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How to Use GIMP (Beginners Guide)

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In this video I will be showing you how to use GIMP, which is an image manipulation program and a great free alternative to Photoshop. This video will just be a basic beginners guide tutorial for new users to give you an introduction to GIMP to get you started. ▶Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaSM4GqhbaVmRT7fmmFmR1w Best Free Photoshop Alternatives: https://youtu.be/Wsy4xKlfYkg GIMP: https://www.gimp.org/ Restore GIMP Toolbox: https://superuser.com/questions/645532/i-accidentally-closed-my-gimp-toolbox-can-i-get-it-back ▶Share This Video: https://youtu.be/Q8C0LJPpr64
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Text Comments (463)
I accidentally closed layers and I cant find it
Vicki Ricker (3 days ago)
How can you change a texture to a 24 bit image?
Zani XY (8 days ago)
Alina Bubulina (8 days ago)
Hello , I need your help please, how can i transform an image that is 1920/1080 to be 1920/1920 ( to be cubic )?
John W (10 days ago)
How can I use GIMP to design a card for someone to autograph. Like the size of an index card.
Marie Pitts (12 days ago)
When doing a tutorial they go much to fast for us older people..They need to show the first thing then they should wait a minute so we can work along.
brooklyn haynes (15 days ago)
thanks for saving my life ive been so confused
Gaigelyn Sipple (16 days ago)
Kharah_Jay Live (19 days ago)
Very helpful thank u
destinyxdestiny gamer (20 days ago)
i dont have a scale tool
destinyxdestiny gamer (20 days ago)
text isnt working
Robert Cummings London (20 days ago)
Sir thank you from my heart. You spoke slow and explained everything clearly. Is there any way to make a donation? Robert from Canada!
Andrew Williams (22 days ago)
my layout looks nothing like this
World Craft (23 days ago)
From which site you get this intro?
Mick Taylor (25 days ago)
Does it have a clone tool?
Robin Singh (26 days ago)
How to change theme in GIMP
So-duhh (26 days ago)
thank you dude. i wanted to try gimp out instead of my sai and i couldnt even make a new canvas lol now i can
Icey Sue (26 days ago)
Thank you.
Aisha Moore (29 days ago)
is there a difference between them?
Dorothy Coleman (1 month ago)
i wish your voice was one of my Google Voice Assistant voices... you are an awesoME tutor! thank you ~dor
Diane M (1 month ago)
This is exactly what I need. Step by step, slow methods I can re-watch. As a teacher, I commend your method and your calming voice. I'm definitely subscribing and going to watch many more of your tech. videos. Thank you.
That guy (1 month ago)
the one i got does not look like this on your video
John T (1 month ago)
quite helpful, thank you
Hermann Poka Tchoneng (1 month ago)
Please, I want you to show us how to do complex things with GIMP.
Kawasaki__-Ben (1 month ago)
When I insert a picture it’s really small then I zoom it in/ rescale it it’s blurry help
Delatine (1 month ago)
I'm really confused on how to turn off gradient for the brush and pencil tool and how to increase and decrease brush size, can anyone help? Also, I use version 2.10.6.
UHFStation1 (1 month ago)
I downloaded and installed but there was no shortcut produced and I can't find a run file.
PeterGaming 75 (1 month ago)
Great tutorial :D
Jokki (1 month ago)
photoshop is better
Katrina (1 month ago)
Help? I don't have one of the panels anymore. I can resize my brush, I don't have the option to zoom in or out anymore... Everything is just gone. How do I get it back?
Clive Nzama (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I've just downloaded Gimp 2.10 but all my tool buttons are grayed out. How can I get them colorful like yours?
Akarsh Adithya (1 month ago)
schmobot thanks
Clive Nzama (1 month ago)
It worked. Thanks
schmobot (1 month ago)
Edit > Preferences then Interface > Icon Theme then select 'Color'
2:V:ladimir PFR (1 month ago)
needs an update
mahmod abdulsalam (1 month ago)
nice tutorial video for Gimp ,thank you TechGumbo!
Annamaria Pari (1 month ago)
My Transformation Tools or Tools are not like yours. the icon is there but does not work ????????
