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PSY - Gangnam Style (Eun Chae Rhee) | The Voice of Germany | Blind Audition

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Die Coaches können anfangs gar nicht zuordnen, auf welcher Sprache Eun Chae singt bis sie von Psy- "Gangam Style" erkennen. Das Publikum ist ebenfalls überrascht als sie "Gangam Style" von Psy identifizieren. Eine außergewöhnlich Version von Eun Chae. Reicht es für die Battles? #Psy #GangnamStyle #TheVoice ►Ganze Folgen: http://bit.ly/TVOG2018GANZEFOLGEN ►Coach Stories: http://bit.ly/TVOGCoachStories ►Vorab-Blind: http://bit.ly/BlindPreview ►Unplugged-Clips: http://bit.ly/UnpluggedClips ► THE VOICE OF GERMANY 2018: http://bit.ly/TVOG2018 ► BLIND AUDITIONS 2018: http://bit.ly/TVOG2018Blinds ► THE VOICE OF GERMANY 2017: http://bit.ly/TVOG2017 ► BATTLES 2017: http://bit.ly/TVOG2017Battles ► BLIND AUDITIONS 2017: http://bit.ly/TVOG2017Blinds ► SUBSCRIBE TO THE VOICE OF GERMANY: https://www.youtube.com/user/VoiceOfGermanyTVOG?sub_confirmation=1 ► LOVESONGS: http://bit.ly/TVOGBalladen ► POP MUSIC: http://bit.ly/TVOGPop ► ROCK MUSIC: http://bit.ly/ROCKTVOG The Voice of Germany: die neue einzigartige Casting Show, in der nur echte Künstler mit großartiger Stimme gesucht werden, ist wieder da. Immer Donnerstag 20.15 Uhr auf #ProSieben und sonntags in SAT.1! Ein Hoch auf diese Coaches: Mark Forster kämpft zusammen mit Yvonne Catterfeld, Michael Patrick Kelly, Smudo & Michi Beck um die besten Stimmen bei The Voice of Germany 2018! #TVOG Germany’s most successful music TV Show is back! – The Voice of Germany 2018 airs Thursday at 20.15 pm on ProSieben and Sunday on SAT.1! New season, new coaches: Mark Forster is fighting together with Yvonne Catterfeld, Michael Patrick Kelly, Smudo & Michi Beck for the best voice in Germany! ******************************************** BEST OF THE VOICE OF GERMANY auf einer CD*: http://amzn.to/12BwUwc The Voice of Germany 2 Wii Game*: http://amzn.to/1vXLbNI ******************************************** *Links sind Affiliate Links #TVOG #TheVoiceOfGermany2018 #MarkForster #MichaelPatrickKelly #YvonneCatterfeld #Smudo #MichiBeck #TVShow Impressum: http://www.studio71.com/impressum/
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Text Comments (1759)
taejin is my life (22 hours ago)
sie singt gut
صوتها يجنن
Briona Ward (3 days ago)
She is amazing.
caty moonlight (4 days ago)
Haha now we had so many languages in the voice germany french german englisch Italian Spanish and now Korean yeahove it
FJ Javier (4 days ago)
Psy is proud 😎
Vitória Harada (6 days ago)
I just had so many chills
Army BTS (6 days ago)
Army’s from België of Nederland, Germany??
Ari235 (6 days ago)
So diferent! But Cool
Aceng Maptuh (7 days ago)
행아웃띵크 (7 days ago)
Nikita __ (7 days ago)
they all know that song "Gangnam Style" :)
xVvix xnNix (8 days ago)
I love her voice
imagine her watching this
Sarah Huber (8 days ago)
Weiß jemand wie der Song am Ende von ihrer Performance heißt?😊
이주 (8 days ago)
절라못부르네.박자도 틀리고
뽀송 (8 days ago)
ghh0882 (9 days ago)
This is NOT gangnam style at all She hardly danced Totally different genre but she's still amazing singer
us er (9 days ago)
Karaoke must be so turnt with her
EveLyn Midori (9 days ago)
Why isn't this viral?
İdil Yağmur (9 days ago)
la rondii (9 days ago)
Support from Italy❤
Eliya Geary (10 days ago)
i honestly thought this was gonna be really bad but ig not
c. zlg (10 days ago)
Selbst bei the voice of Germany wird kpop gesungen. Ah.. so stolz🙌😻
JY Lee (10 days ago)
Damn she's good! 🙂
Sinos Siminci (10 days ago)
si Y (10 days ago)
한국인들 여기 여기 모여라~
Grace (10 days ago)
Nicht schlecht 😎
강아지호떡집 (11 days ago)
노래가 너무 씹구린데? ㅋㅋ
jazmin min (11 days ago)
Nice voice !!❤❤
Agustd (11 days ago)
“This is Japanese!”😂
dejah willis (11 days ago)
That girl is amazing
I love from France 🇫🇷 ! 💙 ❤️
forest princess (11 days ago)
her voice is amazing she's got great control omg
Jason Flores Contreras (12 days ago)
Does she have insta she’s super coool?!?!
AFKMaro (2 days ago)
Yes eunchearhee
Claire H (12 days ago)
In love with both her arrangement and attitude!
jade skye (12 days ago)
Omg I got chills she’s so amazing
wow she changed it to a whole new song
FAKE CAKE FAKE CAKE (12 days ago)
She should be a KPOP idol!
Jung LeySeok (12 days ago)
Somar (12 days ago)
She is amazing!
