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In this #AskLauren I'm address what I think about dating a vegan vs a non-vegan! Subscribe for more videos! http://bit.ly/SubLaurenToyota I'm mostly curious to know what you all think? Do you have a partner who isn't vegan and you are? Does it work? Do you care? If you have more #AskLauren questions leave them in the comments below with the hasthag! CHECK OUT THE TOUR DATES http://www.hotforfoodblog.com/booktour MEDITATION & MANIFESTATION PLAYLIST http://bit.ly/1O6ZZ60 RECOMMENDED VIDEOS http://bit.ly/1KOMUk0 ******************************************* ORDER THE #HOTFORFOODCOOKBOOK http://www.hotforfoodblog.com/cookbook ******************************************* SIGN UP & GET EXCLUSIVE RECIPES http://eepurl.com/bZF6pv ******************************************* BUY HOT FOR FOOD MERCH http://www.hotforfoodblog.com/shop ******************************************* CHECK OUT HOT FOR FOOD'S AMAZON SHOP https://www.amazon.com/shop/hotforfoodblog ******************************************* You can also order vegan beauty products and food items from iherb.com using my discount code https://iherb.co/2rKcwTd2 WATCH MORE LAUREN IRL http://bit.ly/1TrRl5a WATCH WHAT I ATE IN A DAY EPISODES http://bit.ly/1fp6iom MORE TRAVEL VLOGS http://bit.ly/1NCiov1 Follow: Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/laurentoyota Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/laurentoyota Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/itslaurentoyota Follow hot for food: website - http://www.hotforfoodblog.com twitter - http://www.twitter.com/hotforfood instagram - http://www.instagram.com/hotforfood facebook - http://www.facebook.com/hotforfoodblog pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/hotforfoodblog snapchat - hotforfood If you wish to send anything to Lauren you can ship to her UPS box: 719 Bloor Street West, Suite #302 Toronto, ON, M6G 1L5
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wayne little (1 month ago)
Megan Kenealy (2 months ago)
I wish you had a podcast, I absolutely love these sit down videos or even the ones where you film yourself eating after filming for hot for food! I know you're a busy lady but think about it ;)
Vero Woo_x (2 months ago)
I went vegan 2 years ago and ive been in a relationship for 9 years he isn’t vegan but he’s become suuuuper vegan friendly he’s always down to try new vegan restaurants he took me to Orlando just to go to veg fest, he even makes sure if we’re going to eat with friends they have a vegan option for me I obviously wish he was vegan but I think as long as they’re supportive that’s good too and he even cut out red meat and pork so little by little lol
Juliya Kay (2 months ago)
My boyfriend is not vegan. I've been vegan for 2 and a half years. He said that when we live together he will attempt to go Vegan. He doesn't have the money to buy all his own food at his parents house since his parents are completely against it. It doesn't really bother me when he eats meat (just sometimes) but I will always remind him why it's wrong. He's so supportive of me and almost acts like my #1 fan when it comes to being vegan. He's the most amazing person I've met so I feel like we can get there.
K F (2 months ago)
Hey #asklauren! I’m vegan and my boyfriend is not 😒 He is pretty understanding of my diet and will try anything vegan that I make and has also tried tons of meat and dairy replacements. I hope he will have a change of heart someday, especially since we agreed if we ever have kids they will be raised vegan. Since I refuse to cook or buy meat/dairy when I grocery shop, he is forced to buy it on his own or eat it at a restaurant! Good vibes coming your way! ✨
Monica (2 months ago)
Check out Pela cases. Canadian company making plant based - biodegradable. Sent in 100% recycled packaging. Amazing
Conscious and Kind Britt (2 months ago)
Spot on 👌👌👌
Ashley Kohl (2 months ago)
I’m getting a divorce (going vegan is basically the main reason) and I have no idea what I’m going to do...dating is scary enough for the first time in a decade, and now I also have to find a vegan. I don’t even know any vegans in real life! I pretty much feel hopeless at this point ☹️
Julianne Hester (2 months ago)
I had been with my boyfriend for 6 years before I decided to be vegan so even though it was kind of a big problem at first (and it still does cause a little tension every now and then) we made it work. I do feel like I got lucky because he can't eat eggs and most dairy and he doesn't cook meat in our home. It didn't take too long before he would find vegan recipes and cook them for us which was really sweet, he would never make anything I couldn't eat. He would still buy premade things with meat and dairy but at least he wouldn't cook it in the kitchen. But I feel like if I was single and vegan I would definitely look for a vegan partner. That would be really important to me if I was single and starting over. Too late now, haha! But we're good, we make it work :)
Jessica (2 months ago)
Vegan values and lifestyle are sooo important in a guy for me. You’ll find your special vegan someone when it’s the right time.
positivelykira (2 months ago)
As someone who is in a multicultural, religious, and vegan/non vegan relationship I can tell you that it can be tough, but also really rewarding. Its important for me to not stay within my echo chamber and to be challenged on occasion. It keeps me seeking more information and ways to communicate it. I constantly remind myself of my own thoughts/beliefs before going vegan etc, and that I was a good person then as well as now. Eventually I hope my partner becomes fully vegan, but if he does not that doesn't change the reasons I fell in love with him. Same goes for my family members, friends, etc.