Annamaria Pari (1 month ago)
How do you centre an image  on a sheet of paper????
Julieuh (1 month ago)
Thank You so much! Really helpful~ :D
krypticavalanch (1 month ago)
you sound like Will Forte
wholesale (1 month ago)
hey man, i see you use GIMP and I'm a GIMP enthusiast I would really appreciate it if you joined my discord with my friends who are also GIMP enthusiasts i really appreciate what you do for us!
محمد موسى (1 month ago)
Robin Klammer (1 month ago)
Thanks for this video! Adobe is rather intimidating at this moment!
TravelWithMe (1 month ago)
it was really helpful, thank you.
PAWAN KR. JHA (1 month ago)
So, which image format is better for web publishing - JPG OR PNG?
I have Gimp 2.10.6 It doesn't look like the above descriptions. Can you update your tutorial to include the newer version?
sidhesh halarnkar (1 month ago)
Is gimp software can b used for freelancing and commercial purposes?
Judit N (2 months ago)
I have just downloaded GIMP, and as I can see, mine is black and white when I open it... Would that mean that the download was not successful please?
VICTORIA SHINE (2 months ago)
It has been days since I downloaded GIMP and this video makes a good start for learning how to use it. Thank you.
Beats by Clover (2 months ago)
In Ireland, Gimp is an insult.
Ghostsurfer421 (2 months ago)
I realize this video is a year old, and I have yet to look at your video library, but one or several videos on touching up photographs using Gimp would be lovely, since that's the main thing I'll be using it for.
Sue Ellen McGoey (2 months ago)
Thanks gonna watch a few times Subbed
Inkie (2 months ago)
Who else is watching this while it installs slowly
GamingwithBrock (2 months ago)
Why does everyone else get how gimps works now besides me I’m still don’t know how to use it and I watched the video😔😭
Ziba Khan (2 months ago)
More gimp more gimp more gimp.... I can’t watch other gimp tutorials after watching your great tutorial. It would be like cheating!
Anne Mackenzie-Hunt (2 months ago)
My version is black and white, all the icons etc have no colour? How do I alter this please?
John McMannis (2 months ago)
Still haven't found an explanation for the crop tool. It's not simple and easy like photoshop. Instead it leaves a checkerboard pattern around the image where it has been cropped and when the image file is saved, this appears as a white border around the image. Why won't it just crop??
Geek Games (2 months ago)
I can't see my layers? I don't have the layer box thing, so I can't switch between layers. Help?
Lunati q (2 months ago)
Os 4gb ram enough
Elizabeth Schumacher (2 months ago)
The Layers box isn't there and I can't figure out how to get it there. Any help?
Kristi Yagwit (2 months ago)
I hope to love it soon. Right now it's driving me crazy.
Emmanuel thomas (2 months ago)
There's no layer changing tool. How can I change or create a new layer?
Scout Thatcher (2 months ago)
I would like to learn how to make textures on GIMP. Please help !
Scout Thatcher (2 months ago)
Please make more tutorials, I am interested too !
Scout Thatcher (2 months ago)
My screen does not show as yours I closed all the tools by error, can you tell me how to open them all? TYSM
Scout Thatcher (2 months ago)
I see you answered my question below. I guess I am not the only one that's too eager !!! lol
Komodo Dragon (2 months ago)
How do I get my gimp set up to look like yours in the beginning? still confused.
jpmcconaty (2 months ago)
this does seem a great resource. Thank you for walking us through this. My mac says that I cannot open the application bc its not verified from Apple, how do I work around that? Thank you in advance-
K9Gaming RBX (2 months ago)
how do i open up gimp I've downloaded several times and it just keeps taking me to the same download page.
Tom Tindall (3 months ago)
I just downloaded Gimp 2.10 and when I bring it up, all I get is a Wilber icon and a list of drop downs on the top left like: File Edit Select View Tools...etc. I do NOT have the toolboxs and Layer option add ons on my screen. What gives and how can I correct it?
