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Text Comments (4699)
Soft & neat (4 hours ago)
Quirkily shoot myself in the fucking head.
delaney_9305 (3 days ago)
0:42 Cheeto would be so disappointed in you 😂
Cherry Bakewell (8 days ago)
I love how Shane is saying how much he doesn’t want to onlin date and then he met Ryland and now they’re like sole mates
The Queen Shane (14 days ago)
Hates Cats gets a cat 2 years later
Megan Ginn (18 days ago)
Watching in 2018, comparing everything to his life now with Ryland, Uno, Cheeto and Honey lol
Two years later...
Emily Bahr (23 days ago)
and to think....you now met the love of your life from online dating!!!! <3
Natasha Marie (23 days ago)
why is he describing his relationship whith ryland.
L S (26 days ago)
Obsessed with yoga : ryland Wears wierd glasses: garret
Dylyn Lacen (27 days ago)
Turn off: drugs, smoking, and alcohol
Ehhh (27 days ago)
my deal breaker is... a noticeable SMELL. i dont care if it's cologne, perfume, BO, lingering smoke, strong fabric softener in your laundry. doesnt matter if you are the most beautiful perfect being on the planet, if you SMELL please *leave immediately*
Andrew The Artists (1 month ago)
Yoga? No? That changed with Ryland
Makayla Morris (1 month ago)
When I seen yoga I was praying to jesuse that he would say like but then I remembered they were together at this point and he would have to😂😂
Ang3lito15 (1 month ago)
Lol funny how looking back at his older videos he pretty much foretold his own future.😃
weirdox wattpad (1 month ago)
And now he's with Ryland who he talked to online and has a dog (2) and a cat who are friends. Looks like he got what he wanted!
Peyton Shuffield (1 month ago)
2:48 Cut back to now with CHEETO AND UNO
UltraSonic BillyGoat (1 month ago)
Shane says people should burn in hell and years later he gets a cat tho
Jen_ Johnson (2 months ago)
Obsessed with yoga *cough* Ryland
Yair Rivera (2 months ago)
til saire to sho nakid gial and boobs
Athena Sebastiao (2 months ago)
When people who are old enough to know the difference between "there", "their" and "they're", but they DON'T. D;
MAKENNA V (2 months ago)
if they have a cat
MAKENNA V (2 months ago)
My biggest turn off is if they have a cat bc I'm alergic to cats
MAKENNA V (2 months ago)
My biggest turn off is if they have a cat bc I'm alergic to cats
MAKENNA V (2 months ago)
My biggest turn off is if they have a cat bc I'm alergic to cats
Kylie Byron (2 months ago)
Kit's Randomness (2 months ago)
*and if they have a cat they can burn in hell* Shane? YOU DON'T LIKE CATS?!?! I still love you though!💙
Kim Namjoon My bae (3 months ago)
I love how he has a cat now lol!
Kate L (3 months ago)
I love how this is Shane’s life now😂 two dogs, a cat, Ryland who he met online 😂 though he knew him through a friend as well.
Jessica (3 months ago)
Love how he’s like if you have a cat go die and now he has a cat 😂😂😂😊
Little did you know I have 5 cats and you have a cat.
cheyane b (3 months ago)
and then he got bumble and met ryland
savannah caldwell (3 months ago)
And then he gets a cat and is dog is friends with the cat
Tis_Ya_Boiii (3 months ago)
3:40 Was he saying corky or quirky?
Athena Sebastiao (2 months ago)
Tis_Ya_Boiii I heard "quirkily"
Tis_Ya_Boiii (3 months ago)
I love how like 1-2 years after he made this video he met Ryland on Tinder
Marley G (3 months ago)
Shane ended up finding the love of his life online!
