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MLP: Fighting is Magic - Fluttershy's Theme (Super-Extended Version)

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The super extended version of Fluttershy's theme composed by RainbowCrash88 for the game "Fighting is Magic" developed by ManeSixDev. Enjoy! Click HERE to download the ORIGINAL audio file! http://rc88.bandcamp.com/track/fluttershys-theme-mlp-fighting-is-magic Download the game HERE! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/fighting-is-magic-tribute-edition.html
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Text Comments (653)
JosephRBLX ··· (11 days ago)
What is on his tail and why do I have to click it I'm scared
GreyedInterests (1 year ago)
Why is everyone freaking out about Angel's tail? Diamond Tiara's theme isn't even scary, the picture of her with Squidward's face isn't terrifying. Seriously...
Red Fork 2000 (8 months ago)
I think they're just joking about it. I don't really find it to be terrifying either.
GreyedInterests (1 year ago)
Sounds exactly like the Sims 3 song that plays while the game loads.
New Leaf (1 year ago)
so damn epic i love this
Juno Chun (1 year ago)
Did I actually just listen to a whole hour of Fluttershy's theme?! Am I crazy?!
Pkfreeze1614 (2 years ago)
Fluttershy = best pony. * grabs popcorn *
Pkfreeze1614 (1 year ago)
and because i really like popcorn. :)
Pkfreeze1614 (1 year ago)
from what i learned in the past, people get really angry with favorite pony opinions, ESPECIALLY with Fluttershy.
Gaia Gribhinneach (1 year ago)
Why the popcorn? There is not going to be any fights just because you like a certain pony and others might not. While I do not agree, I still respect your opinion. Have a nice day! c:
night flower204 AJ (2 years ago)
night flower204 AJ (1 year ago)
+Starbounded The meant the face :/
Gaia Gribhinneach (1 year ago)
I wasn't ;-;
mystery man (2 years ago)
Fionn Gallag (2 years ago)
I was wondering where it was!
Glitchling (2 years ago)
Nyankitten the Memist (2 years ago)
twilightgeneral777 (2 years ago)
I truly wish this game hadn't gotten c&d'd... At least we'll always have this Beautiful music!
BronyTV (3 years ago)
remembering me on super mario galaxy 2
malSet (3 years ago)
Honestly, if I could mod The Sims 3 to put this in as one of the title screen songs, I totally would, because this fits far too well.
PartyMartin28 (2 years ago)
+eviltwilight Damn, you're right.
Firestar (3 years ago)
Kungfudragon (2 years ago)
More like rising break
Livi Clarke (3 years ago)
Click angel's tail
So i can look at a squidward diamond tiara hybrid? No thanks
TheNoobofHearts (3 years ago)
Super mario galaxy-esque instrumentation + banjo kazooie-esque animal sound effects + beautiful vocals = X3
Lord Slicer (2 years ago)
+Twilight Sparkle Hey Twily *blushes*
Twilight Sparkle (2 years ago)
hi how are u everbody
Lord Slicer (3 years ago)
+TheNoobofHearts It reminds me of Gusty Gardens Galaxy
Weafeon (3 years ago)
+Xohadarc Absolutely.
GBM FairView (3 years ago)
This reminds me of the original sims :D i dont know why but it does
Kiju Axel (3 years ago)
As far as combat themes go, this isn't really all that... ya know... adrenaline-rushy. Wouldn't want to have a KO-centric fight with this music playing. But as far as pony music goes, this is one of my favorites! Love listening to this song.
+Kiju Axel Fits Flutters perfectly. Dashie has the more adrenaline pumping music, because she's the bravest and boldest member of the mane 6. Flutters is more quiet and peaceful, she doesn't really want to have to fight, her animal friends do a lot of the fighting for her.
Majora (3 years ago)
+Kiju Axel Eh, I guess your right.
Kiju Axel (3 years ago)
+Bradley Case So is Super Smash Bros, and yet look at the adrenaline junkie group that formed from that.
Majora (3 years ago)
+Kiju Axel Keep in mind, this is in a game with cartoony fighting with MLP:FIM characters. This is pretty fitting if you look at it from that perspective.
Krystal (3 years ago)
HJ Horrell (3 years ago)
This reminds me of Yoshi for some reason...
Lord Slicer (3 years ago)
+HJ Horrell Surprised it ain't Gusty Gardens Galaxy
Ice Blizzard (3 years ago)
The parts with real singing sound so angelic. Flutters is AWESOME!
Ice Blizzard (3 years ago)
This would be good battle BGM for the game's training stage.
DeliciousClorox (3 years ago)
Best with FPS for some reason.
Troubled Chaos (3 years ago)
Troubled Chaos (3 years ago)
bad mistake .-.
