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Give me my money spell

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Green Devil Repossession Spell, Give me my money. Here is the chant. "(Debtor name) give me my money now! You owe it to me. I need it. Give it to me! Whenever you see the color green, you are thinking about the money you owe me. Whenever you hear the clink of metal, you think about the money you owe me. You can't sleep until you give me my money! You can't eat until you give me my money! You can't have sex until you give me my money! (add any personal stuff that you know from the person) Give me my money or you will burn!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If after 8 days the money is not given, change the end of chant to this! "You have my money, now BURN!" This spell is taken from the book Emergency Magick by Judika Illes
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Text Comments (388)
DEA DONUM (6 days ago)
Please don't burn anyone. Make people have diareah or something if they don't pay you.
Okosun Maliki (15 hours ago)
DEA DONUM I know a man in Africa who can help you with the spell you required, his spell work fast this is his whatsapp number +234907723684 message him now
Shirley King (9 days ago)
This worked for me I had two going at once. One person paid me back the next day. Still haven’t heard from the 3rd person. So, I’m going to work on this again. Lol
Okosun Maliki (15 hours ago)
Shirley King I know a man in Africa who can help you with the spell you required, his spell work fast this is his whatsapp number +234907723684 message him now
Leo Higgins (10 days ago)
I just found you at the right time...I subscribed and did this tonight on a new moon...looking forward to more great ritual 😍🤗
Miguel Baez (12 days ago)
You're absolutely awesome, thanks for this wonderful spell, now I can get my money back 😊
Corinne Hutt (14 days ago)
Recipe for the oil can you give it here
Corinne Hutt (14 days ago)
What happens if the person is out abroad and you can't contact the person, what happens then.
Paul Amos (15 days ago)
Hey here plz help me shere this. i want to testify of a great herbal and powerful spell caster my husband left me and the kids for 2 moths when i called him he didn't pick up when he came back home the 6 week he told me he wanted a divorce i was so sad i cried all night he left again i was so lonely the next day i was searching for something online when i found a herbal spell caster called Dr.Sandy who have helped so many people with herbal medicine and their problems so i contacted him with my problems he told me it will take 7days and my husband will be back to me i did every thing he told me to do and the next day my husband called and saying that he want to came back kneeling and begging he canceled the divorce we are now happy together Dr.Sandy can help you too Email him at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] call Whats App Number +2349031726182 https://web.facebook.com/dr.sandyspelltemple1/?modal=admin_todo_tour And he told me that he do herbal medicine to cure some illness like hepatitis,low sperm count, staphylococcus, fibroid,HIV cancer, diabetes, ulcer and all kind of STD Hpv Als thanks for all Dr.Sandy.
leonora Hand (19 days ago)
You use only the one candle for the 7 days or you use every day a new candle pease tell me
Hi White Raven...is there a way to reach you?
Okosun OMOLIKI (22 days ago)
I know a man in Africa who helped me out with money spell me and my 3000 dollars was returned to me are back together this is his WhatsApp number +2349067996110
Afiya rashid (23 days ago)
Can any one do these spells
Okosun OMOLIKI (22 days ago)
I know a man in Africa who helped me out with money spell me and my 3000 dollars was returned to me are back together this is his WhatsApp number +2349067996110
Marnita Alberts (27 days ago)
I'm gonna do this one. I only use beeswax candles with a cotton wick. I'll let you know when it works.
Okosun Maliki (24 days ago)
I know a man who help bring back my 40k dollars that was scam from me with a spell,he can help you with any spell you want,this is his agent WhatsApp number +12149745375
A G (30 days ago)
What am I suppose to do with this guy bcuz he always cries broke I don’t have money he might give a little but I know I will burn the candle and paper till the end.he owes me me in the thousands.where can I buy the oils plus is this suppose to be done for 7 days at the same time or it doesn’t matter
Okosun Maliki (24 days ago)
I know a man who help bring back my 40k dollars that was scam from me with a spell,he can help you with any spell you want,this is his agent WhatsApp number +12149745375
Dr Eka (30 days ago)
Just get the Alligator pepper and the Chewing stick, That person will be given you all what he own You okay,,,Every morning before the cocock cry at morning You speak on the Picture of the person with that chewing stick and Alligator pepper okay,,,Get to us via ([email protected])..No matter how powerful that person is you will control that person
MissGugu Omojesu (30 days ago)
Guys I don't normally comment but I'm here to confirm that this spell is working it's took only 4 days and the person paid me part of the money.....
