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Visiting a new place in soi Buakhao Pattaya: The Chill Inn + song request.

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I made a visit in soi Arunothai and a new coffee shop in soi buakhao: The chill inn. This is located across jolly's and the piss stop bar. Next door is the great American. A burger place. You have a lot of food+drink places in this area. For requesting a song at Jony bar https://www.paypal.me/steffsthailandtravel or [email protected] (paypal) The song request at Joni bar was from Christoff: Pink Floyd Explanation How to do: https://www.facebook.com/steffsthailandtravel/posts/801336243385285 Facebook steffs Thailand travel: https://www.facebook.com/steffsthailandtravel/ LOOKING FOR AN HOTEL IN PATTAYA OR THAILAND? https://www.agoda.com/pages/agoda/default/destinationsearchresult.aspx?cid=1777460&pcs=1&hl=en&selectedproperty=1378708&city=8584 I recommend this site because i use it myself. (I get a small commission from Agoda and you don't pay anything extra) My new website: https://steffsthailandtrav.wixsite.com/steffs Become a patron, so you will get more bonus video's and other great stuff: https://www.patreon.com/steffs email me: [email protected] Look also at my other food reviews in Thailand: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOGUApka1AzxUZORoJPjXmkY2WpveEpXP My Bike vloggs : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOGUApka1AzwWO3ag2RdOCS07xXcNd_Qj Things to do and visit in Pattaya: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOGUApka1AzyTCVqJrYpV60s4qcFMrHG0 Bars and streets in Pattaya: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOGUApka1Azxr32bbo2Z6WMiorLLg0B20 Cameras: SJcam 5000+ elite Sony RX100 V Zoom H1 dig. audio recorder. cyberlink power director 14+15 You can subscribe to my channel to see more videos about Bangkok, Pattaya and Thailand in the future. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below. Keep it civilized please, we are all grown ups :) Thanks.
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Text Comments (61)
David Brook (7 months ago)
Onion spring?!
Steff's Thailand Travel (7 months ago)
spring onion? Sorry I'm not a native English speaker. But I do my best and try to learn
timsumguy (9 months ago)
Ahh you missed a spot, left corner..maybe an onion spring.
Plumpy (10 months ago)
lol.. it's so cheap in Pattaya. I'm in Phuket right now. Cleaned the car for 450 Baht. (though they waxed it also) The only thing that is cheap here is Som Tam.... 40-50 Baht. But mai gin.... :P Nice video btw dude. Come down to Phuket and blow some money :).
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
mae gin, haha. Phuket is to expensive for me, Im sorry. Just back from Bangkok. was not cheap also.
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
mae gin, haha. Phuket is to expensive for me, Im sorry. Just back from bangkok. was not cheap also.
Borat S (10 months ago)
I could listen to Boom forever !
chunky monkey (10 months ago)
Recognise anyone mate? 😂😂😂 https://www.facebook.com/superobdofficial/videos/291934987968484/
chunky monkey (10 months ago)
Steff's Thailand Travel Funny he just popped up on my facebook page. Shame his channel has gone. Really enjoyed his videos.
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Yes :)
jack clifford (10 months ago)
Good to see you back in Thailand looking forward to your Bangkok vloggs  I bet you wont take your bike around the streets there 555
jack clifford (10 months ago)
Go for it !!
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
jack clifford mmm. I might do now. Good idea :-). Sure I will make a lot of videos there.
Chris Port (10 months ago)
The farmers dish looks really good steff. looks like a nice find that chill Inn well done iceman!:)
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
hehe. :) I have a cool hat now also. lol
MAX H0202 (10 months ago)
i do not know if you realize you say 'huh', 'huh' once in awhile, its kind of annoying... if you can stop that shit, it would be more pleasant to watch your videos
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
huh ?
R Knight (10 months ago)
Omg that singer's voice is just amazing. Sir thank you.
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
glad you liked Boom (her voice) :)
Sonny Jim in Thailand (10 months ago)
I'll definitely be trying the English breakfast at the Chill Inn. Tidy waitress as well.
