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Why do Girls Wear Short Skirt 👭or revealing clothes? | लडकिया छोटे कपड़े क्यों पहनती है | Unglibaaz

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Text Comments (161)
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Dosto video ko LIKE karo SHARE karo aur SUBSCRIBE jaroor karna... love you all😍❤
Ankit Bisht (5 days ago)
i like 3/4th now but not a year ago becoz of my body....i have done hard work(gymming running) to hav a good body....so i am happy to wear 3/4th.same happen with girls...
Raju Roy (5 days ago)
Salim 357 (16 days ago)
Frankly speaking, my sister (she is almost 18) do wear skirt. However, it is not supposed to be too short, rather one can call it shorts. Thus, none of our family member has a problem as she is comfortable and loves to wear it. Therefore, we have to respect the other choice.
ce nation (21 days ago)
because they want to show their legs and feel sexy. and giving them the chance to say to people "perverted"
Good Old Days (22 days ago)
They say they want attention but when men see them they complain...Rape them
Good Old Days (22 days ago)
Only Dumb people wear shortcuts
Samuel Khandare (29 days ago)
of course it's totaly depend on mentality... rapes tto gaon me bhi hote hai jaha ladkiya shorts ya skirt nahi pahnti... phir bhi ab jo mai kahunga use padh ke log kahenge mai narrow minded hu but still i want to say we are lives in India not America so our society is not free minded that's why girls have to understand this.. agar aap apni zimmedari samjho and dress up karo tto ye acha hoga aapke liye bhi and other females ke liye bhi.. i have four sisters and i have a gf also and i know very well what they like but i never allow them to wear anything which is not good for them.. and they are also agree with me .. please girls be smart, be safe...
R S (1 month ago)
Their skirts are not that short😂
Tazaim amir (1 month ago)
Love you channel unglibaaz 💕💕💕💕
Abdul Subhi (1 month ago)
han aur agar taro toh hum cheap ..... aur agay say kehtay hain rape bhi na ho. had hoti hai yar... slut mentality
Johnny English (1 month ago)
यह खुद बोल रहीं हैं की लड़के देखें इसलिए ऐसे कपडे पहनती हैं पर अगर कोई लड़का तारीफ करेगा इनके कपड़ों की तो बवाल मचा देंगी
Manu Jalwal (2 months ago)
Second girl... Pagal
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
I don't know why do they wear,everyone's choice is different from each other..We can't judge them..Some feel comfortable in them,some not Some like them,some not But..still I don't like short clothes,they ain't comfortable It's weird to wear them Short clothes mein girls attractive nahi lagti Simple mein jyada achi lagti ho Be beautiful and attractive with heart,not with clothes Don't do something to attract boys Do something which will attract the world for change,to become good people,do something which attracts people with negative thinking and change their thoughts What will they get by attraction of boys 😞I don't like these types of girls Beauty with heart will help you in bad times Clothes doesn't matter jo style itna and one of them said..school days mein skirt upar whatever All girls don't do like that so better all girls ain't involved in it or everyone will assume every girl as same
Nupur Dhakal (2 months ago)
primitive much? next make video on why boys likes to scratch their balls. Why shouldn't anyone wear whatever they want? judgemental morons get a life.
hans2406 (2 months ago)
Because they want and they can. Not your business.
I hate feminisem
Be modern not stupid (2 months ago)
They look good thatswhy they wear dont we boys (if you have good physique) wear tight shirts to show our body sorry for bad english
Umesh Chandra Thathi (3 months ago)
unhe ahsas he ki jaldi budhi ho jayengi isiliye dressing ka luft utha rahi he.
Raju Kaju (3 months ago)
It is just to attract attention of boys, and they say we shouldn't stare them, isn't it weird.
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Raju Kaju weird 100%
lakshita chaudhary (3 months ago)
In uk 70% girls wear short clothes nobody rapes n in india i think probably 60% girls wear short kinda clothes n they get raped. Huh. Sir its all about mentality okk. Its a girl choice what she wants to wear. Who the hell u r to judge her. Thats the reason why i hate india m British indian i mean m half indian half British but still i know everything about indian bcz of my mum n i hate that kinda society seriously m gonna marry a white guy bcz indian guys can never change thier mentality whether they belong to high society or low they all will think the same. I visit india frequently n i know how boys stare at you without any reason. Huh seriously if everything run like that then this indian society will never gonna change. Darn it..... get a life india.
Harsh Thakur (11 days ago)
lakshita chaudhary Nikal randi. Apni maa ko follow mat kar
sofu c (1 month ago)
lakshita chaudhary lol. Go do some study first. USA has the most number of rapes.