Danaya Yerzhanova (2 months ago)
Dear Lauren, I've watched you for years & never commented. Until now. Simply put: to win a lottery you at least need to buy a lottery ticket. If you don't go on dates - the universe will not be able to place the perfect guy into your life. Please read/listen to 'get the guy' by Mathew Hussey.
Valeria Valenzuela (2 months ago)
I’m in a relationship with a pescatarian and no i don’t think it’s asking too much that your partner share the same views. I hope eventually he will go vegan but he likes dairy too much and it bugs me sometimes since he seems to not be open to letting that go. He stopped eating meat because of the awful treatment towards animal, but then he still eats fish and dairy, I can’t seem to get him to understand that this is kinda contradictory..
Debra (2 months ago)
I think it is important to date someone that also follows a vegan diet. I'm married to someone who is totally non vegan and doesn't believe in any of the aspects of it as well, it's very difficult to try to explain myself to him constantly and get the eye roll. I will add that he is fine with me eating vegan and talking about it with others and he rarely will have anything negative to say about it but it still bothers me a little that he isn't as compassionate about the ethical reasons behind it all. Good Luck in the dating game <3
Davide Zerbato (2 months ago)
I mean you don’t need to justify yourself for the choices you make in your lovelife, you’re talking about someone who you’re planning to spend a lot of your life with and obviously they can’t have opposite ideas in something you’re passionate about, it’s not gonna work out like that
DanaFM (2 months ago)
Hold strong to your beliefs, and the partner that matches up to them will be worth the wait.
Suzy Love (2 months ago)
I'm recently single and in my last relationship we were both omnies and last year (almost a year ago!) I became vegan. He was supportive.. I was the cook in the house, so he ate what I cooked. I cared, it bothered me when he ate meat elsewhere, but at the same time he was supportive. If I have another relationship, they need to be vegan and preferably atheist. Like you religion isn't as much of an issue and I could deal with that, as long as they are not always trying to preach to me. Meat, dairy and eggs in the house? No. I currently have roommates, because I have no choice right now and they are both major meat and dairy consumers and I HATE living with that. It really bothers me, so I know I could no longer do it. I agree with you and I don't find you to be bitchy about it at all. Personally, I'd rather be single.
AndriGames (2 months ago)
As a vegan male, I think I couldn't date a woman/girl that's either religious or non-vegan, and I don't see how having different ideals for our world could make a good living condition, there's almost no way that has a good ending, in order to live comfortably next to someone, EVERY DAY, you'd have to share ideals and hopes, else it's kinda a waste of time, in my opinion, obviously.
Char Callan (2 months ago)
#asklauren vegan toothpaste ?!?
Danni Ca (2 months ago)
Do you find it difficult to travel and be vegan? Do you have any tips especially when travelling to third world countries where veganism isn't a large movement? P.s I've met you before and you're so lovely! You continue to inspire the vegan chef in me everyday! #ASKLAUREN
Bianca Loren (2 months ago)
I've been vegan for 2 years and I've been with my partner for almost 9 years. He eats what I eat but eats meat when I'm not around or in his own time. I never wanted to force him to be vegan but it does bother me that he numbs himself to the animal industry. Its very difficult for me to see him smoke meats as one of his favorite hobbies. Its difficult because it's something that I'm passionate about. I'm hoping he transitions eventually because I really hate seeing that in my fridge but my love for him and my daughter surpasses that. I don't even want to get started on how to raise my daughter 😫 she hasnt started solids yet but I feel alot of bickering coming in the near future.
Katie (2 months ago)
I am vegan and my boyfriend is not. Since going vegan, I never thought I would date a non vegan. However, my boyfriend is loving, supportive and down to earth. Now that we have been dating, he is very open and accepting. Although I don’t support his eating habits, he supports mine and because of what I have taught him, he wants to go vegan. He knows i will raise my kids as vegan because it is very important to me. He is always open to trying vegan food and will even go a few days a week as a vegan. If you do date a non vegan, date someone who is at least open to the idea. Obviously you don’t want animal products in your home so make that very clear. I don’t see a problem with it unless your partner is not open to the idea of learning. And it isn’t bitchy to want to only date a vegan either!! It’s completely up to you. It’s your life so no judgement
Jen ON (2 months ago)
You are right, food is a massive part of life as is cooking diet and lifestyle especially when vegan. Me and my bf are vegan, except I am ethically motivated he is purely health and doesn't label himself vegan. But it's so important
LifeInLimbo (2 months ago)
I became vegan two years into dating someone. This guy is an obese doctor that knows his eating habits are killing him. I do not try to make him become vegan however when he is at my house he eats the vegan food or doesn't eat. I will not buy him non-vegan things. I'm only trying to help him because he's probably a few years from a heart attack.
