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Всё верно произнесла. Что за обезьяньи повадки в воззвании с волосами! Пусть обучаются!
Juliette (3 years ago)
Thats why I go to really professional hairstylists that I have a personal connection with to make sure they dont butcher my hair! It happened to my sister and she refused to pay bc her hair was so fucked up
Shuni Abigail Lo (3 years ago)
Hahahaha. Awesome video! :)
Daniela Adam (3 years ago)
this happened to me so many times!! the worst experience was with a hair color.... it looked nothing like what I wanted!!
Persona (4 years ago)
Especially for the comment bellow...how can you say "Stop cutting my bank wrong!" if you can not see how wrong they are doing their job? I would love to say my opinion, but I would have to wear my glasses to see anything first of all and second of all, I should not and can not really check on a hairstylist doing their job. Or should I? I got mistreated so many times although I described my wish in detail. So, of course not all of hairstylists are bad, but come on. There are some really bad ones and Evelina just got that small percentage too,
Tyler (4 years ago)
I'm sorry but I understand ur concernes and frustration and as a hair stylist we are actually touch to not start to comb from.the bottom.for reason such as creating more slit ends and it's bad for the cuticle of the hair. As well as many other reason that you learn in school. Also if they are hurting u or.doing something you don't like it's your voice tell them if you don't then.it's nobody fault.but your own. Yes we are.hair stylists Not mind readers. You also have no.ground to criticize stylists on technique and the right and wrong way to.do things unless u have taken these classes passed you practical and state boards
silvija.p (4 years ago)
Talk about it girl. I started cutting my own hair - luckily we have Youtube and plenty of DIY videos.
TGDVGT (4 years ago)
Love your humour
jessjones (4 years ago)
so true, for some reason it's so hard for hairdressers to cut simple bangs! like how hard is it to understand the client wants even bangs!
Jan E (4 years ago)
you r so cute Evelina <3
Hannah Tuck (4 years ago)
To be honest, all hair stylists are not allowed in the industry unless they have passed the required assessments. Referring to every statement you make in this video, YOU as a client can use your VOICE to ask your stylist to be gentler, stop them cutting when you realise it's wrong etc etc. And that brush is used to help dry hair without tangles and faster. But most importantly, no-one ever speaks out to stylists to tell them they're being rough or doing it wrong, so how would they know? They grow into habits like everyone else, and if a client doesn't speak out, those habits will continue as they're not conscious about it...
jessjones (4 years ago)
these ppl are supposed to be professional and gone through all the training to teach them how to do their job, it's not up to the client to tell them how to do their job well. and they also have client's to practice on in hair school and they should constantly be asking that practice client for feedback though out. but it is very unfortunate that a lot of hair stylists don't have the passion, there for don't really care and again in result we clients get terrible results. 
Raluca M (4 years ago)
you are damn right Eve .. 
Chelsea Heninger (4 years ago)
Hahahaha LOVE this you are hilarious!
sparklygato (4 years ago)
Any stylist worth their salt knows to use a wide tooth comb to comb damp hair. Never a brush! But sometimes they are just in a hurry. Some salons actually time your client sessions while other salons charge the stylist "rent" to use their chair in their salon so its in the best interest of the stylist to get you & as many other clients in and out of their chair as quickly as possible in order to make more money.
Kim Kimi (4 years ago)
go to a better salon!!!
Jackie Nisall (4 years ago)
Dude, freaking calm down
N. Traveler (4 years ago)
I experienced the same thing with my bangs! I wanted the same flowing bangs look like you, but I ended up with bangs like a pony. :( I'm going to the hairdresser next week and I'm going to follow every cut, brush and move she makes on my hair!
Ekaterina Brammer (4 years ago)
I hate it when the hairstylists rip your hair out with paddle brushes!
Krystal's Couture (4 years ago)
Dude F that! I wouldnt pay. Straight up.
Tabarek h (4 years ago)
I went to the salon like one week ago and I told the lady to cut 1inch and she cut 4 inches of and I was so mad. So next time I will show them your video !
kova jenn (4 years ago)
Tinyy Hippiee (4 years ago)
Preach !!!
