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Enya - Flora's secret

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... kwiaty z ogrodu botanicznego ...
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Hans van Gelderen (2 days ago)
Nuala Murphy (4 days ago)
Beautiful voice amazing songs thank you Enya many beautiful blessings to you ❤
Tim HR (5 days ago)
Not only do I love this song and all of Enya's music, but also I am humbled by the warmth and love of her fans. Reading the comments section on an Enya music video can be very uplifting.
Tony Donoghue (7 days ago)
I think all our life's would be a lot poorer with out Enya and her incredible music
Martin Seaborn (10 days ago)
This helps me remind me of my mom She loved gardening and flowers!! She is flowering in heaven!! Jenny......
Martin Seaborn (10 days ago)
Love you mom!!!
música nos lleva como otro mundo nos ayuda a desperjar mente
música nos lleva como otro mundo nos ayuda a desperjar mente
jaja a paja (18 days ago)
Beautiful. ... 💙
Godfrey Grima (20 days ago)
she is a fantastic singer with a special voice to hear
Marcos Medeiros (22 days ago)
Un lake....landmakmedei portugal
Marcos Medeiros (22 days ago)
God bles enya..fantastic wonderful vídeo. ...landmakmedei portugal
Marcos Medeiros (22 days ago)
Wow love song...enya beautiful wonderful fantastic ....landmakmedei portugal
Sarah Holding (25 days ago)
Beutiful 😍 feel connected to spirit, listening to this
Suelos Del Valle (28 days ago)
Enya es uno de los grupos musicales que marcaron una época en los ochenta ,su música te traslada a estados emocionales difíciles de poder narrar en palabras, han marcado una época en la música instrumental , para los que somos de los ochenta ,mucha de música nos han acompañado en nuestra niñez y adolescencia , gracias Dios por dejarnos escuchar melodías cómo estás que llenan el alma a nuestras vidas , nunca más habrá tan dorada como los ochenta , ojalá uno pudiese volver a esa época tan prestigiosa!!!
照井匠 (30 days ago)
Cross Cross (1 month ago)
Shayla Bellard (1 month ago)
ASMRelief (1 month ago)
💕 💖 ♥ 2:22 reminds me of that bit in movie "Vacation" where family sing Kiss From A Rose tune :') <333 "La Aa daaa ...." 😊 💚🧡🧡🧡💚
Roy Emmanuel (1 month ago)
Flora's secret is that nature is very orderly in its creation..If you carefully observe the flowers, then you can begin to see how all the flowers grow in a certain pattern. most of them always tend to form a pentagram.This comes down to our body too. Those are the dreams we never knew of beauty and happiness.
Beautiful as beautiful
sebastian cid (2 months ago)
Taylor Ahern (2 months ago)
Can music of this Earth be any more uplifting and therapeutic to the soul than this seemingly unearthly tune which I just freely allowed to be so luxuriously and beautifully poured into my ears, thus rendering me magically and lovingly transmogrified?
Marina Assanti (2 months ago)
Fantastica Enya!!!!!
Julio Avila (3 months ago)
It is a fairie song.
Me encanta
Justin Chivasa (4 months ago)
Wonderful happy track raises my spirit every time!!!
Mariana Ivanova (4 months ago)
Nikiwe Dlepu (5 months ago)
Who's still listening to this in 2018?
Juan Carlos Oseguera (1 month ago)
Nikiwe Dlepu, Me.
Juan Carlos Oseguera (1 month ago)
anne capel (3 months ago)
Hope hundred of people. Me for ever and ever. Do you know another music that give happyness like that ????????
vero mercury bulsara (5 months ago)
Hubiera deseado este tema p mi boda hace 16 años
Shockwave474 (5 months ago)
My jaw dropped as soon as this song started. Yay, Enya!
Gotita de Rocio (6 months ago)
Scottish Isles (6 months ago)
Heavenly Bliss!  D. Balentine
Matt Sosh (6 months ago)
Amazing photos. Video is brilliantly put together and beautiful... Well done
Marina Assanti (6 months ago)
Memorabile... stupenda!!!
Jerome Cabral (6 months ago)
Beautiful song enya has some great music
Gonzalez Dufline (6 months ago)
That s good
KIMMY CHAN (7 months ago)
And all of the geniuses don't need love, they just want to live their lives all by themselves. Being lonely is a sign of cleverness. True true true. We don't love love love, we just Fuck Fuck Fuck
Jose Hernandez (8 months ago)
Happiness, "Pass it on!" A message from the foundation for a better life.