124 DamSpider (3 months ago)
Tried using the previous version. Hard to get my head around the layer thing with it. The latest version seems some what more user friendly.
damien holmes (3 months ago)
The Rykert Trio (3 months ago)
Tried to download Apple says "Gimp-2.10app" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer - comments?
Ullimately (3 months ago)
I find Gimp kind of CRAP. Cant even see whats written in the pull down menue. Black letters on dark blue background is simply a poor colour scheme.
SlyPlayz Games! (3 months ago)
Thank you! I'm new to GIMP and I had to search it up how to use GIMP and I saw this video with lots of views, so I had to watch it! SUBSCRIBED!
Mohamed Ashiq (3 months ago)
Hi, I am trying to create a design in which I have to give the effect of a person singing. Let me explain further. There will be a figure of a person around which lyrics will be written[in casual fonts; all letters may not be of same size]. There will be musical symbols inserted in between. The writings may not be in straight lines. How do I create this? I am using GIMP for my designs – not an expert in it though. Please help me out. Thanks in advance. Regards, Ashiq
Tristan Alexander (3 months ago)
This is all stuff I could easily figure out myself. Thanks for nothing.
XxXVideoVeiwerXxX (3 months ago)
In the text editor box, where you can choose different colors. How do you edit the blocks of selected colors? It keeps adding random colors when I only want 3 quick to access colors.
Jasmine M (3 months ago)
Where is the download for Mac? someone please send me a link.
i don't like gimp much😒 EDIT: After watching this video i am loving gimp! XD LOL 😁😍😂
Taira Nisa (3 months ago)
Hi, do you have a tutorial on how to design a greetings card on gimp?
Marga the hybrid (3 months ago)
Where find the correction on drawing? I did drawing for too rough! Can you find me the correction?
speedclaw the cheetah (3 months ago)
how do i put a picture ontop of a picture
Time To Thrive (4 months ago)
My Gimp opens in black and white and doesn't seem to want to save!
Gaming Spree (4 months ago)
Great GIMP Tutorials :)
Aventurine (4 months ago)
This helped me so much all the other guides sucked
cosmo ianiro (4 months ago)
hi how can i take a picture apart then place the parts on separate layers when i make a selection copy and past to a layer the entire pic is placed on a new layer ? thank you
B Brook (4 months ago)
Ive been using gimp for awhile now, but all of a sudden, the colour/pencil picking thingy and layer thing disappeared! So idk how to get it back :( help by any chance?
Rio Horus (4 months ago)
Good video, but when I use the bucket fill tool on the eclipse layer it just blacks out the whole Eclipse tool even the color of the text. Do you know what this might be?
BIRDYBLOX (4 months ago)
i HATE gimp!
Mick Carson (4 months ago)
Is Gimp any good on copy animation from games and paste them on Gimp to alters them? Is it any good to make 3d models?
spooky (4 months ago)
Gimp has a pretty funny icon
Marufa Tabassum (4 months ago)
thank u.. it's really helpful
JACK LONG (4 months ago)
tried to bucket fill the image and the whole image went black that you could not see the hello. Where did I go wrong?
Lia playz (4 months ago)
Thank u for this guide with this I was able to do my holiday homework nicely
Dania Aziman (4 months ago)
Hi there, I am a complete beginner and this is a great video for me, very nice and easy to follow. I have a simple question, how did you merge the text and the first layer? You only have background and layer 1 with text. I still have background, layer 1 and lastly the text (3 layers)
Jeremy Kwok (4 months ago)
Can u do video photoshop on this
Winner FTW (4 months ago)
How the fuck do you delete stuff i cant figure it out
Barbara Finney (5 months ago)
I want to use it right now for changing photos to look like they were drawn with colored pencil or painted.
Captain Strangiato (5 months ago)
Great video thanks
Micah (5 months ago)
I can't stand a program with free floating windows where the desktop is exposed in the background.. Just gets under my skin.. Any way to change this to full screen instead?
Kim Hansom (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video looking forward to trying Gimp
ShAsHank siNgh (5 months ago)
Help us with some animation on gimp
Ellie Ford (5 months ago)
When I fill in my oval it it just covers the word??

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