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When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down) - Great Big Sea - Lyrics ,

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I am the fountain of affection I'm the instrument of joy And to keep the good times rolling I'm the boy, I'm the boy, You know the world could be our oyster, You just put your trust in me, Cause we'll keep the good times rolling Wait and see, wait and see....oh wait and see! His exhaltation, a sweet disintegration. A few discolorations, then it comes along up is why he chooses, the kisses and the bruises There ain't nothing he refuses, then it comes along It comes along, and I am lifted, I am lifted, I am lifted! [Chorus:] When I'm up I can't get down Can't get down, can't get level When I'm up I can't get down Get my feet back on the ground When I'm up I can't get down Can't get down, can't get level When I'm up I can't get down Get my feet back on the ground He just needs, something to blind him Something to wind him up It won't take long to find him When it comes on strong. Wise guys are grinning, street lights are spinning The night is just beginning, and then it comes on strong It comes on strong, and I am lifted, I am lifted, I am lifted! [Chorus] Oh it comes on strong, and I am lifted. It comes on strong, and I am lifted. I am lifted, I am lifted! [Chorus] ----- **No Copyright Infringement Intended.** -----
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Text Comments (139)
I Cant Sing (1 month ago)
Fuck you Trudeau Alberta hates you too
JeanneW777 (5 months ago)
OK, so I heard this song on the radio and the lilt in the vocalist's voice and the fiddles which I thought sounded like some of the Celtic folk groups... I was curious so I looked this up here only to discover Great Big Sea is from Canada. Oh…. Wikipedia says Great Big Sea is doing rock interpretations of Newfoundland folk songs which draw from Irish, Scottish and Cornish heritage. Nice! Like it! Got played on 92.5 The River Independent Radio station here in Haverhill, MA. 😊
X0tiC lel (6 months ago)
Silly Bazza (11 months ago)
Nice version .
Krysta Mapplebeck (1 year ago)
love this song!! dad introduced it to me and being half newfie of course I will love it!!
aaliyah. (1 year ago)
damn. proud to be canadian tbh
Mary Smith (1 year ago)
Oyster Band! Where are they now? You know they have talent.
Dougal Skanes (1 year ago)
When i was a kid i def heard "kisses i mean bruises". And i always heard "it comes on strong" both times.
Dave Mason (2 years ago)
I think all true Canadians have some Newfie in their hearts. I know I do.
Brad Arnott (2 months ago)
Dave Mason glad to have a fan of our beautiful island cheers my man.
X0tiC lel (6 months ago)
Dave Mason I'm a Newfoundlander 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Nolan bobert (6 months ago)
I agree
Stephen Lisson (6 months ago)
Hello Dave. I am so proud to be a Canadian. From coast to coast our music.....but mostly the people, are the most uplifting thing about this GREAT!!!!! COUNTRY. Wouldn't live anywhere else in this world.
David Zedner (10 months ago)
Well said
Samuel Bousfield (2 years ago)
I'll go with that
Warren Campbell (2 years ago)
GO CANADA fukcin love this country
MsJokerandHarley (1 year ago)
GrayCat (2 years ago)
this was on much music way back when i was a weeee lad
GrayCat (2 years ago)
i have newfie in my heart. yaarrrr!
Dougal Skanes (1 year ago)
William G (2 years ago)
Eleanore L (2 years ago)
Ah this takes me back.. XP..
killtime351 (2 years ago)
It doesn't even make any sense what the fuck is he singing about this song is HORRIBLE!
Shadethewolfy (9 months ago)
Seems to me like it's a song about mania and manic highs. Or about a certain Maid of mine who has really manic highs when gushing about something she's REALLY passionate about.
Marcel ChapaLiberty (1 year ago)
I sing it as a song about religion... but then, I always thought it was either a druggy recovery song or a straight up religious song. Of course, it's about getting high as hell for an entire night and having the feeling of never coming down... until you do (thus the sudden end). PS. It is also a great running song when you hit the 2 mile wall in a long race... but that's me.
Cory Fice (1 year ago)
The song is sung threw the perspective of an alcoholic beverage.
Sebastian Pickett (1 year ago)
Fucking kill yourself
Parker Tech (1 year ago)
killtime351 this song is amazing
ChilledCanadian (2 years ago)
you crazy newfies :p, from a caper
Cameron Granger (3 years ago)
This brings me back to grade 5 xD
Nonamesareleft99 (2 years ago)
+Cameron Granger First cd I ever owned.