Okosun Maliki (24 days ago)
I know a man who help bring back my 40k dollars that was scam from me with a spell,he can help you with any spell you want,this is his agent WhatsApp number +12149745375
MissGugu Omojesu (30 days ago)
Yoh that a lot anyway I think u should keep calling for it.. .
A G (30 days ago)
MissGugu Omojesu congratulations,I don’t think this guy will pay me all money even he knows I been reminding him for a while now we are talking about over 5k
margie adams (1 month ago)
i was pretty angry during this so it started working within the hour. she dont even realise that the nauseousness etc will go away as soon as she hands over my $2200.
Rozz Louise (1 month ago)
Also, what if they don't communicate with you ? ?!?!
Okosun Maliki (24 days ago)
I know a man who help bring back my 40k dollars that was scam from me with a spell,he can help you with any spell you want,this is his agent WhatsApp number +12149745375
Rozz Louise (1 month ago)
What if they're color blind, what would you say in the chant ?
House of House (1 month ago)
What about if the person that owes you the money doesnt want to speak to you,then what? Need to know
I do'nt have a commanding oil white raven.any oil available for this spell.pls.reply.
Eileen Miranda (29 days ago)
+Dr Eka hi..jst trying my luck if u cn help me also to have a child support from my bf who is a foreigner. Im always trying to contact him but he wl always block me in all Apps and social media. Even he knows that our daughter is a special child who needs to be treated so that she cn start to go to school by nxtyr..pls help me..pls if u have time to reply this is my email [email protected] I wl really appreciate your help for my daughter
Dr Eka (29 days ago)
Any Body that requested for the Chewing stick and Alligator, Get to us and we produce it and package it and send to them okay,,If you need it, just get to us via ([email protected])
A G (30 days ago)
Dr Eka ok where can I buy chewing sticks and alligator pepper
Dr Eka (30 days ago)
Just put Your mind together and use Eka chewing stick and the Alligator pepper, You will get back Your Money, No human being on earth that can not be controlled by the spiritual being, check out the spiritual usefulness of Alligator pepper, You dont joke with that, That person will pay Your Money with appeal,,,,No matter where the person stay, if he/she want to have peace ,,([email protected])...You can also confirmed all this from Mrs Laverne sampson From UK, ([email protected]) she will tell you the usefulness of spiritual chewing stick.....But You dont use it on the person you love okay,,,after use keep it back under your bed for future use
Hi white raven blessed day to you.need your help pls...pls...remove the third person in our life.my wife having a relationship with another man.aside from this,my wife steal my gold necklace and she denied it.im very sure hundred percent that my wife steal it..my spells does'nt work pls.do the spell for me.i want that expensive necklace bring back to me.pls.need your help.pls.reply thanks.
Okosun OMOLIKI (24 days ago)
I know a man who help bring back my 40k dollars that was scam from me with a spell,he can help you with any spell you want,this is his agent WhatsApp number +12149745375
Rosmy Navarro (1 month ago)
What oil can I replace from commanding oil...
Okosun OMOLIKI (24 days ago)
I know a man who help bring back my 40k dollars that was scam from me with a spell,he can help you with any spell you want,this is his agent WhatsApp number +12149745375
ModestDavid (1 month ago)
What's the spell to give me more girth down stairs?
Okosun OMOLIKI (24 days ago)
I know a man who help bring back my 40k dollars that was scam from me with a spell,he can help you with any spell you want,this is his agent WhatsApp number +12149745375
Keshayla Bennett (1 month ago)
Child support
Okosun OMOLIKI (24 days ago)
I know a man who help bring back my 40k dollars that was scam from me with a spell,he can help you with any spell you want,this is his agent WhatsApp number +12149745375
Mary Motherofgod (1 month ago)
Hey Boo 😍
Kyetti R. (1 month ago)
Hi, I've been watching your videos lately and I've commented on a few. I know they're all old but I hope you're able to see my comment and respond..... I would like to know if the spell could still work without contacting the person? I ask because I've already asked them several times and if not do you have to contact them everyday that you're performing the spell?
