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Justin Walker (8 months ago)
Such a difference from today's Starr, we all know and love. Lol.
Jacob Maag (1 year ago)
Mike Hunt (1 year ago)
maaaaan this is old
Fitz (2 years ago)
Hey Jacob, how do u stick your posters and prints on your wall?
Jacob Beck (2 years ago)
you should do a updated one man!
Jacob Beck (2 years ago)
Yeah, we gotta see that newest room setup!!
The Starr Life (2 years ago)
I did bro! I still have to do an even newer one now. Lol
29addi (3 years ago)
your tattoos are dope!
Sushi Mane (3 years ago)
wtf is worng with u why u movin ur arms all the time
LeeProds (3 years ago)
Obviously showing off his tattoos.
Chris Magnaye (3 years ago)
dope room. whats the song at 11:00?
Alex P. (3 years ago)
where did you get those shelfs for your shoes and glass case?
Alex P. (3 years ago)
+Jacob Starr alright thanks man.. keep up the good work i really enjoy watching your videos
The Starr Life (3 years ago)
+Alex Peralta I got the shoe shelves from walmart for 30 bucks a piece and the glass case I got for free from work! lol
Millennial MOB XIV (3 years ago)
Sick room g
Nick Haynes (3 years ago)
Where did you get the lights for the triangle?
The Starr Life (3 years ago)
+Nick Haynes - Walmart bruh!
Waynehedd (3 years ago)
Yo, that hookah is REALLY DOPE! Is there a link for that?
alex fazio (3 years ago)
Skip to 3:17 if u wanna skip him promoting his channel
Thaddeaus Jackson (3 years ago)
Thanks lol
kieran ferrie (3 years ago)
Love your videos man! you got my subscribe
We Are Fashion (4 years ago)
You have a super dope room
Đồng Hòa Fitness (4 years ago)
Where did you get the clock?:3
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I got it on Amazon a couple years ago actually :D
Anthony (4 years ago)
wow I like your room is really creative every place it is interesting !!
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks man :)
Life of Tristan (4 years ago)
I love the clothing bin idea Jacob. My dresser keeps breaking and I keep fixing it.. and its getting annoying. That bin is a great idea. Sure its cheaper to than trying to get another dresser.
Mango Lemon (4 years ago)
What type of job did you have
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
+cameron pearce - I am an aircraft analyst.
cameron pearce (4 years ago)
+Jacob Starr  what is your role in the military ?
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
+Mango Lemon - I am in the military
Annie Dean (4 years ago)
Dang you fine 😍😍❤❤
FlySince96 (4 years ago)
Ya room big asf
FlySince96 (4 years ago)
Yea that shit look dope bra , keep doin ya thing
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Yeah well technically it was my living room. In my last apartment the room was too small so I used my bedroom as a walk in closet and then I made my living room my bedroom ^_^
arist good mornin (4 years ago)
arist good mornin (4 years ago)
wait 5
arist good mornin (4 years ago)
arist good mornin (4 years ago)
arist good mornin (4 years ago)
arist good mornin (4 years ago)
arist good mornin (4 years ago)
Daniel Redden (4 years ago)
Jordan Jaquez (4 years ago)
DesmondTheGreat (4 years ago)
what editing program do you use?
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I use Final Cut Pro X 
Hugo Hum (5 years ago)
Slow down dude, in the beginning it was kinda hard to keep up with what you were saying lol. Great video nevertheless!
Chloe Donald (5 years ago)
I watch your videos everyday! Love them, I've been subbed to you since you started! I do hauls, vlogs and games aswell, and I'm hoping to get bigger, if you could check out my videos or give me feed back? Also doing a giveaway for anyone else whos interested, go check it out! Thanks!! xx
The Starr Life (3 years ago)
+Dixit - Isn't that awesome! She deserves it for sure. She is an awesome gal
Dixit (3 years ago)
Funfact: now you have more subs than him. :)
FunkingFrank Barrera (5 years ago)
Dude I love your glasses what brand are they? Haha. Nice room by the way.
The Starr Life (5 years ago)
Thanks man! They are Gucci GG1005s Really nice pair of glasses. I am doing a video next week that will show off a company called firmoo and you can use them to get some really cheap (possibly even free) glasses. They sent me a pair and they are really good quality. That SHOULD be the video after the next one.
Mike Hunt (5 years ago)
+Jacob Starr  i didnt know you were frmo tacoma! boss man im from a place called mercer island right next to seattle. great vid homie just subscribed!
The Starr Life (5 years ago)
Yeah mean born & raised! Thanks bro I appreciate that! I have a friend named Marit from Mercer Island.
No Future00 (5 years ago)
did you win the fucking lotto or something? how do you afford all of this
The Starr Life (5 years ago)
Dude I wish! I would never have to work again! Haha I just spend all my money, I don't save anything which I recently changed and started trying to save more money to be more responsible. 
Kirsteen Martinez (5 years ago)
I love you! <3
maahjeed123 (5 years ago)
+Jacob Starr i live by marlee way. Its like 2 minutes from cali fitness. But its cool to know that you live in rocklin. I dont know of other people that are famous that live here.
maahjeed123 (5 years ago)
I live in rocklin too!!
The Starr Life (5 years ago)
Really?! Where at?! I live off of Sunset.
believedreamcreate.bigcartel.com/ Hit us up bro will send you a flow pack! [email protected]
TheStylephile (5 years ago)
ooo bitches love mood lighting haha
Jesus Chan (5 years ago)
You have inspired me to pimp my room :D props bro keep up what your doing
The Starr Life (5 years ago)
+Alan Moreno - I never went to college man. I took one class in high school but most of what I know I taught myself :) (the reason this is not a reply to your comment is because it wont let me comment on that post)
Alan Moreno (5 years ago)
Hey Jacob which.college did you go to get photography and graphic design classes
yayak124 (5 years ago)
Icytvreviews check it!!
