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So today i tell you how i got scammed by a freaking sugar daddy lol Click here to Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SimplyNessa ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ MERCH: https://ambitiouscustomprinting.com/collections/simplynessa15 REQUEST FOR OUR TOUR TO COME TO YOUR CITY: https://tourdemand.live/simplynessa Twitter @simplynessa15 Instagram @simplynessa15 Watch more of my Storytime videos http://bit.ly/2rkfOjZ Watch more of my vlogs http://bit.ly/2pQBSkp Watch more of my sp0oky paranormal videos http://bit.ly/2pE0MIN BUSINESS EMAIL for PRODUCT PROMOTION AND REVIEWS: [email protected] (ALL EMAILS FROM NETWORKS/PARTNERSHIPS WILL BE IGNORED ) ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ About Me: Name: Vanessa Age: 20 Camera: Canon 70d Editor: FCP
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Text Comments (4226)
Bad Goy (45 minutes ago)
To all the girls; Get a job.
Yes I'm Cutie (1 hour ago)
Can i get the link? Its for science
Killing Kassidy (1 day ago)
You call him "China" & then "James"
Hiram Rosa Jr (1 day ago)
Whore, sexy whore. Whore none the less.
Justin Jones (1 day ago)
Show us your asshole while you talk
Erika Burke (1 day ago)
You are gorgeous😍😍
Sarah Childress (1 day ago)
Can I block bitches who pop up in my shot to watch?
Sarah Childress (1 day ago)
This uglybhoe is fraudulent as fuck.... her camera is broke as fuck like herself and her phone screen wake up ppl Hahahahhaha she flashes her phone and it broke like her.
Nameisjackson (1 day ago)
excuse me are you kylie jenner ?
Valentina S (2 days ago)
i hate the way she talks
Amada Ponce (2 days ago)
Where do they go for those sites lol 😂
Bri Cruz (2 days ago)
Omg this girl😂
Bri Cruz (2 days ago)
I like asian men lol
Bri Cruz (2 days ago)
Lol meeee
Icecream flowers (2 days ago)
whats the name of the app? .... asking for a friend of course
Kiera MCGOVERN (2 days ago)
ngl seems like a good career choice rn
AnaGrace 0224 (2 days ago)
10:16 😂💀
Christina N. (2 days ago)
I want a sugar daddy... but not a old 90 yr old man lmfaoo 😂😂😷
MissTia777 (2 days ago)
Stop lying! You know you gave in!
Felicia C (3 days ago)
I live in Glendale. Let’s be friends pls🌻
bea genato (4 days ago)
All this money you make on YouTube sand u can’t fix ur phone screen? Lol
Kacey Robledo (4 days ago)
She said his name😂
Adri C (4 days ago)
I had thing for Asian men too why is it that I was never able to date a single Asian besides me being 5”7 but sometimes I would find guys my height and that would’ve been good enough 😅
Dani Kat (5 days ago)
I'm a sugar baby it's really good fun :) who doesn't wanna be dating a millionaire....
Boo Bou (5 days ago)
I need sugar daddy 😫😫😫
Trancenectar (5 days ago)
isabella K-M (5 days ago)
You said his name you said it was China for confenseniality but you said Jane s
isabella K-M (5 days ago)
andrea (5 days ago)
Whenever I try to sign it it automatically banned my acc haha I don’t know why
Isa Morales (5 days ago)
Man, I wanna do this but I'm not cute enough yet heh
Ashley Charron (5 days ago)
You sound like Mila Kunis
Sofia Hernandez (6 days ago)
I stopped watching the video because her fucked up hair got on my nerves
Raw Truth with jen (6 days ago)
Stop talking about her bangs if she wants bangs let her have bangs if she wants pig tails let her have pig tails who cares do you Nessa you don’t look like your trying to look a basic chick your unique I respect that
None Linton (7 days ago)
She lying cuz the pics have to be verified which takes 2 days. Most of the information takes time to verify.
Courtneyyy X (8 days ago)
You look SO much like Kylie Jenner and you sound like Gabrielle from the doctor Phil show (the 14 year old who’s mum lets her have sexual relationships with men) and your hair (except colour) looks like grace niccoles as well as your personality
Syerra mendoza (9 days ago)
Even if I wanted a sugar daddy I'd be too ugly lmao!! 😂
beesbuzz (10 days ago)
Kimbella Dumont (14 days ago)
Kylie jenner looks like her technically.. She was born that way kylie had alot of surgery..... But i need a sugar daddy so can anyone tell me a legit website...
Berenice Sanchez (14 days ago)
Can I have your profile 😂 so I can get sugar daddies
Lily (15 days ago)
She said his real name 😂
lindsey L (15 days ago)
Name of the app?
Tegan Evans (15 days ago)
So much for calling him "Asian" when you spoke of his real name "James"
jongxae // (2 days ago)
Tegan Evans I have a white name so I can fit in and not be bullied for a hard to pronounce asian name, my best friend isn’t as lucky.
s w (16 days ago)
lol funny, truth is these girls talk a good game - when the cell phone bill comes due they're broke - no matter what they say they're sucking cock when the bills come due from multiple guys
Rigo and Chey (16 days ago)
You said his name was James LOL!
