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6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz - “FEFE” (Official Music Video)

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6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz - FEFE (Official Music Video) Stream: https://6ix9ine.lnk.to/FEFE Directed by TrifeDrew & William Asher of Figure Eight Creative Group Also Directed by 6ix9ine Instagram: @Trifedrew & @William_Asher STREAM FEFE: https://6ix9ine.lnk.to/fefe Nicki Minaj appears courtesy of Young Money / Cash Money Records. Murda Beatz appears courtesy of Interscope Records. Engineered by Big Juice & Wizard Lee Mastered by Wizard Lee
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Demarcus Rowland (21 seconds ago)
I know I'm not the only one who sow him kiss that dog and play it all cool we all sow you know that Right you bont have to liy caeg you don't have to liy😂
Laneatrice Bullock (54 seconds ago)
Colorful hair don’t care
illest Rootz (1 minute ago)
Here before a billion views.
Félix Garcia (2 minutes ago)
Sii Miras Esto Te Deseo Una Linda Tarde!! #Love
SAMIH MOHAMED (3 minutes ago)
عرررررب 😍
Taim 2 RaGe (3 minutes ago)
That A$$ tho
Greastest Ever (3 minutes ago)
Frank Salazar (5 minutes ago)
Amyah Quay (5 minutes ago)
It’s good do
Amyah Quay (5 minutes ago)
What the hell is 69 doing
100 subs With no vids (6 minutes ago)
Murda on the beat so it’s not nice
rolling_stoner (7 minutes ago)
Janina Baby (8 minutes ago)
My Playlist: 🥇 *Nicki Minaj & 6ix9ine* 🥈 *MC SMOOK - ALMAN* 🥉 *Drake - In my feelings* How is yours? ❤️
Mira G. (1 minute ago)
German Rap Only
Mary Dodger (4 minutes ago)
lettemgosda (5 minutes ago)
Marina Jansen (7 minutes ago)
Janina Baby i Like it
Visurant (8 minutes ago)
69 is so awful. With his pedophila charges, I can’t stop thinking about it while I watch this. Got to 0:22 and had to quit
IVI Infinity (9 minutes ago)
it looked like she didnt want to get hit from the back back back
IVI Infinity (10 minutes ago)
draco got that kick back
Chad G (11 minutes ago)
I swear on my momma I'll like this comment. (You swore)
Michael Chavez (15 minutes ago)
Gay ass tekashi playing patty cake
Mert baki Durak (15 minutes ago)
I dont even know like why I hit that..
Deeply cookie (15 minutes ago)
Who skips nikki singing
Anajisha Nation (16 minutes ago)
Fw this song 💯
Gabriel Pereira (17 minutes ago)
T R A P V I S I O N S (19 minutes ago)
Go subscribe and look at vids there so cool the YouTube channel is Forever High Entertainment
Марк Растёт (21 minutes ago)
163 m
WATZBÄR (21 minutes ago)
whats the name of the girl from 00:30 up to 00:33 ?
Jori Aal (21 minutes ago)
WATZBÄR ydont know
Christian Garcia (21 minutes ago)
Sub to me to see trash videos
Itz2xpro Cops (21 minutes ago)
end my suffering (21 minutes ago)
Am I the only one that noticed that nickis hair color changes through the video
Click Bait God (21 minutes ago)
I swear on my mom I’ll like this comment. (You read it)
Máté Bendekovics (22 minutes ago)
Bojler eladó! Jó állapotban lévő bojlert szeretnénk eladásra kínálni Az ár 150000 ft, de alkuképes Budakeszire lehet jönni érte
"Colorful hair don't care"
Maykema Hardine (23 minutes ago)
Did he just say "I'll catch that hoe right by her toe" 😂😂 2:05
DZ (24 minutes ago)
Max4Million (26 minutes ago)
Where’s his normal style..? Hope he doesn’t fully get rid of it
Jasy Rider (27 minutes ago)
Sta bi ja ovo karao
Tavon Blair (28 minutes ago)
I'll admit they'll make a great couple
mister dank (29 minutes ago)
This song but it's South Beach tow It's fucking Tremont
Kylie Rhodes (30 minutes ago)
Here at 163 million views... what are you guys watching this at?
