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Real Artisans Behind Haute Couture | Behind the Seams ★ Glam.com

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Hurel is home to some of the finest haute couture fabrics in the world. SUBSCRIBE http://bitly.com/glamsubscribe and step inside its Parisian work room. For most designers it's in the details, but just how do those intricate embellishments come to be? Here is a rare glimpse inside Paris' iconic Maison Hurel, which has been creating embroideries for haute couture clients like Chanel and Valentino since 1870. Legendary design houses, including Saint Laurent, J. Mendel, Jason Wu, Gucci, Tom Ford, and Roberto Cavalli have been calling on Hurel to enhance their collections with unique fabrics, exquisite stitching, and dazzling beadwork. Visit House of Hurel at http://www.hurel.fr/wp_eng/ For more videos like this, subscribe to Glam on YouTube and leave us a comment below: http://bit.ly/glamsubscribe Visit us on the web to keep your life, styled: http://www.glam.com Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/glam_com Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glamcom Check us out on Instagram: http://instagram.com/glam_com Get inspired on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/glampins Add us to your circle on Google+: http://bit.ly/glam-googleplus
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Text Comments (221)
Lord Voldemort (29 days ago)
Nothing new. Humans have been doing this for centuries.
Helena Martins (1 month ago)
que lindo gostaria de aprender
Mhd Sonu (1 month ago)
hii I'm nadem from India I'm hand embroidery export ari dardoji
Agnes Hu (1 month ago)
OMG...l love this, 😯
Lauren van Winkle (1 month ago)
Who knew that you could make a living at embroidery?!? 30 years ago I would have made my way to France with my bag of needles and yarn, ready to learn....
أحب هذا العمل كثيرا. .... منذ كنت صغيرة
antonio regalon (2 months ago)
Un mundo de belleza
Cinnamon Bun (2 months ago)
Dream job
Hannah Sanchez (2 months ago)
Love the precise care put into the making of the dresses, and it makes them all the more special! Love watching it being made even if I could never afford:) Thank Y God bless You!
Thomas Drury (3 months ago)
This video would have been a hundred times better if you actually let us watch some of these artisans do their work. Instead it was all fast cuts and long shot pans. Not a very good video.
Piroska-Edit Friedmann (3 months ago)
hallo. wo kann ich so eine stechapparat kaufen?
Nayabansarahmad nayab (3 months ago)
Its easy I can make it. because I m hand embroidery sample maker. 9833453340
Kill The Prisons (3 months ago)
Exactly. Someone else doing the hard work. My question is - how much do they make?
ellia dzn (3 months ago)
support my channel to reach 1000 subscribers its means alot to me ... please subscribe to my channel ... lots of great ideas and diys , cooking , designing . support my channel to reach 1000 subscribers its means alot to me ... please subscribe to my channel ... lots of great ideas and diys , cooking , designing .
Khadija Guair (4 months ago)
Khadija Guair (4 months ago)
Ainsley Ameerali (5 months ago)
That blue wave haute couture piece at the end of the clip . Omg i want that to make a jacket . How do i get it
Lisa Stallings (5 months ago)
THIS is why haute couture costs real money. Real talent. Real art. Real craftsmanship.
Masood Nabi2 (6 months ago)
awesome awesome awesome
Nayyer Abbasi (6 months ago)
Purnima (6 months ago)
Too good itti mhnt o god👌👌👌👌👌
XANDRE (6 months ago)
Curious: I know that A Lot of these designs are hand sewn, but, do they ever do this hand sewing to make samples which are then turned to machine make-able designs? Yes, there is a lot of intricate detail, and some of it must be hand sewn, but yes, there were some things I saw that had the potential to be machine fabricated.
Aayad Abas (7 months ago)
Angeline Michelle (7 months ago)
This video answers why designers products are outrageous. And the stuffs are handmade!
Ays Hkmgl (7 months ago)
So beautiful
Teresa Ochoa (8 months ago)
Que alguien me diga cómo consigo una trabajó así... Es mi sueño.
reeya Kazi (8 months ago)
Perla Valtierra (8 months ago)
Nadhila Amalina (9 months ago)
This thing you adore is one of Indonesian art called "kebaya brokat"
sam giri (9 months ago)
THAT is one good shit
Sam Pochin (9 months ago)
What was that tool she was using? Spring loaded to make holes at around 1 min 10 seconds. I have staff that can do all these things but that tool looks very useful. They do it free hand with a sour type rotary wheel
amanda shelley (9 months ago)
The attention to detail is beyond belief. I would like to see some of these videos with someone explaining the process. Just wonderful.
Mary Poppins (10 months ago)
what are those pen things they use called?
