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MLP Fighting is Magic - Rarity Theme

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http://www.mane6.com/ Is the website where you will find out about This game! I don't own this song!
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Text Comments (156)
Joel Shepherd (21 days ago)
It's rairty
Laura Link (1 month ago)
best theme ever!
Ethan Vo (3 months ago)
Rarity is the best pony!
Cassie Cage (3 months ago)
Miguel Sanchez (4 months ago)
Fabulous !
Andreas Koller (4 months ago)
Wow It's beauty and hear like Zargojack's Theme
Joyful Mouse (4 months ago)
Love this music ❤️ ^ ❤️
ayana mollineau (5 months ago)
Awesome beats for music
LaviiLuvii/Stee (6 months ago)
50% of fans: ‘This fits her character so well!’ Other 50% of fans: ‘This doesn’t fit her character at all!!’
Minty Sky (6 months ago)
there is a copy of the theme (it is zalgojack) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ykD4Y_LbpQ&index=9&list=LLjJh8_hwP25PAY37le8Uv-w
Okey Dokey Lokey (7 months ago)
Best theme from FiM
uwuwuwu (7 months ago)
I used to jam out so hard to this when I was 10 lmao
luminizelaura (7 months ago)
them's fighting herds was just released on steam, oh how far this came
Queenofawesome25 L (7 months ago)
My favorite!
Angelica (8 months ago)
The best theme 🤩
Perfection darling! Perfection~ ♡
Asher McEvoy (9 months ago)
im an 11 year old boy and i still think this show is cool(mostly the art...im a furry :3)
AngiesPlace7321 (9 months ago)
*play this at my funeral please!*
p6mkq (9 months ago)
She looks like as if she was wearing a scarf. That's just cool.
Barry Soetoro (9 months ago)
In this house we stan Rarity
Voletta (9 months ago)
I've grown out of my Brony phase, but this song legit gave me chills
Chocowaii (2 months ago)
useless user dont
useless user (2 months ago)
Voletta a true brony can never grow from this phase
uwuwuwu (7 months ago)
Voletta same
Soda Meme (10 months ago)
Rarity’s galactic stage theme. Really it sounds like that.
Izaak Fowler (11 months ago)
do spike pls
GreyedInterests (1 year ago)
No matter what anyone says, this will forever be the best Fighting is Magic theme.
Garrett Erickson (16 days ago)
Godfinger (1 year ago)
Mah favorite theme
Sarah Hood (1 year ago)
Character select- "I better not get messy." Before fight- I couldn't think of anything ^.^' Win- "Hah! Of course I won." Lose- "How dare you!"
SuperBro.BrawlerKart (1 year ago)
I need a download link!
Reverse Dipper Pines (1 year ago)
edrickstuf (1 year ago)
a little bit of zalgojack in there
Jay Boogie (1 year ago)
Hope 2017s being swell to all you fellow colts n fillies
wormy (1 year ago)
anyone else start hearing a bit of Art of the Dress at 1.33 ?
Hollyloves Coolest (1 year ago)
Nice theme song Rarity(。・ω・。)
Harry Richards (1 year ago)
2017. Still rockin ponies.
super yoshi 123 (1 year ago)
l love rarity she is so funny at time yay yay yay lol o and rarity is best yay yay
erizuu (1 year ago)
honestly I'm not a mlp fan like I used to be but this is worth listening
Jack Whitebread (1 year ago)
My Heart My Love My Rarity💎💎💎💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
That One Gib (1 year ago)
i love how this is tagged with "Them's Fightin' Herds" on Youtube Games now
Praewa / Lena (1 year ago)
i like this song
Oll05 (1 year ago)
I just realised the red gem looks like a hoof...
Kind'n'clever (1 year ago)
Sounds like a some unused Freedom Planet soundtrack. Reminds me of Thermal Base level.
yadira bahena adame (1 year ago)
esta cansion tiene partes de la cansion de Zargojak
Killakelse (1 year ago)
Laboratory Diesel (1 year ago)
Killakelse no it's Zargo Lack
fallen_star09 (1 year ago)
PONY RAVE at Rarity's Boutique!!!!
