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Kip Moore - Magic (Audio)

1686 ratings | 564490 views
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Text Comments (44)
Ravi T30 (7 days ago)
Dr phil brought me here
Kaye Andrews (21 days ago)
Make some Magic Songs with Caroline Jones please.They sure would be #1s.
Jessica Harper (1 month ago)
Love it
Graham Lake (8 months ago)
Kip is awesome. Don't understand why he isn't more popular compared to someone like Thomas Rhett? Kip is way better but 1/8th of the following.
sarah eversole (3 months ago)
Graham Lake Cause a lot of the popular “country” artists are country-pop
footsoldier123 (8 months ago)
Kip is a magician!
footsoldier123 (9 months ago)
Still just as amazing 2 years later!
Laura Jones (11 months ago)
love the lyrics
YoWazUpThisIsMyBranch (1 year ago)
This song is so awesome. "Ooh, give me some of that magic, magic." It is so good I put it on loop.
Ann Moreno (1 year ago)
Cody The Creator (2 years ago)
I think Kip Moore is one of the most talented country artist. I look at these songs in his Wild Ones album and it is the type of music that strikes country.. Hope kip Moore sticks to this type of music!!!
Jes Mackin (2 years ago)
this is my favorite song ever
Pieter van Doorn (2 years ago)
Pieter van Doorn (2 years ago)
shes stalking you!
Scott Evans (2 years ago)
sounds so irish country
Country Music (2 years ago)
Please make this the next single with a video clip!
country (2 years ago)
who wants to get fucked by him? ME!!!!
country (2 years ago)
god, I love this song!!
Alex Craig (2 years ago)
Check out my cover of I'm to Blame by Kip Moore if you get a chance! Any likes/comments/shares would be amazing! Thanks
Emma Cutler (3 years ago)
Annamae you are soo right love kip..... we are the wild ones!!!!!!
enguhneer c (3 years ago)
Just beautiful. I don't normally listen to country but this has a nice fresh beat. good work and keep it up!
Matt Hiebert (3 years ago)
Impossible to pick a favorite kip song
Alyssa Savoia (3 years ago)
His music is so relaxing and relatable. Can always count on Kip. <33
jaclyn roberts (3 years ago)
This song is just too incredible...
LILAUSDUDE (3 years ago)
all your music is easier to listen to. It's not all party sounding. It's calm to drive to and sit to at night
Look I am by *NO MEANS* a partier. I've been married for six years since me and my husband were 18. More than a year later (we got married in April of 2012) around may of 2013 I found out I was three months pregnant with our five year old. And now have a one year old and three year old. Anyway I'm not a partier. Neither is my husband. But just what the hell is wrong with party songs????
Jennifer Torrence (3 years ago)
This one is slowly growing on me; love the hair falls down line
J LP (3 years ago)
+Jennifer Torrence Same
Remy Rose Bennett (3 years ago)
four people don't believe in magic....
Sarah Nix (3 years ago)
Love this song I relate to it so much
AnnaMae Eicher (3 years ago)
Every song you release Kip Moore I always think to myself.....ok this is the one that is gonna be my least favorite because I still don't have a least favorite......and every single time I fall in love with the song! Thank you for creating music I fall in love with!
Zsolt Oláh (3 years ago)
Who does not like this song has no sense of awesome country music....
Trisha Moore (3 years ago)
love it........
Trisha Moore (3 years ago)
kip can do no wrong. ...I love his husky tone. ...can't wait to hear the rest!!!!! :)
Zsolt Oláh (3 years ago)
Heard just couple of songs from the new album and I'm afraid I'm gonna love them all :)
n8lexander (3 years ago)
+Zsolt Oláh Wild Ones album is awesome and so is KIP MOORE!!
Iolanda Silva (3 years ago)
I'm from Brasil and I hear yours musics . I love so much . this music is beautiful. 💗
Iolanda Silva (3 years ago)
Perfect music. 😍 beautiful .
Christine Williams (3 years ago)
love that song
J Jezzer (3 years ago)
A rich tapestry of words and stadium sound conjures up so much..love it! Well done Kip!
Johanna Svensson (3 years ago)
awesome.. loved it
Linda InChicago (3 years ago)
Love it!
karapippa (3 years ago)
awesome! have been waiting so long for new music !
Jim (3 years ago)
Cool song

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