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Fearless in the Style of "Taylor Swift" karaoke video with lyrics (no lead vocal)

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Text Comments (38)
Chanel Brown (7 months ago)
I miss this Taylor Swift! 💕😭😭
DanceLikeUmaThurman (11 months ago)
Drag me head first? Dang I didn't know this song was that violent
international Remixes (10 days ago)
No, it means he obtained me enthusiastically and without any hesitation!!!! Don't go with the literal flow!
Naomi Hill (2 years ago)
I love all of these justice XD
Milan Adolf (2 years ago)
my favorite taylor swift song.
Never upload (2 years ago)
+Pink Stingray same, stay fearless!!
Nivedha Vasanth (2 years ago)
Agreed, it's my ringtone!
TheHellen Eimen (3 years ago)
My favorite song
Sandra Dela Cruz (3 years ago)
Can i use this for my cover?
Jehan Noelle (3 years ago)
Jehan Noelle (3 years ago)
Madison Grant (4 years ago)
LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marina Cotta (4 years ago)
I love this music..
Lucy Roe (4 years ago)
rhealistic (4 years ago)
Abigail Peralta (4 years ago)
Cute song
Julie Miller (4 years ago)
everyone check out my cover if u so desire!
sarah trajano (5 years ago)
35 likes and I'll make a cover for this song
Arna Mallari (5 years ago)
My Neigbors Are Watching Me.. Am I POPULAR?? or just FEEL popular??
DingDongSingSongKenz (5 years ago)
Natalie Castillo (5 years ago)
I farted
MeMyselfAndI (5 years ago)
I was singing this and my mum was listening outside my bedroom door >:|
Trung Nguyen (10 months ago)
so good
Mary Rose (1 year ago)
my parents do that all the time
Danah Davis (5 years ago)
Say ariana Grande 5 times Clap your hands 5 times Post this to 2 videos Check your voice
Ronnie Coldburg (5 years ago)
Love this song
Rachael Lunn (5 years ago)
i love taylor swift and i love ths song
Archana.C (5 years ago)
This is awesome ! Thankk youu !
heartforever07 (5 years ago)
This is my favourite Taylor Swift song<3
Ysabel Nacu (5 years ago)
joseyposey93 (5 years ago)
Ahhhh! About time!
falguni chaturvedi (5 years ago)
hey can i use this to do a cover ????
UhmItsSadie (6 years ago)
Hi! can some of you guys please check out my chanel? I'm debating whether or not to try out for X Factor 2013 or not. I just need feedback and if you could subscribe to keep track of how im doing that would be great!
Soccer Pro For Life (6 years ago)
i dont get these songs you dont sing good + your better off singing it in the shower than that junk
angel aka bornmercury (6 years ago)
kdgajksdgasjkdgasjkdgaskjdgaskjh <3 amo esta canción!
Lauren Harris (6 years ago)
what do you want, a cookie?

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