CrImSoN1708 (3 years ago)
That chorus is just so damn catchy!  Not to mention the fiddle riff (I think it's a fiddle?).
killtime351 (3 years ago)
Zombie Killer Gaming234 (10 months ago)
Fuck you kill yourself
nick payne (3 years ago)
fuck u
killtime351 (3 years ago)
rip good music
killtime351 (3 years ago)
again its HORRIBLE 
Shadethewolfy (9 months ago)
Kill or be slaughtered?
gump (2 years ago)
Die or be killed,
nick payne (3 years ago)
again fuck u
killtime351 (3 years ago)
this music sucks if you like this then you suck
Jewel ragecraft (8 months ago)
Your cruising for a brushing from all of Canada and we can really pack a punch!
ChilledCanadian (2 years ago)
your begging to get canadian maritimers to hate you right?
htmlguy88 (3 years ago)
+killtime351 you don't know the history of music if you think this sucks.
RobMacKendrick (3 years ago)
+killtime351 Eat a rock, moi trout.
Edmond Dantes (3 years ago)
+killtime351 then I suck really hard
Paris Gladue (3 years ago)
elisa isaac (3 years ago)
I love this song
royce kaye (4 years ago)
This is from my neck of the woods sorry about you tube comercials
Monica Alonso (4 years ago)
Muy bueno amigo disfruta
LEARSI BREYN (4 years ago)
Good music Royce like it
royce kaye (4 years ago)
+toto tito maritimers right toto. You know. Drinkin whisky music. Thanx love♡♡
Monica Alonso (4 years ago)
SpaceC4se (4 years ago)
quintessential great big sea track :)
SpaceC4se (3 years ago)
+Rigel7WasAlreadyUsed It is?
Rigel7WasAlreadyUsed (3 years ago)
And yet, a cover.
Bang On The Ear (4 years ago)
Fast growing Celtic Rock band Bang On The Ear subscribe and check us out!!! Pour yourself a pint and enjoy yourself!!!
Sarah Jewell (4 years ago)
is this the greatest Bi-Polar anthem ever written? 
Sage Dent (5 years ago)
Folk rock/folk pop.
KegorianRune (5 years ago)
then what are they?
mgreen329 (5 years ago)
GBS country band!? HAHA omy...
no no (5 years ago)
So is humor nothavicus.
visonism (5 years ago)
yea it shouldnt be put down
KegorianRune (5 years ago)
to me they are the best country band in the world. I mean hell I can't stand this genre so if a band can make ME love then then they did SOMETHING right.
Sophie Meade (7 months ago)
KegorianRune it not cuntry it's celtic. Maybe that's why you like it
Krysten55 (5 years ago)
I can't believe my Dad thinks this group sucks! What is wrong with him?! My oldest sister loves this group, though. I think this is all that she listens to...
Krysten55 (5 years ago)
That's what she said...
Krysten55 (5 years ago)
Thirteen more people have an erectile dysfunction. I was about to say a comment like yours. I knew somebody was going to say something like that.
R. Aranda S. (5 years ago)
Someone help me, I listened to a "when I get up I can't get down" song in a store and it was jazz I think and sung by a woman. Very nice beat and I can't find it here in Youtube, someone know about it?
Dragon Fish (5 years ago)
Oh that makes sense I'm from the west, so I only speak one language and even then not very well. XD But both are correct and I was taught to spell it like "Canadian" with an "a" instead of an "e". Nice to speak with a easterner makes Canada feel a bit smaller.
Malenrick (5 years ago)
since its the internet nobody knows if your being rude or disrespectful to the band or your saying your opinion, which is why normally people say IMO or in my opinion that there music isn't that good and that i don't like it, your allowed giving your opinion but since the internet is full of trolls and assholes normally if you don't make it specific that your not saying the band sucks but that you specifically don't like it then people take it the wrong way, which is probably why blind reacted.
Malenrick (5 years ago)
actually I'm from Ontario, and i grew up french so i think its a habit to spell it that way, of course i don't even know if its spelt that way in french since i suck with spelling things, especially names, if I'm correct its "Canadian" in English right?
Dragon Fish (5 years ago)
Are you a Québecer? If not then why do you spell it "Canadien"? I know the term was originally spelt as such, and referred primarily to francophones. But generally you don't spell it like that.
Malenrick (5 years ago)
actuolly i got no clue anymore if its canadien or what
Malenrick (5 years ago)
canadiens speak english too you know? but yea this song isnt canadien
gaspode18 (5 years ago)
It might be amazing to be Canadian but this is an English song. Written by Oysterband.
BenJagermaster (5 years ago)
gway yere all bollixs by GOD BLESS NEWFOUNDLAD
MetaKnightpwz (5 years ago)
...are you stalking me? XD
MetaKnightpwz (5 years ago)
Oh, I'm sorry... and here I was thinking that I was actually ALLOWED to voice my opinions without discrimination...I guess everyone's wrong at one point in their life, huh? :)
MetaKnightpwz (5 years ago)
Nothing really, I just like GBS's music better. :/ I was just kidding about the slapping part, but now that I look at it... it does kinda seem like I have something against them, doesn't it? X)
jeremiebad7 (5 years ago)
What's so bad about Nickelback?
