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MLP Fighting is Magic: Princess Luna Stage Theme FAN MADE(Sonic Heroes Song Instrumental)

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One of my first original songs. To be honest, i really wish i could change the video. It was kinda weird to put a pony picture up here. I'm still unsure about what to call the song itself (its original name was Scarlet Red Roses when i first composed it) THIS IS ALSO THE SONG USED IN THE SONIC HEROES SONG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WX2HB3TFtk yeah its a parody A very talented brony musican, notacleverpony, really inspired me and made me want to continue what i do. I see that he has left youtube but has left an impact on the MLP fan music and he'll always be one of my favorite musicians. I put a section of what of his songs in my composition. His "Luna's Lullaby" Is one of my favorite songs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOeC49vAw9Q NOTE: This is not really an offical Fighting is Magic theme! If i were apart of the team, this is just what i would come up with. :3 Theres a few bugs but, they will get fixed soon. Luna art made by: PlatinumPegasister http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/486908 download?
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Text Comments (94)
Bleonara Kabe (3 days ago)
It's music of online-game "TwilightVSTrixie". It's so beautiful
Poofy Raven (1 month ago)
Best theme song ever! How come this doesn't have 1 million views?! You definitely deserve more viewers
As Shiny as a Star (2 months ago)
Very good song. Keep it up. Question: which audio program did u use?
Ethan Vo (3 months ago)
This is the only MLP thing you’ve ever done and it got many views...
MK1MonsterOck1989 (5 months ago)
lol I Love Luna She’s so Beautiful ^_^
loke (6 months ago)
This and octavia are the best
Antonluisre (8 months ago)
Luna is fav pone.
Galaxdia Sinsira (9 months ago)
Ooooo this fits luna pretty well. It sounds so beautiful !
Anna Liu (1 year ago)
so beautiful
Cloud Fennic (1 year ago)
what sonic heroes song is this?
Mikaela Hernandez (2 years ago)
The song fits better for princess luna. :)
TheSkilled Libra (2 years ago)
AquaMelody (2 years ago)
I used this song in a speedpaint I thought I left a comment asking if I could use this but I did on the wrong video. Gave credit tho http://youtu.be/-56apVTtHac
FoxFire95 (3 years ago)
Oh u included princess Luna I love u soooooooooo much more now I will burst if I'm more happy
Chloe Rytherr (3 years ago)
Also I don't see how this sounds like the Sonic Heroes theme o.O
BashLiveCupcakes (3 years ago)
+Chloe Rytherr There was a sonic heroes parody song. This was the instrumental to that.
Chloe Rytherr (3 years ago)
Mik Ogniokrwisty (4 years ago)
This is a good battle theme for the princess of the night, especially with the fandom putting her on a gamer position. It's energetic, but still has the feeling of the night.
Rougamaru (4 years ago)
Princess Luna VS Nightmare Moon! Luna-"You are the single biggest mistake of my life! It's time to correct that mistake!" Nightmare-"You'll never leave your sisters shadow without me fool! YOU NEED ME!" Luna-"No. What I needed were friends who loved me and my beautiful nights." (Luna powers up, the moon shining bright and beautiful upon her royal form) Luna-"And now, thanks to Princess Twilight Sparkle, I have such friends. I am loved." Nightmare-(enraged)"Friendship is pointless! Dominance is what we desire & deserve!" Luna-"Heh. And that is why you fail. You never learned the most important lesson of all." Nightmare-(enraged royal Canterlot voice) *"I AM AN ALICORN! I AM ABSOLUTE!"* Luna-"You are nothing, for you have no one who loves you. I have the love of my sister, the love of my friends, and the love of my people. Their love and friendship is magic. And that magic gives me the power to make the world a better place for all good people. And I shall start by bettering myself, by ridding myself of your dark foolishness forever!" (Luna becomes Shining Luna, and the battle between darkness and light begins.) Luna-(upon victory)"No family, no friends, no heart, no hope, no chance, no victory." Nightmare-(Beginning to fade away to nothingness)"No...how could I lose to myself?" Luna-"But you're not me. You were never me. You were just a pale shadow of me at my lowest. A specter of loneliness and jealousy I've long since outgrown, a mere nightmare I'm no longer afraid of or bound to. You no longer have any hold over me, and as such, you no longer exist as anything other than a bad memory to learn from. Your nightmare has come to a permanent end, and my life has only just begun. I am free, forever free." Nightmare Moon-(Barely audible whisper)"no..." (fades away to nothingness) Princess Luna of Equestria-"I have purged the darkness in my heart. I am forever free." (Fly's off to be with her loved ones, a terrible burden no longer weighing her down.) Princess Luna's Story mode: "Forever Free" Completed. You have earned a trophy! "Pure Hearted Moon" Trophy obtained! You unlocked Shining Luna in the roster! My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic! Presented By Hasbro! Thank you for playing!