Will Starr (5 years ago)
Will Starr (5 years ago)
but it is.... naw im joking lol
The Starr Life (5 years ago)
Haha damn! Too bad your middle name isn't Jacob! lol
Will Starr (5 years ago)
your middle name is the same as my first. I saw the tat, crazy
The Starr Life (5 years ago)
Hey we have the same last name :D
FinestApparelAround (5 years ago)
Check my channel
Selim Lostking (5 years ago)
The set up is godly
Jack Tapia (5 years ago)
nah I don't! haha. I live next to Roseville high school!! that's dope bro!
Jack Tapia (5 years ago)
I live in Roseville bro!!!!
David Pierson (5 years ago)
where did you get the jersey knit purple sheets?
Nick W (5 years ago)
cool room!
Hæxon (5 years ago)
3:22 to stop the yappin'
Rondew (5 years ago)
Subbed sub back
Rondew (5 years ago)
Nice vid!
1-Sl0w-five5-ohh (5 years ago)
trash (5 years ago)
awesome art work & nice to see a pile of juxtapoz mags :)
Jesse Ortiz (5 years ago)
Are those just Christmas lights where did you get them that's such a dope idea
verdugorobs (5 years ago)
I wanna see your new apartment so badly, it looks insane compared to your old room
sebastian (5 years ago)
do another video tour , this vid is sick! just cleaned out my room too bro need some ideas
therealgmoney hairston (5 years ago)
Dope room
SwayDesignzz (5 years ago)
you a graphic designer? me too! We could do something togheter maye :)
BranaBabiee (5 years ago)
awh , this was soo cute
Cameron Hines (5 years ago)
i swear bro like no joke ive watched this video like 1000 times, gunest video ever, btw haved u moved yet bro. LOVIN THE VIDEOS MAN, makes my day
Joe Loder (5 years ago)
is that a red grinder on the table at 09:00 ?
Alex Bryon (5 years ago)
Keep what you're doing mate this is sick I hope you got more support from these sickest videos that you're posting Xx Leila xX
DjM661 (5 years ago)
Tumblr - Seasoneddopeness Twitter - @FuckMyFinger Instagram - @GoodDjM Youtube - GoodDjM
Daley Bishop (5 years ago)
wow your room is sick! What do you do for a living?
SeattlesBestGear (5 years ago)
dang man, got some really nice stuff
Phoenix Harmon (5 years ago)
what tattoo shop do you go to?
jonny walker (5 years ago)
I watched this video a while ago but it popped up on my "watch next" so I figured I would show some love and respect bro. Your killing it man, keep doing watch your doing and fuck the haters! Stay up yo and keep pumpin out the vids cause I watch every single one cause ohio is fucking boring lol
ray kirby (5 years ago)
you're literally full of shit lol
milosuchiha (5 years ago)
Most boring person evAr!!!
Paul Charowsky (5 years ago)
ur al bot bitches
RealForce Lax (5 years ago)
What happend to dp?
Badgurlbeauty (5 years ago)
thanks for the tour. awesome narration.
Badgurlbeauty (5 years ago)
nice computer set up . you gave me some nice ideas on organization
Young Breezy (5 years ago)
Jigging ur real red vans man they look straight up dope
QMart 301 (5 years ago)
Your such a cool guy, man. I love your videos. Glad I'm subscribed!
chae monroe (5 years ago)
Jose Mendoza (5 years ago)
Dope ass room ! :D
NoahValenzuela3 (5 years ago)
New room tour?
Budget Buck Apperal (5 years ago)
hey if you are reading this comment i am a small youtuber like alwaysfreshapperal thstarlifemedia and DPthaTRUTH i like to make videos with a passion so if you please just subscribe to my channel that would be great -BBA
sebastien lubin (5 years ago)
you are just like always fresh appaeral
DR (5 years ago)
What website do you use to print your photos?
Sire Stickers (5 years ago)
Can you do a new room tour?
onlyathmjhs (5 years ago)
Daaaaammmnnnn I have to subscribe. Lol ;P
I N F I N I T I V (5 years ago)
I think once a long ago, maybe due to a lack of ventilation. Thanks, and dope video btw!
I N F I N I T I V (5 years ago)
Do your tees ever smell weird because it was in the clear drawer bin ?
J. Adams (5 years ago)
hey i was wondering where you got the lights you used in your light triangle on your wall from?dope room man.
RealForce Lax (5 years ago)
RealForce Lax (5 years ago)
What is the illuminati
MrLzykrnboi (5 years ago)
are u illumanti? and is always fresh apparel also?
Bailey Steward (5 years ago)
Hey so my family has been in the process of creating a business that we believe can literally take off. The only thing is that we need a logo :/ I was wondering if you could help design one?
malachi gomis (5 years ago)
do a diy for those triangle lights
malachi gomis (5 years ago)
lol your funny
malachi gomis (5 years ago)
u seem like u take cocain
TT Fresh (5 years ago)
thanks, i swear you should have 100,000+ views on your videos. They are amazing and soo much better than other people, but yet they still have millions of views
TT Fresh (5 years ago)
yeah man! i have a gaming series one. Thanks i was so unsure. yeah i am starting to make my own videos of plndr hauls (i am actually uploading my first one now) so great advice !
TT Fresh (5 years ago)
hey man, quick thought want do you think is better a ASUS laptop or apple macbook? i have a ASUS laptop and im thinking i should switch to a apple.
mengxi he (5 years ago)
oh yea, I'm going to CA too? where will you be? i will be in LA!!

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