Samantha Rose (2 months ago)
I'm dating/living with my boyfriend who is not vegan or vegetarian. But he definitely eats 90% vegan because of me. When we are at home he will eat vegan, but its when we go out that he will sometimes get meat & dairy. However, lately when we go out it's been at vegan places and he loves them just as much. Hope you find someone who makes you happy !
Teresa LeVasseur (2 months ago)
I'm married to a non-vegan and there are a few reasons why it works for us. 1. My husband is very supportive of my veganism and will even defend my beliefs to others. He always has my back about it. 2. My husband is happy to eat vegan food, enjoys eating it, and will always make sure there's something for me to eat wherever we go if it's not a place known for vegan options. 3. Our food at home is almost entirely vegan, and the things that are just for my husband are inconspicuous. Mostly it's because he's allergic to nuts so we'll have a nut thing for me that's vegan and a no-nut thing for him that has dairy or whatever. I've only been vegan for 2 years and we've been together for 10 years, and after a small adjustment period we really found a way to make it work and I have no complaints.
Carlie Williams (2 months ago)
I’m probably in the minority, but for me it doesn’t hold president. I completely understand where you’re coming from because there are some things that I just won’t compromise. I’ve been in this relationship for 4 years and he has no interest in being vegan but respects my want to do so. For me, I draw the line with forcing someone to do what you’re doing. If he was trying to get me to switch my lifestyle or trick me into eating meat/dairy that would be one thing but we don’t do that to each other. But I also don’t have a n issue with him cooking meat in my house and I think that comes from the fact that I grew up in a non-vegan household where I would always cook my own food and live by my own standards while my family didn’t partake. You have every right to have standards, especially because food is such a big part of your life, but for me it just doesn’t bother me.
Erin Normandeau (2 months ago)
Hey Lauren, love these vids! Like sitting down with a friend, always interested in hearing what you have to say :) My partner and I have been together for ~7 years and about 3 years ago I committed to a fully vegan lifestyle and my partner did not, he was actually a little upset about it! Food was something we shared together, and he felt that we wouldn't be able to experience that anymore. It was a little bit of an issue at first, I wouldn't buy the groceries when he wanted animal products and I would get uncomfortable when he cooked meat in our kitchen. But because we ended up cooking meals for each other often he ate a lot of plant based meals. He would get upset if I ever tried to pressure him (openly talking about health effects/environment/animal welfare) on becoming vegan and I knew I had to just let it be and respect his wishes. Then one day he decided he wasn't going to eat meat anymore! Then a few months later that he was going to cut out all animal products! I think once he was beginning to have all these great experiences with plant based meals, and negative experiences with non-vegan meals (it really is gross once you think about it! haha) it helped him transition. Similar to yourself, veganism is essentially core to my life, so it was important that my partner felt the same. However, that he was able to come to the transition on his own helped our relationship a lot, and I'm so glad he didn't switch because of any force coming from my end (though it is difficult for me to be quiet about it haha). Food continues to be an adventure we share together, trying new restaurants, and recipes even more than we did when we were both non-vegan now that I think about it! I truly believe that veganism is the future, and some people obviously haven't had the chance to experience it yet. But if you begin a relationship with someone and introduce them to it, if they have the values you might be looking for, a plant-based transition is very possible! Especially since you especially make it so fun and tasty haha! ANYWAY, some novel there but thought I'd throw in our experience. It's not perfect, sometimes things falter but hey that's what relationships are right? We work together to create the best lifestyle we can and that kind of partnership works well for us. Good luck Lauren! The law of attraction is certainly true, and you have so much good Karma coming your way :)
jeenjeanjeen (2 months ago)
Totally not unreasonable to want a partner who doesn't condone or participate in the senseless slaughter of innocent animals. If someone can rationalize or participate in such violence, and you're vegan primarily for ethical reasons, there is an unbridgable gap of consciousness, let alone values. Big props if you're vegan and open-minded enough to try to attempt a relationship with a non-vegan. I know I can never do it at this point in my life.
Michelle P (2 months ago)
My live in is omni. But. He's 100% supportive of my stand, cooks more than I do and something we both eat. Doesn't (currently) purchase animal products to cook in my house. That was kind of the deal. He'll order and eat whatever he wants while out, but completely respectful in my home. Aside from being vegan, it's all I could ask for.
Jessica Schuess. (2 months ago)
Lauren! I have a recipe request that I think will be quite challenging but nothing you can’t handle. One thing I LOVED in my pregan days was fluffy, Japanese-style cheesecake. I’m sure you’ve had it before, but in case not, it’s much lighter and airier than NA cheesecake. There are very few recipes online and the ones that do exist have very unconvincing photos. Would like to see what you can come up with!! PS- made your buffalo cauliflower last night for dinner from your cookbook. Slowly getting through all the recipes! (Though I’ve made your buffalo cauliflower a zillion times) Much love!