Meiyu Grg (12 days ago)
Omg this girl could pull off MAMAMOO girl group songs 😱
caty moonlight (4 days ago)
+Eun-Chae Rhee they have amazing voices but I do hope yoo start to make music more professional your voice rang is amazing . here in Germany I am so annoyed that platten firmen just support USA music it piss me of so mutch i already start to boycott USA music i try to support European and Asian artist and from all around the world. The USA it's not the only country where makes music
Meiyu Grg (11 days ago)
Eun-Chae Rhee woahh. Looking forward to it 🤗
Eun-Chae Rhee (11 days ago)
Meiyu Grg I’ll do one as soon as possibleeeee ^_^
Meiyu Grg (11 days ago)
Eun-Chae Rhee please make a cover of mamamoo’s song 🙏
Meiyu Grg (11 days ago)
Eun-Chae Rhee me too 😭
taerup.轉 (13 days ago)
She's so great!!
Minh Nhựt Ngô (13 days ago)
Tôi bất đầu nghiện nó rất hay
Sean (13 days ago)
No one would know if she got the lyrics wrong over there.
Bernii c: (13 days ago)
nanan tremendo ndeah
Carol Gonzalez (13 days ago)
ima proud Korean !!!!!
Carol Gonzalez (13 days ago)
U go girl!!!❤❤❤ South Korea!!!❤❤❤
MARMY Fanfictions (13 days ago)
Bùi Giao (13 days ago)
I really want it in my soundcloud or spotify UwU this gangnam style version addict me <3 you so amazing <3 the way she mix the beat is so fancy <3 i love it
Rin Y (14 days ago)
Hâhha love the grandma 😂😂
Ladyf Amélie (14 days ago)
Alyssa Nott (14 days ago)
Grandma so proud 💜
Rubeen Sharma (14 days ago)
Korean bbq makes your voice better, I heard😉.
՞bloomyoongu՞. (14 days ago)
I'm such a proud Korean :3
Natalia Yangulova (14 days ago)
Шикарно зрела👑
artist. numel (14 days ago)
Shes so pretty omg
didem Bagci (14 days ago)
didem Bagci (14 days ago)
Sungwon Shin (14 days ago)
이 노래를 여기까지 가지고가다니 ㄷ
wya a (14 days ago)
Welcome my instagram\ jeon.rw
Mr Teemo (14 days ago)
Damn she is amazing
bangtan luv (14 days ago)
😍😍😍jeder kpop fan freut sich hahah😂
Aisha H (14 days ago)
Maron Manalo (15 days ago)
Mesmirizing 😍
yo yu (15 days ago)
She sings good but is normal Buttttttt the song style is good
Gabby Iero (15 days ago)
I never thought this song could ever be good,, I was just proved wrong
Hallo Googel (15 days ago)
Es gibt so Leute ab die man sich immer erinnern wird. Sie ist definitiv eine davon!
Nicole Almeida (15 days ago)
oolong777tea (16 days ago)
Wow I never expected this style! Great job! I send a big thumbs up from Japan ;)
아따마 (16 days ago)
헐? 한국최고
Aya Seo (16 days ago)
Qual é o nome da musica do final do video?
you Dick is very big
Ly Lydia (16 days ago)
She's Amazing💜💜
Zhenya Kot (16 days ago)
Support from Ukraine 🇺🇦
00さらさ (16 days ago)
I love love love her voice
Bát Giới (16 days ago)
Ai người việt nam không :)))
BTS Satan (17 days ago)
I got kpop ad before this... I seriously can't skip that so I watched the whole thing
salvadoroars (17 days ago)
Wowoowwo! She's amazing! Just gained a fan from Philippines. Love thisssssssss
She’s so cuteee and a great singer!!
I want her shirt
Just Gams (17 days ago)
She sounds like she comes from mamamoo but she's not a member...i mean do u get me?
Yaaska Hxh (17 days ago)
Wooow🤩🤩🤩j’adore troppppp
Mikashi (17 days ago)
I love how she kind of remixed it! It was so good!
KimTaehyungGF 1.0 (18 days ago)
K-Pop ist am geilsten hehe♥️♥️
清小 (18 days ago)
Tao Quên bài gốc rồi /VN
MarieY (18 days ago)
Omg she's so good
Karla Victória (18 days ago)
Lynn Ong (19 days ago)
Someone like this with real talent deserves to be famous
Lynn Ong (19 days ago)
Moon Bird (19 days ago)
It's like a JoJo opening met Psy. I'm down.
Toxic Angel (19 days ago)
She's so fking cute
복숭아 (20 days ago)
She is just INCREDIBLE 무대를 뒤집어 놓으셨다 와 오진다
Blue_Ninja (20 days ago)
Gänsehaut keine Ahnung warum 😅
Erin Kim (20 days ago)
한국 노래를 선택해서 이런 무대 서기까지 고민 됐을거같은데 이렇게 즐기면서 하는게 넘 멋져요. 그리고 so cute..!!!!
Eun-Chae Rhee (11 days ago)
Erin Kim 감사합니다~~!! ㅠㅠ 한국곡을 꼭 하고 싶어서 고민하고 또 고민했었어여 ㅠㅠ
Rob R (20 days ago)
Hoàng Tử Nhiên (20 days ago)
wow, very good
Trang Đào (20 days ago)
1:53 What name the song? Guys
Trang Đào (20 days ago)
Love from Vietnam
BTS x ARMY (21 days ago)
Alyss (21 days ago)
Is it just me or doesn't this sound a lot like the Jayeslee cover version of Gangnam Style though?

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