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Affordable Extendo Tee and 10 Deep Haul w/Lookbook! High Fashion Meets Streetwear!

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Grab Ze Gear Here: http://www.privei.com/ FOLLOW ME: @MRPAULCANTU INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/mrpaulcantu TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mrpaulcantu SNAPCHAT: mr.paulcantu For Serious Business Inquiries Email Me: [email protected] SONG AT THE END: https://soundcloud.com/drip-133/thats-just-me-being-honest-ft-bones
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Text Comments (87)
alialamb (2 years ago)
Does anyone know where the location is where he filmed the lookbook part?
Devin Marshall (2 years ago)
What type of hat is that called
GOLD GLUM (2 years ago)
respect for throwing that bones in lookboook
Deandre castle (2 years ago)
The ending was mad beautiful yo.
ccblec (2 years ago)
Paul, where is the end of this video filmed at? Just moved to the area and looking to check out some cool nature spots
Alan Vega (2 years ago)
too bad Us Lost 2-0😂
Ben Pretzer (2 years ago)
Can you please set up shipping to Canada!!
Boujee George (2 years ago)
210getsome (2 years ago)
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210getsome (2 years ago)
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210getsome (2 years ago)
Check out My Store For Some Stupid Tommy Flame Fuego http://www.ebay.com/usr/satx210
TheCode (2 years ago)
I subscribed because... Paul is that tall funny white dude you hang out with that brings you weed vintage gear and white hoes
Normisha Brewer (2 years ago)
I'm not a creep, please check your snaps.
Benny Ruiz (2 years ago)
just out of curiosity, what was your major in college?
Cpm jpm (2 years ago)
Ramen Slut (2 years ago)
NC rep!!!
V1ntage Vogue (2 years ago)
T Wood (2 years ago)
Extendo extendo extendo
Mithridates VI (2 years ago)
How tall are you... Paul?
Will Champion (2 years ago)
Can anybody tell me the best place to order street wear for the low
Big Mac (2 years ago)
can some one give me the link from the pink 10 deep shirt ?
sanedizzle Mynizzle (2 years ago)
More tríps To The trift. Stfub!
Crayola Fly (2 years ago)
ill trade my red future for some kobes?
han in van (2 years ago)
awesome video :)
Eddie Chaparro (2 years ago)
I love you Paul, but I'm Colombian and Colombia took that W!!!!! 2-0
BrickLanedon (2 years ago)
Thank the Lord he's calls it football 🙏🏼
champagnealto (2 years ago)
Bruh zipper undone 😂
Antonio Guevara (2 years ago)
Young Thug has it???? ohhh shitt better cop sikeeee!
Ivan Flores (2 years ago)
Lmao they lost 😂
Luis Sandoval (2 years ago)
Do more vids like this homie. Dope dope
VintageFeen Tv (2 years ago)
Snapback is CRAZYYY bro
M890 X (2 years ago)
You thoughht we got whooped😭😭😭💀😂0-2
Cesar Avila (2 years ago)
USA lost 2-0
Nauti Boi (2 years ago)
thanks for calling it football! not soccer :D
Joey Cope (2 years ago)
Patch (2 years ago)
The ending was clean asf
Patch (2 years ago)
Rip Muhammed Ali
Drew Bonifacio (2 years ago)
Man you are so high in this video lol
Marcus Mobley (2 years ago)
yo paul do u still accept fan flame.?
Marcus Mobley (2 years ago)
+ITZ WKL hahaha
Itz Wkl (2 years ago)
U can always send them to me :)
Pig (2 years ago)
what are your thoughts on the usa vs col game ?
its your Boy (2 years ago)
id on song?
abcd1234894 (2 years ago)
Holy. That look book was awesome!!
TeamEPICv (2 years ago)
Lol 0-2
Ale (2 years ago)
I genuinely hate distressed clothing... and it feels like everything else in the industry is boring as fuck
John S. (2 years ago)
Paul Cantu stay creeping on that G shit.
david reyes (2 years ago)
they lost
osv47do (2 years ago)
ahh pablo escobar won (;
Hold this .L (2 years ago)
bruh usa got beat 2-0
Andrew Taylor (2 years ago)
littoGListen (2 years ago)
kool aid
Kaleb Vlogs (2 years ago)
2-0 lol anyways great video man keep it up! 👍
Chris Customs (2 years ago)
Damn Another dope video 💯💯 btw how dirty dos them converses get cuz they looked pretty messed up a little
The Dirty Bird (2 years ago)
+Christopher Smallwood nah I don't feel you I'm not childish and I see u changed that picture😅😅😅
Chris Customs (2 years ago)
+GATES 4 PRESIDENT I don't argue with childish people feel me
The Dirty Bird (2 years ago)
+Christopher Smallwood talking like what bit??
Chris Customs (2 years ago)
+GATES 4 PRESIDENT first off stop talking like that😭😭😭👎🏾and idgaf it's a filter I can use what I want
The Dirty Bird (2 years ago)
Nigga that filter for hoes and you know it
W W (2 years ago)
Damn you aint even giving these hoes the luxury of 2 in the pink?
W W (2 years ago)
+Creative Edge Kicks sidenote i came across myself front row in a spitta music video i saw yesterday
Creative Edge Kicks (2 years ago)
Ayyy jet life
Samantha Johnathan (2 years ago)
$32 to $48 fuckin dollars for a t shirt yall crazy motherfuckas for that over priced tax shit
Memories (2 years ago)
It ain't nothin
Varzi (2 years ago)
Those are sold at Zumiez copped a camo and distressed one
Roscko (2 years ago)
Columbians are winning
TheJauntyJester (2 years ago)
As a tall dude myself, I completely agree. Thank you for still reppin' the extendos.
Papa is that Jew.
boomjouready (2 years ago)
You need a mic or to sound proof that bitch to reduce the echo bruh
Juju (2 years ago)
he needs more subscribers
Alexandria Mackey (2 years ago)
nice pick ups nice look book too
mateo rodriguez (2 years ago)
USA 0-2 😞
Big Smoke (2 years ago)
Amazing video dude.
Brayan Lopez (2 years ago)
I've had great experience with EPTM they're shirts are good quality and comfortable af!
MrJoyFlex (2 years ago)
like the vid paul keep doing you much love
lalalionman (2 years ago)
Ur fly was open bro
Mauricio Torlaschi (2 years ago)
Watching that game rn
Roscko (2 years ago)
J Boy15 (2 years ago)
this video is dope af.
foldedpants (2 years ago)
forgxten (2 years ago)
Capperith (2 years ago)
Send me a link for that Jersey, I can't find it though...
Nezih Vega (2 years ago)
when Paul gone drop that custom video though?? 🤘
Rigo Mendoza (2 years ago)
I love u
Jorge Reyes (2 years ago)
Gud shytt
Kenny Severiano (2 years ago)
subscribe inthemakingwardrobe!

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