R S (2 months ago)
Although I am not from India It is bad to say that coz you are criticising both good and bad people....I think that girls in India should be more independent like (man lays hand on you..Chop this fingers beforehand)😎
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
lakshita chaudhary seriously...I hate India even I live in India because here people are selfish you know..I will never choose to born in India next time because boys are stupid...you are right they glare at you with no reason,That's why I don't like India nowadays..not a safe place to live
Ecstasy (3 months ago)
Rap about people who judge girls based on what they wear: https://youtu.be/TcUcU6R6VJE
yasmin namaz (3 months ago)
cp me sari bhangan ladkia ku ghumti h ??? Do they really think that someone dresses a certain way to get all the attention ? Sersly lol ! Its fashion. We dnt wear it ki ladke hume ghure. I love fashion i dnt spend 200 dollors a month ki ladke muje dekhe ! 😏. I wear it for me bcs I love it on me its makes me feel pretty and cute.
Harsh Thakur (11 days ago)
It's for attention slooottt
saumya ranjan Jena (2 months ago)
yasmin namaz Nobody asked you about how much you spend on clothes. If this isn't meant for attention, I don't know what is.
Mayur Garg (3 months ago)
Ek kaam kro saare kapde utaar k fenk do... More comfort, more good looks
Tri So (10 days ago)
Anamika Singh Your type Randi are problem in country
Anamika Singh (1 month ago)
People like you are the problem with our country.
Lamisa Choudhury (3 months ago)
Mayur Garg nobody
Mayur Garg (3 months ago)
Lamisa Choudhury aap kaun?
Lamisa Choudhury (3 months ago)
Mayur Garg lol
Tera baap hoon mein (4 months ago)
Vishvdev Unecha (4 months ago)
Sexy lagna or ladko ko akarshit kar ne ke liya to fir balatkar ka jimmedar boy nahi girls h
Raghunath Thorat (4 months ago)
Bhai aise kapdon se toh rapist attract ho rahe hain
Nouer Uz-Zaman (4 months ago)
first of all to ladies. ...it should depend on the occasion I even allow my wife to wear a bikini but on a beach in Mauritius/western countries (not india), because the environment is more open and everyone is wearing it, then shorts in uk/usa but in india I would tell me to wear jeans at best because of the society and it's tradition (which I respect) so you need to respect the tradition and more like jaisa desh wesa bees
Nouer Uz-Zaman (6 days ago)
Dhriti Sharma why are there idoits in the comment section So ..idiot who would u prefer a person who allows his wife to wear bikini or burka You know you guys can kiss off and why r u even replying to my comment it's none of your business
Dhriti Sharma (6 days ago)
Nouer Uz-Zaman who are you to *allow* your wife? A policeman?
Nouer Uz-Zaman (2 months ago)
+R S so from that all anecdote. .you bring out one point 'allow'..ok how about if I use another phrase 'i wouldn't mind' ..sigh, sm there is always one that brings out feministic agenda no matter what anyone said, so you give no regard whatsoever of how free minded I am depending on the occasion and then being that 'allow' point....someone said it right you can never please a feminist. .screw thr
Brock Lesnar (2 months ago)
R S in my opinion wife should wore clothes by her choice first then husband choice
Dhananjoy Debbarma (4 months ago)
I don't think girls wear short dresses in order to gain attention from boys
Terr Di (26 days ago)
Skullsmasher Not on the day of Judgement though
Skullsmasher (26 days ago)
+nancy nancy: Sure, but they also do it to attract males. The fact that those short skirts and short dresses are "comfortable" is a bonus for them.
Avinash Sahay (1 month ago)
I dont find anything gud in revealing body parts..
Terr Di (1 month ago)
nancy nancy So then why invent skirts for women only? Aren't men human beings too?
nancy nancy (3 months ago)
Lamisa Choudhury its comfortable for them.so they wear.
Syed Muhammad Ali (5 months ago)
india is just a sex market for boys of world such a cheap and dirty country
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Syed Muhammad Ali seriously brother It wasn't like this before Nowadays...I even don't feel to go out because of those dirty minded foolish idiotic guys I didn't wanted to insult them but I hate them
Bijay Sitaula (5 months ago)
When girls wear skirts then they looks different and attractive. I like to marry with that girl who loves to wear skirt, even Lehengas most of the time. But the choise of wearing depends on her.
tris hu (5 months ago)
Really how cheap that girl? She said because of she want attention. Fuck you girl. Even i like short skirt but not because attention . Because i like it.