A G (30 days ago)
Kyetti R. Same here he knows he owes me and I have reminded him several times and haven’t been successful at all
Kelli Clark (2 months ago)
Uber has been giving some lame excuse about a glitch keeping us drivers from our instant pay for days now. We're getting desperate, so I want to do this spell not just for me, but everyone who is going through a hardship because of their negligence.
Can I use cooking oil?instead od comanding oil
Hi white graven can I use other oil cz I dnt have commanding oil???
Lil' Lady Saphire (2 months ago)
hi new subsciber here i have a question about the candle. how long do i leave it burning?
Dr Eka (29 days ago)
YES, You can reach us via our mail ([email protected]
Lil' Lady Saphire (29 days ago)
+Dr Eka oh ok thank you very much
Dr Eka (30 days ago)
Have you use the eka spiritual chewing stick first??? If you live in UK, You get it their and Alligator pepper
tasiawful1 (2 months ago)
Hi WhiteRaven I've decided I'm doing this spell on a company that owes my husband a lot off money we have given them nearly a year to pay us they have told us they will pay us in monthly instalments but we have had just a couple and it's stopped again. My husband worked very hard for them and isn't a well person I feel so much hatred in my heart for these people who are basically ripping us off we are a small struggling company ourselves so thank you for this I truly hope it works.
Dr Eka (30 days ago)
As a woman, when you get the eka spiritusl Chewing stick, at your own time , take the chewing stick and Alligator pepper, put it in your mouth and speak about that company owing Your Husband call the name of your Husband and the company for them to pay that money without delay, just do it for 7days, your husband will be called for his money and it might not get to be paying him monthly,,okay use it
Trinette Barfield (2 months ago)
I have child support papers but the dad isn't paying on time ever..he needs to get burned lol..
Dr Eka (30 days ago)
If your husband is not paying Your Child support on time, Just use the Spirit chewing stick and the Alligator pepper, he will be paying it in time as you will demand for it okay,,,,Just put your chewing stick and Alligator pepper on Your mouth and say it on your Husnand photo and commmand him to be doing it at the normal time, after speak with him, it will be on him , okay, he will be calling You for it
Trinette Barfield (2 months ago)
Yes child support spell yesss yessss
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
To get loan from your bank, OR get a house ..You just need eka spiritual chewing stick, Use this chewing stick every morning before going to the Bank OR your lender, OK..That bank or person will agreed with what you said and laon will be given to you OK..Speak to eka now for easy loan success ([email protected]
Bank Bill (2 months ago)
Hi ma'am for repeating this spell does is need a new piece of paper every day that the spell us repeated
delainafelix (3 months ago)
My ex stole 9,000 today. Thanks so much for this video. I made your commanding oil 2 months ago. It's been sitting for a while.
A G (30 days ago)
delainafelix any luck
Missy Longbottom (3 months ago)
You said if they pay something then the spell is over. What if they owe you $10,000 and they only pay $100?
A G (30 days ago)
Missy Longbottom any luck bcuz that’s lots of money
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
H/she will look for you to pay you OK
Hans Harrebomée, Jr. (3 months ago)
Is there a spell for ommanding a person to give you your inherirtance (money,properties,artwork, investments,etc) , already deemed yours. The person who left it to you has crossed over and the trustor doesn't want you to have it.
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Shaz Clayton, You dont need to just Beat around what You will do , OK..When you get the Chewing Stick and the Alligator pepper, You already No all Your sisters Names that are involved, Just Be used the chewing stick and the Alligator pepper, Call their various Names 21times and tell them that You are in charge Of this and as you do this, Their spiritual being will be telling them and their heart will be troubled at all night till they called you on the case, They will never have peace of mind,,,Never you instruct any hurt on them Because they are your sisters, OK..What you say Must happened to them,
Hans Harrebomée, Jr. (2 months ago)
+Dr Eka what is a chewing stick and alligator pepper? Where do you get them? Is there a incantation?