Kylie Rhodes (31 minutes ago)
I’m from New York so I’m cocky🤷‍♀️
Ahmed Sayed (31 minutes ago)
Tomi Vee (32 minutes ago)
Got my baby mama pregnant with this song... #BabyNumber5 #F*ckherInAhandStand
rolling_stoner (32 minutes ago)
Kiana Tho (32 minutes ago)
Love you 6ix9ine
rolling_stoner (34 minutes ago)
anton sampson (35 minutes ago)
Aww he got a wittle ice cream
Tigers Fortnite (35 minutes ago)
Imagine how many cavity’s he has 🤣
Mr Y (37 minutes ago)
The best part 2:59
FTW_Nuke y (38 minutes ago)
Dad is ja kake aus den Arsch!
Eser Manangu (38 minutes ago)
Patrick Larmore (39 minutes ago)
This kid is fucking wack. Niki just ruined her career with this one
DJRAPERSAM (40 minutes ago)
Fanta Child (43 minutes ago)
Everyone:looks at the woman Me: Admires the puppy
Sara_Sofia Manzano (43 minutes ago)
Who else want to be the girl at 0:31 😍😍😍😍
Merna Hammad (44 minutes ago)
This is lit ya'll ❤👏😎
Bram (46 minutes ago)
WillWolf22 Bruh (46 minutes ago)
Why Odd Future? 6ix9ine isn’t even close the worst members in Odd Future.
Surya Moore (48 minutes ago)
Am I the only one that just noticed that dude in the back when Tekashi 6ix9ine was rapping
Ash Erg (48 minutes ago)
First I saw it i hate it but now I love😆 its kinda virus🤑
Vanessa Martinez (45 minutes ago)
feke, keke , whats meke ?💀
Keirred (50 minutes ago)
I dont really have no friends
Aluizio Felippe (51 minutes ago)
Nicki queen
CurtisDonDeano (51 minutes ago)
toughhhhh song. love them.
Riley Ferguson (51 minutes ago)
dude love this song good beat
Luna lina (52 minutes ago)
Me encantais los dos teneis un estilo de vida digamos que haceis lo que querais, la vida loca Yo no tengo amigos .
Israel Medina Vasquez (57 minutes ago)
Cool Lambo 3D (57 minutes ago)
Are you. Fan of 69 :)
Savage Chicken A (58 minutes ago)
Nicki Minaj messed up the song
LilMaarty (58 minutes ago)
I just dropped a remix to Tokyo drift come check me out !!
Dinoboy1221 (58 minutes ago)
How is this even allowed in youtube
Shit is trash bruh
Malia Rivers (59 minutes ago)
I wonder if 6ix9ine is transgender to a girl to a boy?😂
Zac Oooh (59 minutes ago)
Timmy Moore (1 hour ago)
How in the fuck is this music. My god. You young people have no idea what music is if you think this shit is hott..
TinyMoviez co (1 hour ago)
film ful my chaneel
Baran Demir (1 hour ago)
*king 6ix9ine queen nicki minaj*
Pop Tart (1 hour ago)
Is he wearing Tyler’s merch?
That Gir l (1 hour ago)
Video looks fun to make
Chanie Signor (1 hour ago)
Is it bad that I ship this 😂😍❤️
Moon Craft (1 hour ago)
0:29 who is the girl on the left??
mohammad allan (1 hour ago)
163m, try to beat 193m to beat his song Gotti
Big Dog (1 hour ago)
i this nigger gay ?
Bonnie Garcia (1 hour ago)
It’s low key a bop lol 😂
Joaquin Sanchez (1 hour ago)
The best song 69
John Daniel Rodriguez (1 hour ago)
Juice wrld lol If it was Read More
Natalie Marie (1 hour ago)
This shit blew up
DarkmoonLight MSP (1 hour ago)
We are all looking for Nicki and that cute puppy
Skinny Spongbob (1 hour ago)
Only came here for Nikie Minaj....❤
Juana Pato (1 hour ago)
Dequan James (1 hour ago)
Who watching right now
Dylan Massey (1 hour ago)
Love this song
paulomiguel velasco (1 hour ago)
Goddess of thicc ass
Luiz Felipe (1 hour ago)
Luiz Felipe (1 hour ago)
Ketchup Soup (1 hour ago)
How bout your daughter the princess?
Doomsday Donkey (1 hour ago)
Meme Triangle (1 hour ago)
is that blown up condoms in the background ?
xXR4UKINGXx !-! (1 hour ago)
0:32 and 0:34
Dupla da Zuera (1 hour ago)
rodzaje ciemności (1 hour ago)
Nice from Poland
Spencer Allen (1 hour ago)
After listening to the 8d version of this the actual video sounds weak..

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