Rhiannon Jayne (2 months ago)
Obviously everyone is different, in saying that I think it would come down strongly as to why you turned vegan. Personally, I turned vegan more because of the negative effects that meat, dairy ect products had on the human body. Yes I'm vegan because of the ethics as well, but I knew about the ethical issues well before I went vegan and feel I went vegan more because of what I learned from the health aspect! Because of this I am vegan and my partner is very much not vegan and it doesn't bother me at all..
Aleksandra Florczak (2 months ago)
i went vegan when i was with my ex boyfriend and he didn’t cook meat in the house but it kinda bothered me that he didn’t share same beliefs,couldn’t or rather didn’t want to open his eyes and let’s just say i’m happy we are no longer together (it was a 7 years long relationship)...now i only date vegans because #compassionissexy ❤️
Stephanie RC (2 months ago)
My boyfriend and I were dating for 2 years and then we became vegan. We danced around the idea and then went in fully. We are still together at almost 5.5 years..its not necessarily a deal breaker but it does help a lot!
threeheadedpuppy (2 months ago)
I think your vortex needs to swoosh you to the UK, as I would definitely buy you a cup of tea. Maybe a cookie.
hannahrlewis (2 months ago)
Girl I am WITH you in ALL the dating things! And I’m the same age as you. Soul sisters 👯‍♀️
hannahrlewis (2 months ago)
PS I hear Snickle purring the whole second half of the video! 😍😻
CauliFlower Power (2 months ago)
I'm actually so happy about you talking about being single. I've been letting myself be single for about a year and a half now, after not letting myself be single for more than a few weeks since the age of 14 (So about a decade) and honestly feel lost sometimes. All of my friends are in long term relationships and it's really nice to hear common feedback from someone else on a familiar path. I personally think that having spent that much time "settling" just so that I would feel loved and not alone, it's good to know your standards. Being vegan, I can't imagine dating a nonvegan, or at the very least a vegetarian. My last boyfriend turned vegan quickly after I did while we were together (That wasn't enough to keep us together) but knowing that, I know there is someone out there who will come when they're supposed to. I know I have things to work on still so I'm focusing on that rather than focusing my energy on boys because I believe in soulmates and know that once I meet someone who's worth getting to know, I'll know what the real dealbreakers are vs. what my imagination has conjured up as "the perfect guy." I can't say I'm really going out of my way looking for guys at the moment but I can't imagine sharing a house and kids (if that's where life takes us) with someone who ate meat because our values would seem so unaligned. If someone knew me enough to know the health, environmental and ethical reasons of why I'm vegan and didn't agree enough to be vegan themselves within the first few months, I can't picture it working, but who knows in the end. There would definitely be a "brush your teeth after eating nonvegan food" rule though, I know that much lol. I think high standards are a good thing and keep us from settling and essentially wasting time if you're not learning from them, being inspired, and working toward your ultimate goal of finding true happiness because you're too busy making excuses of why you're with someone. I truly think that when you meet the right person, you'll know it from every fibre in your being. Lots of love to you from Toronto, Lauren. <3
Danielle Thomas (2 months ago)
I completely understand you not wanting to date a meat eater. I'm vegan and my boyfriend isn't and he's open to eating vegan but it still gets to me having to buy meat, eggs and butter for him and having him cook meat alongside my food. I struggle at christmas too watching everyone tuck into all this meat which I'm completely against. However I get to cook for my boyfriends parents and family alot and I love introducing them to vegan dishes which they would never eat otherwise. It's certainly not easy having a non vegan partner but I feel like the world is coming round to it and I want to help more people cook more plant based meals
Cecile Villette (2 months ago)
OMG Paris!! Go to VG Patisserie for vegan Croissants (even my husband could not find the difference btw a non vegan...)
TheGreen Jarret (2 months ago)
Meatheads smell like roadkill
MsGranvillegirl (2 months ago)
My partner was not veg when I met him. He was always open about the lifestyle and rarely ate meat. It wasn't really an issue, and eventually he made the decision to transition to a vegetarian.
MsGranvillegirl (2 months ago)
Also when you're in Halifax you should check out The Wild Leek!
Angie Arnall (2 months ago)
I've been vegan for 2 1/2 yrs and my husband has been 90% vegan for the last year.  He saw how good I felt eating this way and he decided to give it a go.  He does have a hard time with eating out and the idea that every meal doesn't have to contain a potato, veg and "meat" type food.  He does have times that he does vegetarian when eating out because for him that's easier.  We all have our own journey and I don't stress over it.
