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15 Fashion Trends From 2018 That Seriously Need To DIE

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15 Fashion and beauty looks of 2018 that should be left behind. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The fashion world is full of questionable fashion trends, and we have to admit, there have been a ton of cringe-worthy fashion trends in 2018. We’ve seen a lot of comebacks that should have probably stayed where they belonged in fashion history. In this video, we are showing you 15 fashion trends from 2018 that seriously need to DIE! 90s kids can rejoice because it seems like your favorite fashion trends from the decade are still sticking around. Everything from biker shorts to scrunchies seem to be ‘in’ in 2018. But, should they really be? We will showcase these trends as well as others like small sunglasses, dad shoes, plastic purses, and Hawaiian shirts that we think just need to go away. Once you are finished watching the video, be sure to sound off in the comments on which trend you think is the worst, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko for more awesome content! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (643)
Erin Peachie (20 minutes ago)
I wear scrunchies on my wrist 😂 sooo #keepthescrunchies and actually they’re super cute!
Byun *BAE HYUN* (32 minutes ago)
Fanny packs should stay cause some people with asthma or other things need to keep stuff close.
Savannah Shaw (35 minutes ago)
The plastic bags are used in certain work areas. Like casinos and other strict work places. So those are necessary.
Anneka Slead (1 hour ago)
okay i like huge sunglasses because they make it nearly impossible to get sun in your eyes and if you have acne they cover like half of your face also great when you have allegies and you dont want everyone to see your teary eyes in pollen season
Teddy Dawn (1 hour ago)
Teddy Dawn (1 hour ago)
Plastic jackets are beautiful!
Laura BBB (1 hour ago)
Dad shoes are nice so are clear jackets if u k ow how to style or wear them Fanny packs for the winnn all the trends I love and wish that will stay are here scrunchies are comfy and don't rip ur hair off ever heard of retro and vintage style yh it's in Hawaii shirts if u know look amazing on guys so wear them I don't see enough ppl wearing them clear anything is nice unless it's clear pants but purses just don't over stuff your bag bucket hats r so nice and will stay til like 2020 I still see us wearing it ok see through dresses in my opinion is a no go zone leave some for the imagination. It's too much buckle shoes are comfy and I don't think will come back too hard but will make an effect on 2018.some r nice some not so much.hell na throw that net bag out the window like yeeeet. Personally never heard of upside-down jeans but thrash . Mini bags r cute but u can't find shit in em na plastic heels so when ur legs sweat it will look like a sauna like a fish tank nooo way and biker shorts r OK for biking let's not go through the whole yoga pants everywhere again that was a disaster. Small sunglasses r cute and make a big nose look small they r stylish and just over all positive. It makes ur face look smaller and gives ur Face sharp features. In conclusion stay away from see through and wear what u like be ur own boss. :)
Sarah N (1 hour ago)
Shouldn’t they be filming this in 2019. The title says from 2018🤨🤨🤨🧐🤓
Shannon Apted (1 hour ago)
I personally disagree with all of these; I know that these are just there opinions but, everyone has different fashion senses and might find most things on this list fashionable.
Aloha Unicorn (1 hour ago)
Scrunchies are the best!
jazzerzzz22 (1 hour ago)
Did anyone notice the chick with the mini bag, and her leg was waking the opposite way she was?
Anna Selenskikh (1 hour ago)
With the right outfit and color, fanny packs can actually look good
Jade Galaxy (2 hours ago)
all of these trends are so so bad
Jade Galaxy (2 hours ago)
honestly clear plastic anything has to die
Almond (2 hours ago)
Why are all your thumbnails butts?
Bojo Badger (2 hours ago)
Clear purses? They may aswell carry their things.... Clear dresses aswell? They may aswell go out in the nude.... Upside down jeans? What am I in? Crazy Town? They may aswell put their bucket hats on upside down aswell.
Disneyfanatic 123 (2 hours ago)
I didn’t even hear of upside down jeans
_O B E S O N G_ (2 hours ago)
3:32 people on the states think it's cringe but if your from the islands like us,it's normal.👍
Nora needs Hugs (2 hours ago)
Scrunches are amazing I love them when I had long hair I wore them all the time
Abrielle Garcia (2 hours ago)
Upside-down jeans are stupid but I like the other things
Gamer girl Millie (2 hours ago)
Scrunches are fine
Anna Walcott (2 hours ago)
Alot these are still fashion. Just because you may not wear them others do. Not mention Donna Ross still wear a Fanny pack. The Dad shoes which I don't get who came with the name. It's just sneakers.
Tracy Edmonson (2 hours ago)
Clear fanny packs are usually used for raves which are huge events. Security requires that they can see into your purse or bag and these make it easy. Biker shorts are simple work out shorts. The fact that some idiot wants to wear them with heels is just stupid.
Emma Baxevani (3 hours ago)
Not even my phone fits in these mini bags
rosa bloodthorn (3 hours ago)
I have so much hair that I have to use scrunchies.
