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Brand Positioning - How to create a compelling message for your brand

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http://bigvisionbusiness.com/why-your-marketing-is-not-working-and-what-to-do-about-it/ Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to come up with the right brand positioning? It's almost as if the words you're using just aren't working to draw clients forward. In this week's episode, Jeffrey Van Dyk and Max Simon talk about how to create a much more powerful brand positioning so that your marketing actually works. If you're branding and messaging is not giving you a consistent flow of new clients and customers, make sure to see how some simple tweaks to your brand positioning can make all the difference. http://bigvisionbusiness.com/why-your-marketing-is-not-working-and-what-to-do-about-it/
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Hannah Wilhjelm (9 months ago)
This was an amazing video!!! I am a recent college-graduate living with my mom again currently unemployed until the timing aligns with my life. Thank god I have my mom who is letting me chill and relax, if I was living with my dad I would have already been pushed to start a sub-par job, putting my spiritual journey towards personal fulfillment on hold. I have an incredible, extraordinary, complicated and dark but perfect and full-of-light life story which has brought me into the self-awareness I live in today, when I start my blog and brand you can get the details! I am going to be a marine conservationist and a published author one day, and I want to begin creating my brand right now! I think my tribe is the water-people, people who feel the deep-rooted connection humans have to water - I want to relay that internal connection from a spiritual standpoint into the world and planet as a whole, because just as our bodies are 70% water so is mother earth, and just as we rely on trillions of microbial cells to be human, we need a thriving ocean to live on earth
Hannah Wilhjelm (9 months ago)
I will be getting much more specific, you just now put me on the path of defining my tribe, thank you!
Brother Ben X (2 years ago)
Thanks for this video!!! needed this, do you guys have an email I can contact to talk about this
Stacia Karina (2 years ago)
Thank you - a fresh perspective on branding that not only focuses on what the market wants but on how your own personal journey and transformation shapes what it is you are good at from experience rather that what you have seen works and want to offer...
Jacque Zoccoli (2 years ago)
Very nice gentlemen. As a Networking Coach (right, don't label me), my target is the frustrated business owner who attends networking groups and does not have a clue what to do to become Word of Mouth. I bring the missing link in the networking game, Collaboration! Through collaboration with like targeting businesses, they make YOU Word of Mouth. Thank you for helping me refine my story.
TouchTV1 (3 years ago)
I appreciate this post. It really helped confirm the way I felt about a lot of things that were holding me back mentally. As per your request ... My aim is to create a platform for the artists that I call "The Lost Souls" Talented individuals who hurt and have found their voice thru their talents & create works that reach others like them... I'd like to build more on this with you so please contact me (email) [email protected] FaceBook @ Mad Hatta  and if you use IG @madhattanisnyce Thanking you in Advance... signed Image
Neeshpeesh123 (3 years ago)
OMG. This was excellent guys. :)
Ferdinand Gernandt (3 years ago)
I believe that I'm here to guide & nurture the young up and coming talent wanting to enter the entertainment industry. To equip them with the knowledge, that will serve them in their decision making for their career. My Tribe: young performers who want to break into the industry but don't know the specific steps to take.
Sabryna Holloway (4 years ago)
Great content! Stopped and paused many times to take notes and write about my own business. No fluff, thank you for sharing.
Ama Nkwa (4 years ago)
Love This....Nothing wrong with "hands" for me..you guys have passion know how and detailed content...Love it!!!!
xiomana xoxoxo (4 years ago)
good job guys...use less hands...its distracts from the on camera message...and look awkward otherwise keep growing and keep up what you are donig looks and sounds great..

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