That Hanzo Main (3 years ago)
i got a sudden urge to play the sims
Kinnet (3 years ago)
yeah me too
Jack Gisicki (4 years ago)
The start of this sounds like fluttershy a lullaby.
Bronies Play Lp (4 years ago)
i listen to this if i have to play some diamond guy in lol so intense fighting theme
Bloonblaster2000 (4 years ago)
I love this song! :D
Superfortress (4 years ago)
1:57 Connects to me somehow....
PinkReshiram (4 years ago)
It hardly reminds me of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Gates to Infinity. I think this theme would fit to this game.
apple Smith (4 years ago)
it so disney
Lightning Shy (4 years ago)
Damn you Hasbro for ending this game......
Ebutuoy Tikcus (3 years ago)
+Kinnet I think Equestria Girls is to show how lame some of the Fanfics people make are.
Kinnet (3 years ago)
hasbro fuked it, like equestria girls
Soulmane (4 years ago)
Meh, it's not Hasbro's fault, blame copyright laws. Hasbro was only being protective.
Fire IsNotHere (4 years ago)
So joyful *yay* <3 <3
Magikarpador (4 years ago)
I remember when I had hope for this game...
Anna Pie (4 years ago)
Reminds me of Sims, China, and Peace. And something like that. Also a land of pure jewels and wonders and happiness. 
Executive Sonda (4 years ago)
Reminds me of Sims.
JeremyKeno233 (1 year ago)
what is it weird
Executive Sonda (1 year ago)
Two years old comment. Hmm.
JeremyKeno233 (1 year ago)
i thought i was the only one xd
Lunamann (4 years ago)
All these comments about not clicking Angel's tail. What's there? Mobile doesn't have annotations so I can't click. (All I need is a link)
Lunamann (4 years ago)
Thx mann
Dippy Derps (4 years ago)
MLP Fighting is Magic - Diamond Tiara Theme (Super-Extended Version)
Owlowiscious (4 years ago)
Why are the themes so overpowered ?
Pinkamena Diane Pie (4 years ago)
Rocky (3 years ago)
+TheQuietSpy  Cool :3
TheQuietSpy (3 years ago)
+Le Epic Erza Its Actually A Spirit Eevee XD
Rocky (3 years ago)
TheQuietSpy (4 years ago)
Yep *Perfect*.....
Pinkamena Diane Pie (4 years ago)
eclipsely (4 years ago)
Why it scary when you click on Angels tail ._.
eclipsely (4 years ago)
This song is relaxing ^.^
Rocky (3 years ago)
eclipsely (3 years ago)
Rocky (3 years ago)
+fennekin annika  no prob :D
eclipsely (3 years ago)
+Le Epic Erza thanks ^_^
Rocky (3 years ago)
Nice profile pic it's so pretty :3
Kei Kum (4 years ago)
Fluttershy like some thing Kung fu and Zen !
Kevin Tran (4 years ago)
Ultimate Trollage on tiarawhy's part, april fools day... should've known
Jay Boogie (4 years ago)
Oh whats that angel did u just say "SURE-YOU-CAN"
Jay Boogie (4 years ago)
but seriously not a day goes by that I don't wish i could play this game
Trina Jones (4 years ago)
Angel is evil to every pony
Coldy Bright (4 years ago)
Gigi Cheng (4 years ago)
OP Malfit (4 years ago)
Omg, all your pussy comments.. theres nothing scary or creepy about that link on Angels tail... its just supposed to be that kind of wtf things...
BassBoostingBrony (4 years ago)
Alexandra Garcia (4 years ago)
Hey angel! Your tail have a trap card in it! DON'T CLICK IT! D:
Gigi Cheng (4 years ago)
Tom Yates (4 years ago)
... i clicked the tail!!! D:
James Minor (4 years ago)
Autism Comments about "It" Incoming Physiological Hazards  May cause loss in hope Brony fandom and Humanity in general
Melaina sipes (4 years ago)
This sounds like somthing for amy or rouge from sonic
Crule Gamer (4 years ago)
yea its fur cream...... SHEZ SO CUTE DAWWWWW
EOMJ89 (4 years ago)
+Zoey Trent yes
Melaina sipes (4 years ago)
Oh yeah way better orr even blaze lol
EOMJ89 (4 years ago)
No, better Cream The Rabbit or Marine
jocovaar (4 years ago)
i present u the new sims music sorry just gotta say that the music is still really nice
Melaina sipes (4 years ago)
jocovaar (4 years ago)
lol im getting populair XD but its true right its a bit like sims music
Melaina sipes (4 years ago)
Oh hey its you again lol
Scott Nowaskey (4 years ago)
I honestly find pinkies the best because of the buildup to 0:35
TheDJ Queen (4 years ago)
CRAP!!! RUN FROM ANGELS TAIL! IF U CLICK IT IT'LL SHOW A FREAKING SCARY- (remembers I made a deal with pinkie to keep my mouth shut) gotta go! (runs away)
TheDJ Queen (4 years ago)
but the song is actually good :3
Hi i'm Amy (4 years ago)
OKI THANKS FOR THE ADVICE! NEVA CLICK ANGELS TAIL! ( thinks: how about if I turn the volume down? ) O-o nah :3
Darlene Canty (4 years ago)
DONT CLICK ANGELSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad boy
Emerald Prism (4 years ago)
Fluttershybronie (4 years ago)
ghosties (4 years ago)
+Meaty Sontroid   It's not scary, just click Angel's tail.