Prechus Life (3 hours ago)
Well in the jacket’s defense, they could work as ponchos
Albeira Cruz (3 hours ago)
I could hear Hoseok crying in the distance when he saw this video. (And possibly creating lots of different accounts to press the dislike button)
Shauna Brennan (3 hours ago)
I love dad shoes, belt bags, biker shorts and small sunglasses and hope they never go out of trend
Barbara Smith (3 hours ago)
Biker shorts were originally designed for people who ride bikes. The ones w/ the extra padding in the seats help cushion the ride, and the thigh length prevents chafing, while the fabric allows ease of movement. I have always worn biker shorts when I ride my bicycle, for the reasons stated above. But that's the ONLY time I wear biker shorts. The only time anyone wears biker shorts is when they're riding a bike.
Meredith Smith (4 hours ago)
I love Hawaiian shirts tho
April Msp (4 hours ago)
I liked all of these except the net bags
Roquelme Jomena (4 hours ago)
I likw tirtle hat ky so f u nigga u just geles u kant have it
Wenji Msp (4 hours ago)
Most of these are rlly gud
I have a dam problem (4 hours ago)
Hawaiian shirts are hella cool..
S every (4 hours ago)
don't hate that te late 80's / 90's making a comeback. But those thin small sunglasses😖
Ivana's Gaming World (4 hours ago)
You people are bipolar y'all need sum milk.
What is My life (5 hours ago)
Even if scrunches go away I still wearing them like it agree let scrunches stay
LittleTomori (5 hours ago)
I'm starting to think that I actually live under a rock, because I didn't know these things were even a thing. I knew about plastic "jeans" but that's about all. 😂😂😂😂😂
salma alshuara (6 hours ago)
I love all of them except the see through
Patricia beal (6 hours ago)
I am wearing a fanny pack right now I'm I out of fashion :,(
Josie Vaughan (6 hours ago)
i actually like these, i like that casual is becoming cool
Adelle Collins (6 hours ago)
Bloody fight me bucket hats are so good if you dont believe me search bts jhope in a bucket hat than you will see the power the bucket hat has!
Kaila Kruger (7 hours ago)
If people have such an issue with plastics, Why are they being made into clothing
Tracy Raia-dowd (7 hours ago)
I can't wear a regular hair tie, it gives me a headache. My hair is curly & thick. The scrunchie does not give me a headache. I wear my hair up everyday with a scrunchie hidden in my hair. I don't buy the crazy colored ones. My fanny pack is only used for amusement parks (with upside down rides) and flea markets. I live in Florida - there are nice Hawaiian shirts & really ugly ones. Old men like their bucket hats - leave them alone. I've never heard of the upside down jeans and never saw anyone wearing them.
Roxana Alina (7 hours ago)
I love dad shoes :(
Adjewa Adjei-Saifah (7 hours ago)
See through dresses, you mean sheer ?
Adjewa Adjei-Saifah (7 hours ago)
Stop Hawaiian shirts? That’s a whole culture
Eden * (7 hours ago)
I love scrunchies .. fanny packs ... bucket hats ... I feel offended 😂 (not really though)
jadea page 5h freak (8 hours ago)
I have nothing on this list except for bucket hat
Alli Madison (10 hours ago)
I like plastic purses
Snokalo (10 hours ago)
So America is banning plastic straws but not fricking plastic clothes?
Al Simmons (11 hours ago)
This commentary is super shallow. Thanks for the laugh.
Midnight Vixen (11 hours ago)
you know those clear plastic backpacks I HATE THEM they have to draw a line there
Laura Lea Frederick (11 hours ago)
I am totally going to be rocking the belt bag (fanny pack) and scruchies! <3
Kookie Jeonist (13 hours ago)
Not every of this list are bad. Some of them are pretty cool like bucket hats (which I wear sometimes). STOP DISSING THESE COOL THINGS.
Cute Dinosaur (15 hours ago)
The one good thing that didn't come back was emo's
mo mo (15 hours ago)
Harriet Lambert (15 hours ago)
ffffffff.u u need to stop dissing things
Ella Huff (16 hours ago)
Fanny packs are great!!
Ella Huff (16 hours ago)
Can we all agree scrunchies are cute and useful
Harriet Lambert (15 hours ago)
yeah they are
Sandra Lopez (17 hours ago)
Yep I hate all of them
Battlea (18 hours ago)
If you have curly hair...scrunchies are not a trend xD
Depressed Blanket (18 hours ago)
I love scrunches. They protect my hair and I wore them ever since I was little
Hshdhdh Hshdhdhcycubub (18 hours ago)
This is a stupid video if you are reading this and you like any of these "fashion trends that need to die" YOU CAN WHERE IT, i will buy some of these just to piss people off. BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE AND DONT LET PEOPLE TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CANT WHERE
Gillian Clara (18 hours ago)
I love scrunchies 😂🤗
xAshleex (20 hours ago)
i think clear accessories and clothing items are fine as long as they are worn with the right thing(:
Laura Lethem (20 hours ago)
Scrunchies are the most confterable hair tie type style thing to ever exsist! DON’T YOU EVEN TRY AND TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME AGAIN!!
