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Guy falls on chick at beach

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Guy falls on chick at beach. Song: Sir Psycho Sexy by Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Text Comments (58)
Franky Salazar (5 months ago)
Second best seat in house
Owen Loves sharks! (1 year ago)
and that kids is how I met your mother
RetroWaffles (7 months ago)
Nathanrailfan (1 year ago)
Last time I got ass my fingers went through the toilet paper. lol
Malario80 (3 years ago)
Why i never fall like that!?
Michael Gonsalves (5 years ago)
want to what? if I thums up to anything that I shouldn't - i will retract
Mssuresure (6 years ago)
I would have beat his ass like seriously! ....accident or not!
7beers (7 years ago)
She reacted so quickly, as if this is something that happens to her on a very regular basis, and she has perfected her response time to it.
Josh Hanrahan (7 years ago)
she tanked him off her.
Loizos Aristides (7 years ago)
ThePeblo (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you want to that guy
NUN YAH (7 years ago)
nobody mentions that she gave him a backhand with her forearm,so evidently she Didn't think it was a accident!!!.
FapHappyFergus (7 years ago)
I held 6
Not Dopler (7 years ago)
press 7 alot of times and fast to see somthing people under 18 shouldnt
Rygith (7 years ago)
It's ok, his fall broke her ass
oxxOBSOLETExxo (7 years ago)
I need to master this technique
Laurin Alexandria (7 years ago)
forget that.. what the hell was he wearing!
Hot Rod ! (1 year ago)
a man thong or skimpy 👙
Ragunator (7 years ago)
do this 1) pause the video 2)resume the video 3) hold 6, on your keyboard nom nom nom nom PS. also works with 7 ; )
Unknown one (7 years ago)
yup that ass was really good thts wat he sayid
sweetluckydog12 (7 years ago)
HAHA thats so funny i saw this on AFV last night
Tay Barbee (7 years ago)
lmao he has that I Eat Ass Face
CHOPMOP10 (7 years ago)
FFTVII (7 years ago)
Now she's stuck with his funky breathe and slobber stains on her bikini bottom. :p
bounce bounce (7 years ago)
bounce bounce
OfficialPhantom (8 years ago)
i bet he was like, ASS!!!!
Anon (8 years ago)
dammit i wanna see what happened after lol
frankie519 (8 years ago)
I was hoping for his peen to slip into her anus.
IraqUpBeaches (8 years ago)
shuffle4life11 (8 years ago)
Achievement unlocked
1919dpg (8 years ago)
def on purpose, notice how he quickly looks at the girl for second time before looking away again and falling
Zoonjse (8 years ago)
I always thought he did this on purpose. But you can see if you look closely that he trips over a rope that anchors the tent down to the sand. And he had sunglasses on so he might not have seen the tiny rope... And he lands with his face straigt on the ass.
Tarciso Filho (3 months ago)
Zoonjse But even so, why would there be someone recording it?
r2012j (8 years ago)
He landed on soft parts like a pillow ooommm
Thomas Fagnant (8 years ago)
next: oops i "fell" on you with my penis
excop360 (8 years ago)
let me add the next line to the song........ There's a devil in my dick and some demons in my semen..
arcticwolfx8 (8 years ago)
donfulcher1 (8 years ago)
It would be funnier if it were a nude beach and his face landed in a dude's ass.
aroundtheworlda (8 years ago)
I wanna fall on a girls fat ass and I want her to like it!
gamerdudeX300 (8 years ago)
I thought this stuff only happened in Animes
A Guy U Luv (8 years ago)
All I want is assssss lol fail like * walking * oh hi and OHHHH FUCK
Tami Jennelle (8 years ago)
Damn he was all up in her ass
guayacan07 (8 years ago)
You're a sick mofo
T (9 years ago)
Darren Power (9 years ago)
Anarkick1 (9 years ago)
I don't care if it's fake it's still reasonably funny.
k_wrx_ (9 years ago)
piratesleeves2 (9 years ago)
song: Sir Psycho Sexy by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
meandu4ever101 (9 years ago)
at least he landed on somthing soft lol
dogeymon83 (9 years ago)
Did his nose .....go in the......
fikujez (9 years ago)
This has "staged" written all over it.
Nightspeeds (9 years ago)
Haha. That is great!!
abcgefp (9 years ago)
Ass planted! I woulda fucked that guy up.
harsha8976 (10 years ago)
lmao face RIGHT in the ass!!! roflolmfao
vincentchow8 (10 years ago)
She should have got revenge and farted on his face.
npcellist10 (10 years ago)
The Speedo's a nice touch...
charliebell01 (10 years ago)
its from a Mexican movie called "La risa en vacaciones"

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