AnnaKavan (2 months ago)
Well done for deleting bumble account it does not suite a lady
Melissa Carlill (2 months ago)
My husband is not vegan. It is hard. I wish he was. We were together for about 8 years before I changed. It's been 2.5 years vegan for me. He eats and cooks meat in our house. It's gross. It is upsetting. I want him to change but I doubt he ever will. So I just judge him, mostly silently, but sometimes loudly hahahaha
Interrupted By Fireworks (2 months ago)
I think it's completely fine to not want to compromise on something as big as veganism. My last boyfriend wasn't vegan and it caused so many problems even just on a basic conversational level that I don't know if I could ever do it again. Plus, I don't know if I could ever be with someone or fully trust them if they didn't connect to veganism because I'd always think they were missing the ability to be compassionate and empathetic.
Alisia Ortiz (2 months ago)
My partner isn't vegan. I would loveeee him to be but I understand that he needs to undergo his vegan journey in his own way. It still makes me upset when we go out to eat and he eats meat in front of me but at the same time if we go to a full vegan restaurant he loves it just as much (we don't have much vegan restaurants where I live). I don't think it's high maintenance or bitchy to want to be with someone who is also vegan. At the same time though.. I think you should also be open to someone who wants to go vegan or is curious! Just set your intention and go with the flow <3 Can't wait for the Paris vlog!! xoxoxo
T Eye (2 months ago)
I think you already know the person you’ll end up with or the person that will introduce you. You’re an adorable successful recognizable YouTuber and I’m sure there’s a guy in your circle that you maybe haven’t considered. Hmmm :) Whatever happens, keep making self love and happiness a priority. 🙌❤️🌱 My guy is pretty much vegan now that I’ve presented him with factual info and tasty treats. I love to cook and he loves my food. He’s super open and flexible, eats vegan with me always. He eats a little bit of cheese occasionally when he’s visiting family, etc. and I’ve come to terms with it. He’s such a great human being, we have a deep mental spiritually and physical connection and that’s not something I would ever give up. Such a rare and once in a lifetime kind of gift. I accept him as he is. I know he’ll come around completely in his own time. It’s inevitable.
Julia Silver (2 months ago)
Your standards are not too high! I feel the same exact way. I want to be ok with it, but I know, deep down, that I am not. My long-term boyfriend started eating fish recently after being vegan for a long time, and I didn’t know what to do. I felt lost. I thought that was something we had the same thoughts and beliefs about - I wanted it to be something that we had the same thoughts and beliefs about. I told all of my best friends (all non-vegan) about it, and they said I was overreacting - it was just food. But it was so much more than that to me. It was that he knew the harm he was causing and still did it.
Bethany M (2 months ago)
I'm vegan, my partner isn't. I was vegetarian when we met, then became vegan. We only eat/cook vegan food at home, but he eats meat when we eat out sometimes. It's not bitchy or unreasonable to want a vegan partner. People have different needs and requirements when it comes to relationships, and that's perfectly okay 💖
Roxie D (2 months ago)
I've started a dating profile & this has definitely been on my mind. Veganism has little to do with food and everything to do with aligning with compassion, ethics, belief systems, ideologies, kindness, love and so on. I don't want to kiss someone who smells like sulfuric eggs or smelly cheese 😥 I don't want that stuff in my home or cooking on my stove. I'd date someone who was open to veganism, but ideally they'd already be veg heads 🤘😎
Ella L. (2 months ago)
shoe laces Nobody? BS.
shoe laces (2 months ago)
Roxie D wrong vegan has everything to do with food. Nobody cares about ethics, compassion etc that's only for marketing purposes.
Jami Velez (2 months ago)
I'm in Vegas but I'm working while you're here! I'm so sad!! But I did want to throw out there that I truly believe I manifested my husband into my life. I put out into the universe exactly what I wanted in my life mate and the universe brought us together. But we met through the dating app Tinder! So you never know how you'll get there. Keep an open mind you never know when love will strike! I became vegan after getting married and he's been very supportive and eats all vegan food at home and then as he likes to outside the home which works well for us. It really helps that he's so open to eating all the vegan food I can find. He really likes it! But I keep an open mind about his choices to eat as he thinks is right for him and his body. You keep doing you and it'll all come together. <3
Wynston Pennybacker (2 months ago)
As a vegan, the most important thing for me in a partner (in regards to diet) is that my partner understands, supports, and defends my choice to be vegan and is open to veganism. They don't have to be vegan when I start dating them, but I would hope that in the long term they could become vegan.