Jewel ragecraft (8 months ago)
I know right? everyone complains but no answers!! what's up with that!?
MetaKnightpwz (5 years ago)
Personally, I think they are the best Canadian band! ....if anyone mentions Nickleback after this, they need to be slapped.
Jo Ben (5 years ago)
This song should be in a Viagra Ad
BenJagermaster (5 years ago)
gway boy wil ya
MC bossboy (5 years ago)
I lived there for 2 years moved and went back for a year and moved its because I'm newfie.
MC bossboy (5 years ago)
I've loved this sing for 3 years and I still do. And your awesome because if you are newfie I am to(please answer if you are newfie or not)
XxCityofLostAngelsxX (5 years ago)
12 now
bluewolverine40 (5 years ago)
i first heard this 102.3 now radio dot com
Andrew Delph (5 years ago)
seeing them in concert in April :D
calvinhobbescinnamon (5 years ago)
Looks like 9 cant get it up now......
Sam Kelly (6 years ago)
Kalysta Murray (6 years ago)
I love this song sooo much! It's amazing to be canadian
Adam Spitzig (6 years ago)
i just went to ottawa folk fest the other day because GBS was there. i love them!!!!!
Maddie S (6 years ago)
i went to 2 of their concerts their AMAZING
Danielle Wood (6 years ago)
awesome tune! love GREAT BIG SEA!
John Doe (6 years ago)
they hate newfies
Allan Osmond (6 years ago)
Be black <--- totally not racist just true lol
Allan Osmond (6 years ago)
Well the 301 one other ones standing should help him :)
Colt Munn-Myshrall (6 years ago)
thanks for posting this, i first heard this song when i was just a lad, about 4 years old to be exact, and for years i've been trying to find the name of the band for this familiar song and for those past 12 years, i never knew that the band who wrote this song, was the greatest blues band of all, Great Big Sea.
Marielle Landry (6 years ago)
Me and my friend listen to this daily. love great big sea '3
Brad Weers (6 years ago)
Best song i have ever herd!!!!
Brandon Lafantaisie (6 years ago)
if your "up" and cant get it down......... you need to go see a doctor
Farcry223 (6 years ago)
Who think gbs is the best newfoundland band ever
omgitztravizzz (6 years ago)
2 people are turtles on their backs
Farcry223 (6 years ago)
Great big sea and Newfoundland ftw am i right!
WilliamWhisper (6 years ago)
Best Band. Period.
evilblackknight99 (6 years ago)
narofan966 make that 2
DemonDancingDove (6 years ago)
@Robmar420 Heh, I've been told I'm really bad with those jokes, so I'm trying to restrain myself.
Robmar420 (6 years ago)
@DemonDancingDove That was the point of the comment.. I usually hate those kind of comments but that was actually good haha
DemonDancingDove (6 years ago)
@narutofan966 Not even gonna state the obvious joke here.....
Mickey Moush (6 years ago)
he cant get down from the tree :o
bloddboy00 (6 years ago)
2 people can't get down
Brodie Spies (6 years ago)
@mrquackadoodlemoo people who dont like newfies, Newfies FTW!
lol Newfies.. nuff said XD love you guys
Randi Tumilty (7 years ago)
@baljim994 Nahhh. ;)
Caerulean (7 years ago)
@XxFREAKINGSPARKLESxX Typing that kind of contradicts this entire song, just letting you know. ;) You're up, don't let them get you down. :D
Randi Tumilty (7 years ago)
Dear People who clicked the 'thumbs down' button... I HATE YOU. Sincerely, I think we'd all punch you in the face if we knew who you were.
machinamawatcher (7 years ago)
@suzannejmartin Watched that, then came back to this. comparing them, I have deduced one thing; GBS took that song, and awesome-afied it.
suzannejmartin (7 years ago)
This song is originally by the Oysterband. You tube it. This song was a hit by oysterband of England before the boys of Great Big Sea were out of school.
Ryan Phelan (7 years ago)
MY favorite Band end of story
Brittany Quirk (7 years ago)
this song is awsome
SliC3oFicE (7 years ago)
@TheChaoticEntity Amen, im in edmonton right now, but soon to be home, sweet salty home
Lance S (7 years ago)
@TheBeatles193 Amen to that. Moved to Alberta four years ago, and I miss the coast so damn badly...
Kathleen (7 years ago)
Whenever I listen to GBS, it takes me right back to the maritimes. They have such a unique sound. Love this song!
mrquackadoodlemoo (7 years ago)
now THATS music! how can anyone hate this song?
LstCowboy (8 years ago)
Nice, still prefer both of the Oysterband originals.

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