Athena Sebastiao (2 months ago)
Marley G Isn't it amazing how life surprises us? :) I want him to watch this video NOW at this point in his life and see all of the contradictions and how he's changed his thinking. hahaha
Jane Kim (3 months ago)
My biggest turn off is when someone hates cats and will tell you how much better dogs are Oh and guys who hate on girls for defending themselves when being cat called
zack Jeffrey (3 months ago)
Kill the cat "Cheeto"
Molly Lamb (3 months ago)
If someone has a shirtless picture or only has drunk pics of them, that's my biggest turn off on online dating
Itsthereal_Dakota (3 months ago)
Little did he know... that he would soon get a cat
Athena Sebastiao (2 months ago)
Itsthereal_Dakota And fall completely in love with him! :) Cheeto. <3
Jack Kristensen (3 months ago)
Biggest turn off. When they act like a different person around their friends
Justforfun (3 months ago)
Obsessed with yoga RYLAND-also he did yoga with ryland even though he didn’t want to
sister rubyy (3 months ago)
And then He found Ryland on bumble 😚
cat loverr (3 months ago)
ryland ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
okayalxicia MSP (3 months ago)
My turn off is snoring 😂 I hate it soooooooo much 😫
southside// (4 months ago)
-My comment has a line through it-
Megan Xo (4 months ago)
A couple of years later #Shyland came along ❤️😂
Nathan James (4 months ago)
I love you Shane but Brest feading in public is perfectly normal
ShufflePuffle 0w0 (4 months ago)
what, some of these questions are totally ryland, and they met through online dating
Lilzart (4 months ago)
Haggadah now he has a cat that hates HIM..revenge
tjb_rox 1 (4 months ago)
Shane fucking hates cats in this video and now 2018 he wonders why his cat hates him Cheeto probably saw this video
Candy Shanez (4 months ago)
and now he has Ryland.. who he meant on Bumble lmao
xLiveTunex (4 months ago)
>obsessed with yoga RYLAND
casey. (4 months ago)
My biggest turn off is when your partner wants to keep your relationship a secret. There is so many more. 😂🤬🖕🏻😅
Tami Campbell (4 months ago)
Stix Sounds (4 months ago)
My biggest turn off is the word apparatus. Idk why. It’s just a sucky word
sarah call (4 months ago)
They should burn in hell if they have a cat? Wtf what about Chettoh!!!! And honestly guys who like cats more then dogs are usually sweet hearts !!! I love cat lovers if u treat my cat good and he likes u then ur in !!!
random shiper (4 months ago)
Just Someone (4 months ago)
My dog killed my cat when I was little in my room while we were gone and the door was locked...my dog had some mad skills
Sweetgame Ayers (4 months ago)
Haha he is talking how if they have a cat they should die haha now he has a cat
min bella (4 months ago)
jeez, he used to be a cat hater who didnt think online dating was very good. now he has two dogs, a cat and a boyfriend he met online that he's been so serious with they're considering a surrogate
ahatfield11 (4 months ago)
My one turn off is muscles I know it's weird but I hate it
artist by choice (4 months ago)
Then he met Ryland... on Tinder ❤
geekymaddy (4 months ago)
he found ryland online!
Diego Fernandez (5 months ago)
If they have a cat they should burn in hell A few months later Hey whats up you guys yes we got a cat!!!!!!! 😹😹
Poison Girl (5 months ago)
2:52 he predicted Uno and Cheeto
Jonathon Roth (5 months ago)
"If they have a cat they should burn in hell".......should I tell past Shane what future Shane bought or is someone else 😂
I can't DEAL with the average person nowadays, doesn't spell right, says lit and shook, and is dumb, however what I like is: has cats, has TRAINED dogs, has a good balance of looks and personality and doesn't lie
wig flew (5 months ago)
"But sometimes it works out great..." and then he met ryland.:)
Graecyn Gudgeon (5 months ago)
My biggest turn off is when the guys are just plain out jerks but the things I like about guys is that they try to show off and try to gets girls attention because most the time it means the guy likes the girl
Kulsum (5 months ago)
You have been predicting your future SO much in this video. God bless. hahah
Abby Strak (5 months ago)
you and ryland met on bumble
liz kay (6 months ago)
his titles are so misleading
Emily spirt (6 months ago)
Constant texting and calling like all the time everyday is a huge turn off
Taylor Clifford (6 months ago)
That video proves why Cheeto wants to kill him...😂😂
Amelia Tettle Flutes (6 months ago)
He thinks online dating is bad Cough cough ryland cough cough
Abigail (6 months ago)
Little did he know that he was going to find his soul mate on a dating app-
Elizabeth (6 months ago)
lol he met ryland online!!!
Savannah Clavel (6 months ago)
« If they have a cat they should burn in hell » Well Shane, YOU HAVE CHEETO IN YOUR FUTUR!!