Kristiana Chancy (2 months ago)
also one of my vegan friends told me right before she met the guys she's been with for a year now that not being vegan was a deal breaker (also the day she met him -on bumble- she was going to delete the app and she saw him and they matched) but this guy isn't vegan.. he's super into crossfit and healthy but not vegan.. sooo idk. But also I became vegan while married and never pressured my husband and he made the choice super shortly after I did to become vegan.
shoe laces (2 months ago)
Kristiana Chancy just tell him that you don't care about ethics! Match made in heaven :)
Kristiana Chancy (2 months ago)
im not saying your view is wrong at all but have you heard the things about people saying "oh god will send help or the universe will send something my way" but then they dont put the work in? not that being on or off bumble is good or bad but I don't totally think you should think its not trusting the universe by being on it. Do what makes you happy but I encourage you to not think that putting yourself out there is not trusting the universe
Fru-Gal (2 months ago)
You're beautiful & don't need makeup---natural beauty :)
Orsi Bán (2 months ago)
Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2, 5 years and I went vegetarian about 6 months ago. I think he's still kind of getting used to it for example when we're out and about he would ask me if I wanted to go to KFC and I would just be like dude...but I don't think he's being ignorant it's just that we don't see each other that often. He respects me and my decision and I know I'll probably never be able to convince him to stop eating meat. I don't know how that's gonna change when we move in together though..like you said I won't want to spend my money on meat let alone work with it..
alexanderrupp (2 months ago)
Yes, I'm so lucky I'll get to meet you in Paris ! Cloud Cakes for croissants ;)
Amy Homer (2 months ago)
My boyfriend isn't vegan but he believes it is the right way to do things, but because he lives with his parents still, he eats whatever they cook. But he doesn't eat meat around me and he spreads the vegan message. SO I guess it bothers me that he eats meat sometimes but because he agrees with me it doesn't really cause issues between us
Rally Stanoeva (2 months ago)
Don’t knock bumble/tinder! I used to care about meeting someone in a “natural” setting but then I met the love of my life on tinder. Now I couldn’t care at all as we’re living together and talking about marriage. The way I see it, we’re so perfect for each other that if we hadn’t met on tinder, the universe would have connected us in some other way. I was on tinder/bumble on and off for over a year and only went on a few dates so I totally understand how you felt.
Nancy Plants (2 months ago)
My husband is not vegan. I became vegan two years ago and we've been together 11 years. It's annoying sometimes. He doesn't like to eat at vegan/vegetarian restaurants and he doesn't like to eat what I make (although he enjoys to food he tries). He's kind of a brat about it and it's annoying, but we have other aspects to our relationship that are good so...it is what it is. It does bother me, though. I'm not going to lie.
MsRose00 (1 month ago)
shoe laces WTF? How did this turn to him committing cannibalism? What is wrong with you?
shoe laces (2 months ago)
Nancy Plants and if he ever decided to eat one of your family members for food, like your aunt or anyone else would you still forgive him?
Nancy Plants (2 months ago)
shoe laces We're married and have a son together. We've been together for 11 years. It's not something I would just throw away because I've changed my lifestyle. Sure, it would be great to be with someone who is vegan, but I'm not and that's OK. I worry about my own behaviors and choices. That's the only thing I have control over.
shoe laces (2 months ago)
+Nancy Plants why do you absolutely have to have a 'normal relationship' with someone you get annoyed by every day?
Vik P (2 months ago)
I wouldn't feel guilty about my preferences. There is a number of reasons why a vegan person would want to date another vegan. And if there are people who think that choosing a partner who sees eye-to-eye with you on a lot of topics is "bitchy", then I question their sanity. The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.
Thrift Addict (2 months ago)
You're not being a bitch at all. It's your job, it's a major part of your life. I'm vegan and my boyfriend is vegetarian but he eats vegan at home. When we first got together he was a carnivore and was very leary of my food. Over time he opened up to trying my things and found he really liked them. It was a slow progression but we're here and I'm ecstatic. I'd still be with him even if he wasn't vegetarian but it broke my heart every time he ordered or purchased meat.
TheVeganMe (2 months ago)
I’m with you on the vegan thing. I think what it comes down to for me is a desire for self improvement and self awareness. I’m always striving for that so it’s important that they are as well. I went vegan while I was married and my ex husband had no desire to learn or be excited about the things that I was. He was okay staying the same and never trying to be better and it became a problem. I was growing and he wasn’t. I’m dating someone now who converted from vegetarian to vegan just a few weeks ago and I love his desire to grow and learn.
Lu (2 months ago)
dating apps are weird. personally I'd rather meet someone irl than "forcing" a relationship but at the same time dating apps do work for some people 😂😢
realgena1 (2 months ago)
You eat together more frequently than you have sex...probably... I totally feel the same way! ❤️
BombshellBeautyXO (2 months ago)
I get it. I’m single and vegan too. I want to find someone preferably who’s vegan. If not vegetarian. And I can cook them into the vegan lifestyle. With your recipes. You helped me go vegan so why not them?!