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
YES...Every morning at 3:30am, wake up use the chewing stick and Alligator pepper to speak to that person, in 21days, they will called you for settlement
Jasmine John (3 months ago)
Hi White Raven ,some guy owes me $400.00 I tried the spell with Domination oil because,I don't have commanding oil.However I also have Dragons Blood oil,Master oil,Black arts oil,bend over oil can I use one of those oils instead ?
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Just get to us i will let you no what to do
d calugar (3 months ago)
you are beautiful
Wasanthe D (3 months ago)
Yvonne Smith (3 months ago)
I can see that you are a very serious Lady and so am I. I am very sick and tired of people taking my kindness and generosity for weakness and this is going to end now. I need to protect myself and avoid very bad people from taking advantage of me. This is extremely painful for me. I just can't trust people anymore.
Yvonne Smith (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this spell. There a person who I was kind enough to allow him to rent a room in my home because I thought he was a decent good friend of my son. This guy is a nightmare, he doesn't pay for the little I asked him to room and access to everything e.g. washing/dryer, etc. He borrows money and doesn't pay back. I blame myself for being extremely stupid and I am learning the hard way. This guy thinks he's entitled to everything in my home and have threatened to have me beaten up by his family. He also curses me out and my sons are afraid of him because he's a bully and I know now that he is a criminal. I am going to get a restraining order and have him evicted asap. I also thought about using the hot foot powder to get him the hell out for good, however I want him to pay me my $240.00 that my son gave me to pay a utility bill. He stole the money and I really want him to hurt. Thank You.
Dr Eka (30 days ago)
That chewing stick is to speak to the spiritual being of another person to do what You want the person to do Or if the person is owing You money Or The person break your heart about Love, You can use that chewing stick, Or if you want to hurt person who offend you, just use that chewing and the Alligator pepper,,,
A G (30 days ago)
Dr Eka what is the chew stick for
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Use that chewing stick always to control any body in that House OK...Use it inside your room and nobody must see you doing this OK
Momo James (3 months ago)
Can it work without command oil
A G (30 days ago)
Dr Eka ok what chewing stick where to find it
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
If you are using any command Oil, You must get the Photograph of the specific person OK..But that have bad effect when there is mistake OK Use eka chewing stcik
Kevin Roselia (3 months ago)
Hello dear can this be done with a black candle?
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
YES, but it will take longer time than expected OK
Christina Quiroz (3 months ago)
Hi could you send me the child support spell please! Thank you
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Lion Heart (3 months ago)
Where can i buy that commanding oil thingy.... The one who awe me money block me in social media I send her a txt but she wont answer either....
A G (30 days ago)
Lion Heart wow really this happened to to me he unfriended me oh well, I told him you can run but you can’t hide 😂
Sasha- Kim (3 months ago)
What if you lost a large sum of money somewhere, you don't know who has it, but you want it back?
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
YES,,What you need to do, Just put one seed of Alligator pepper On your mouth with This Eka chewing stick, speak on it what You lost and say i want to get this back...If it was lost unkwon to you, That person that get the money will have trouble on his heart about that money in his dream at night to returned the money if he no you But If this person did not no you, he can returned that money to Authority in the place he live,,,As soon as that person returned the money, That person will be free and you will be seeing in your dreams that the money is returned and you will be looking a way to get hold of the money
will diablo (4 months ago)
How do I get of child support
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Did you no the names of those paying the child support money??? If Not Just use the name of the child every middle month ans said anywhere this name of my child is been seen for payment, They must recongise this first,,Keep doing that every middle month, That child support will be coming OK
eiram anibur (4 months ago)
full child support...not just when he thought of it...tnx
*holds up cross* Jesus please send the light into this person
Yvette Walker (4 months ago)
Have email address?
Raymond M;ourrs (4 months ago)
I need you urgently to do this spell and I will share 50% of what I get. 18297788824 .please text me. Thanks.
