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GTA 5 - Funny Gameplay Moments! #2 SkyFall, Farting + Ugly Faces!

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Hey everyone and welcome to my cosy little youtube channel! Today you can watch me have fun and fail on GTA V! Leave a like if you enjoyed?! remember to LIKE! SUB! FAV! and COMMENT! My Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/ThatXboxHobo ThatXboxHobo Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheXboxHobo
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Text Comments (5)
3:20 lol
QuadraNippleZ (4 years ago)
Thnx Bro
ThatXboxHobo (4 years ago)
I use the Elgato Game Capture HD! :D
QuadraNippleZ (4 years ago)
Cool video bro i have a question hw do you record xbox gameplay???
Matt Gater (4 years ago)
Wohoo first view and comment

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