Shari Hardin (2 months ago)
I am of an older generation so I have a different viewpoint. I’ve been with my husband 40 years (we started dating when I was 15). We were vegetarian in college then omnivore but then I gravitated back to vegetarian, pescatarian then vegan. He has his choice for what he feels is right for him. I have mine for me. I feel if he asked me to be omnivore with him I could not accept that, therefore I would not ask him to be vegan with me. I respect his dietary preferences and he respects mine. I’m just sharing my personal experience.
ivana (2 months ago)
ive only dated one vegan guy and the others havent been vegan and it was hard. and right now being on tinder and bumble i havent found ANY vegan guys and its hard because i WILL NOT compromise that because it is my life and it's important to me
emma201120 (2 months ago)
VG Patisserie on Voltaire Blvd has the best croissants in Paris! I still crave them a year after having them. The rest of their desserts are also very good :)
sweetiee17x3 (2 months ago)
what if your partner was Raw till 4, or whatever. would you give up fake cheese? marinate on that.
sweetiee17x3 (2 months ago)
i def hear the stomping from your neighbors. I would drive me insane.
Joe S (2 months ago)
I went vegan 2 years into my marriage. My wife is not vegan, and does not want to go fully vegan. She doesn't want to give up cheese or eggs, but the fast majority of all the meals she eats are vegan, in part because i do most of the cooking. It works for us.
Jade Clements (2 months ago)
I'm vegan and my husband is a vegetarian; we both made these changes several years into our relationship. Ironically I spent ages trying to convince him to stop eating meat but it wasn't until he saw a clip of a calf being killed that he came to his own decision. I am no longer convincing him to give up cheese as I know it's his own process to go through just like it was for me. I completely agree with you about not having meat/dairy in the house though! I do not want the death vibes or the bacteria that goes along with raw meat!! Keep your standards high Lauren, boundaries are healthy!! 💚💚💚
Nicole Lantz (2 months ago)
Omg so exciting your coming to Halifax :) yay
Coffeencarbs (2 months ago)
I'm in a weird situation because my boyfriend was vegan when we got together 2 years ago, and had been for 5 years but in the last few month he has started to eat occasionally when travelling or at friend's houses/events etc because he realised he was feeling restricted and awkward in those social occasions, he's into heavy weight lifting so if he's been travelling and can't get enough food it has effected his sport (I know he could have planned better and packed food but he feels like he would rather just eat whatever in those occasions) I do understand all that but what bothers me is he says he just isn't passionate about veganism anymore or wants to change the world as much as he did when he was 18... and he's started using whey protein powder because it's half the price of the vegan equivalent and higher in calories. I'm just trying to gently to re-educate him on the health implications of eating meat/dairy since that's what he cares about most it seems, and try to inspire him to care about animals and the environment again too. If anyone else has any suggestions about how to get through to him, let me know <3
Samantha Gartland (2 months ago)
So my really great friends and coworker.. she is vegan and has been for like 20 years.. her husband is not. The rules are no animal products at home or when they are out to dinner together. But on his own time he can eat as he wants. They work out really well together and I always respected that they came up with that agreement. Compromise is key.
Char Callan (2 months ago)
I’m vegan, have been for about a year now, my husband eats mostly plant-based. He’s been vegetarian for about a year but can’t give up cheese. It causes issue on occasion, because I hate the dairy industry . But he’s been helping me learn to cook vegan food so there is balance :)
Thalia TheVeganDoula (2 months ago)
I always told myself that I would date a non-vegan but I couldn't marry them if they didn't change and grow into a compassionate person surrounding animals. I couldn't make that work long term. I'm still willing to try to love someone like that. It's a completely moral boundary in the relationship..... good thing I'm getting married to a vegan in September 💗
Lori Franko (2 months ago)
I am vegan. My bf of 9 years is not, but he makes the effort to always be a vegan when he is around me. We live together but no animal products enter our home and that's bc I cook yummy foods thanks to you Lauren and he absolutely loves your food. You can't deny falling in love with someone based on whether they are or aren't vegan. Compromise is the key. Best of luck to you in finding what you desire. 💞😗🤗
Halie Morgan (2 months ago)
My partner is not vegan but, I am. When we first started dating, I was vegetarian and then transitioned to vegan. He loves vegan food and we have a 100% vegan household. I don’t purchase anything non vegan. He will occasionally get food made with animal products when he is out. It works for us and knowing he understands and respects my POV is so important.
Bonnie Leary (2 months ago)
I’m vegan and my husband isn’t. He eats what I cook, so no meat, lol. If we are out to eat he will order meat and I’m fine with it. It’s gross and I can’t kiss him after he eats it. Gross!
Arlene (2 months ago)
I'm Vegan and my Husband isn't (I wasn't Vegan I was Vegetarian) when we married. He eats what ever I make but he is a Fish eater stays away from Meat, & no Processed foods. I'm ok with it I make it work I not going to let it destroy my marriage over it!
toni Lofton (2 months ago)
Would you ever get back together with John ?
Karen O (2 months ago)
Being vegan is a huge part of your identity and your career path- it would be a big conflict in my view if the guy wasn’t vegan.