Melaina sipes (4 years ago)
The way the wrinkles on her face and the color doesn't soot squidward so it just so creepy
ghosties (4 years ago)
Yeah, it scares me too 
Melaina sipes (4 years ago)
It isn't scary the song isnt its just the picture of her that scares me D:
Sun Shower (4 years ago)
Fucking squidward pony!!!! AHHHH!
Deputy Dooter (4 years ago)
WHATS IN THE TAIL? You guys are scaring me :c
Rylie Lane (4 years ago)
@C Miller sadly the last one....
Chris Purdy (4 years ago)
It's called Diamond Tera ( cant spell Tera right )
EandCProductions (4 years ago)
is this game back in production or is Hasbro still being assholes about this?
Espiner Level (4 years ago)
OMG sound fluttershy theme ;)
XYZDreadnought (4 years ago)
I concur, in fact I'm using this vid as a sims 3 soundtrack :D
Udumfucc (4 years ago)
I'll put that as Sims 4 opening intro :D
XXMinecraftTutorialsXX (4 years ago)
it was.
93ImagineBreaker (4 years ago)
you cant its been canned
мoonιgнт (4 years ago)
nobody think's it's like Sims?
pringles (4 years ago)
This game is gonna be FUCKING AMAZING
Thomas Heard (4 years ago)
It's the usual stuff you get with the "don't click this!!" warnings in the comments. Dat Diamond Tiara.
SonikkuColors (4 years ago)
*inhales* yay ouo
Winterleaf (4 years ago)
Openmindedgamer (4 years ago)
I have heard that the MLP fighting is magic game has been cancelled is this true? 'Cause that would suck :(
Shadow47007x2 (4 years ago)
This theme defines Fluttershy perfectly I love it
Rainbow Blitz (4 years ago)
Joshua Hudson (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that is reminded of Cream and Cheese?
Crystal Controller (4 years ago)
don't click angel's tail!!!!!!!
dijcastle (4 years ago)
my sis was playing a game while listening to this and she passed out smiling
Toxic Knight (4 years ago)
AlmostGoodAtGames (4 years ago)
Of course you do.
Dusty Crophopper (4 years ago)
I certainly agree.
James Jadus (4 years ago)
Hush now, quiet now, anypony?
That Hanzo Main (4 years ago)
with this music, i feel like im playing the sims.
TaiMamizou (4 years ago)
Sweetie Belle is close..
sligen (4 years ago)
Your is the best, 20% cooler indeed. Love playing your character just so I can play on your stage.
Yggi_the_tree (4 years ago)
It's like....20% cooler, of course it is the best!
Tasemictaco (4 years ago)
Because its 20% cooler...est?
Black Jack (4 years ago)
don't press the bunny
Joshua Bailey (4 years ago)
why is their no medley yet with all the songs? that would be awesome! with the mane six songs combing into one heart pounding theme XD
kirbyluver2001 (4 years ago)
Obviously cuz of my name.... :P
kirbyluver2001 (4 years ago)
Yay I love Kirby :D
Rudhwolf Hadrian (4 years ago)
Is just me, or this theme sounds kinda Celtic?
Chaotix Spark (4 years ago)
Bitch please is more so a phrase than an insult. He talked in jest, or more over, the saying itself is in jest. If Sajin truly meant harm, then a plague on his house where he would have to take his house to go see a house doctor~ But know TBD, that I am pretty sure Sajin meant no ill will.
its andrea (4 years ago)
i thought it was funny D: =3=
Dan Tins (4 years ago)
I disagree.
Strawberrtandcarly (4 years ago)
Jäeger (4 years ago)
Bitch please, Applejack's theme is simply Rockin'!
DogLeroy (4 years ago)
*Punches you* Hush now. *kicks you in the gut* Quiet now. XD
Juul (4 years ago)
It took me so long to find out this is actually "hush now quiet now".

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