Rougamaru (3 years ago)
+Leonexus Random *pats shoulder.* "Someday brony, someday." *thumbs up*
Leonexus Random (3 years ago)
+Rougamaru Now I want to make that an animation...but I don't have the skills...yet.
Liam Robertson (4 years ago)
CanaryChaos (4 years ago)
Poofy Raven (1 month ago)
CanaryChaos bro same
Nin10Boy 6464 (6 months ago)
mmmmmmm nah
FoxFire95 (3 years ago)
benis (4 years ago)
Ranakastrasz (4 years ago)
My MP3 player insists this is Scarlett Luna. I have no idea how that happened.
Sky_Cyberpaw (4 years ago)
This is the only MLP thing you done and it got many views... You really should make more music involving MLP.
Sigmund Fruit (4 years ago)
 I was thinking more Fly Me To The Moon from Bayonetta.
Vamértumme (4 years ago)
Is this based off MLP or Sonic?
ananya chaudhuri (9 months ago)
Dastardly Devil mlp
Aoife Walsh (4 years ago)
Luna is best pony. 'Nuff said.
Mugen Kagemaru (5 years ago)
Dude you should do a remix of "Princess Luna's Lullaby" That would be epic!
Mimikyu 59 (5 years ago)
Would that be copyright though? If they use it in fighting is magic
Princess Luna (5 years ago)
i like it :D
theskyserpent25 (5 years ago)
Omg I loved that game and yeah!!! Cause of the really high pitched dings yeah.
KNUCKLES22 (5 years ago)
Diamondpinkiepie (5 years ago)
its sound like castle crashers snow level
Sengoku8999 (5 years ago)
:55 That perfect feeling was too much for me to bear....but god damn it its awesome!
ThatLimey (5 years ago)
You do such good covers, make great music AND I now find out you're a Brony? (yes, I know this is a vid from 2012, I've not been a subscriber for long) This news has made my day.
Rosalie van Middelkoop (5 years ago)
I liké this!
Sky Shreders (5 years ago)
Welcome to the club.
TheMaskedFrenchMan (5 years ago)
I am sorry, too late, I am now 20% cooler
TheMaskedFrenchMan (5 years ago)
a brony brought me here, and I can slowly feel myself becoming one aswell now
VaRia (5 years ago)
This music is beautiful and awsome!Nice work dude!I so love it!
WellCookedFaces (5 years ago)
They got their funding, skullgirls is giving them their engine!
KNUCKLES22 (5 years ago)
I can't stop thinking of I AM SHADOW AND I LIKE GUNZ!!!!! XDDDDD
Swook teh Shpeerow (5 years ago)
Luna nos Custodit /)
FezaChan (5 years ago)
now that i heard the sonic heroes song first i cant listen to this song without the lyrics playing in the back of my head XDD
Antsaboy94 (5 years ago)
"I recommend headphones" *has headphones* BUCK YEAH
Swook teh Shpeerow (5 years ago)
Has this sitting open in tab, forgot to listen to it. I'm barely a minute in and I've already teared up from the beauty at least once ;~; Thank you xTrickyWolf, thank you...