Kaiser Frost (8 months ago)
100% of people don't get that this musuc is about classical men giving women orgasms.
Esta mujer es tan maravillosa que su música es genial por generaciones futuras... disfrutar... disfrutar.,. sólo Dios sabe?
Leping Stepp (8 months ago)
JohnToccatina (10 months ago)
I am so stoned lol
Chris Laurent (1 year ago)
Enya's music are pure therapy, they calm you down from the shittiest of days that make you pissed
Em White (1 year ago)
Lovely! ! !
Ewurama Sarpong (1 year ago)
I really enjoy this Angel song lovely!! flora secret
Patricia Orlandi (1 year ago)
Ai q deliciaaaaaa <3
heris gerard (1 year ago)
bonjours Enya j'aime beaucoup cette chanson pourrait tu me dire ou pourrait trouvais les parole en français super tu a une voie d'un ange
stereovoyage (11 months ago)
Il suffit de taper le titre du morceau dans votre moteur de recherche et je pense que vous n'aurez aucun mal à trouver un lien pour les paroles en français.
Maurizio Furlanetto (1 year ago)
ke musica
Maurizio Furlanetto (1 year ago)
DarkKnightDelta (1 year ago)
Alright, what 43 morons disliked this song?!
anne capel (3 months ago)
Basia Gra (1 year ago)
uwielbiam niezmiennie 💗
zaharia laurentiu (1 year ago)
amaizing enya ! of course!
Taylor Ahern (1 year ago)
When I finally reunite with my beloved dream girl in the afterlife (for although she is still alive and well on this plane of existence, and granted she still loves me, as has been made clear, chances are we will probably not get together during this lifetime, at least not anytime soon, as fate and circumstances seem to have dictated otherwise) this is the very song that I would love to have playing, and whose heavenly and enchanting sounds I would love to have the two of us serenaded with, sweetly and lovingly so, once I make that ultimate, spiritual transition. For there is just something so heartfelt, something so deeply stirring, something so endearing, and something so divinely inspirational about this song that it always leaves me feeling lovingly reflective, refreshingly enchanted and beautifully transmogrified, so much so that I feel serenely engulfed within the heartwarming poignancy of my feelings, the very feelings that rise up and blossom within me as the soulful sounds of this song move me in ways that few other songs can, thus moving me as only the sounds of Enya can, the very voice of Heaven, and as fine and captivating an exemplar of musical beauty and grace that the vast cosmos has ever allowed to be developed and so poignantly refined. Now do I feel lovingly transformed, and inspired by this rapture that is both cosmic and timeless, this mellow rapture that is steeped in a pure, all healing love, this love that goes back centuries, and this love that has been molded, shaped, deepened, further solidified and made more sublime through the rigors of several lifetimes spent together with my one and only dream girl, this love that only my deeply cherished and beautifully endowed soul mate can truly understand, truly appreciate, and, God willing, reciprocate (which she has). Ah, does this song, this song of eternal love and soulful yearning, fill my heart with hope, this sacred and pure hope, this hope that, hopefully, will smoothly and soothingly crystallize into something real, and something wonderful, something that entails this poetic and poignant coming together with my exquisitely gifted, compassionate, modestly refined, brilliant and amazingly kissable dream girl, either in this lifetime or the next, more lofty one (preferably this one! :-) :-) ). Therefore would much that I've hoped for and dreamt about come true, and be realized, blissfully so! Ah, then how sweet it would be!
ASMRelief (1 month ago)
Taylor Ahern Faith. Still available to feel here on this plane. (These things are) When born, you had not _yet_ experienced that which you now have with the mentioned beloved.... with another the possibility of amazing feelings of love and joy and , is a potential reality, everything, all, connected via spirit :') <3 Thank you for inspiring this to flow through me ~ ie. Just because you can't yet see it because you pwrhaps haven't met this person human, doesn't mean it's not possible to be real, a reality for you, *Faith* *Imagine* this example of in 17 years time "we've known each other now, connected, and spent amazing joyous appreciating times together this past 15+ years" Much Love For You Here ~ Edited an autocorrect 😅 PS. a year since your comment which is why I said perhaps, maybe another is already in view, clarity. Or indeed, maybe now a wonderful seemingly 'chance' rendezvous is to happen in coming months. ~ 💜
Lafontant Junior (1 year ago)
Cool opera música enya
DJ Björndal Winther (1 year ago)
TOP Musik !!
The Undertaker (1 year ago)
Oh this song moves me, Love it!
Herbert J. Peel (1 year ago)
Flora is a lovely Lady.
michael fritz (1 year ago)
like it =)
Alius Aramis (1 year ago)
what the fuck 36 idiots dislike?????
