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The Cleverlys "Gangnam Style"

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The Cleverlys performing "Gangnam Style" at Music City Roots live from the Loveless Cafe on 8.07.2013
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Text Comments (423)
Kalki Avenger (3 days ago)
Cringe holocaust
Camie Magee (7 days ago)
Pure talent 😂🤣💯🦄👍
Prisoner Zero (8 days ago)
Fred Mertz is killing it on bass.
eastriverbeesd Chris (8 days ago)
Classic rendition of a classic
김창남 김창남 (9 days ago)
I am  a Korean  COUNTRY song writer, I'd like to give my song to you.please check "OLD SINGER MR. JO" on the YOUTUBE.Also you can find other songs that "Lazofe dear my friend" and  "BOX CHOLATE".When I was bass player as the country band in the US Army base in Korea, 1970-1985.My name is Chang Nam Kim. [email protected]
Charles Jones (10 days ago)
Not gonna lie, this is probably the best thing I've seen all year.
James Ryan (1 month ago)
Sexy AF
panicxitsxbrea (1 month ago)
This is... surreal and perfect and I'm so grateful that it exists. Just. So happy.
Mechaman메카맨 (1 month ago)
발음 죽인다 ㅋㅋㅋ
Garrett Gilley (2 months ago)
O. M. G
yukhei's kai (2 months ago)
oh my god this
김창남 김창남 (2 months ago)
Please looking for Korean song writer CHANG NAM KIM's country music "OLD SINGER MR. JO".
Superadi554 (3 months ago)
God is typing......
UltimateKyuubiFox (3 months ago)
“Put them gangnums down~”
Rachel Jefferson (3 months ago)
this is my teachers cousin. he showed us this then everybody got cringe. xD
metheus108 (6 months ago)
Should really be Gingham Style
vicimgd (6 months ago)
what is going on at 3:16?
Renee Boyett (6 months ago)
I really hope the original performer sees/hears this and gets a good laugh outta hear this with the hard southern twang because this is HILARIOUS! I've heard KPop, JPop, and other genres sung with the American southern twang and it blows my mind.
Ramen noodles (6 months ago)
Lmbo whoopdem gangnam style
Ramen noodles (6 months ago)
I don't know what to say. I know they were probably being funny but if they were serious, they should have worked on their Korean.
Erasmus the blasphemous (6 months ago)
That shit is perfection
Orie1 (7 months ago)
They gotta lot more...
Rod McHugenstein (8 months ago)
Bubbles is playing bass.
opaopa86 (8 months ago)
Gangnam Style 2
Nick Topping (9 months ago)
This is the Greatest!
Walter Spitzer (10 months ago)
best thing to happen to me today
Code Yishu (10 months ago)
I’ve somehow ended up on this side of YouTube again 😂
RedJello090 (11 months ago)
Brilliantly subversive...and fun
Something You Said (1 year ago)
How come this isn't available as a song download somewhere? Did they not record it in the studio?
Something You Said (1 year ago)
I wonder if some of the elderly who were in the audience found the song befuddling.
Suhlynnlovesyou (1 year ago)
Your embarraaing yourselves the words sound like giberish not korean
joe&dianne Bullinger (1 year ago)
You don't get it do ya.....
FlamingBlade (1 year ago)
whooped 'em gangnams town
Austin Todd (1 year ago)
Honestly it's pretty incredible he learned that whole song....
Jon Nuada (1 year ago)
Henry Tudor (1 year ago)
Delvian (1 year ago)
I did not realize it until now, but I have always wondered how Korean sounds with an American accent.
Bootscoot33 (1 year ago)
Lol people are always like “stupid rednecks lol” so this dudes like “yanno what?? I’m gonna sing an entire Korean song flawlessly”
Bob Dant (1 year ago)
when u were at the loveless, u eat any of them biskits?
Drummer Guy (1 year ago)
That fiddle player slayed it lol.
Shakira Haze (1 year ago)
lol, this is like the deliverance people !! i wish we had these sort in UK , i love hillbillies!!
MICHAEL DAVIS (1 year ago)
J Boy Shyne (1 year ago)
Nope, it don't work for me at all.
Ruth Kellogg (1 year ago)
So creative!!!
Javi Silva (1 year ago)
2:10 "Gina Norton Norma" watch at .5 😂😂
Nancy Roberts (1 year ago)
We got to see you at claremore ok great show
M Buszka (1 year ago)
+ 1000 respect to being able to repeat WORDS of this song. ;)
ace salyers (1 year ago)
canopeaz (1 year ago)
Why do they sound like they were playing at the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina?
loldozer (1 year ago)
God I love this. So much. Someone tell Psy <3
Axis: Bold As Love (1 year ago)
These guys knocked us out at Telluride.....
Kevin Lew (1 year ago)
gotta give him kudos for learning the lyrics
j v (1 year ago)
Those dancing parts by violinist were awesome!
rabra cadabra (1 year ago)
Bluegrass. Foot tappin' originals.
Tiebeth Shibanuma (1 year ago)
Fantastic. ⊹⋛⋋(◐⊝◑)⋌⋚⊹
Dan Bodah (1 year ago)
Thank you for adding eephing to this! Keep the eeef alive!
KalahariKAri (1 year ago)
That was Funny, right there. What I am missing though, is a video to this done Cleverys style. C'mon boys!
