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Daily BE | Episode 108: The downside of wearing French cuffs

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Wearing French cuffs can be a great look, but there are some disadvantages... *** I love wearing French cuffs on my dress shirts. It's a great look that very few men seem to take advantage of, thereby setting me apart from the crowd! However, and this is admittedly a minor grievance, but sometimes the added bulk of my shirt cuffs can get in the way. I tend to notice them most when I'm working on a computer. Also, French cuff dress shirts are just a little more uncomfortable to roll up. Sure, it's easy enough to pop out the cufflinks, store them in your pocket, and roll your sleeves up, but that extra fabric in the cuff can just make for a little more bulk. Again, minor grievances, but enough for me to build my workhorse dress shirts with a barrel cuff design. *** You can follow Bespoke Edge here: https://bespokeedge.com/ https://www.instagram.com/bespokeedge/ https://www.facebook.com/TheBespokeEdge/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-... https://twitter.com/BespokeEdge What we do: We offer men's custom clothing throughout Colorado and Scottsdale by appointment. We are Colorado's highest rated custom clothier and it's our mission to help you become the best dressed version of yourself!
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Stuart Sinclair (10 months ago)
I love wearing French cuff shirts although when doing computer work I simply unfasten the cufflinks, Leave them attached to the outside cuff and fold the cuffs back twice , that way the material is out of the road. and I can still wear my cufflinks. This eliminates the neceesity of the 2nd step of removing thr cufflinks. So it is just an easy single step.
Stuart Sinclair (10 months ago)
Perhaps you could use my Tip when you next update episode 54, Ryan . Love your videos.
Bespoke Edge (10 months ago)
Good tip!
Joe Bernard (1 year ago)
Great video! Any thoughts on fused vs unfused french cuffs? I've heard fused cuffs are harder to clean but am wondering if unfused cuffs will be too soft/floppy/casual. Thanks!
Bespoke Edge (1 year ago)
Hi Joe, Great question. In fact, I think I'll create a blog post and/or VLOG on this topic... You're absolutely correct that cleaning dirt and grime from fused parts is going to be more difficult. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend fused French cuffs. However, fusing can be OK for traditional button cuffs because the fused side does not contact the skin. But not all shirts are created equal. You can certainly find some good manufacturers making great French cuff shirts that won't come off looking too soft or casual in nature. And a quality fabric will certainly help too. I'll write a blog post on this sometime soon because this is a great question. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can stay in the loop. https://www.facebook.com/TheBespokeEdge/ Thanks! Ryan
Steve Jagges (1 year ago)
I love a french cuff. A couple years ago I wore white french cuff shirts only for a whole year. That being said, I found that it was a whole extra step in the morning to get ready and like you said about rolling your sleeve it is an extra step that is not necessary.
Bespoke Edge (1 year ago)
A white French cuff shirt only, for a year?! I love it!! Sounds like that was your uniform.
Jose Klunker (1 year ago)
nice videos :) could you adress the topic of how to wash/take care of shirts, blazers, suits etc? would be nice if you could make a longer video about this. thanks!
Bespoke Edge (1 year ago)
Will do!

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