Swook teh Shpeerow (5 years ago)
Now all they need is a Super Rainbow Dash theme (0w0)
Leah Margiotta (5 years ago)
I like celestia with Luna. It is so brilliant. :) I like this vid
The Sister (5 years ago)
All Hail Princess Luna?
Leah Margiotta (5 years ago)
Great music track
Darksyde4227 (5 years ago)
lolzforgood (5 years ago)
thumbs up if you like it
AlexiSonic (5 years ago)
YES ! yes yes yes yes yes yes YES ! YES ! YEEEES ! This is brilliant ! I love the idea, I would give a hundred thumbs up if I could ! Brilliant !
Faux Synder (5 years ago)
This is brilliant! I love how you've incorporated the lullaby in here and it's one of my favorite songs as well! This is one of those theme songs I would just pause the game to listen to it instead of fight XD; Wonderful work!
TheZiros (5 years ago)
May I, by any chance, use this song in an animation of mine? It is brilliant. Of course with credit and link to your youtube channel.
DjjustinX (5 years ago)
i have a request can u make this extended?
Author Pegasus (5 years ago)
I can hear a bit of "For The New Lunar Republic" in the beat and rythm there. Tell me if I'm wrong.
Phantom Eclipse (5 years ago)
1 person is a hater who needs a hug :3
TheDominator25 (5 years ago)
Which sonic song exactly though?
SonicHazXD (5 years ago)
youre a brony as well as a sonic fan? you just got 20% cooler
lilchucknorris (5 years ago)
Truly, NotacleverPony inspired me as well. Although I'm nowhere near that level of awesome, I'm learning so much. I love this fandom, and all the amazing stuff it creates and inspires. Keep on keepin' on, bro. :3
Cookies Fridays (6 years ago)
umm... Kingdom Hearts anyone? :3
S A C R I F I C E (6 years ago)
This is amazing! This should be an official theme/stage!
trym197 (6 years ago)
0 people are ba......... HOLY HELL!!
Thomas P. (6 years ago)
The song itself, just the sound of it reminds me of Luna by EurobeatBrony. I'm already imagining the lyrics to it going with this. Great job! I love the sound of this!
Kylora Starflower (6 years ago)
Download please. T_T
shawa666 (6 years ago)
Donkey Kong Cou8ntry anyone?
Phantom Eclipse (6 years ago)
Make some art :D like a drawing
74SonicMario (6 years ago)
I am Shadow, and I like guns.
Arturo Sanchez (6 years ago)
actually it took me away
Ttrilli _ (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you can sing the song while listening to this
PiePa (6 years ago)
Wow almost every sonic fan is now a brony including myself ME GUSTA
R4V3-0N (6 years ago)
I wish I can make music =l got nothing to express my love of ponies *sigh*
QuillsOnWheels (6 years ago)
Heheh... yeah I sorta read the description AFTER posting that comment... oh and I was bored.
Mespritroth (6 years ago)
How did I guess this would be the top comment? Gain some originality, likewhore.
Eeveesprit (6 years ago)
Blackleafeclan (6 years ago)
I don't like ponies but music can't be a pony so i like this.
MazzyDoodle (6 years ago)
Woaw that is really good :) You are seriously talented.
xTrickyWolfy (6 years ago)
A keyboard and a lot of time.
MazzyDoodle (6 years ago)
How do you make this kind of music?
QuillsOnWheels (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if the Sonic Heroes Song brought you here.
silvertalon8 (6 years ago)
....The Sonic heroes song brought me here.
Cashmere (6 years ago)
Needs to be on EQD.
JRhymezOfficial (6 years ago)
...and I want to reap sawnick! lol
OneKingLeon (6 years ago)
its kindaa gaii... JK its smexi ;3 great job Its like a birthday present for me in my birth week
Jess Layton (6 years ago)
omg its so cute ;u;
Great job, Shelbi :3

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