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For more information, visit http://www.watchimage.com/product/teen-spirit/9b18ae74-d49c-441b-bdf2-e4c47f9ece08 Amber Pollock (Cassie Scerbo, Make It or Break It) is the queen bee of Eugene Ashley High School, and the only thing missing to her reign is the Prom Queen title. Having worked for years towards obtaining the crown and most popular girl status, Amber lets nothing and no one stand in her way. That bad behavior comes back to literally haunt her when a freak accident at Prom ends Amber's short, nearly-perfect life and facing an unpleasant after-life, she is given the task that could save her soul -- to get the school's least popular girl to be voted Prom Queen. Amber is sure her future is sunk when she learns her charge is none other than Lisa Sommers (Lindsey Shaw, Pretty Little Liars), a shy girl who makes claymation films with her three best friends and whose fashion sense is not up to Amber's standards. As for Lisa herself, the last thing she wants is to be Prom Queen, but when Amber offers to help her get the attention of her crush, Nick (Chris Zylka), Lisa gives Amber the benefit of the doubt. Will a head-to-toe makeover and some confidence-building advice really be able to turn a shy and awkward teen into a high school social power player? Heaven only knows!
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Text Comments (6)
Galaxy girl (7 months ago)
Cassandra Scerbo. i love heerrr voiceeeeeeeeeeeeee
Your friend (1 year ago)
Michelle Marie (1 year ago)
wat song is that
Ruba (5 years ago)
what`s amber`s real name?
Your friend (1 year ago)
(4 years later...) beep beep hello, it is now 2017 and technology and humans have advanced. Amber Pollock's real name is Cassandra Scerbo.
Alesha Ali (5 years ago)
@ 0:35 omg that is definitely something i would wear!!!!!

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