Taylor Garcia (6 months ago)
angie (6 months ago)
and then he met Ryland and Garrett:)
Ashton Jonsey (6 months ago)
It’s 01/22/2018 yes, yes you will meet your soulmate. His name is Ryland. ❤️
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (6 months ago)
*Poses with hotter friend's* That has to be the biggest killer for me, I don't like to sound like a shallow prick, but when they pose with hotter friends it make them look more un-attractive than they actually are. An it's not a shallow thing, it's kind of like a trick of the mind thing.
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (6 months ago)
+GGG2, But if you know the person, then of course not, but when it comes to online dating, the first thing you see is a picture, an your profile is basically an advertisement, and just like all advertising, you need to know how it works. e.g. Most bands starting out are told by their record labels not to wear shirts with other bands on them, as those other bands are likely to be more established/better than they are, 5 years down the road then it's ok, but for new bands then no. An just like with a photograph, someone more attractive is going to take the attention away from you (just like a more popular band).
Isobel Mitchell (6 months ago)
Excuse me but seeing a babby naturally feeding of a breast is not a shameful thing and a lot of kids and teenagers watch you me included and this is sending a bad message plus as a female I think you shaming breastfeeding is disgusting because boobs have become sexual objects shane you probably won't see this but breastfeeding is OK and natural I know this an old video but being a thirteen year old girl and seeing some one that always makes you laugh shaming something that is nothing to be ashamed of hurts Sorry for rambling but thanks. (didn't mean to be rude just found that offensive)
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (6 months ago)
+Isobel Mitchell, You have allowed Feminists to brainwash you. An you are literally putting words in Shane's mouth. Some Men find 2 other Men kissing in public disgusting, is it wrong to find it disgusting? No, is it homophobic (maybe), but people can't help what their tastes happen to be. For the record, some people enjoy seeing Women breast feed (in a sexual way), it's a little weird that there is a baby there and they are still turned on by it, but again, they can't help it. In Muslim countries it's normal for people to shit in the street, an Isobel if we followed your logic we'd all we forced to think it's normal, an maybe it is to them, but I still find it disgusting. Personally I don't give a shit where Women breastfeed, if the child is hungry, then he/she is hungry, but I'm completely ok with someone being disgusted by it, an at the same time if Women are doing it to make a statement (a Feminist one) then I will join people in their disgust (you'll be surprised at the shit Feminists will go through). Most people have a Black & White view about it (they are either pro breast feed, or pro against it), where I take a more grey area about it, an if it means anything, I'm hated by each party.
Skicky Doodle LPS (6 months ago)
how many times do i have to tell you? first off... you are NOT FRICKIN' FAT! JESUS... second of all... you are most definitely handsome in your own way! please dont judge yourself! every one is beautiful in there own way shane i love you so much i actually wish you were my dad! i bet a lot of people wish that! what i am trying to say is i love you shane you are the best youtuber in the whole world!                   love from skicky!
trashTM (7 months ago)
and how he has cheeto and uno
trashTM (7 months ago)
watching this now and knowing that he met ryland online😫😫😂
Coyote Chaos (7 months ago)
Shane you have a fucking cat now
katie holmes (7 months ago)
I broke my leg roller skating too
Lil Miss Saki (7 months ago)
I can't FUCKING STAND IT when ppl make of me for liking anime
I don’t Know (7 months ago)
Online dating is terrible (Ryland 😂) If they have a cat (Cheeto)
Patience Lawson (7 months ago)
Watching this in 2018. He met ryland online, and has uno and Cheeto (his dog and cat) 😂 ha things have changed
WirelessFire161 (7 months ago)
And then he found Ryland and got a cat
Patrick Timothy ODell (7 months ago)
The one thing
Sara k (7 months ago)
Ugh,girls in my school be taking iPad selfies everyday
Sara k (7 months ago)
Says the guy who met his soul mate online
Amy galloway (7 months ago)
It sounds terrible does it ??pls Don't kill uno x idc if cheto "burns in hell"
Kasen Brown (7 months ago)
Athletes i cant handle Athletes
Lush Vids (7 months ago)
Someone that smokes
Catty 2121 (7 months ago)
Well I think he is going to have to do this soon, because he just broke up with his girlfriend! Oh wait he did, and now he has a boyfriend.
geekymaddy (7 months ago)
he finds ryland online and gets a cat 2 years later

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