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Isha Salaleh (4 months ago)
Someone stole my sisters money how can she get her money back please help
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Tell Your sister to get to us now
deathbymetal86 (4 months ago)
I started doing this today but i wanted to ask a couple of questions i put the commanding oil on the candle before I put the name and give me my money on the candle and I didn’t have a small saucer I had a small plate and wanted to know if these things will not make the spell work?
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
get to me now
Sanna Baghdadi (4 months ago)
I am from India what if I don’t have commanding oil whatelse I can use
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Forget about oil
Loan Nguyen (4 months ago)
Child support spell please and where can I get the commanding oil.
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
Use the chewing stick for your child support OK....
Helen Dxb (4 months ago)
Hi hello like what commanding oil pls.
cleann heart (5 months ago)
I dont have the required materials. It's not sold in my country. Can I pay you to Cast the spell on my behalf? I have the debtor's foto and his name.
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
tasiawful1 (5 months ago)
Thank you for this spell Im thinking of using it on a person whom my husband did alot of work for and this company will not pay us. They owe us alot of money. I may change the spell a little but the basis of it will be the same. Thank you so much Im a new subscriber from the UK and learning the art. Blessed be.
Dr Eka (2 months ago)
You can give the spiritual chewing stick to your Husband to use and that company will pay every money owing Your husband OK....Just ask Mrs Laverne Sampson ([email protected]) from UK ,About eka spiritual work ..That company will pay Your Husband,,OK
Donna (5 months ago)
i dont have any money to buy commanding oil..can i still do the spell?
Secret Journey (5 months ago)
For all those women who want child support, what’s keeping you from going to court? Oh you still think you can get him back?
Aqua MOONSLOVER (5 months ago)
What if that person you don’t know where he is. What should do. ?
Adrian toppin (5 months ago)
I need to get in contact with u how can I need to ask a personal ? To u
Hundredth Monkey Power (5 months ago)
What do I do if I can't burn candles? I can't afford a place of my own, and I'm forced to live in the same house with a Wiccaphobic Jesus-junkie who's afraid I'll burn the place down with my so-called spiritual adultery. This spell is worthless.😢😢😢😢😢😢
Hundredth Monkey Power (5 months ago)
WhiteRaven Witch's Lair Thank you. But just the same, I request that someone who has freedom from religion at their house do a money/prosperity spell to help me.
WhiteRaven Witch's Lair (5 months ago)
I believe that when t comes to spells your intentions are the most essential part, but honestly you can do this in your bathroom.
Ndubuisi Onyeka (6 months ago)
How do i get commanding oil,can olive oil work in place of commanding oil.
WhiteRaven Witch's Lair (6 months ago)
Ndubuisi Onyeka no commanding oil is a mix of ingredients not only the oil. You must use commanding. Oil
F Pietra (6 months ago)
Great spell!! I need it. Only a question: How should we dispose the leftovers in the first case (that they pay us back) and how in the second case (when we BURN them...) ? THANK YOU for that! <3 Much love )O(
Gershon Yorbam (6 months ago)
You are great
Anselma Borroni (6 months ago)
How to make the commanding oil
universal star (7 months ago)
Can you write a spell to get rid of debt .
Alia Zahr (7 months ago)
what kind of oil please
Wendy Rose Fontanilla (7 months ago)
Hi, can u make a spell for a baby daddy who doesnt gve me any help for our new born baby he dosnt gve me any help and i see him always doing travelling having a good life and im the one only doin my best to feed my daughter and im broke..
Wendy Rose Fontanilla (7 months ago)
Hi, can u make a spell for a baby daddy who doesnt gve me any help for our new born baby he dosnt gve me any help and i see him always doing travelling having a good life and im the one only doin my best to feed my daughter and im broke..
WAGNER 308 (7 months ago)
1ppriiincess (7 months ago)
I love your channel so much, thank you so much on my journey!!! 💖
ROSE LIMUNGA (7 months ago)
Pls I need more thanks
Valerija Jurkovic (7 months ago)
sorry we have no shops here that sell ointmens for different spells...is there another oil to recomend instead of commanding one...like mint or cinamon??..thx in advance, respect
Willow Phoenix (7 months ago)
my goodness I love that shirt
Richa Ajmera (7 months ago)
Very good... and an easy one ..
tess podador (7 months ago)
I was visualizing the person who owes me money while i was doing this spell. I had to look at a photo i have of him on my phone so I can make a strong visualization. While i was saying the spell, his messages started popping up on my phone telling me hes going to pay me. He even corrected the amount i owe him (to something bigger) Blessed be!
