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Influncer Marketing: Driving Brand Message Among Consumers for Exide

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Exide Life Insurance is a company that is known for its positive outlook. They were looking to promote and create social chatter around two products: - The Money Book - My Long and Happy Life Scrapbook Ripple Links collaborated with Influencers to creatively communicate the brand's message of planning for happiness. This was don through: - Creating engaging and visual content - Advocating the habit of writing things down - Generating stories on their past and future plans to connect with readers We engaged with 3 celebrities - Mandira Bedi, Ayaz Memon and Rajeev Masand - and 26 influencers across categories of Finance, Parenting, Travel and Lifestyle. This garnered 5,861,064 Blog Readership, 7,000,000+ social Impressions, 1000+ Unique Engagements and a total Reach of 9,097,543.
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