Mina Dimitrova (4 years ago)
I love my hairstylist, so I'm going to him like forever. Now i realize how lucky i am!
madyline0 (4 years ago)
i love you for this video
emily barham (4 years ago)
Did you really pay 500 $ ??? That's too much ,, where I live we only pay 10 $ for a haircut so with 500 $ I'll cut my hair for like million times
Sayuki Lyn (4 years ago)
i totally agree with this too many times I've had bangs like that :/
Hilary Morgan (5 years ago)
This is so true! I am the only one that is allowed to do anything to my hair because of this problem! It seems like no matter what you tell a stylist to do, they just do whatever the hell THEY want to do! It is so hard to find a good stylist and I have yet to find one so I just do my own hair.
sircu anna (5 years ago)
Ты прикольная :) :*
Heidi Johnson (5 years ago)
Lol have you actually shown this to your hair salon?
Lesargininja (5 years ago)
I feel you a week ago I got my hair cut and I asked for three inches off but they cut off 7 freaking 7
Nastassja Bull (5 years ago)
Thats why I do my hair on my own :D ♥
The Mouse (5 years ago)
Katarína Bazelová (5 years ago)
I am more afraid of visiting hair stylist than visiting dentist. lol
luciano barreto (4 years ago)
Same here. My mum takes me to the stylist to cut of about 1 inch (I'm a girl and I'm using my dad's account) and I look like a boy, my mum's like "you look fine" and I go to school in shame. Professional!
madyline0 (4 years ago)
me too!! -.-
jasmine y (5 years ago)
You made me laugh all the way!!! But for real... I wanted to get an inch off and wanted a deeper "V" after it's done, my hair to me was like freaking SHOULDER LENGTH! My parent are like nah it's super long... I'm like IM A FREAKING DUDE! And my hair was normally like 5 inches from the shoulders.... You are super right about the hair stylists thing.
Diana Herron (5 years ago)
I tag you in the boyfriend makeup chalenge
Carla GPR (5 years ago)
i completely agree. I've been trying to grow my hair long for the LONGEST time, and I was at the hairstylist one day and she was like, 'Oh you would look good with some short layers,' I was like, okay. So she went on and cut my hair and all of a sudden I see her chopping off almost half of my length and I was like WHAT?!? She said she had to 'even everything out'. Turns out my trims turned into shoulder-length hair... NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN
LaLaLaPaola (5 years ago)
One time i went to the salon and then i asked for an inch of my hair and the lady cut my hair like shirley temple and another time i was getting curls in my hair and the lady did a horrible job and burned my ear i was so mad i hated it
Me, Being Mummy (5 years ago)
Bad hairdressing really upsets me too!! I'm a hair stylist and am happy to report that I ALWAYS use a wide tooth comb on clients, ALWAYS start from the bottom (using a detangling spray as I go), I know what an inch is and most importantly, I LISTEN to what my clients are asking of me.... which is probably why they repeat book.lol.Great video!xx
cookingisfreedom (5 years ago)
love this video ahaha
SeniArts _ (5 years ago)
Omg yes!! It needed to be said!!
Gabrielle Asdine (5 years ago)
No, she was exaggerating. :)
Bella Savignano (5 years ago)
knock on wood (knock, knock, knock)
Jordan Brown (5 years ago)
Omg in this video you look so much like olga (Olga Kay, a russian youtuber)
Ana Ros Marrero (5 years ago)
OMG YES I agree with ALL of this!!!! I've had bad experiences w/ hairstylists since I moved to the US so after my second haircut here I gave up. Plus whenever I went back to PR for family visits my hairstylist *SHE IS AMAZINGGG* would look at my hair and say that my hair was fried, totally messed up and just in a horrible state. So now when I go home to visit family I take a day to go get my haircut instead of in the US. The hair struggle is real.
peaceful soul (5 years ago)
Sorry i meant i freakin LOVED this video and i freakin LOVE you you're awesome!!!
peaceful soul (5 years ago)
I freakin love
Adriana Murphy (5 years ago)
This video makes me love you even more!
Rachel Whitford (5 years ago)
I have lots of fine hair and brush my hair from the bottom up as well! I always tell them to brush it like that, and they act like I'm a martian for saying it! Seriously! Do they not have nerve endings in their heads???
Olivia Berry (5 years ago)
I have a problem with that but when I try to say something I clam up
Maria Sims (5 years ago)
what is your natural hair color?? I wanna be as blonde as you!!!
Sarah Wright (5 years ago)
Could you do a video on what types of brushes to use on different types of hair and at what stages like wet, dry, damp, or something like that?
