids worked so hard at rehearsal they are all super talented
Tara Mc HughA (9 years ago)
cudnt figure out which one bigz was lol... help anyone? (:
notjessanyone (9 years ago)
how long did it take you to rehearse this and get it all downn!!!!???! dangg! (: ;p;
DebbieN (9 years ago)
ILOVE YSABELLE : D Shes amazing.
notjessanyone (9 years ago)
that was sweeet (: GREAT JOB!!!! love the colors and set up!!!
Lauren (9 years ago)
oh how awesome is this!!! yall werrkkedd it outt
alexandrite000 (9 years ago)
wow all of them were great
catriona92 (9 years ago)
so amazin yasabelle. impressing every time girl
asiekasiekyep (9 years ago)
amazing ! do you know the songs?
Monika Szymańska (9 years ago)
BIG Wow!!! Awesome moves!!! Go Ysabelle:)
puffpedal92 (9 years ago)
Awesome Performance!!! you guys have so much energy and the choreo is hot!!!!Your soo good with your facials bigz, love it!!!!
Marie Valentine (9 years ago)
i was there =)
JewlzakaPrincess (9 years ago)
dang ysabelle! that was hotter than hot lol good job Jewlz<3
Audrey Molloy (9 years ago)
SO AWESOME !!!! Ysabelle deserves her place in this show !! Dang work it ! =)
Aspensworld (9 years ago)
so cool you guys are nicee whats the song on 2:30
loverrrrxx (9 years ago)

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