Pandapaws56789 (1 year ago)
this would fit as asriel dreemurrs fight, would it not?
Storm Gray Sheep (1 year ago)
Pandapaws56789 nah
insectlover602 (1 year ago)
Pandapaws56789 (1 year ago)
no no i mean this would be nice if this WAS hopes and dreams
James CyberLink (1 year ago)
Pandapaws56789 AJ He already has Hopes and Dreams...
Eternal Melee (1 year ago)
I thought the game was taken down by Hasbro
Dr Krocket (1 year ago)
sounds like sonic adventure stage music :3
Dr Krocket mabye that's why I like it so much X)
AnimatronicPony (2 years ago)
This isn't yours but thanks for the reupload.
Giselle Vallario (2 years ago)
Rarity loves fashion. That's why she has a pashion for fashion.
narutoBRful (1 year ago)
he made a pun....
Mickmick (1 year ago)
Giselle Vallario pashion?? I think you mean passion
In my MLP fanfic "The Super Mane 6" this is Rarity's theme song, the first part plays when Rarity (Ponyvilian) is designing outfits (Like Always, and this time is a Mystery Outfit), the second part which is fiercer, louder and tougher, plays when Rarity reveals the Mystery Outfit is a Superhero Outfit for her and Rarity puts it on transforming into Super Rarity and later when Super Rarity fights Greedy Spike (from episode "Secret of My Excess"), and successfully reverts him back to normal and then joins the Mane 6 Squad
Rhianna Miller (2 years ago)
sounds stupid
This was the first "Death by Glamour"
TheFunnyguy9000 (2 years ago)
Death by Glamueur
Pinksie Heartwishes (1 year ago)
ThaliaPiplup (1 year ago)
theres a Death by Generosity
Kona the Cat (1 year ago)
find Death by Diamonds
Anaclet (1 year ago)
エマ (2 years ago)
ohhhh yes
michalbert6022 (2 years ago)
this is just like Rarity (elegant) but where is this game? is it done or what? this just like Rarity (just... wow, gorgeous, elegant and amazing)
Dogman15 (7 months ago)
luminozero (10 months ago)
The people behind this game (which was shut down due to Trademark claims) actually got help from Lauren Faust (the creator of Friendship is Magic) to make a new game using the same premise. It's called "Them's Fighting Herds". If I recall, it should be coming out soon. It's certainly worth a look, you can see the inspiration quite clearly.
Hugh Jara (1 year ago)
michalbert6022 The team is making a new game just like it with all original ideas. They even got Lauren Faust to design the characters. You should check out the youtube channel ManeSixDev and see it! :)
michalbert6022 (1 year ago)
XxLoveMeNotToshxX (1 year ago)
unfortunately the game got too popular. The MLPFiM staff & some of the staff at Hasbro ignore alot of the fan made games and stuff and turn the other cheek and pretend that they know nothing about it unntillll some people who aren't "with the program" talk/post about it to much and sometimes actually say something to the staff at Hasbro or MLPFiM and/or it becomes too popular and when that happens, Hasbro and the MLPFiM staff can't ignore it anymore and they have to issue a "cease and desist" or issue a "copyright claim"/do something about it to appease the big bosses unfortunately.
MR DeDeDe (2 years ago)
this is a remix of zalgo jack's theme nice!
Amethystlicious (1 year ago)
Well, it maybe because that CommandoSpy's remix of this theme is so good that somebody wanted to use it in their edition of the game (Everfree Temple Stage) and made Zalgo Jack to be a boss but don't know where to put her so they slapped it in that stage
Archimonde259 (1 year ago)
Why the hell does Zalgojack even exist, why does she need a theme, and why is the theme of a horror-corrupted Applejack a remix of Rarity's theme, of all things? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!
Amethystlicious (1 year ago)
Although this comment is 1 year old, I still want to clarity something: Zalgo Jack's theme is not even her theme, it's CommandroSpy's remix of Rarity's theme
MR DeDeDe (2 years ago)
+santiago lopez true but rarity's theme sounds like the remix and zalgojack's sounds like it has not been remixed. sounds like the original version
santiago L (2 years ago)
+sami FN callihan it's the oposite, zalgo jack's is inspired by this song
Edwin Fan (2 years ago)
Anyone know a song that sounds like the intro of this song before the beat kicks in?