Rose (5 years ago)
And made her pay $300
Rose (5 years ago)
My mom wanted some blonde highlights then the stupid woman painted her whole head blonde
Ryan Flores (5 years ago)
Omg you make me laugh so much!!
Niamh Mccool (5 years ago)
Everything you said was so true. Why do bad hair cuts always happen when your a teenager which already has selfastime problems?
TheIshmuq (5 years ago)
Ditto I hear you girlfriend!!!! Where is the love, right???
Jess A (5 years ago)
fiona elmer (5 years ago)
That's what happened to me but my dad cut it i have to wear head bands forever
Nadia B (5 years ago)
Niki_ Ana_ (5 years ago)
Great video! I'm laughing crazy)
missdorisalyce (5 years ago)
the paddle brush is made to detangle the hair if brushed vertically.....I mean the way you described it means they didn't know how to use there tools....just saying LOL
Karolina Jabłczyńska (5 years ago)
that movie is amazing!!! :) love ya
Golmaryam Tahmasbi (5 years ago)
Loved it :))
vixination (5 years ago)
Hahahahah I LOVE U!!!!!!
MsFruít Cake (5 years ago)
u are soooo right haha and a funny end with te part that u like to brush your hair while listening tot eric clapton ;p
Marysol Castillo (5 years ago)
areopostle101 (5 years ago)
Ana Ros Marrero (5 years ago)
I totally agree I was lucky enough tht my mom had a friend who is an awesome hairstylist so she's been doing both of our haircuts for years an even though we movem to the stated we still travel every six months to get it cut.
oh_miki_im_so_fine (5 years ago)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GloriaDiiorio (5 years ago)
I love the inch segment ;)
Mirka Rabadan (5 years ago)
And those are some pretty bad bangs
Mirka Rabadan (5 years ago)
OMFG!!! I thought I was the only one that starts from the bottom when brushing their hair!
super! (5 years ago)
IKR! There was ONE TIME a stylist only cut off what I asked, and then she dyed it wrong. it was supposed to be subtle light brown highlights THOSE WERE FREAKING BRIGHT YELLOW!
Anna Wcislak (5 years ago)
I agree!!! Hair stylists can be terrible!!!
Lovely Girl (5 years ago)
BAHAHA I feel ya girl!!!<3
Ellie W (5 years ago)
Awesome video!
HallieCutieBeauty (5 years ago)
elean103 (5 years ago)
I couldn't stop laughing, you are so funny! :)
mnstrbby (5 years ago)
I know this is an old video, but I wanted to let you know that GIRL I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I went to the salon for a simple root touch up, and they spent 5 hours switching me through three different stylists, just for my hair to look so terrible that I had to dye it from blonde to brown. Oh, and I still had to pay more than $150.
Marusa Lubej (5 years ago)
True! Oh, my god... So true!!!!!!!!
CeCe A. (5 years ago)
Ur bangs...
HopeShinesx (5 years ago)
Best rant ever!
Holly Emerson (5 years ago)
500 dollars for a hair cut?!
Meghana Kamath (5 years ago)
awesome!!!! <3 :)
Sandy Boyer (5 years ago)
hahahahahahaha amazing vid Evelina!! you're awesome!
Katie (5 years ago)
MARSHALEE JIN (5 years ago)
I just subscribed!
MARSHALEE JIN (5 years ago)
you are so right! and funny too.
John Keenan (5 years ago)
my mother is a pro hair dresser and she has always told me to comb my hair when it was wet bottom to top
TheBrownEyes009 (5 years ago)
ahaha you're soooo sweet
Adelina Timea Neacsu (5 years ago)
this is why i only let my mom to touch my hair with a scisor:))
Mireya Perez (5 years ago)
katrina kat (5 years ago)
and u said nothing to the hairdresser or refused to pay?
honeynut clusters (5 years ago)
And this is why I cut my hair haha
Allie S (5 years ago)
Yes!! Salons always screw up my bangs.
Olivia Pope (5 years ago)
This is why one of my moms good friend is my hair stylist hahaha
EKATT (5 years ago)
Hahaha ty takaya prikolnaya! Ya chut so stula na upala ot smeha!
Marlen Luna (5 years ago)
Lol I love you for this video!♥♥♥
Ariel Grande (5 years ago)
its alright evelina I wanted flowing bangs too and I got some crazy ones and now I have to pin them back or wear a headband
Ariel Grande (5 years ago)
nevermind I just wanted my split ends cut off and I barely had any and they cut so much off

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