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Review Actual Query Execution Plan Using DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_CURSOR PART-2 covers  Set up & view execution plan using Display_Cursor. Overview on Execution Plan shown by Display_Cursor, understand estimated & actual row source execution statistics, IO stats, memory stats, usage of temp.
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Ahmed Mamdouh (5 years ago)
Dear Anindya, when I use ALLSTATS parameter it not shows read and write coulmns
Anindya Das (5 years ago)
In execution plan, the execution starts at right most operation in operation field. Suppose in 1st step some operation spent 5 second. In A-Time it will show 5 seconds. Then in 2nd step some operation spent 55 seconds. So for this A-Time will show 5+55=60 seconds. Then in 3rd step some operation spent 30 seconds. So for this A-Time will show 60+30=1 min 30 seconds.. In this way its cumulative.While using gather_plan_statistics hint, its may not show A-time properly. Thanks. @Himangsu
Anamika Roy (5 years ago)
Very well explained..covers lots of detail
LuckyTechGuru (5 years ago)
What do you mean by cumulative value of A-time ?( around 8:00 min)

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