Thom (2 years ago)
There is a song from Mother 3 that sounds very much like it, I assume the're drawn from the same riff.
VIOLA CARLSSON (2 years ago)
Mlp is the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!
2018 and i still love it!
Candy Clouds :D (5 months ago)
Eternal Melee (1 year ago)
VIOLA CARLSSON Yeah Bronies and Pegasisters forever
MarchingArts (1 year ago)
+wanded Eh, just cut them some slack, no one is perfect, we al make mistakes, them included, and I will admit, to the untrained... Eye, is it, my message could have sounded critical
MarchingArts (1 year ago)
+Callity Woah, bro, never meant to go over the edge, why don't we all take a step back, take a breather, and stop losing it
Snow Furry (2 years ago)
rarity music like this?
Raity Lovely (2 years ago)
Huebert Lim (3 years ago)
Rarity MLP
Huebert Lim (3 years ago)
I am a pony lover
RoyalRick (3 years ago)
Love this song so much! Gotta be one of my two favorites from the game.
SwerveStarEx (3 years ago)
I can't say for sure if this is my favorite song of the bunch, but it's the one I've been coming back to the most lately. ^w^
И че???
Ventus will (3 years ago)
0:26 just realized Zargojack is a remix of Rarity's theme...
bonbonni (3 years ago)
+Ventus will wow, would have never noticed if it wasn't for you.
Serena Oxton (3 years ago)
I kinda like this song, but I seriously don't like Rarity
Konijn _ (1 year ago)
I agree. She is definitely not my favorite but this song is great!
The Husks Network (4 years ago)
Rarity best pony! (\ * /)
Garrett Erickson (16 days ago)
Ur face is
The Husks Network great joke*
The Husks Network great Koke
Nin10Boy 6464 (6 months ago)
*cough* UNICORNS MASTER RACE *cough*
Queenofawesome25 L (7 months ago)
She’s my spirit pony.
Chloe Rytherr (4 years ago)
Wait a minute I think they added one of the Skype sounds into this song O_O
Suzanna Burezgi (1 year ago)
Chloe Rytherr I think yes... Sounds like galaxy.
Kalmonos (1 year ago)
Chloe Rytherr where tho
Edgar Ruiz (4 years ago)
Where have I heard this before?
Decoding The Riot (3 years ago)
Maybe Megaman X thats what it reminds me off
AzureHaiku (4 years ago)
Zalgo jack?
Edgar Ruiz (4 years ago)
+Chloe Rytherr haha maybe
Chloe Rytherr (4 years ago)
Chloe Rytherr (4 years ago)
I love this song, although I don't really think it suits Rarity that well :I
rod1315 (4 months ago)
I think it does
minmay (3 years ago)
It does though, it's very graceful, but with a more intense twist.
Ander Carter (4 years ago)
XD 1:47 Thought it was my skype
Ander Carter ..
Chloe Rytherr (4 years ago)
I think you put the wrong time :I
Eric Shamrock (4 years ago)
I don't think this captures Rarity very well.
Tyler Pierce (4 months ago)
Then do me a big favor and go write your own song in your spare time.
TPB_SUP_TRP (4 years ago)
Very Good :D
★ Voli_55 ★ (4 years ago)
Thank u deary!;)
EchoBrony (4 years ago)
I love rarity she so hot plus her theme song.
Tyler Pierce (4 months ago)
This makes me hurt on the insite.
Nin10Boy 6464 (6 months ago)
Pony and Human :3
Argumenter_Respecter (8 months ago)
No, no, what it means by hot is the fact that Rarity often uses her magic while she's working, and if a unicorn uses their magic all the time, their horn will eventually heat up, thus Rarity is often hot ; )
Olivia Woloshyn (8 months ago)
thanks for reminding me why I stay away from the bronie fandom
Purple_ Panther (10 months ago)
+Landon Thielen , Lol xD

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