Boris Bresil (6 months ago)
Mary Poppins in French they are called crochet de Lunéville
Nilzineide Candido (10 months ago)
Gostaria de aprender tem como eu ter os riscos onde compro meu telefone e 65993223661 nil
arkeisha padawan (10 months ago)
I have skills this work are required a artisan my WhatsApp +91 9958419681
coletta morandini (10 months ago)
A Paradise!!
S.M Ali (10 months ago)
Hi me sajid have experience 20 years in this embroidery field n would like to work in your company because you r so genius now i m in kuwait my whatsapp no is +96599128610 pls contact
Dan RODRIGO (10 months ago)
Margaret Schaff (10 months ago)
It is a true art. I am a dress designer and most of the work is done by hand. Then people wonder why it takes so long.
Esmeralda Varela (11 months ago)
hermoso trabajo.quiero aprender.
Monica Barona (11 months ago)
It's the beading
kukeshka Pupsik (11 months ago)
what kind of thread do they use to attach those chrystals to that thin fabric?
王淑煖 (11 months ago)
這個打樣 的色料..自行 打樣 配色調色..小行量產..這個機械是可以自己作的 可以作到蒸汽/液體染色...大概是類似 飯店用的大型咖啡..就可以拿來改樣 因為 咖啡機..它有蒸汽/製冰/熱水/打奶泡 的功能..但是調色區和入料口 不夠.. 還要有..量的計算與記錄 並可以用電腦顯色..約是在哪個區塊的色澤
Aqilah Abdullah (11 months ago)
I love something that handmade because we know the kualiti they have
Patrícia Balogh (11 months ago)
Nik Joy (1 year ago)
Julie H (1 year ago)
Nefertiti Kimagawa (1 year ago)
I want to buy the little hand machine they are using to make the stencil for beading but I don't know what it is called. Someone please help
Bunu Karki (1 year ago)
i also want to be 1 of u ..... in my future
Jose Gonzalez (1 year ago)
The true Artists behind the "designer" they don't get the credit they should nor the money for their hard work and talents.
Morgan Olfursson (1 year ago)
Interesting though how Hurel who emplys many asian , black and arab women in their ateliers, believe that they are not good enough to be shown on that video, where they used only white girls as if it would make their products look cheaper if it was not made by a blond chick . Congratulation on your racism Hurel, well i know where NOT to get any clothes from , and don't forget that your most important clients are from the Middle East and Asia . I am going to send that video to a few friends of mine who work for some newspaper in Chna and the Emirates see what happens to your orders .
Babon Ghosh (1 year ago)
very creative. it's take lots of time.
Dazzy Pranali (1 year ago)
wow! highly appreciated work!!!
LOWE sonia (1 year ago)
Artisans are the heart of most industries to be admired . Admirable insight into their atelier
Rose Rose (1 year ago)
amazing what Art
Cynthia Castañeda (1 year ago)
wow! dreammy job! i love it!!
HYHC (1 year ago)
Mina B (1 year ago)
I need to learn how to do that.
Ariel Estevan (1 year ago)
nice work
Jade Lu (1 year ago)
didn't realize that couture is an art form... wow much respect
To290to M (1 year ago)
Excuse me!! Would you stop for a moment?! O...man...Haven't you thought-one day- about yourself ? Who has made it? Have you seen a design which hasn't a designer ?! Have you seen a wonderful,delicate work without a worker ?! It's you and the whole universe!.. Who has made them all ?!! You know who ?.. It's "ALLAH",prise be to him. Just think for a moment. How are you going to be after death ?! Can you believe that this exact system of the universe and all of these great creation will end in in nothing...just after death! Have you thought, for a second, How to save your soul from Allah's punishment?! Haven't you thought about what is the right religion?! Read ... and think deeply before you answer.. It is religion of Islam. It is the religion that Mohammad-peace upon him- the last prophet, had been sent by. It is the religion that the right Bible- which is not distorted-has preached. Just have a look at The Bible of (Bernaba). Don't be emstional. Be rational and judge.. Just look..listen...compare..and then judge and say your word. We advise you visiting : http://www.islam-guide.com http://www.islamhouse.com/s/9661
Green Boar (1 year ago)
This is incredible and definitely something I'm interested in pursuing, but unfortunately the school I'm going to they teach you the basics of garment construction, not detailed work such as this because it's geared more towards fashion merchandising and business. I've had to try and learn what I can on my own, but I'm looking to find an internship/apprenticeship related to this line of work. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to start? I saw someone mention Atelier Lesage, but do they have English-speaking instructors? Unfortunately I don't speak French, but I may need to start because the U.S. really doesn't offer any positions for fine craftsmanship in fashion. It's mainly ready-to-wear and fast fashion nowadays
Alexis Montez (1 year ago)
Green Boar this is more the sort of thing you learn studying costume.
