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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic: Aladdin - "Give me back my flute" Scene

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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 3
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Flaming Biscuits (11 days ago)
What's the OST called and where can I find it?
Antonio Fagà (14 days ago)
Boku no fuue kaishite yo
Aziath (28 days ago)
give his kazoo back right this instant!
ミルみか (1 month ago)
AyeshaBGMS (1 month ago)
Just give him back his flute...... QUICKLY
Midnight (2 months ago)
1:24 That song reminds me of "The plagues" from "Prince of Egypt". ^^
Tone Deaf (2 months ago)
hes the baddest bich magi
ショート (2 months ago)
まさかあのクソ野郎のCVが諏訪部さんだったなんて...(^ω^) 嫌いになれないじゃないか(´^p^`)
klixxy 523 (3 months ago)
Go for it, mah adorable childddddddd
Homoncule Song (3 months ago)
it's sound like Evangelion music
Budi Satria (3 months ago)
anime name.??
Aizen the troll king (1 month ago)
Budi Satria magi
쉐로안 (4 months ago)
알리바바 겁나좋다 😊😊
HeyIt'sBrian (4 months ago)
oh you're not giving it back? k :) HALHARL INFIGARE BITCH
Valeria Reyes (4 months ago)
0:55 Aladdin is so cute when he’s angry
Speedy Katrina (6 months ago)
Jada Love (6 months ago)
The Kawaii but deadly and perverted Aladdin.
テトラ (7 months ago)
Vanny Math (7 months ago)
Sometimes I wonder if Aladdin is a boy or a girl because usually girls cover their chest with a cloth. He exposes his chest to show a cloth, kinda weird.
Vanny Math (7 months ago)
ShadowSkyX ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thanks for telling me, I was so confused.
ShadowSkyX (7 months ago)
Vanny Math he was originally going to be a girl
Aitor Rodriguez (9 months ago)
And you took his flute thinking he would make you king. Fucking moron.
Hardcore art (10 months ago)
WAIT what was morgiana doing?!?
Jada Love (6 months ago)
Hardcore art trying to kill alibaba
Sakeena Sharief (10 months ago)
Aladdin: Give me back my flute! Me: Chill, I will buy you a new one!! Just for one flute....geez
Galleon (1 month ago)
Of course lol his best friend is inside the flute of course he's gonna get it back at all cost
Spacial Nocturne (10 months ago)
Sakeena Sharief lowkey thought aladdin couldn't play the flute and it would just screech everytime he played or be off key
King Harlequin! (10 months ago)
Lollla Low (11 months ago)
I have read the manga and lemme just say this: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS UNBELIEVABLE!
train kids (1 month ago)
ポムっと吸血鬼レミフラ 動画には無いけどこの後の 「おじさんはそんなに大した人じゃないと思うよ。」 と言う時の目はシビれる(?)
無音 (3 months ago)
ポムと吸血鬼ともフラ わかる!
Oli Vander (1 year ago)
For people who have never watched this: Magi is an amazing anime with fairly nice art in the manga and anime and one of my favorite next to a few such as Naruto, Sword Art Online, and a few others. Also, there is a second series, and the music is fantastic. Also, if you watch Magi, then you have to watch The Adventures of Sinbad. Sinbad is one of the main characters. If I had to do a sort of report on this, then it's about a little boy called a Magi (hence the name) and his name is Aladdin. Magis are very powerful and shout all this weird stuff to make spells like "Harl, Harl, Ifigaru!!". The anime is Arabic, but was made in Japan, if you know what I mean. Like they have the turbans and that stuff, but the speak Japanese if you watch it in sub (the best option in my opinion). Anyway, Aladdin has a favorite person that he wants to make powerful, as best as I can explain. That boys name is Alibaba. They have weird hair colors, though. Sinbads hair is purple, Aladdins hair is blue, and lots of girl characters have pink or magenta hair. Oh well. I've gone on long enough. Good day!!
Blathnaid (3 months ago)
Aditya Chaturvedi you're so right, SAO shouldn't be up there with Magi.
NOOB GAMER (7 months ago)
unknown it isn't actually Arabic. They mixed a lot of cultures together
NOOB GAMER (7 months ago)
Umm u were praising magi Why did u suddenly switch to insulting it by comparing it with sao? In fact dont call sao an anime That shit is a disgrace to anime
Raven24 (11 months ago)
Is the series still going or has the series ended after 1 season like most anime does
unknown (11 months ago)
Oli Vander really the anime is arabic ?shame the language isn't arabic as well it would of been nicer
Where in the world did that staff came from?
Zella Chan (11 months ago)
MobileLegendMASTER The Gold only appeared after Amon came.
Zella Chan (11 months ago)
MobileLegendMASTER No, It was in front of Aladdin when he has Knocked out by Morgiana's Kick. It's with the other stone made items
IvNightcore Lady I don't think so. It looks like every treasure in that place. After Alibaba cleared the dungeon maybe it's gold? Idk. Everhthing turned gold after that.