JOCELYN M (17 days ago)
WHY can't they just let me have the money lol 😂
Miracle Subliminals (17 days ago)
When I heard the airplane fly by I thought that it was my stomach 😂 😭 it’s so true that it’s sad
Ashley Mora (18 days ago)
Does anyone else think nessa looks kinda. Like Kylie
Ximena Rios (18 days ago)
This site work im on it
alf shang (18 days ago)
watch back your video in 10 years from now .. you talk a lot about something your not yet understanding but you will ..
Jennifer Molina (18 days ago)
I want a daddy sugar 😍😭
Alice Pessima (19 days ago)
U said that he Was an Asian man but after u said he was from china (boil)
Ben Diaz (19 days ago)
So what’s the app called again
ScreaminOut suPremaCy (19 days ago)
Lmfao, don't talk about making it on your own, When you do shh like this dumb hoe lmfaooo! Facts! KEPP IT 1HUNNID CUNT! LMFAOO
Seeking a sugar daddy= being a prostitute for money
Belle Burberry (20 days ago)
Been on Sa for years and i have never been propositioned . I get a couple hundred emails a week and i have never had any one be so direct with wanting a hookup . Lots of fakes and flakes . Lots of guys looking for pics or to waste my time with talking back and forth forever .
Desiree Bisby (20 days ago)
Some dude asked to be my sugar daddy today and I kind of want to test it out lololol
MiYu Bae (20 days ago)
I literally signed up right before I found this, lmao-
mol c (21 days ago)
i got offered a sugar daddy thing today
Cameron Miller (21 days ago)
That drug u mention is Scopalamine - saw a video on it about it being used in South America to steal from people ie blow it in their face - they under your control go to ATM and max out
Laura Moody (21 days ago)
Ari Tutorials (22 days ago)
Lol 😂😂😂 so hilarious I'm subbing
isabelle Vlogs (24 days ago)
I want money 😃
Chy Monèt (28 days ago)
“ we’re gonna call this guy . China” Me: somebody call my name? 😶😂
Tatiana Urbina (15 days ago)
sugarbaby (29 days ago)
I have a sugar daddy
Charlotte Biddle (30 days ago)
What app is this?
Raiinbow Bitez (30 days ago)
That's lame standing him up
Nolan McDeezy (1 month ago)
Geez chill out with your hands
Caitlyn Francis (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does she look like Kylie Jenner in this video
Ayda Touqan (1 month ago)
James ;)
Shams (1 month ago)
Her fingers are are really long lol
Simplynessa15 = ICONIC
FemaleKing RapReality (1 month ago)
New YouTuber please support my channel
Disney Channel (1 month ago)
I didn’t like The thumbnail Reminds me of Humanity Running after money And wanting money when we need education overall it’s your opinion on your video so I have no right to say idiotic or hurtful stuff cause it’s your property and I totally respect Your channel But that’s me sorry 😐
Vannessa Aragon (1 month ago)
Hey wats the suit again
ItsDeeDee ` (1 month ago)
So nobody noticed that she said his name
Bobby Silver (1 month ago)
Thot. Why can't you move your ass and earn money yourself instead of advocating rape.
Maria Rendon (1 month ago)
App name?
Alex Hodge (1 month ago)
I looked straight at her bangs the entire time.
Railey Jacobs (1 month ago)
She looks like Kylie Jenner in this.
Jazmin Hurtado (1 month ago)
You look like kylie
Marie.m (1 month ago)
Girl you’re setting such a bad example for younger girls you should at least say don’t watch this if you are under 18
Sexy Kawaii LolaBoa (1 month ago)
What's the site called?
Arden Ribu (1 month ago)
nice shirt. <3
Boris Arevalo (1 month ago)
Call it like really is “ hoing “ with rich idiots
k a i t (1 month ago)
im 14 but imma bouta pop off on this website lmfaooo **im jk**
Abeer Ali (1 month ago)
Pretty face , stupid mind
Tjeda (1 month ago)
I loveeeee your shirttt
Liliya Zhylyak (1 month ago)
Whats with ur bangs tho
Liliya Zhylyak (1 month ago)
U look super hot here
Aesthetic Cai (1 month ago)
And then she got exposed LOL! Omfg I lover her! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Lily Redhouse (1 month ago)
She looks like selena Gomez and Sarah hyland had a kid lmao
Nobody important (1 month ago)
Someone but something in my moms drink and she woke up at the subway with her money for our bill gone, and the police didn’t do shit
Leanne Reilly (1 month ago)
Loved this video girl! Just subscribed <3 Hope we can support eachothers channels xo
i got a dig bick (1 month ago)
Julia Kline (1 month ago)
U be lookin like Kylie Jenner.
Hannah Dunkley (1 month ago)
Btw ur so bomb ♥️♥️♥️
ELK (1 month ago)
Just a guess but maybe the reason a lot of Asian guys don't look your way is because you sort of have an Asian look. Now, you and I both know that's partly bullshit but I think, with Asian men in particular, that they are looking for someone who looks different meaning not dark eyes and not dark hair. All said, I'm also willing to bet you that if you walked up to the next 20-30 Asian guys that you thought were attractive that you could get plenty of numbers so it's whatever. Also, no flip flops on a first meetup. You gotta wear something you can run in in case SHTF.
Jamie Cullen (1 month ago)
She said his name was James 😂
Alexandre Masclet (1 month ago)
A lot of girls are saying that they could become a sugar baby... i mean you know that is prostitution ??
Blondebabexo (1 month ago)
Kam Ross (18 days ago)
Blondebabexo gimme some tips & tricks girl 🤣
Marlize97 (2 months ago)
What website/app is she using ? I need makeup 🙄

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