Isabel Triviño (1 year ago)
OMG! 2:41
Steve ldnuk (1 year ago)
Isabel Triviño absolutely beautiful right? It's like a dream made real.
Felicia Wijaya (1 year ago)
can someone pls tell me what's the that she rub on the tracing paper? it's kind of a piece of chalk :)) lol
lidia lidia (1 year ago)
lock heart (1 year ago)
this is astonishing
yulee jang (1 year ago)
How do they transfer the completed project onto the fabric if it's attached to the mesh? Do they just cut it out?
Soumaya Mahfoud (1 year ago)
I want to learn this wonderful art!!
Gabo Blancas (1 year ago)
Amazing... where Can I found some school to learn ...?
Anyone can advise what is the tool used for pricking designs on tracing paper seen in the video from 1:08 onwards?
tina bauer (10 months ago)
I know it's called a "piqueuse" which pretty much just means piercer. Ive been searching for literally years and have found nothing. Very frustrated. I wish the people in the comments who know what it is would just comment a link on where to buy it.
Hi! I'm eager to know something about the tool too. Do you know now? Where to buy it?
Nathalie Astier (1 year ago)
My grand grand father was an embroider in france 😊
Cute Puppy (1 year ago)
damm, so much work goes into a few pieces of fabric we just throw on ourselves, isn't the purpose of wearing clothes is to protect our bodies from the harsher elements of the environment n surroundings? I love clothes n i spent a good deal of money on them, but now I am thinking sometimes we get our priorities wrong, I mean those money spent could be put for better use.
Nastia (1 year ago)
Thats point of few is of a poor person , but imagine if you have no problems and all is taken care of and you're filthy rich its no longer about necessities its about aesthetics . Its about admiring art and clothing yourself in expensive fabrics and incredible detailed patterns ...
Ibkahn bahim (1 year ago)
My god this must take years to complete .. very much patient job.
Nastia (1 year ago)
You know as a person that does detailed jewlery and embroidery xD i can say one thing yeah it does but its kinda satisfying at the the same time. Because once in awhile you can stop to admire your work =D
Jonathan Gomez (1 year ago)
Breath taking!!!
sujatha rani (1 year ago)
Victoria Rodríguez (1 year ago)
wow!! now I understand why the prices! they are artists!
Flora Marilyn (1 year ago)
dajapa .
dajapa (1 year ago)
+Vic Rod yep :) btw i love your pic, those colours... bliss
Victoria Rodríguez (1 year ago)
+dajapa that's true! didn't think about it
dajapa (1 year ago)
keep in mind the brand name. that rise the price higher than what it's supposed to cost
khodijah keviyanti (1 year ago)
what they're use? tulle? or what?
FeyonaT (1 year ago)
They use tulle and silk organza.
xochitl ballesteros (1 year ago)
es hermoso y verdaderamente arte lo que hacen con la tela me encanta
rell whye (1 year ago)
how can i learn to do this beautiful art
Vella Bella (3 months ago)
What is that long tool that they spike in the material and jiggle it around? That’s lovely
OnDasherOnDancer (6 months ago)
You can take classes and buy kits and tools from Lacis in San Francisco and Lesage in Paris.
Nayabansarahmad nayab (6 months ago)
rell whye I know this art.its call hand embroidery 9833453340 my mob number Mr nayab
Gem Stone (9 months ago)
I saw a step by step tutorial on YouTube once it seems simple enough.
haz (1 year ago)
This is such an enchanting video
BlueEmber (1 year ago)
Beautiful work for the .001%
mubashir haider (2 years ago)
So beautiful awesomist :) Can i work for you ?i want to be member of ur team bcz i have difrent art of hand Embroidery haute couture i can show you my art dreses via just one time see my art hope so you will like my art :)
naziha makowski (2 years ago)
c'est de l'art et de la création magnifique.
naziha makowski (2 years ago)
c'est beau
Larry Cade (2 years ago)
I would like to know what the name of the machine is that they are using at 1:10 of the video.
Marine Le Vaillant (1 year ago)
sorry if I reply pretty late, it's a "piqueuse" there is no translation at all, I am sorry, it's like the tip of a needle, wich jabs very fast, usually on 2 layers of paper. Then we use loose pigments with a kind of a brush to introduce the pigments into the tiny holes the machine made. And ... that's it the pattern of the embroidery is printed on your fabric.
hanlei (2 years ago)
I can't wait to be a fashion designer.
Annie moo boi Yuta (1 year ago)
blossominnie Armyyy 😂💖 also wishing you the best as a fashion designer 🙂
lock heart (1 year ago)
jiminspark I wish you the best!
el sheik tarek (2 years ago)
follow instagram sheikh.tarek
Kamilla716 (2 years ago)
Dear Designers...you would be severely limited without the artisans of the ateliers!  Such painstaking work is absolutely amazing.  An art in and of itself.  The design comes to life through the artisans hands!   Thank you Mode for bringing such magnificence into public view.