Zella Chan (1 year ago)
MobileLegendMASTER From rocks and stuff he found on he floor
Naoi Ogata (1 year ago)
Oh god no... it's BUTTERFLIES!! 😱
The Dragon Mizu (5 months ago)
They’re birds
Oli Vander (1 year ago)
my brother hates butterflies
Cole Robinson (1 year ago)
Dude that music was awesome
Victoria VictoriaGT (1 year ago)
Dark Wattpaders (4 months ago)
Victoria VictoriaGT i only watch jealous of labyrinth 😂
渡辺ののみ (1 year ago)
渡辺ののみ (1 year ago)
MV Shashank (1 year ago)
MV Shashank (1 year ago)
what is the most and where can I find it?
Pepito SunWukongSa (1 year ago)
I'm surprised how at first a random dude is able to realize that Aladdin is a magi when he didn't even use real spells whereas in magnostad (idr if that's how I write it) even the bigass mages were like ow that nigga powerful asf when he used three sand Ugos against leam empire but that's all they didn't think he a magi
Pepito SunWukongSa lol
Crier Kaiien (11 months ago)
rifky wr not even close
rifky wr (1 year ago)
Saru Ningen if im not mistaken, during that time alladin was using the device to hide his magi status.
Shadefire Dragon (1 year ago)
Give back the flute or Ugo will go ham on u!
Koro Hentai (1 year ago)
Aladdin:giving me back my flute Jammil:I don't give damn about your fucking flute,take it from me if you want to get it back.. FEW MINUTES LATER.. Jammil knows he's fucked up
Rei Galaxy (1 year ago)
in my native language Magi (Maggie in English) is a name for a noodle snack
Almie Ladaran (1 month ago)
@Rei Galaxy 😅😅😅 chicken maggie
Midnight (2 months ago)
When I first saw the title I thought it was a spelling mistake and was supposed to be "Magie", which means "magic" in German.^^
Afton Lee Miyuki (2 months ago)
You from Malaysia?
ちゃんサニー (3 months ago)
In my language it means magic😂
Someguy (4 months ago)
In my language it means absolutely nothing.
スレイ (1 year ago)
むぎ (3 months ago)
渡邊樹哉 (1 year ago)
スレイ そしてアリババ君にそこ責められて悶えて顔を髪と同じような色に染めるんですねわかります
zoro635 mugiwara (1 year ago)
i have one questions please answer me. i ask me who are the character I do not understand during the whole anime this just alibaba which is always before then why
Andrew Awesome (1 year ago)
the black haired dude is only in this one part he's completely out of the big picture :P
Jennifer Ho (1 year ago)
zoro635 mugiwara so the blue haired boy is aladdin(he is the magi) pink haired girl is morigiana (is a slave who ends up being their comrade) I forgot the black haired dudes name but he is the slave owner (I hoped this helped)
Aladdin (1 year ago)
don't ever take my flute
Aladdin XD
Twiisted_Anime Killer (2 months ago)
Yo Aladdin! How are you doing with Alibaba and Morg?
Tone Deaf (2 months ago)
i will suck ur dick instead blow it like a flute
Dayza Draws (5 months ago)
Aladdin all the flutes.
Jupay Esmolada (10 months ago)
Waw love
Ismail Yilmaz (1 year ago)
What's the soundtrack?
Bae Irene (2 years ago)
ahora que lo pienso,¿¡¡Como ed que el puto sensei de ese hombre con la cabeza hueca sabia que Aladdin hiba a aparecerle?!! D:
Giovannia Fariñas Mejía su sensei era de esa organización oscura que quería traer caos.
Giovannia Fariñas Mejía al final lo dicen se supone que aparecía el magi oscuro.
Emilia Ross (2 years ago)
솜사탕 (2 years ago)
이거 몇화예요?
Akira Zaiel_85 (2 years ago)
Be careful with Aladdin and his flute !!
مصري مر من هنا
김지나 (2 years ago)
Lesson? Never EVER take Aladdin's flute.
lol (4 months ago)
Ugo dies
Zella Chan (11 months ago)
Ryan Rokenbrod He just treasures it. But he does not wear it
Ryan Rokenbrod (1 year ago)
김지나 what ever did happen to the flute cause when we see Aladdin as a adult it looks like he doesn't have it
Naoi Ogata (1 year ago)
김지나 Yeah, exactly like Luffy's hat or Natsu's scarf
ᄎᄎᄒ (1 year ago)
김지나 Funny there's no beats
공선 (2 years ago)
이거 애니제목좀
Jiwon Lee (2 years ago)
공선 (2 years ago)
아거 애니 제목좀
상냥한바람 (1 year ago)
공선 '마기'입니다
셀래 (2 years ago)
그냥 마기라고 치심 되요
Manuel황 (2 years ago)
magi: the laberynth of magic 한국 이름은 몰음

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