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How to Pick a Dating Site | Dating Tips

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Like these Sex and Dating lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1P27qdO Watch more Dating Tips for Guys videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/499600-How-to-Pick-a-Dating-Site-Dating-Tips Alright, guys, there are so many dating websites out there. It's probably very confusing to try to figure out which ones to go on. You know. Every day a new one pops up. And, you know, there is a huge difference among them, and I'd like to kind of talk about which ones kind of cater to different areas. Because you want to kind of focus, because they are paid and you want to spend your money in the right spot. So the biggest one, obviously, is match.com. It's a great website. It's got a ton of users. And it's great if you're just looking to kind of casually date people and possibly find somebody that you're interested in, you know, great searching and whatnot. There's also eHarmony which I'm sure you've heard of as well. Which is more of the intensive, you know, really about compatibility, and kind of getting to know somebody. Great tool if you're looking to find some sort of deeper committed relationship. Now, there's a lot of free sites, too. You could go on something like Zeus or Plenty of Fish, and they both have a paid upgrade system that you could check out. And honestly, you know, any of those four are really good general websites if you're really looking to kind of dip your toe in the online dating pool. There's also a ton of more specific ones. And depending on what you're looking for, you know. Religious preferences there's JDate and Christian based ones. And then there's also, you know, aged based ones. There's a million out there. So we could spend the next, you know, two days talking about dating websites, but it's really about kind of picking a couple to start with, testing the waters, see if you like it, see if you're getting some sort of, you know, good response back, and going after what you're looking for. So I suggest a match and then maybe a something else to kind of complement it.
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Dating Tips For Men (4 years ago)
Great tips!
Boogie Thug Rose (6 years ago)
While i was watching this video I played with her hair, rubbed her leg, and massaged the boobies with my mouse pointer, oh yea I can feel the online chemistry brewing!
Bobb Graziano (6 years ago)
I'm so surprised that you didn't mention 1 of the biggest profile sites going, OKcupid! Honestly with all of that it has and offers it is the best & It's free!!
Corpsephotos (6 years ago)
Everon (6 years ago)
All I heard was "blabla YouPorn blabla Spankwire blabla Fuq blabla".
Jeremiah RootSr (6 years ago)
Jeremiah RootSr (6 years ago)
I wanna Date You!
fredster413 (6 years ago)
Kind of x 8 times during less than 2 minutes, how annoying.
wiltay15 (6 years ago)
8-[ aRe you Serious?
jose antonio Losa (6 years ago)
press 5 and keep on pressing it say keep on going
Skatefor diego (6 years ago)
so can i bang you...
Shannon Palmer (6 years ago)
Why Did @neriuxa32 's comment get voted spam...?
Killa Klan (6 years ago)
fuck youtube advertisements......
LadyLolitaJenny (6 years ago)
Utookmysamich (6 years ago)
kdavidmcd (6 years ago)
I tried to get on a dating website but was denied for failing question 5: Q - What do you like best in a woman? A - My dick.
Dennis Payne (6 years ago)
316th...by the way how tf did i get here from skyrim?!
thumper5555 (6 years ago)
@codmod212 dude... you're third by my count.
Bliced (6 years ago)
Here is a thought, Go outside and go up to them in person and say hi, build a relationship.
codmod212 (6 years ago)
Ken (6 years ago)
brian6320 (6 years ago)
first!!! yeah

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