Kate The great (21 hours ago)
I usually enjoy watching these videos and agree however this top ten was definitely disappointing most items on it are not worth disappearing and have a classic look that are very much in style and shouldn’t stay in 2018
TULIP SKY 2015 (21 hours ago)
“Plastic is in” Yeah, plastic surgery
Krislyn Bodyk (21 hours ago)
I wish leggings would go and also the workout wear everyone wears as everyday clothing. Why you need to wear skin tight clothes all day every day is beyond me.
xxhailey_o5_ bugXX (21 hours ago)
*Hears about fanny packs* Me: how dare you put fanny packs on the list KISS MY FANNY HOE
Krislyn Bodyk (21 hours ago)
I love my fanny pack for biking and wear my scrunchie every day lol I'm a completely uncool adult lol
Celine (21 hours ago)
The only trends I like out of these are the net bags but tbh everybody should let people wear what they want to wear no matter if it’s a trend or not
Rosebud Ramirez (21 hours ago)
Plastic jackets to protect your clothes from rain, duh TheTalko. It's common sense. Who made this list?
Klara livanovic (22 hours ago)
Scrunchies hold my hair better than any other hair tie like wtf??
O. Ted Bear (22 hours ago)
Who do you wear? Clothes, Comfy Clothes.
TurtleSoupBeads (23 hours ago)
Bigger sunglasses ! Always
Angel Gang (23 hours ago)
Kit Of Love (23 hours ago)
okay some of these have never died, so am not sure when they are supposed to die
Kayleigh's Tea (23 hours ago)
most of these things are just really comfortable and really a fordable I mean, I own like almost all of these things lmaooo
mabisha kc (1 day ago)
Up side down jeans 😂😂😂😂😂. ... I love it 😂....so unique
mabisha kc (1 day ago)
I love them. ..It's fashion era. ...
DancingDiva (1 day ago)
This is offensive
Sisters Forever (1 day ago)
Most things on this list aren’t tacky they should stay but not like 4 4 years
Adam Beaudey (1 day ago)
I've never seen any of these In 2018
Meryem S (1 day ago)
my mom wears a bucket hat every where and it is so embarressing. That trend i definatly want to get rid of. Although i didn't even know it was a trend!
Maritza Otero (1 day ago)
Fanny packs are cute, you just have to get the tight print, scrunchies have always been cute, clear purses are cute, bucket hats are the shit no doubt 💯 and they didn't even come back in 2018 they been came back, mini bags are more of accessory plus they're really cute, biker shorts is a cute trend shouldn't we on the list. Okay the rest can go 🤷🏻‍♀️
Halima-Joy Elliston (1 day ago)
I didn’t know those were called dad shoes, I just thought they were styled after Freiza’s soldiers in Dragon Ball Z... am I slow for thinking this?
Maritza Otero (1 day ago)
"we are in celebrities and we don't get paid to look amazing in skin tight clothing" who the hell wrote this, so u have to be a celebrity to feel and look good in tight clothes, okay🤦🏻‍♀️
LeJINdary_one (1 day ago)
tbh hawaiian shirts, bucket hats look good on kpop idols and they are actually really cool
AwesomeAna (1 day ago)
I use jackets to cover my sweat, clear jackets won’t help.
AwesomeAna (1 day ago)
I-I mean my creative juices flowing out of me.
Char-Lee Wiebe (1 day ago)
Ya I wore the Hawiian shirt back in the day. I was in 9th grade, what's your exceuse lol. but the see through bags, the only place I can see this as a good-idea-ish is when spending time at the airport or boarder crossings (notice I said "ish") lol
Soumeyya Wolfgang (1 day ago)
AchooE that's axactly what i said a few weeks ago
ARIANNA DURAN (1 day ago)
Half of these trends are perfectly fine and people can wear whatever they feel, fashion is fashion u can wear fanny packs, u can wear dad shoes u can whatever u want just because it’s weird doesn’t mean it has to go
ICY (1 day ago)
listen talko dad shoes and fanny packs, scrunchies, bucket hats, small sun glasses have been in style for a while on the aesthetic side of fashion your only on one side of fashion the model celeb fashion you need to surface all fashion i mean like seriously
Cupcake Wallds (1 day ago)
Tessa Kibbe (1 day ago)
wait but i love all of these and this like the dumbest video WEAR WHAT YOU WANT TO WEAR!!!!
Audrey Riser (1 day ago)
Okay way get a plastic purse if you're going to be embarrassed about what you have in it and way have something embarrassing in it anyway it makes no sense
Helly Official (1 day ago)
I am wearing a scrunchie just as I am watching this
puppy 260 (1 day ago)
I like a lot of these trends tho thee is nothing wrong

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