Karen O (2 months ago)
The universe will provide .....patience is worth it!
robinh237 (2 months ago)
could you do a video talking about the law of attraction and stuff like that if you haven't already please!! :)
Andrea Haefele-Ventim (2 months ago)
I'm vegan with a non-vegan partner (yet) and so far, it works for us. I do most of the cooking in our home, and ever since I went vegan 3 years ago, he has been nothing but supportive. I have even fully converted him to preferring my vegan versions of meals (like lasagna and enchiladas) over non-vegan versions. His openness to this lifestyle, willingness to watch documentaries and discuss have shown his support for my lifestyle. He truthfully eats vegan 90% of the time and says he will move to a plant based lifestyle full time at some point. He is Brazilian, and so much of his culture revolves around meat... so I think it is more of the emotional connection with his heritage that keeps him eating some meat. If he wasn't supportive, or didn't want to engage in conversations about lifestyle and animal agriculture, that would be a whole different story. I don't pressure him to transition but instead provide him with yummy and nutritious plant based meals that show him how delicious this lifestyle can be. I have to say... he is currently loving that I am cooking my way through the new Hot For Food Cookbook. It has some of his favorite meals and he goes for seconds every night! XO
NOVA ANIM (2 months ago)
This is like big sister talks
NOVA ANIM (2 months ago)
Ugh Lauren I love you
My boyfriend of two years went vegan 6 months in. During the first six months he never ate none vegan food when he was with me by his own choice. Be open everyone! If they are at least open give them a chance.
Blair Dishon (2 months ago)
My parter is not vegan but dinner always is. He’s enthusiastic about plant based food but feels his health issues prevent him from fully committing but he does try off and on. We also have boundaries of what meat he can eat. I got him to swear off pork, lamb, and then beef around me. So basically only poultry and fish. I think he can eventually get there but it was something I really struggled with when we moved in together.
Trish Wilson (2 months ago)
I embraced veganism 18 years into my marriage. My husband remains an omnivore, and has no interest in changing. Of course, we make it work within our dynamic. However I think if I were single and dating, I would not date a non vegan. On top of the ethical foundations, food is an integral part of life and to not have that commonality, is limiting to your shared experiences.
Jenna Young (2 months ago)
I am slowly transitioning into a vegan diet/lifestyle but my partner is not. He is open to trying the vegan food I cook and he often goes out of his way to eat veggie/vegan with me when buying groceries/eating out. As someone who was raised on farmland he is used to getting meat and dairy products from friends and family and believes it is a more ethical route than buying from a grocery store/a big name meat company (I agree with him on this to an extent). I dont necessarily think we both need to be vegan in order to be in a happy relationship but I do think it is important to understand each others beliefs when it comes to food! Although I don’t know if he would ever go fully vegan/plant based I can appreciate that he motivates me and understands why I am pursuing a vegan lifestyle 😊
Paul B nAK (2 months ago)
What exactly is "White boy food" Lauren? I guess we don't have to ask you of your preferred dating race.
sarahdangerrr (2 months ago)
My current boyfriend is not vegan and I am. He’s really supportive of the lifestyle, but he is not vegan. I told him if we moved in together, he’s going to have to go at least vegetarian, and he was open to it.
Virginia del Rio (2 months ago)
I love Snickles' eyes
Mister Peabody (2 months ago)
I'm not vegan. But I don't like meat or dairy in my home. I sometimes might eat something non-vegan at a restaurant. I expect my mate to be the same way. It squicks me out having animal products in the home. Plus it never feels necessary to eat animal products. I think food is a big part of our lives and it's not something anyone can ignore about another. I don't tell people I won't date them because of eating animal products. But if someone thinks they need animal products to feel satisfied, we prob won't jive. Because no one needs animals for a food source. And it just sounds lazy, which migrates in other parts of their lives.
Vegan Mama (2 months ago)
I was a new vegan when I met my partner. He was a meat eater at the time but went vegan about a month after we started dating. I don't think I could date a meat eater personally either.
Sathya Venkatesh (2 months ago)
I'm vegan and my partner is not, he ate chicken and fish at home and it always bothered me, so I let him know. He in turn made sure to pay for whatever meat he bought which he bought rarely, and only ate meat when we went out, and never made me cook it. He is totally okay with not eating meat and tries to be considerate of me and tries to learn to cook vegan meals. One day he read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and made the choice to start eating vegetarian. I think if the person you're with is smart and compassionate towards you and your beliefs and tries to understand, then they will try to educated themselves and naturally see why being vegan is important. Forcing it won't help you, but being uncomfortable and not saying anything isn't going to help either.
Mean Meiko (2 months ago)
@Lauren Toyota I live in Paris and will be coming to your signing on June 2nd! I have tons of recommendations I can give you, especially for the best vegan croissants and bakeries! Can't wait to meet you!!

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