A G (30 days ago)
tess podador any luck
Tee Cee (7 months ago)
Has this spell worked for anyone??....please post your experience.
Saphire P. (8 months ago)
Thank you, Can you do spell = husband died (mentally ill) and Social Security is denying me his money that is mine after his wicked family did something. Thank you.
Roberto Murray (8 months ago)
What happens when they don't give you the money and you do the spell and say "now burn " what happens when you say that spell ?
Farida Zaman (9 months ago)
I like this because i want my money back to me many people take my money then they didnt pay me until now ..its almost 10 years not to pay my money ..can u help me??
Carrolline Heart (9 months ago)
If the person I can't ever call because not used the number close it already I can't ever know wherever he are?
dédé tay (9 months ago)
please could you post a spell on how to separate friends? My husband dont have time to me, he never take me out, every day he go out with friends. 30 years now; i cant no more. have a nice day sister.
dédé tay (9 months ago)
hello sweet sister, how are you? thanks for all. Waoo, this spell work; perfect. kiss.
Nelly Nsimango (9 months ago)
Hie dear .... my question is . What if its alot of people who owe you ... can i write names in the same paper? Thanks
Timothy Brezina (9 months ago)
Will this spell help me to get my money back from someone who scam me out of money
Amy s newmei (9 months ago)
Do we also need to burn the paper slightly for 7 days
Simran Borade (9 months ago)
& even i want some spells that for healing my self i m being sick from a long time many medicines i took but i had not got any releif plz help me.
Simran Borade (9 months ago)
i love ur videos , & i love u also. i had done a honey jar spell but it hasnt worked .
Harpal Singh (10 months ago)
I am in love with one girl we worked together I want she love me .Can you help me what to do pls .
blonde field (10 months ago)
Am going to do this because someone owe my money and he doesn't want to pay me please I need your help am stressed over this ,please any help
helle velle (10 months ago)
Do the candle have to be green?can i change it to any other color like white and change the chant too? Plz answer me plzzzz
BWR Official (10 months ago)
Which day is good to start this spell. Your kind reply is awaited..........
Macluther Titus (10 months ago)
Kiss your hand 5 times then look under your pillow
AfroKito Boho Artist (10 months ago)
Thank you
[email protected] (10 months ago)
What do I do if the debtor doesn't reply to my calls or email. We are talking about a lot of money. I can't reach him. He is in Australia. Please tell me what to do. Blessings x
Lynda k (10 months ago)
Thank you White Raven ! I performed this spell, and this person wasnt paying, so , I finished with, "And now you burn ".. and guess what ? On one occassion when I was visiting, his lighter flamed up and burned him! Then it happened twice that day..then on a separate visit, he was burned 3 times that day by his lighter again..I mean he went to lightup his smoke and Flames shot out and burned his fingers...He did return 500 of what he owed me, but now the amount is at 4000$.. I am going after him magickally.. so,since I saw some results on the first round.. I am thinking I would like to perform it again , hitting him on a Mars day or a Saturn day during the waxing moon.. but what do you think ? Since I received that portion and I saw him get burned, the spell is over and done...so, do I proceed as before , or is there a different spelll I should do .. I need my 4000$..Thank you Whte Raven
James Phuc (10 months ago)
Hi. Thanks for the video. I wish to know if I translate English into Vietnamese (my language), and chant in Vietnamese. IS IT STILL EFFECTIVE AND POWERFUL AND WORKING ? Or we must use English only? Please advise. Thanks a lot
MaltbyMelissa (10 months ago)
Why did you support this one...Do we usually talk to witches...
Empress Benjamin (10 months ago)
I have tried to communicate with her, and she's verbally abusive, which is why I came to this teaching,so I will have to reach out to her again, she has already called child protective services on me to have my children removed but the case was false and closed.

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