Fox Mulder (5 months ago)
what country is this? All the girls are ugly as hell
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
HorribleDeplorableHarry No...some are beautiful with heart and pretty with soul,find those types of girls
bhushan bhoir (6 months ago)
its nice most of the ladies accept that they wear for attraction...and its true 100% of time....comfort kya re...jeans me kya legs ka dum ghutta he kya
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
bhushan bhoir😂seriously true I too wonder that Weird girls Attention milega They might think they look beautiful in that but unless they're beautiful with heart..no facial or clothes beauty will make them pretty
stuff maal (5 months ago)
bhushan bhoir wo kuch bhi pehne it's her choice
Rishabh Sharma (9 months ago)
Phir boys dekhe to cheap khlaye jaate h
yo yo (4 months ago)
Flying things bc nazre kaise cheap hoti he hawas bol hawas
stuff maal (5 months ago)
Rishabh Sharma toh cheap najro se mat Dekho
BHUSHAN SHELAR (11 months ago)
Bc ladko ko dikhana bhi hai our fir ladko ko gali bhi dena hai...Mc mf...Fuck off 🖕
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
BHUSHAN SHELAR All girls are not same..Apni choice dressing style ki But..Clothing sense wasn't good
Harry Singh (11 months ago)
do a prank on gold digger
muleyramdut (11 months ago)
Gaurav bhai log jis chij ke liye apko jante hai wo karo...! Esme like to kiya hai maine lekin mja nhi aya... Plz do best
muleyramdut (11 months ago)
UngliBaaz your right gaurav bhai...! Lekin wo karo jo apko suite krta hai...! Gunda prank Baba prank Police prank And its...! Jst subscribers hu apka is liye bola Gussa aya hoto sorry bro
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Bhai prank toh kar he rahe hai hum week mein ek baar.. kuch aur bhi exrtra entertainment aap logo ke liye please try karne do humme.. hum sab sirf aapk logo ke liye he toh kar rahe hai...
Pakistan HerO (11 months ago)
Short Dressez. .. => *Look Sexy* => *Look Hot* => *For Boyz Attraction* => *Show Off* => 💢💢💢 ... thts why *rape* is common in *Indian* 🇮🇳 .... And Thts why *Islam* not Allowed these Kind of staff. .. Bcoz B0ys In mamlo me Deehly ee hoty hain... EveryOne Know!!! SOo... 1st Cover Ur self Properly.... And 2nd Indian Boys need to Stop tht Vulgr things... Its TOooo shame Full thing for India
Seema Rani (7 months ago)
Shut up yar we are living 21st century 😒😒change your thinking.if we told you not to wear things that reveal your body and suppress you .
Mayur 9850013601 (8 months ago)
Pakistan is number 1 in porn consumption that also animal and human porn
Lokesh Trivedi (8 months ago)
if its not allowed in Islam then why do you pakistani men rape your own sisters,daughters and mothers? sharam nahi aati tum besharm pakistanio ko ?rape is very common now a days in pakistan because of the sick mentality of shameless pakistani men
Lokesh Trivedi (8 months ago)
these kind of staff?hahahaha jahil ganwaar pakistani english likhni tu seekh ly pehly har jagah kutte ki trha insult krwany pohanch jaty ho..
Lokesh Trivedi (8 months ago)
2 din pehly ek pakistani boy na hen ko fuck kia hai...tu kia hen bi short dress pehanti thi? "Bakrichod" pakistanis have now become "Murgichod".birds aur animals ko fuck krna tu band kar........ shameless pakistani boys should stop fucking goats and hens.pakistani boys should stop this brutality and vulgarity . Its too shameful thing for pakistan
Tasmiya sheikh (11 months ago)
Hn wese bhut saari ldkiya chote kpde kyu phnti he...?
stuff maal (5 months ago)
Tasmiya sheikh unki choice h
Jeet Ka Jashan (11 months ago)
Haa Ji Beshak Pasand Aayee
Lamisa Choudhury (3 months ago)
UngliBaaz fuck off bitch
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Pasand aayi toh watsapp facebook sab jagha share karre👍👍
paxton pinto (11 months ago)
Next video ask boys who do you stare at women ? And girls.. why are they always lusty?
The Viper (2 months ago)
The answer of ur question are also in this video. Hear what girls said in this video about short skirts 😏. So first you wear shorts for showoff and when boys give attention you called cheat and lust 🙄
People and Blogs (4 months ago)
It choices of women
YOUSEF KD (8 months ago)
paxton pinto they only look at women who wear revealing clothes
vishal sharma (11 months ago)
Just to grab attention of boys you wear short clothes and when they look at you, you think they are cheap.. Feminism smh!
