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MLP: Fighting is Magic [TE] Octavia's theme (Official)

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MLP and all of its assets are owned by Hasbro. All of my works for Fighting is Magic are non-profit and free to the public. All I ask is that you ask and give proper credit to me for my works. Octavia's theme for Fighting is Magic [Tribute Edition]. I'm not entirely sure who did the art, so if it's yours please contact me so I can give you credit. On Soundcloud for a free download: https://soundcloud.com/d-flat-minor/mlp-fighting-is-magic-tribute-edition-octavias-theme-official Art by: NinjaBaby2099 http://ninjababy2099.deviantart.com/
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Text Comments (3)
BashLiveCupcakes (3 years ago)
Such a shame that TE is dead... hopefully somebody will finish Octavia and use this glorious theme.
BATOTHBEA (3 years ago)
Glorious work as always, D-Flat.
Keimei915 (3 years ago)
I like this great job

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