Heidi Z (1 year ago)
larry swift (1 year ago)
friggin' awesome
relentlessmadman (1 year ago)
what would really be cool is if you could come up with english word that actually make sense !!!!!!
Shonda Cannon (1 year ago)
These men are so talented!
Shonda Cannon (1 year ago)
These guys are so freaking awesome!!!!
Julie Marie Eckhardt (1 year ago)
Omg I love this... I haven't smiled this much in 2 years... thank you!#
WILNEL (1 year ago)
cash me ousside howbow dat
WILNEL (1 year ago)
나는 죽고 싶어
BIGBLOCK5022006 (2 years ago)
I hope nobody tries to crucify me for suggesting it but these guys should do a bluegrass version of "We Are Number One".
binkymagnus (2 years ago)
for those of you complaining about his "Korean," he can't sing English much better. but damn these boys can play!
JEIL (2 years ago)
koodoo zowna hey! koodoo zowna hey!
JEIL (2 years ago)
dong suki booey chiman gutu nunan nyoja....now i speak korean!
Paul Johnson (2 years ago)
I done seen 'em live at bluegrass festivals,, they are really great and very funny .
Moustache mike (2 years ago)
talking to Cajun's sound about the same...just ask (what)?
relentlessmadman (2 years ago)
wheere'd you fellers get the funny hats?
ThePstjtt (2 years ago)
Awesome! Who'd have thought you could fuse those styles?
Splaticus Blah (2 years ago)
This is like pouring beef gravy over ice cream.
Joshua Young (2 years ago)
I agree, delicious...
Wesley349 (2 years ago)
i like how he says whuptum gangnam syle
Wesley349 (2 years ago)
where can i download this song
Hoosier Video Guy (1 year ago)
Wesley349 youtube-mp3 dot org
Hei Go (2 years ago)
Cover vs. original 100-0
BR 549 (2 years ago)
This is freggin genius! 😂
Rusty Shackleford (2 years ago)
This makes me very happy. Local rotary members crush it every time!
rho Magenta (2 years ago)
Korean blue grass.. interesting....
American Icon (2 years ago)
anyone here speak korean?
Kristin Graham (7 months ago)
I do!
Suhlynnlovesyou (1 year ago)
I'm Korean and these people just ruined the point of this song, they sound like babies babbling I don't even hear one word that's korean.
Jed Cosby (2 years ago)
My name is 이재현 I'm a Korean and this person butchered this song
Eric LaPlante (2 years ago)
Just Awesome!
Mad'm Mimm (2 years ago)
WHAT! loved it!
epiccthulu (2 years ago)
This had the potential to be exceedingly racist, I am very pleased that it isn't.
Jake Dean (2 years ago)
epiccthulu Why? Are Koreans a race? Are non-Koreans not allowed to perform a song originally performed by a Korean?
StT008 (2 years ago)
this is freaky and unnatural... I love it!!!
Michael Arvay (2 years ago)
Someone on the internet needs to tell how badly he butchered Korean. I need to know. I must have answers.
Mega Zeta (2 months ago)
+NightWalkerEJS Are you stupid or something? This act is part musical comedy. If this singer wanted to sing this in intelligible Korean I'm sure he could. The joke went right over your head.
Mega Zeta (2 months ago)
"butchered" in the sense of purposely singing it as though he can't or won't drop an intentionally cartoonishly exaggerated U.S. South accent, I guess
Gazz_TFP (3 months ago)
No worse than southerners butcher the English language...?
Ramen noodles (6 months ago)
Lmbo as a Korean I can say I forgot Korean after watching this.
MysticArcana (9 months ago)
NightWalkerEJS bruh it's not that serious lol it was a joke comment
Anthea Catapegacorn (2 years ago)
Wow talented
Gez (2 years ago)
TXsonggirl (2 years ago)
Ya Ha! BIll Monroe would be proud!
relentlessmadman (2 years ago)
lets not dig em up to ask??!
toastedhippo (2 years ago)
Grassnam Style
FPR Outdoors (2 years ago)
Nailed it!!!!
Bob Collins (2 years ago)
So glad they covered this, I could never understand the words before!
Wesley349 (2 years ago)
Leonel Ventura (2 years ago)
Love bluegrass... but this was a terrible idea. Along the lines of sitting on a cactus.
shawn williams (2 years ago)
I love this, I love them!
Kristin Graham (7 months ago)
I don't!
Igor (2 years ago)
Very good!!!
Jan (2 years ago)
LOOOOL! So much better than original! :DDDD
The Crucible153 (2 years ago)
My english teacher started playing this during school...˚∆˚
Anita Calloway (2 years ago)
Genius! Clever, hilarious, and heavenly music all at the same time. You ROCK!!
marshmallowbudgie (2 years ago)
it's a reverse version of Always Sunny's "The Gang Gets Trapped"
Matt Trimm (2 years ago)
Are they on Spotify? Please tell me their on Spotify.
Corine Beasle (2 years ago)
J’adore 😊
gamotousername (2 years ago)
The guy with the small guitar looks like john frusciante
Jeff Stump (2 years ago)
gamotousername *Mandolin
mandoman182 (2 years ago)
gamotousername honestly wouldn't surprise me if John secretly joined an epic bluegrass band. John Frusciante is just cool like that.
robert shelton (2 years ago)
gamotousername frushiante is god

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