Amanda Colombo (5 days ago)
133 now
Roderson Bazzanella (6 days ago)
Porque não entendem de música
shadowdancersxfile9 (5 months ago)
81now ffs
dvvle wvle (7 months ago)
76 now
Ezra Matlock (1 year ago)
49 now
Bibeth Galido (1 year ago)
I love this song so much <3
Lisa Naomi Torrens (1 year ago)
Arran cairns dumped me and he's going out with a another girl now and he will go back out with me soon and he might 😭💔❤️💋😍👩🏽🚘💍
Birgit Mueller (1 year ago)
has anyone got the lyrics?
Joshua Osborne (1 year ago)
google? Just a guess...
Bow bow (1 year ago)
i love u enya....
late fall chill (1 year ago)
Reminds this old man that once there was love afield ..... bravissimo
Nick Nighthawk (1 year ago)
" Heaven Made The Sky So Blue " :-)
Silvana Pera (1 year ago)
demaissssss .......................
NotYourMom 2 (1 year ago)
Você parece com a Enya :)
Butty Object (1 year ago)
J'aime bien
Verônica Trajano (1 year ago)
Impossível não amar suas músicas...tudo perfeito!! Amo!!
Hendry Lim (1 year ago)
"They can see the sky is blue Knowing that their love is true" This is a very brilliant and lovely lyric! Brings so much warmth...
Leonardo Alves (1 year ago)
é impossível não relaxar escutando Enya
Mildaci Rodrigues (1 year ago)
Mildaci Rodrigues (1 year ago)
Esse contralto dá um toque perfeito
Mildaci Rodrigues (1 year ago)
Psikochick2 (2 years ago)
Who else thinks Enya resembles Lady Mary/Lady Cora Crawley from Downton Abbey at first glance?
Fotdacob Titi (1 year ago)
Tim Flaherty (2 years ago)
a voice like an angel. . . and as I am part Scottish and part Irish. . . i am a BIT prejudice toward her music. Have most everything she has released.
Regan Mc Neil (2 years ago)
Fajna nuta ;) Kocham jej muzykę
Jacqueline silva (2 years ago)
beautiful I love this song !amo demais ,linda essa musica.
Karol Contreras (2 years ago)
amooooo <3 <3 <3 <3
Kolibri (2 years ago)
At the beginning, not to be offensive, just funny, I thought Little Einsteins was going to play.
Abigail Dopazo (1 year ago)
❤MysticColorz AJ❤
Prism (2 years ago)
if this makes you cry, listen to one by one
Andrew Benitez (2 years ago)
24 people dislike this because of what now?????
Michael Farwick (2 years ago)
my finest day would start with kissing Enya,  then singing with her,  then,  well who can  sayis she not beautiful?  no, she's magnificently beautiful
I love this song.
Holly Wayman (2 years ago)
Makes me tear up. I love this song!!!!!!!
Holly Wayman (2 years ago)
Makes me tear up. I love this song!!!!!!!
God bless Enya and her superb music! She is completely gifted!
Essa hussein (2 years ago)
fly in the sky
destroyer (2 years ago)
lost <3
Dennis Ward (2 years ago)
20 people need to start smoking cannabis.
ferinoc (1 month ago)
27 now :o)
anne capel (1 month ago)
They don't know the difference between Good and Bad
vanyadolly (3 months ago)
No thank you. You don't actually need drugs to experience the beauty of the world around you.
Pietro Aldegani (4 months ago)
Ana Clara you Need to feel the presence of articles
Marcelo Balboa (7 months ago)
Ana Clara
jana skacelova (2 years ago)
...tajemství květin říká jim o lásce a cesta dýchá....krásná píseň a text
Tana Leontieva (2 years ago)
Jan Schattenkerk (2 years ago)
Mooie Song,, en top Video,,,,,
Kjell Edvardsen (2 years ago)
I Love this song
Man Bale (2 years ago)
Beautiful song
Jaina Fernandes (3 years ago)
Amei...Bom dia amigos!
BEBBY ORTIZ (3 years ago)
¡  Bello  vídeo. . .que  muestra  la  inigualable  BELLEZA  de  la  NATURALEZA  !
Dayse Rosana (3 years ago)
Haribol, Namastê, Blessed be.
lori bruno (3 years ago)
I could listen to her music all day long
Herbert J. Peel (1 year ago)
I do. She inspires me to use the Quill.
Linda Key (3 years ago)
I love this song....I just feel so happy when I hear it. 

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