Kimberley Rae (2 years ago)
Where can I buy a tambour frame like those? It's more like a table. Please, can somebody tell me? :(
Hazel Val (2 years ago)
My eyes and heart are happy seeing this video..
Susan Rose Art (1 year ago)
I totally understand your comment! It was wonderful to watch and I liked the ladies to magic fairies with incredible amazing artistic gifts. Their precise stichwork is truly amazing.
Joanne Cohen (2 years ago)
The details of lacemaking are a creative work of engineering. It entails a specific plan that results in a work of unmatchable artistry. I appreciate this video.
Venasa Tho (2 years ago)
People wonder why some of these designers sell their clothing at outrageous prices. Eg. "Why is that dress so expensive? It's not even that pretty" Sometimes, it may not be that "pretty" but it's a lot of work. Haute couture takes a lot of time. You have to get the right fabrics, some fabrics are extremely expensive, and when you can get certain fabrics, you make them, When you can't get certain fabrics with certain designs on them, you have people like them, paying close attention to every detail of their work and that my dear, takes a lot of time and effort to master that art!
Chelsea Bayman (3 months ago)
Did you know that there are approximately only 2000 people in the world that can afford to buy haute couture (regularly)?
Monica Barona (11 months ago)
irmar you are so right in this.
irmar (11 months ago)
If you go to India you will find exquisite hand embroidery for very low prices even in retail shops. Of course you will say that people there exploit human labour and maybe you will be right. BUT once I was visiting an embroidery workshop and when they heard my nationality, they showed me the work they were doing for a very famous Italian designer house. That's how I learned that some of them outsource the embroidery to Indian workshops. But they charge their clients the same as if they were paying Italian embroiderers who would cost ten times as much, with social security and all. The problem is that in Western countries not many people take the trouble to learn this sort of artistic manual arts, and this gives the freedom to clever sellers to sell such items at overblown prices. I remember Rosetta Getty's "Mixed Media Granny Square Cardigan". Any beginner crocheter can make it, yet it was sold for €2.598. But if I made it and sold it, nobody would give me more than 100 plus materials, say 200 euros.
Aasja Ahjej (1 year ago)
Venasa Tho
Kass DDD (2 years ago)
Ummm, people usually complain about the prices of the ready to wear collections, as the haute couture pieces don't get listed or priced unless you personally ask. Most high fashion brands care to use good quality materials + a lot of them get their garments made in Europe and not in Asia/Africa, which makes it much more expensive. However, we must not forget all the big names have a name in the industry and just by having a brand slapped onto the garment the price is marked up much higher than it should be. It's much better to pay for a jacket with an interesting cut and design than, for example, a blank t-shirt by a big brand, because at certain point the quality can't increase anymore whatever the price rises.
Teacher Clau (2 years ago)
Which fabric do they use to sew??
Teacher Clau (2 years ago)
+RunWayUnderground thanks! :)
RunWayUnderground (2 years ago)
+Teacher Clau More than likely for this level of hand work and their clients it's silk organzas.
monica m (2 years ago)
Am I the only one that gets an overwhelming urge to knock everything down and tare it all part....
debrabelz (2 months ago)
Oppositional disoder. I think there is a pill for that.
wickandde (7 months ago)
Yes Monica you probably are. Lol.
cart (7 months ago)
Well I suppose someone had to be the psycho...
irmar (11 months ago)
No, I suppose the Taliban felt that way when they destroyed the Buddha sculptures.
Christina Roseth (2 years ago)
+monica m Lol...
Blue Canvas By Davinah (2 years ago)
i would like to know what are the materials call throughout the video..like the rock thing used to copy patterns and the woman was using a machine thing..looked as if she was copying a pattern????? im aware of the tambour
RunWayUnderground (2 years ago)
+Davinah Bowman The "rock" thing is not a rock it's a brick of special/fine textile chalk sometimes called a ponce stone. The hand tool is motorized embroidery paper punch tool. It's for perforating the tracing/tissue paper so that the chalk will go through the holes created by the tool to mark the pattern on to the fabric. There's no real good/efficient way to transfer the designs onto a fine mesh textile like silk organza. There are other steps in between that are shown in the video.
Cat C (2 years ago)
How can I work here?
Catherine Anne (2 years ago)
Incredible precision to detail!
Ася Ким (2 years ago)
о мой господь!!! шедевральная труд!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whiteflag1000 (2 years ago)
Can you imagine - Marie Antoinette would have seen this? I think she wanted to live forever...

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