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Let me know how it was. cheers
Kevin 1981 (10 months ago)
At the 1st place That chicken steak looks really good. And at the chillin they had a couple of girls sitting alone. I am so glad you didn't get distracted by them. And you kept your focus on making a video for us....cheer's steff... at least you have us...lol
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
The videos come first, Kevin. No squirrels for me, haha
soi 7 morty (10 months ago)
Steff I'm trying a new place on that soi called m place, looks nice and cheap, arrive 23rd if u around
soi 7 morty (10 months ago)
I'm in a deluxe room for 850 a night
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Yes, I'm still around then. I will have a look at M place also.
soi 7 morty (10 months ago)
Ah just watched vlog m place is soi arunothai not buckhoa
Sodapop Curtis (10 months ago)
Steff, quality video again my friend. The Chill Inn bar looks quite relaxing and I prefer those type of establishments over any 5 star place in Pattaya. Do you know if they sell hoegaarden beer there? I've found a market place that sells it, however, I have not found a bar that does. It's a Belgium beer.
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Thanks Soda. I came back a few times already to the chill inn. Nice place, Good wifi. They don't have hoegaarden there but they have in a few places in Pattaya. Marina shopping mall, When you walk in, the central cafe in the middle.
chandler bing bong (10 months ago)
2:55 nice legs/rack on that chick
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
I didn't even noticed that, thanks for informing me :)
Another awesome video 👍🏻
Steff's Thailand Travel .... always 😉
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Glad you liked it, Danny
marcey38 (10 months ago)
I missed the Mark wiens expression . Good vlog Steff
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
coming soon again :) I did one today
Leo C (10 months ago)
The Chill Inn is a new restaurant/bar/coffeeshop, it used to be a hotel/restaurant/bar named Hollanda, owned by a dutch guy called Kees. He stopped his business there in december of 2015. I was there when he worked there his last day. Thank you for showing this new bar ! Greetz, Leo_C
Leo C (10 months ago)
It was empty/closed untill this year, it was opened again with the Chill Inn !
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Good to know, I never knew there was a Dutch bar before. So what was there after 2015 ?
ian possie (10 months ago)
Nice place Steff... wish I had have tried the food the other day .... 😯
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
next time Ian, If you still remember :)
Arun Raman (10 months ago)
I love your laid-back style... Good one, Steff!
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Arun Raman cheers Arun.
Shocker CK (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video Steff. Always look forward to new stuff from you.
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Shocker CK . Thanks CK. Cheers
Brummie Brink (10 months ago)
Great video, looks good the restaurant. will visit it nex time during mine visit in Pattaya
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
It was ok but I will try some more food from the menu in the next days, Cheersm Brummie
finally new vlogs from my favorite vlogger ... haha, I have that vlogg from Mark also a few min ago .. the prices of the food are very good in that restaurant..hey Belgum guy they have no mayo with your patatos ..lovely ladys to in the restaurant,,good vlogg Steff,,👍🏻up
Steff it looks tasty to 🍽
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
โปล์ ดั้มส์ hey Paul. Yes it could need some mayonnaise. But I forgot to ask. It was tasty enough already.
John Evans (10 months ago)
Thanks for the vid Steff. Will give Chill bar a try when I visit Pattaya in January
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
John Evans yeah why not. You have nothing to lose
Iamthenakedape (10 months ago)
They have a different bass guitarist now Steff can you find out where the other guy is please
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Iamthenakedape yes. I noticed also. Not sure we're he is or left for good. I will ask. This one is better tough
frank .foduw (10 months ago)
Hello Steff https://hamspheref0duw.blogspot.fr/2017/12/visiting-new-place-in-soi-buakhao.html
Cheap Charlie Pip. (10 months ago)
Great vlogg Steff - Pattaya is evolving some places close some new ones open all the time . 👍😎🇬🇧
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Cheap Charlie Pip. Hey. Yes. I saw a lot of new places around here. In action street now. Some other bars closed also. Even my favorite one before .
THE VILLAS CHANNEL (10 months ago)
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
thanks :)
GooseHunter (10 months ago)
Nice Steff,.. Cute waitress at the chill inn food looked good, have a good day Cheers,
Steff's Thailand Travel (10 months ago)
Yes, she was cute indeed, I thing i'm gonna have another visit there :)

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