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Dartmoor Sea Horizon from 264.7m above sea level

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Paul Reed (3 months ago)
Looks like my sort of place,, them p900’s are ideal.
FPV Angel (3 months ago)
Lovely narration and report Chris, very enjoyable ! Oh ... be sure to check any luminary captures for "waves", the halo in the foreground being revealed by the lit object travelling by, Sandra has located her "fixed" halo, should not be long before she captures a "wave", now theres a prediction. :)
FPV Angel (3 months ago)
Oh yes, can only get better mate. Chem plane made me think theyre trying to hide the static halos being noticed.
ChrisFE Jackson (3 months ago)
Cheers Fella! More & more as time marches on eh The plane on Sandra's moon is great!
P900 Coolpics (3 months ago)
Just wow. I’m sure the moon got brighter and brighter last night.😊 Fantastic Chris.
ChrisFE Jackson (3 months ago)
Thanks Sandra :)
Chris Hayes (3 months ago)
Nice one Chris, you're a legend
ChrisFE Jackson (3 months ago)
Takes one to know one buddy! Cheers
I need a P900. Good day ChrisFE
ChrisFE Jackson (3 months ago)
Cheers patrick...it is a great tool the p900, only as good as the user if you can see! Could do better :) Have a good day too GB.

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