Surendra Singh (5 days ago)
vishal sharma sabas
Tri So (10 days ago)
Harsh Thakur Ha ye anamika pehle to bol rahi he People like you are problem fir bol rahi i wear because it's hot Behen ki Lori tu Randi he tere jaisi randiyo ki desh me jarurat nahi he Jake foreign me sasti escort ban
Tri So (10 days ago)
Randiya banane ka shouk hota he basically
Harsh Thakur (11 days ago)
Anamika Singh You want attention in sexual way. Same as your mom used to do and get fucked by different man
Harsh Thakur (11 days ago)
Anamika Singh You are slut.
kumar munish (11 months ago)
Mic wireless karo yaar
Mukesh production (11 months ago)
Very nice video girls
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Thank you.. Please Share it with your friends 😀👍
shahidul alam (11 months ago)
Short skirt Ka dam(price) kom hota hai
Tariq Hashmi (11 months ago)
Good 👍🏻
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Thank you.. Please Share it with your friends 😀👍
v v (11 months ago)
Comfortable to bahana hai inn ladkiyo ko toh bus apna dikhana hai aur boys ko pass bulana hai.😂
Nisha Kushwaha रे रण्डी माधरचोद तेरी मां की चोदो हींजड़ा बाप की नाजायज औलाद माधरचोद
stuff maal (5 months ago)
v v yeh words Apki ghar ki ladkiyo ko Koi bole toh kaisa lagega
Izabelle Leite (6 months ago)
Nitin Singh bhai india ki ladkiya sanatan dhrm bhool rahi hai
Izabelle Leite (6 months ago)
Nisha Kushwaha ladke baal banate hai style marte hai kis liye batao
Hitesh Kumar (7 months ago)
Nisha 99% log skirts mein larke ko dekh ke tharki ho jaate hai. Jo larka apna biwi ko skirt pehanane ki permission deta hai wo apni biwi ko sexual object samajta hai
the champ (11 months ago)
sahi khel rahe ho bancho
Saifi Alam (11 months ago)
Bencho aise dress boys Ka attraction paane K liye pahenti h.. or boys unhe dekhe to bhi inhe dikkat h.. BC chahti KYa ho 😐😐
zayn VEVO (5 months ago)
Flying things hum to unhe shorts pehenne ki ijjajat nhi dete or na hi vo baki ldkiyo ki tarah ye short skirt , short frok, cut slip top, shorts kbhi pehengi qki hamari parivar m jitni bhi Jane h taya chacha vo indian culture ko hi promote krte h , hamare ghar ki ladkiya hamesha suit kurte or indian dresses hi pehenti h or vo aaj itna pd chuki h koi doctor h to koi engineer , or tum bologe ki tum modern nhi ho, to bro short kpde pehenkr koi modern nhi bn jata jisko tum jaise log modern bolte h vo Modernisation nhi Westernization h , hum indian h or apne culture or apni sanskriti se Jude rahenge,apne culture ko khatam nhi hone denge
stuff maal (5 months ago)
Saifi Alam tumhare ghar ki ladki short pehenegi toh tab bhi use gandi najro se dekhoge? Ya us waqt najriya Badal jaayega bcs wo tumhare ghar ki h
zayn VEVO (6 months ago)
Hitesh Kumar right bro👍
Hitesh Kumar (7 months ago)
SAhil tum jaise log larki ko randi ke roop mein dekhna padand karte ho, jaake apne tharakpan ki santushti karlo. Jo mard tharki na hai wo apni biwi ko saree/suit mein pasand karega. Aur Punjabi tere jaise na hote. Punjabi apni biwi ko suit mein rakhte hai jaake dekh bathinda, amritsar ya pathankot kaise larkiya suit pehanti hai, yahi hamara culture hai. Skirt mein dekh ke tharak aa jaata hai bc
Sahil zone (7 months ago)
tumhare jaise logo ki soch ke karan ldkiya apni pasand ke kpde pehn nai skti fuck u
Paresh Shekhva (11 months ago)
plz Bhai tantrik baba next part ❤❤
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Done bhai 1,50,000 subscribers hote he👍👍 tab tak is video ko daba ke share karro taki humme aapka support mille😍
Ujjwal Baroniya (11 months ago)
liked before watching.... pta h yar mast video hogi...
Ujjwal Baroniya (11 months ago)
UngliBaaz haan bhai zarur..
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Hahaha.. thankyou mere bhai.. share jaroor karna... watsapp fb har jagha👍👍
Afzal Ap (11 months ago)
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching.. share jaroor karna👍👍
Ankit Aggarwal (11 months ago)
Please bring baba back😂😂
UngliBaaz (11 months ago)
Hahaha.. 1,50,000 subscribers hote he tantrik baba trap ka new video👍👍

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